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nora you're not considering quitting the tumblr phandom, are you? cause with jasmine thinking about it (and possibly doing it), i don't think i can handle you being gone too. (and i know you usually respond to these with a sarcastic 'haha yes someone kick me out' or whatever, but i am, in fact, very worried cause you are one of those rare ppl that manage to actually make me smile so ugh. don't leave me. (but also don't feel pressured to stay just because of me i'm not worth itxhdjhei)

oh no this is the one thing that gives me pleasure in life there’s no way in hell i’m leaving any time soon

I have some major problems about WADTT I want to rant about rn:

-imo they seem kinda biased towards siding with zoos/etc and being against animal welfare activists, particularly anti caps who are obviously all crazy, right guys? Except that it was antis that have consistently been there to protect these animals, including rallying to end the capture of wild orca in the PNW and stop the intention of capturing orca in Alaska. Many of us are well researched and know what the hell were talking about; many of us were antis before blackfish, so you can’t call us brainwashed.

-they don’t seem keen on answering any responses in their captivity posts by any antis. Whether it’s intentional or bc they’re busy idk, but thy seem to respond to people on other posts

-their new shtick is that by banning cetacean captivity we are banning cetacean rehabilitation. And the way they talk about it is as if antis haven’t fucking thought about it before. We’re all too dumb and radical to think about all sides of the issue, I guess. Other people have discussed this before much more eloquently that I can, but I’ll go over some things: -not all cetaceans that are rescued are unreleasable. Most aren’t, many are rehabbed and released. In fact, as many antis have criticized, SW has many issues with their program: they release animals without checking up on them, in the case of JJ they essentially had to be forced to rescue her, etc. Euthanasia is a regular part of rehabilitation anyways. And, if cetacean captivity is outright banned in zoos, why can’t there be wildlife rehab centres for cetaceans where their sole purpose is rescue and rehab like there are for other animals? It would be expensive, sure, but so is running SW. And which is more important in the long run? SW could easily fund such a program, let’s be real, but no according to WADTT keeping cetacean captivity “for the sake of rehabbing wild whales” is more logical, even though zoos wth cetaceans should literally set off all the alarm bells of “this is a bad zoo, these animals don’t belong here”. I think people get so blinded by the fact that the current marine parks with cetaceans are the only ones like them, and since there’s nothing better out there then they feel as though places like SW are the best there is. But they’re clearly not, and we can and should strive for something better and leave the shit behind. (This kinda got away from me but hopefully you get the gist) -!!!!ding ding ding!!! Antis have been suggesting natural sea pen sanctuaries for rehabbing cetaceans for years!!! What a concept!!! But no concrete tanks are obvi better and we need to keep them around for The Good™ of wildlife

-anyways, WADTT is not an expert on everything and it kinda bothers me when people treat them as such. It happens with A Lot of people on here; they say something smart, and then people flock to them for answers. And sometimes they don’t have those answers. But they try to give answers anyway, and they end up wrong (a blog that talks about animal color genetics comes to mind for this that-they are so wrong sometimes). Or worse, they answer with their opinions and people treat those opinions as the best ones. This is what I feel is happening with WADTT; they clearly aren’t neutral, which is a very harmful thing in the position they’re in (which imo isn’t their fault; tumblr idolizes ppl way too much). Which is why I have a lot of issues with them and how they tackle the captivity debate. (Not to mention their disastrous interpretation of that video of Kalia slamming herself on the slide out; ah yes that’s perfectly normal and not a symptom of captivity at allll)

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Why destiel is still going on lmao spm ended in season 6 but it seems that the queerbaiting is still going strong

ahh yes, spm my fave

the one with those gay dudes, what’re their names? deam and cam? smthn like that?

these guys? oh wait, my bad, u can’t see this since it happened after s6. and apparently nothing after that exists anymore, which is nEWS TO ME?? NOBODY TOLD ME SPM WAS CANCELLED??? WELL DAMN, WHAT AM I DOIN ON HERE THEN???

