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I give up. You've forced my hand. The words 'American Gods' keep popping up subtly on my dash and I have had it with not understanding. As soon as I can figure out how and where, I'm watching it and blaming you for any emotions catapulted my way. Be proud of yourself my friend, you're awesome :D


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Do you know of anywhere online that I could watch American Gods?


on amazon, you can get a starz subscription for a WHOLE FREE WEEK

this season of american gods is 8 episodes long, and this weekend is the season finale. MEANING you can binge watch the WHOLE THING FOR FREE via amazon video

here’re two tiny sweeney’s to help encourage this decision

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tbh i actually heard that a couple of times about Danny Phantom, but never really understood it. Then again, I'm the yes-man trashcan that liked the show's sappy ending as a kid and it wasn't until 10(?) years later did i hear other people complain about it (then again, i haven't rewatched it as an adult - maybe i should after finals). Could you elaborate on the lost potential? i'd honestly love to see your thoughts.

i haven’t watched the show in a good while, too, but yeah. i share the same opinion as many: the concept was great, the execution lacked.

i mean, the story of a half human half ghost boy leading a double life and hiding his secret identity from his parents, who are die hard ghost hunters? good. feels familiar enough to fit the classic superhero stories, but it’s also bizarre enough to be something quite fresh and unique.

i know a lot of people say things started to go downhill on the last season, and while i can see that, my opinion is that the show was never quite great to begin with. i mean, it was good, i enjoyed it a lot as a kid, but i always felt like something was missing, you know? the elements were all there and i appreciated them, but overall, they didn’t work for me.

and personally, i feel that it was because hartman’s style didn’t quite fit the show. and i mean both his art and writing style. i know, it’s ironic to say that, considering that it’s his fucking show, but, yeah, it’s how i feel.

i think his style works very well with shows like fairly odd parents, that are extremely episodic by nature, and very cute and funny. danny phantom, on the other hand, was supposed to be more like a superhero story, but it was still given a fop-like treatment, and that ultimately severed the show’s potential, imo. 

which isn’t to say that it needed to be gritty and edgy, no. silliness is always a nice and even essential part of superhero stories, especially ones that are centered around teenagers. no, my issue with it is that it seems very… sitcom-y? both the pacing and the development of the plot. which is not a bad thing on it’s own, but for a show with a premise like danny phantom’s, it’s not the best approach, imo.

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Hi! I'm kind of confused about how the final episode is supposed to happen. I heard that it's going to be a live episode?? If that's true do you know where I can watch/stream it live online? I also heard something about international fans being allowed to vote. Is that true and if so how do we vote? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. But, thank you in advance. ^^

Hey bud, don’t worry about asking questions~ The episode is starting at the same time as other episodes but yes it will be live (they do show some prerecorded stuff- but the actual ranking will be live). Here are some streams:

The show will begin at-

  • 11pm KST
  • 7am PST
  • 9am CST
  • 10am EST
  • 2pm GMT/UTC  

Last season it lasted around 3 hours so keep that in mind. 

In addition, I’ll be hosting a for a group watch that will start 1 hour before the episode begins 

As far as I know, international fans will not be allowed to vote, though. 

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Wow! Finally good Liams interview! Puppies! So cute and i'm crying. He barely mention Cheryl (like "yes, i need to mention her, i'm good bf and father). My favorite part is about his perfect day. Watching TV shows, sleeping. He sounds like single man, not young father with 4months son. I really love it. Finally something good here.


Yes finally something good! Soo much Liam, smiles, giggles, puppies, music and so little Chiam, what a dream!

I love the whole video but I’m not gonna lie, my favourite part is the beginning.

“Which member of 1D do you want to collaborate with?”



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As a long time Jonerys fan(going back to 2000) I'm so happy they are finally together. I used to argue with uppidy book fans and recent show fans about Jon & Dany being endgame. GRRM didn't make their stories very similar for no reason. Yes they both sometimes parallel other book characters but out of all of those they've always had the most in common. I never got those who thought that Dany wasn't good enough for Jon when he was with a Wildling.

