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Hi, not sure if you know but in the current(2016) run of Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme there is a very nice Native American Lady Ghost Rider who isn't a Disney Channel character with zero flaws.

Huh.  Wasn’t aware of that.  What’s her name, so I can look her up?

I’m at least curious – the ever-expanding number of Ghost Riders in Marvel lore baffles me.  Almost none of them are consistent with one another.  Besides, weren’t pretty much all of them killed off in order to expand the breadth of the story and then reduce the sheer number of possible characters with the moniker, way back in 2007?  With the fight against the seige on Heaven…?

Did that whole story just… not happen, or…?

Thing is, like I said last night – I generally don’t like legacy characters, so I’m not sure I’m too excited about her.  If you’re gonna make a new character concept, make a new character concept.  You don’t need to look at something that’s had its day and say you’re gonna revive it, then ignore eveything that it was in favor of just keeping the branding.

That’s what bugs me the most, and it’s bugged me every time it’s happened: a brand name character or concept will complete its story, only for the “successful” brand to be revived later by somebody up top who says “yeah, keep the Yu-Gi-Oh! moniker and card game so that it’ll sell, but change all the characters!  Give the viewers a bit of bait with the old characters’ cameos, but don’t give ‘em too much, because we really aren’t looking at those old characters anymore!”

And people go with it, because “we should give the new guys a chance.”  And it’s not that I have anything against the new guys in and of themselves.  They’re not inherently bad for being characters – hell, they may be ten times better written than the originals.

But it feels cheap.  If you’re gonna make something new, make something new.  Don’t piggyback on the popularity of something that was, especially if you think it’s time for the original characters to retire their costumes and catchphrases.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds had very little to do with the original series.  Why did it still need to be a Yu-Gi-Oh! property?  It could’ve done very well on its own, if the game was a completely new license that was simply reminiscent of Yu-Gi-Oh.  But no, the company chose the cheap way out: take the existing brand so that it sells automatically to the audience loyal to that brand.

And of course, we’re talking about Ghost Rider, yeah?  I’ll be the first to say, I enjoyed the Danny Ketch comics more than I enjoyed the Johnny Blaze comics, in a lot of respects.  When they were good, they were FAR better-written.  But I did not like that every character was changed, and that Johnny Blaze, the only holdover from the original comics aside from Zarathos (who was given even WORSE character treatment, considering how much he was changed between the series to the point of not resembling who his character was), was relegated to a side role that didn’t in any way resemble his origins.  Not only that, but Johnny was turned into the authors’ playground to just do shit to him, just because they could… not because it made any sense for either his character or the story.

Freakin’ bionic arm and leg, freakin’ trenchcoat and high-waisted jeans over a leather jumpsuit, freakin Punisher wannabe behavior…

I’d have enjoyed it much more, and would have been able to appreciate it for being its own thing, if it was in fact its own thing.  If the Ghost Rider label had indeed retired with Johnny, maybe, and if this new story was about some other unrelated kid, only heavily inspired by Ghost Rider.  Hell, I’d have said “yes” if it was a re-imagining of the original story, because that’s really not the same as taking an old property and stripping it of its content to fill it with something new.  Instead it would have been taking the old property, refreshing the contents, and re-selling them as an improved version of what was – not a replacement of what was.

TL;DR: Squiggly yells at cloud, cloud will never listen, Squiggly is still miffed about cloud’s treatment of cloud’s own properties and will not stop yelling.


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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


Can y'all please stop ranting about the 2.5 age gap between Yurio and Otabek. Like please, and if you’re going to rant about it DO NOT tag it in the “otabek x Yurio” tag please. Those of us who understand that because it is not a sexual relationship and understand that it is not canon sexual (making it legal) would like to go through the tag and look at fan art and cute fluffy things. We don’t want to hear your opinion. Sorry, but if you think it’s disgusting, that is your right. We don’t have to agree with you though and there is nothing stopping us from continuing to ship it.

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I'm really sorry about everything's my happening w your art rn, it's amazing and I hope you still feel like making it but I get if you don't!

Thanks, anon. <3 I mean, I’m still going to create because that’s who I am, but I’m frustrated, you know? And maybe some people think I’m being too harsh or whatever about trying to control where my art goes and who sees it, but…think about it this way. How would you (hypothetical ‘you’) feel if I took your extremely graphic rated-E Fitzsimmons smut and forced Iain and Liz to read it? You’d be embarrassed, right? I hope you would be. And if you aren’t, then consider how Iain and Liz might feel about it. I know my comic wasn’t even that racy, but I deliberately did not post it to Twitter and Instagram because I did not want them to be tagged in it. So now here someone goes posting it to their own account without even asking if it’s okay first and tagging the actors like haha it’s all fine and good!

I’m mortified.



                                                                   ᴡʜᴏ ɪs sᴏᴍʙʀᴀ?
                                                               ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴋɴᴏᴡ.



Last Order’s Zack ‘Touch My Chocobo Boy I Dare Ya (ง •̀_•́)ง’ Fair appreciation post


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Yes! There should be! We’re maybe with not so many as Cykesquill but they had a week last year and it was fun :) while I didn’t participate it was nice to see a few more works of that pairing. And there’s been a decline in Hobopollo shippers over the years so maybe a week could spark a few things up (in the tags.. In their hearts.. )

yeah! Back in the day it was a lot more popular of an event, like a week-ish long thing for a pairing, but not so much now [for AA, at least. Other fandoms it’s still popular]
Agreed! Even if I don’t participate in a week/day/event for A Thing it’s always nice to see people making content and being creative! :]
Last year there were like, 3 of us that made some stuff for The Day!! [Sadly no week] So there wasn’t a lot, but there was a bit which was nice! And something. It was something at least. 
But this the year Hobopollo content is going to get kicked up to 11 even if I have to do it all by myself.
But yes! A Hobopollo Week would be really fun, maybe I’ll try to organize something, even if it’s little!

I feel like non-fusion Opals would be these huge, fancy gems.

They’d have high ranks and would be appreciated for their beauty and abilities to merge in different environents with ease (due to their quantity of colors).

They could also have the ability to control the light around them, direct it at their will, since real opal diffracts light. And since Opals are made with water, they could have a low chance of being able to control water, or control water to a small extent.

Despite all being Opals, they might look quite different from one another. No opal in real life looks exactly the same as other, due to the variety in color because of the reflection of light; Opals would all look unique, but they would all share that elegant look to them.

Opals are stones for inspiration, imagination and creativity. Perhaps they’re in charge of designing the different structures or they’re captains, and work planning invasions.

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