Do you find it hot when one character doesn’t listen when another says no? Do you think it’s sexy when one cries and begs the other to stop, but is ignored? Do you get off to “”dub-con””? Do you write and/or draw “”non-con”” for sex appeal? Do you think rape is the hottest thing ever? Or maybe that it’s a harmless kink?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, CONGRATS:

You’re a rape fetishist.

You are a rape fetishist, you are promoting rape culture every time you post, read, reblog, praise, encourage, or in any way show approval of this type of content or the people creating it, and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

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Neutral party here, but I think the main reason the hc for Mercy being responsible for Reaper's condition and not being the perfect good doctor was to give her more than one angle. Make her as a character more than just the "good doctor". Yes she wants to help ppl, and with science experiments are needed to further its reach. The end result of Reaper wasn't what she planned, but regardless she fucked him up. Blizz paints her as s literal angel and ppl wanted to delve deeper - no one is perfect.

Yeah ok but that’s not the major headcanon for that. People really thought she was evil, deep down to her soul, and her wanting to help people was all a ruse. Those, are the people who keep bitching about how this makes Mercy a boring character.

Anyone who headcanons what you’ve described should probably be like “oh ok, so Moira probably helped her research this stuff, without Mercy knowing about the extent of the experiments. So Mercy and Moira have shared tech, which could have led to Reyes blaming Mercy for some of what happened to him. Maybe she did know about the experimentation and turned a blind eye to let it happen, because she knew sometimes you needed to take risks for science.” 

Ya know instead of “Boohoo Overwatch is awful Mercy is so boring now she has no character, waaaaa I wanted her to be a monster.” Like, IDK why people get all up in arms about new canon lore coming out and it ‘ruining everything’ when they could take a step back, look at the new info, and work something out that suits their headcanons. 

I mean, if anything this new lore has furthered my idea of who Mercy is, as well as made me question some shit with Blackwatch that I had headcanoned. 

Honestly alcohol is one of the worst drugs out there. I wish that alcohol was illegal and that weed and shrooms were legal cuz those fuck people up way less tbqh.

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How do you know the person that said it was karma was even American? LOTS of other countries don't like the UK. You cant even find that OPs blog?

In a subsequent post they used the term ‘poc’ frequently and that is actually a pretty American term and concept. In their ‘about’, they also use ‘people of color’ and that’s not really a term non-Westerners use. I never heard it growing up.

 And a lot of things they post are about the US? Generally centered around US issues? They use the American spelling? Seemed unaware that the xenophobic tensions during the referendum was not just about non-white migrants but to assume it is white/non-white, as is the case right now in the US? Unaware that many British citizens are from the Commonwealth, aka the former colonies and tend to live in urban areas which were for Remain? Said something that amounted to: ‘things were already bad for POC in the UK, Brexit only shone a spotlight on their struggle’ which shows very little knowledge of what Brexit’s actually going to do which very strongly suggests they are not British or European. Overall, pretty good bet they’re American. This website is pretty American dominated in the sj space to begin with. 

No need to tell me ‘lots of other countries don’t like the UK’ given that my own family used to be under British colonial rule…And Brexit is serious enough that I have very little patience for people trying to score cheap points about -haha karma for colonisation-. How foolish does that sound when many of those people who are scared are descendants of the very people colonised? When you add on the fact that the UKIP has this sort of empire nostalgia going on and the Leave side ppl aren’t the ones scared?


Again: Likely American + also not understanding that a lot of criticism of the way Americans talk about non-US issues is valid criticism of the casual projection of an Americentric worldview which is a culturally imperialist lens. But no…it’s just ‘anti-Americanism’ which says it all. 

Sorry guys for being so inactive these days!!! life was stressful but now my friend from UK is staying at my place which means we gonna travel around PLUS we’ll fly to Korea on the 24th so if u wanna see some of our adventures add us on Snapchat (my ID: seusshi, Suzies ID: suziekemp)!!