First. We were right. You were right. You read the book and watched the show and followed the narrative and took the hints. 

Second: I don’t trust fandom with female heroes.

They invariably want to erase their heroism and give the bigger part to the male hero… particularly when the male and female are set up as equals and partners. 

The women are judged harshly for behaving in the way a leader should. The women are expected to never make mistakes. To be above any trouble. To be perfect.The women are judged as cruel for leading a  battle, even though those they target are ONLY only other warriors, no civilians, even though THAT is exactly what battle is. The women are judged as HEARTLESS for not breaking down in tears on the battlefield.

You tell me what warrior is allowed to start crying in the middle of a pitched battle with zombies and dragon killing ice kings? 

No warrior.

No warrior gets to cry when they lose someone in battle. It’s battle. You keep on fighting. You cry later.

But because Dany is a woman who is a hero and has power no one else has, and takes responsibilities no one else does, Dany is compared to other mothers sad for the loss of her children and found wanting. Although NONE of those mothers were in a pitched battle. 

They say she’s not good enough for Jon, because fandom, and society, believes that a woman’s place is as a helper to a strong heroic man. So they prop up the man and tear down the woman and declare her not good enough, even if she is BETTER than any one else. Even if she wins the loyalties of fierce warriors and saves and entire country from slavery. Nope. That’s not good enough. She made mistakes. She struggled. She was mean to her enemy on the battlefied, therefore she is bad.

Give me a break.

Let me clarify. 

This is misogyny. They hold Daenerys up to standards that no one else is held up to, not male heroes and not supporting female characters. Not even female villains. 

Dany put herself forward and stepped out of the place that society said was hers. And so society must put her down. What a nasty woman. 



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  • me: I just want asshole characters to have to face the consequences of their actions! I want redemption and hopeful futures for them, but only if they actually do the hard fucking work of acknowledging how they are being shitty, letting themselves be vulnerable, making amends, asking forgiveness, and trying to do better! and it's totally fine if the people they hurt don't or can't ever forgive them! because even turning their lives around and trying to do better doesn't magically erase the harm they've done!
  • show: *delivers exactly that*
  • me: *muffled, from under a blanket* yes exactly. I'm sure I'll love this when I finally work up the courage to actually watch it

When Jess asks Rory to runaway with him in “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” and Rory screams, “No!”, in his face, his reaction is the most heartbreaking moment in television history. DON’T TRY AND TELL ME IT’S NOT!

I finally watched the highly anticipated (by me) movie! Omfg! I waz so hype for this, I bought a green skirt just to show my support to Loki, my obsession since forever. Well, Hela had the same signature colour too (green!) But Loki will forever be in my heart. 😍

Gosh! There are so many things I’d love to talk about in regards to the movie. But it’s a bloody enjoyable movie and despite being 2 hours ++, it felt too short, with all the excitement coursing along my veins.

And of course, there are still plenty of criticisms about the movie. There are a lot of things I’d love to talk about. The whys, the whats the bloody-hell-is-happenings and the whos. But I’ll wait. Be freaking patient and try not to freak out because omfg Loki (freaks out)!

So I finally got to watch the first two episodes of Nothing Gold Can Stay (yes, instead of starting Oh My General like I really intended to) and, well, actually, the verdict is that I may be too drained and stressed these days, which might explain why I’m eating up this cracky alien-period web drama Let’s Shake It! a lot more than I expected (alas, no time to binge :/), whereas here I’m not quite as receptive as I expected. 

It’s definitely a fairly thoughtfully written show, with a crazy ensemble of talented veteran actors and the like and generally great directing (some of the coloring in the version I’m watching…looks off?) and somewhat entertaining. I find it hard to not like our assertive, strong-willed lead Zhou Ying, and the little details, like how she swindles money, or the way she chugs tea by down her throat, or even how the whole show  (at the very very beginning) ended up in the first place. I’m still side-eyeing how the dad ~just so happened to~ gamble all the money away (and some other ~oh-so-convenient~ plot devices), but, whatever, it moves the plot along. (Which is at that nice enough pace that despite not being particularly blown away yet, I’m still somewhat interested.) Sun Li plays the part to point, though some of her expressions feel a bit overexaggerated?? 

