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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

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My patronus is a bumblebee (yes for real) could you tell me some upside to it maybe? I just feel like it's super small and yeah. Thank you ilysm!

  • bumblebees don’t die when they sting you (that’s just honeybees) so they’re more ferocious than they seem (sounds a lot like a hufflepuff)
  • they’re yellow and black UM HELLO
  • bumblebees don’t actually make honey but they’re still super important for pollinating plants like apples, cherries, tomatoes, cotton etc
  • they live in colonies of 50-500 and are all about that teamwork
  • there’s 3 types of bumblebee: the queen who’s the top bitch and basically just lays eggs, other females are the workers who bring food and build the nest, and the males are called drones and they’re just there to mate with the queen really. they don’t even get a sting lol
  • in autumn the ENTIRE COLONY DIES except the queen who hibernates and lays a bunch of eggs…..then she dies too
  • nice to know everyone is fully committed to going down with this ship
  • when it gets hot worker bees flap around by the entrance to circulate the hot air
  • they’ve basically invented air con WHAT
  • they can beat their wings 200 PER SECOND WHAT THE FUCK. even hummingbirds can’t do more than 50/second how is that possible
  • in native american cultures the bumblebee represents honesty, pure thinking, willingness, and drive
  • in 2008 they discovered a colony of bumblebees on MOUNT EVEREST 5600m above sea level. that’s the highest known altitude for any insect ever. bumblebees aren’t fucking around
  • fun fact: dumbledore is an old english word for bumblebee. jkr liked it because she could imagine dumbledore wandering around the castle humming to himself like a bee <3

When your SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND™ is also really cute and won’t let you go to work 🐤

H-hello tumblr, I’m still alive! Surprise!

If you’re in the mood for (really excellent) accidentally-transported-to-an-alternate-universe-where-we’re-married!? Newmann fic, go read @earninganincomplete/PerniciousLizard’s fic Alternate, for which I have finally finished some artwork I promised *cough*definitely-not-over-a-year-ago*cough*

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Homecoming may have given me my favorite Spider-Man/Peter Parker moment ever put to screen. which isn’t at all easy to say, because that movie gave me so many wonderful moments for the character, but for now, after thinking it over, I’ve decided they’ve given me the best Spidey moment in the movies. And that’s (spoilers spoilers spoilers) the scene where Peter saves the Vulture’s life.

consider everything the Vulture has done in the movie before this point- what Toomes has done to Peter specifically just that night. Toomes looked Peter dead in the eye and threatened to kill him and everyone he loved. he dropped a parking garage on the kid and left him to die. and yet when presented with the opportunity to let Toomes fall victim to his own devices, Peter goes into the fire and drags him out. it’s a completely altruistic act, and makes me think a little about Wonder Woman and the discussion of “it’s not about deserve, it’s what you believe”. you could argue that at this point Toomes doesn’t necessarily “deserve” to be saved, but Peter saves him anyway.

this is followed by Peter dropping Toomes on the beach, Peter standing over Toomes. throughout the movie, practically everyone looms over Peter. everyone is about his height or taller, and they only look up at him when he’s on a higher platform. otherwise, there are key moments in the film when someone is shown to loom over Peter, to highlight his youth and inexperience and how in over his head he is. but here, on the beach, with a newly rescued Toomes staring up at him in shock and confusion, Peter is the one who looms, larger than life. and he isn’t wearing a fancy suit, he isn’t wearing a badass supersuit, he’s just a shrimpy-looking kid in a repurposed hoodie. but for a moment, he stands tall.

and that- that is Spider-Man to me. that is the key to his popularity and longevity, all wrapped up in one scene. because Peter is oftentimes ill equipped for any given situation, he’s not necessarily the strongest or the fastest or even the smartest character on the board. he’s just a good person with a good heart who chooses, day in and day out, to do the right thing. and that, more than anything, is what makes him the best.

“But spring is mine.
In the heat trapped between our cupped palms,
I hold every spring on earth. ”

– Dulce Mariá Loynaz, from ‘Absolute Solitude: Selected Poems.

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