yes i'm jealous!


character posters: tyzula (avatar the last airbender) 

maybe I just said it because I was a little… jealous.

what? you’re jealous of me? but you’re the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world! 


Four years later:

James: Remember when that Ravenclaw girl asked me out and you were looking at us, totally jealous
Lily: I wasn’t jealous.
James: Come on. You can admit it, we are married now.
Lily: I wasn’t.
James: Lily, we had sex. I mean, look at this adorable baby here.
Lily: I wasn’t. I was upset because Mr. Darcy-
James: Lily.
Lily: Fine. I was jealous.

and that, my friends, is the sound of Akira Kurusu’s soul fleeing his body in fear



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Alec Lightwood facing Camille's existence and Magnus' immortality
  • Book!Alec: I didn't know about her. Why you didn't tell me about her. And besides her, how many people were in your life before me? And how many people will be after I die? You're immortal, you will forget about me and find someone else quickly. I'm nothing more than an instant in your life. I'm trivial.
  • Show!Alec: What she said about you being immortal, she's right. You watch the people you care about age and die. And no matter how much I want to stay, I will die anyway. No matter how much you want me to stay, you will have to watch me die and then you will be left behind, like so many times in your past. And you will be lonely again, and suffer again, because loving me will cause you pain someday and I want so much you to love me but I don't want you to suffer for it, Magnus.

me every time an acquaintance my age posts an engagement/wedding/pregnancy announcement: time✨to✨pour✨salt✨in✨my✨wounds✨and✨brood✨for✨a✨week✨

I’m Jealous

Anon: Hello!! I love your scenarios and I’m happy that you do dickids scenarios because nobody really writes for them. Can you please do a yang hongwon scenario where he gets jealous of Jang Yongjun and you being close?? Please and thank you!! Sorry if this idea is boring

Young B x Reader - Fluff

“What’s so great about him?” You raised your head and stared at the whining boy “About who?” He leant forward “YongjUN!” You sighed and shifted from the floor to sit next to him on the couch “He’s a friend! I told you before!” He dropped back and huffed “But you’re always with him!” You stared at him for a while, you had nothing to say he was being jealous for no reason. He shifted his eyes towards you since you didn’t fight back “What?” You stood up and rolled your eyes.

“You’re annoying!”

You perched on the floor once again and flipped through the magazine you were reading.

Hongwon felt bad for whining and complaining, you had been friends with Yongjun before you both even started dating. He stood up and proceeded to sit next to you on the floor. You ignored him and continued reading your magazine, he poked your arm a few times attempting to get your attention which was useless because he knew how stubborn you could be. He left your side and rushed into his bedroom, you were curious and wanted to see what he was up to, still, you stayed seated. 

He promptly came out with a selection of movies and arranged them beside you before running into the kitchen, probably to get snacks. You placed your magazine down and looked through the movies, Just as expected he quickly came back with popcorn and chocolates “I’m sorry! Please pay attention to me” You raised an eyebrow and chuckled “Are you jealous of my magazine?” He placed the snacks on the coffee table and sat next to you.

“Ok, yes I'm jealous of Yongjun, but you spend more time with him than you do with me!”

You gently nodded your head finally understanding why he was upset, cupping his cheeks you got him to look at you “I’m sorry, I admit I’ve been with him more than I’ve been with you, but you need to understand that he’s only a friend! I’ll spend more time with you from now on ok?” He nodded his head and lifted your hands from his face so he could lean forward and kiss you. 

“Are we having a movie night?” Hongwon glanced at his pile then back at you, he had a big grin on his face “Yes!” You returned the smile and chose a movie you both would enjoy! Halfway through the movie you received a text from Yongjun, you noticed Hongwon shift beside you, giggling you put your phone on silent and tossed it into your bag. A small smile appeared on Hongwons face, which made you chuckle, you pecked his cheek

“You’re so funny!”

He turned to stare at you with a confused expression "I’m funny?” You nodded your head and clutched your stomach, laughing at his expression.

“You get jealous way too easily!”

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goodbye warehouse 13 ↪ 8/9 favorite moments

Or maybe you broke the table.

My jealousy
  • You: Why are you upset and angry everytime i try to talk to you?
  • Me: You really want to know the reason?
  • YOu: yeah? No matters how stupid it is, i really want to know!
  • Me: You try to talk to me everytime after you hang out with your "special person"
  • You: So what? You're jealous ma'am?
  • Me: Yes! I'm fucking jealous and angry because i cant have you. I fucking want to call you MINE