I’m not particularly invested in anything quite yet—I like our leads, and yes, Shen Xingyi is actually pretty cute (with Chen Xiao portraying an immature brat) and I’m looking forward to watch his arc/how his sheltered life gets ruined LOL. :D 

Wu Pin seems too perfect…

And so far I’m watching but not absorbing all the business dealings/maneuvers/whatever, and I feel like I don’t care? At one point it’s a matter of the destruction of entire families, but while some characters are interesting at least I’m more “ehhhh” at more aspects of this show than I expected. 

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is castiel really, finally, actually back? AND in the old (née better) trench coat? I haven’t watched the show this season since I’ve lost interest (stuck mainly to fanfic and fanart)

He’s back but we aren’t sure exactly who brought him back so who knows what’s going to be off (this is spn after all) and it’s not exactly the old trench but it certainly is better than the last one!

I finally watched that one show

Down The Memory Lane


Part 1

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warning: Contains mature content.
Word count: 10,431

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June, 2014

Your mind was debating, putting up arguments in favour and against of why you should talk to him and why you shouldn’t.

You had been sitting on your bed since the last two hours, your blank stare switching between the wall in front of you and the message you’d received. What could he possibly have to talk about after all those months? You couldn’t deny that you’d always wanted him to regret what he did, or to come up with an apology. But you’d lost hope after some months, when you felt that he’s never coming back, and that you need to get him completely out of your mind.

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omg I didn't know you were doing a drabble thing that's awesome!! could you write a rucas soulmate au pretty please. I need a happy/fluffy soulmate au to restore my heart bc the last one I read (looking at you Elle) tore my heart in pieces it was so sad. again, congrats on 2k!!!

Soulmate!AU: Everything’s in black and white until you meet your soulmate.
Word Count: 1,150 words
A/N: It’s not a completely alternate universe, but I definitely changed up some things. and at this point should they still be called drabbles…Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! :)

“Don’t you ever wonder what colors the different flowers are, Maya?”

“Hmmm, let me think about it,” Maya hummed out as she and Riley passed by a box of flowers on their way to the subway for their first day of 7th grade, “Nope, not really.”

As they swiped at the turnstile, Riley stopped to spin around and gesture at the different people, “What about them? Don’t you wonder what color their clothes are?” Pointing down at herself, “What about us? We could be wearing clothes the color of poop and we wouldn’t know!”

“Well, we kind of don’t know the color of poop either, sooooo…”

“My dad said to make the world my own, but how can I when it’s all in black and white?!”

“You learn to live with it.”

Undisturbed by the blonde’s response, Riley continued to lightly prance around the foreign subway station, “You know, my mom told me that she thinks my favorite color would be yellow and that hopefully I’ll get to see it soon.”

“Easy for her to say, she met her soulmate before she could basically even talk.”

Riley simply giggled as she followed her best friend into the subway car. She pulled out a tube of her favorite gloss, smelling it before applying it onto her lips, “I’m completely reinventing myself! I ride the subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!…Though, I do wish I knew if my gloss had color to it…Do you think my lips might be some weird color?!”

Smirking at the brunette’s mix of confidence and panic, Maya looked over her best friend’s shoulder to see an attractive boy sitting at the priority seat,

“Why don’t you ask him?” Maya continued teasingly, “Who knows, he might even be the one to bring color into your world.”

“What are you talkin…Oh my.” 

As Riley turned to look at who had caught Maya’s eye, she felt her head spin due to a rush of sudden new visuals as soon as she made eye contact with him. Her eyes were still on the boy, but instead of seeing black, white, and gray, she noticed that his hair was slightly darker than the wall to the right of him. It was a soft kind of color that, compared to her hair, was lighter. His teeth were white though, and she assumed that that was the color teeth should be.

