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Borra Shippers - It's Time For A Team Huddle

Look, I know we already know this and I know this is hard to hear, but it needs to be said. 

Borra is a suicide mission. A doomed ship. A vessel we’ve tried to fling into the wake of the canon knowing all the while it was ultimately going to swallow us up.

The story expectations are against us. The classic ideas of narrative are against us. The foreshadowing as clearly sculpted as Bolin’s pectorals. It is likely this ship may be sunk faster then we ever believed, perhaps even before the close of the next episode.

But we are not here because of canon.  

We’re here because we know the story’s “funny guy” deserves love too. We’re here because we know the grizzled hero can bond with somebody who isn’t another grizzled hero. We’re here because we know two people can still connect without overlapping one another. We’re here because we know that both have hidden dimensions that only the other can draw from them.   

We’re here because we know the kids would all be muscular super-hotties.  

We don’t ship it to disrespect other ships. We don’t even ship it against other ships. We ship it because this is the ideal that speaks to us - the tough and the clumsy, the stressed and the funny, the responsible and the playful, the ying and the yang still haunting us from schoolyard to workplace, from adolescence to adulthood, perfectly broken - even if it’s only in fiction.

Even if it’s only in a fiction of a fiction.  

So, Borra shippers, even as you see the canon crashing over your heads and against your drowning ships, do not be afraid. You will not be alone. Look to your fanfiction and to your fanart. If you don’t make those look to those who do and craft your own scenarios, your own feelings, your own illustrations of what Borra does for you.

Even if this ship goes down - even if it was never a ship at all - it’ll always be the ship for us.  

Borra forever.