Oh, but his eyes - she couldn’t place a color to them, but they were beautiful. She was so young, but she felt like she had known those eyes for centuries. Looking back down at his smile, she was surprised to see his teeth hidden from view. Instead, his mouth was open, sharing a similar expression to her own. 

His own eyes bore into hers and suddenly, she felt that question she had asked Maya just moments ago hit her like a rock. What if her lips were some scary color?! 

Her thoughts were disturbed by Maya grabbing her hand that was on the subway pole. Riley turned to face her best friend, whom she noticed had this beautiful bright color to her hair, “Maya?”

“What just happened?”

“I think, for once, you might have been right…”

Maya blinked before realization hit her as she watched Riley’s eyes dart all around the subway car, taking in the colors she had so desired to see. The blonde smirked, “Let’s make sure.” And gone was Riley’s grip on that pole.

The boy, who had been in a stupor, snapped out of it when he saw Riley stumbling near him. He caught her easily, bringing her into his lap and into safety.

Riley couldn’t believe it. His eyes had already been so beautiful from far away, but seeing them up close made her want to melt, “Hi…”

“I’m Lucas.” The white teeth were back.

“I love it.”

He placed her onto the seat next to him and for the whole train ride, Riley sat next to him. It was quiet, but Maya watched them both show their excitement differently. Riley’s grin was so wide that you could fit the rest of her life into it, while Lucas had a smile that was much more demure, but definitely there. They were both staring at their laps, but Maya knew they were good.

When Riley heard their stop for school, she wanted to cry. She made a move to get up and looked in surprise as the boy next to her did the same. Lucas looked back and the urge in him to smile was unbearable, flashing her yet another grin as she just stared, “I just moved here from Texas. I’m going to John Quincy Adams Middle School…?”

“You are?!” He nodded and Riley pointed excitedly to herself, “I go there, too! With Maya!” When she saw the slight confusion in his face, she moved her finger to point at the blonde, “Her! My best friend!”

Maya couldn’t help but laugh at her best friend’s excitement and gestured for them to get off the train before the doors closed. While they walked to school, she introduced herself to the boy that she knew would change Riley forever.

“Texas, huh? Watch out, cowboy, because Riley’s dad is going to be our history teacher!”

Lucas gulped at that, but couldn’t help but be happy at finding out the brunette’s name. Riley. That sounded really nice.

When they got to school, Lucas had to go to the main office, but promised to catch up. Riley skipped to class, no longer caring about having her father for a history teacher, and Maya followed along, just happy to see her best friend live the colorful life she deserved.

“Matthews, you’ve got a storm coming.”

Cory paused his writing on the board, “What do you mean by that, Maya?”

“Let’s just say that your daughter can see color now.”

Maya heard a growl from behind her and saw that Farkle, their resident genius, was the source, “She was supposed to be a Mrs. Farkle Minkus!”

“EXCUSE ME?” Cory screamed as it finally clicked.

“Daddy, aren’t you happy for me? I can finally stop asking you what color the walls of my room are!”

Before Cory could even respond, Lucas walked in, and as soon as the former looked at his daughter’s face, he knew.


Lucas looked around him, before staring in fear at the man before him. “M-Me?”


Unfortunately for him, Lucas couldn’t stop his smile, “Um, yes sir, I think I did.”

And as Riley watched her father chase her soulmate around the classroom, she couldn’t help but be excited for her future. She would finally find out what yellow looked like and she would definitely have to ask her mom what color Lucas’ eyes were. Oh, the perks of finding your soulmate at 12 years old.

  • Haru: You don't have to be a jerk with us, now It's okay
  • Rin: I'm not a jerk stfu
  • Haru: Please don't cry ever again, please don't go away
  • Rin: I'm right here aND I DON'T CRY
  • Haru: You can show me the same sight I saw that daaaaay
  • Rin: Haru... are you singing?
  • Haru: 'Cause for the first time in forever I finally understand
  • Rin: Shit
  • Haru: For the first time in forever, we can all be friends again
  • Rin: Did you watch Frozen?
  • Haru: You don't have to be afraid anymore, because I am right heeere
  • Rin: Yes, you sure did
  • Haru: Cause for the first time in foreveeeeeer
  • Rin: Haru, please
  • Haru: We'll swim for the team
  • Rin: Oh, that was great
  • Haru: Do you want to make another sooong?
  • Rin: I want a divorce.

FAVORITE TOLKIEN CHARACTERS {5/?} >> ARAGORN (Fellowship of the Ring)

∟ He had a tall tankard in front of him, and was smoking a long-stemmed pipe curiously carved. His legs were stretched out before him, showing high boots of supple leather that fitted him well, but had seen much wear and were now caked with mud. A travel-stained cloak of heavy dark-green cloth was drawn close about him, and in spite of the heat of the room he wore a hood that overshadowed his face; but the gleam of his eyes could be seen as he watched the hobbits.

  • Me in less than a week.
  • Mum: Can you please do these things today -
  • Me: No Mum, I'm sorry, I have to watch the Supernatural season finale.
  • Mum: And it's going to take you the whole day to do it?
  • Me: Yes. Yes it will.
  • Mum: ... it goes for 45 minutes.
  • Me: Mum... I need to watch it 3 times, make gifs, reblog posts and cry. It's definitely gonna take all day.
  • Mum: *some comment about how I'm too emotionally invested in this show*
  • Me: Still doesn't stop the fact it's gonna take all day.

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So does anyone wanna talk about how after the htgawm finale [spoilers] fandom is praising Frank Delfino and calling him bae and their favorite character even though he MURDERED an innocent girl, yet Rebecca's murder was met with "Yes, I'm glad that b**ch is dead!" ?

I’m… really constantly surprised by the levels of misogyny in this fandom (these comments alone are: gendered slurs, classist, and possibly cultural appropriation if the person using “bae” is not black and is appropriating AAVE). Like its a great show and it has no stereotypes and great fleshed out characters… LIKE ARE WE EVEN WATCHING THE SAME SHOW AS THESE GROSS FANS?  

List of reasons why Rebecca didn’t deserve to die:

  • she literally was trying to prove to Lila that her jock bf was a jerk (granted she did it in a shitty way but like Wes says she doesn’t make the best choices)
  • she went to find Lila because she was worried about her
  • she panicked when she found Lila dead and was grieving and did a shitty thing giving Rudy that purple x but she didn’t deserve to die
  • ppl who are grieving aren’t known for their rational thinking tbh, i know bcs a friend of mine from college literally died 2 weeks ago and I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a handle of my emotions and give myself time to grieve.
  • like fucking honestly do you know how hard it must have been for Rebecca to hide in the water tank with her just murdered friend???!

Reasons why stanning for Frank Delfino is actually a misogynistic thing to do:

  • he’s been known to date/prey on young women
  • so much so that Bonnie is literally afraid of him, the way he looks at her? totally counts as a threat.
  • he killed Lila (literally we know this is true now)
  • there’s a 99.9% chance he killed Rebecca (I originally wanted to put 200% chance but whatevs)
  • I’m p sure the way he treats Laurel counts as emotional manipulation, he always seems to show up when she’s emotionally compromised. I need to rewatch to make sure I haven’t missed some other things.
  • he’s manipulating Annalise. 

On the last point I want to be v clear. Annalise was miserable when she thought her husband had killed Lila (the fact that he ordered Frank to kill Lila is a technical issue Sam ordered the hit he’s guilty).  She made v poor decisions to cover up for her husband but since Frank killed Lila he’s actually in a position where he could have decided to turn Sam in or kill Sam himself.  Why did he leave Sam alive anyways?  When Annalise began to be suspected of Sam’s murder Frank could have come forward and confessed to killing Lila and Sam if he really cared about Annalise. But because Annalise feels deeply indebted to her interns and Rebecca she’s sacrificing Nathan because she’s desperate to keep them safe.  When Sam was alive Frank could have confessed to killing Lila or made it gotten Sam’s confession on tape and framed another hitman to take the fall. Frank has literally hundreds of ways to actually help Annalise figure this entire situation out or even prevent the majority of it and he hasn’t. Instead he’s chosen to occupy this space in her life where he’s invaluable to her and always suggesting she do really shitty things. Like… Frank’s literally putting Annalise in these situations. I don’t know how anyone can like him after all the shit he’s done. But he’s a great villain I’ll give him that much.


What Normal Viewers Think of Grant Ward
  • I'd like to point out something really important. After constant debate on Tumblr, I decided to ask my parents (who are casual viewers;--they don't ship anything, watch previews ahead of time, etc.--they just watch the episode when it comes out.) what they thought about the Grant Ward subject. (We happened to be discussing evil characters, so it seemed appropriate.)
  • My mom loves Joss Whedon--she's watched everything by him. Yet, she hates ships, unless they're completely platonic and is about a parent/kid relationship.
  • My step-dad basically watches AoS because he loves Marvel (he's read the comics and such) and loves action stuff.
  • -
  • I questioned them on Grant Ward. This is their response:
  • -
  • Me: What do you think about Grant Ward?
  • Mom: What about him?
  • Me: Do you think he's a true villain?
  • Mom: It's a Joss Whedon show. It's like his favourite twist to make a beloved character turn "lost".
  • Step-Dad: An evil person would've killed the dog. That's how you know if they're evil. It's common knowledge that to show someone killing a dog, than the audience should REALLY hate him. I think that's why they showed Ward NOT killing the dog. It's villain-code for "not actually a villain".
  • Me: ...Thanks for your input...?
  • Mom: There's bound to be a redemption. Wouldn't be a Whedon show without it.
  • Me: Maman, do you think Ward killed Buddy?
  • Mom: He shot the gun in the air...the dog ran away.
  • Me: Than who killed Buddy?
  • Mom: Buddy died?
  • Step-Dad: Yeah, remember? There was that scene where the target was on Buddy.
  • Mom: OH! That's right! But Buddy still didn't die. The shot from the shotgun was never fired.
  • Step-Dad: Buddy died.
  • Mom: No, he didn't. We never saw Buddy go down.
  • Me: Not the point! Who held the sniper?
  • Step-Dad: Garrett.
  • Mom: Pretty sure it was Garrett.
  • Me: Okay. So you're sure that Grant Ward is good?
  • Mom: Definitely. *whispers* Joss Whedon.
  • Step-Dad: I guess? Not good, but not evil.
  • Me: Then why did he threaten to rape Skye?
  • Mom: What?
  • Step-Dad: When did this happen?
  • Mom: Is this from a Season 2 preview or something?
  • Me: I think this answers my question...
  • Me: It was in Season 1.
  • Step-Dad: Are you watching the same show?
  • Me: Oh, these aren't what I think. I'm just taking the best arguments for "Why Grant Ward is Evil" on Tumblr.
  • Step-Dad: Are THEY watching the same show??
  • Me: I ask myself that every day.
  • Mom: What scene is it even referring to?
  • Me: Umm...the one in the finale where Skye was holding that guy hostage with a bomb strapped to him and Ward comes in and holds her at gunpoint.
  • Step-Dad: When Raina sent him?
  • Me: Garrett sent him. But yes.
  • Step-Dad: Yeah, but Garrett sent him and he went because of what Raina said.
  • Mom: That scene is about her being a monster like him...when did rape come in?
  • Me: That's what I'm asking you.
  • Mom: You're making my head hurt...
  • Step-Dad: People on Tumblr are weird.
  • Me: That's offensive!
  • Step-Dad: You're extremely weird.
  • -
  • And the rest is unrelated. Blah blah blah. Basically, I wanted to show the point of view of someone who casually watches and doesn't stalk Tumblr to know what everyone else's opinions on characters are.