yes i'm finally watching this show

My Problem with Sing

So I recently went and watched Sing, and it was great! I really liked the characters and the funny moments and it was very sweet.
I only had one problem with it. 
Rosita’s husband, Norman. Okay, yes I get that working to earn enough for 25 children plus 2 adults is really, really tough. I can only imagine. However, in order for him to finally show some kind of emotion in her, he had to see her in a skin-tight suit that showed off her legs and thighs and have a whole song sung in front of him to realise yes my wife is really amazing and I should show her some love. 
Look, this woman gave up her passion and her past job to take care of the 25!!! children whom the husband, to our knowledge, doesn’t even bat an eye towards. And she’s just asking for some kind of recognition, maybe just a sincere “Your mother is a fantastic singer.” 
And Rosita’s so excited to tell her husband about this singing competition that could not only help the family but also she’ll get to do what she loves!!! Before she can even tell him about it, he falls asleep. Like… seriously???

Okay I wanna talk about Rosita too because seriously. She does ALL the housework for all 25 children and the two of them. And on top of that, she never gave up singing, and was able to build this contraption that miraculously worked and was willing to stay up the whole night just to do it. And she loves her children so much I mean Jesus look at Norman after work he just goes to the couch and sleeps. But she checked on the children, makes sure everything is in order before going to sleep. 

I guess what I want to say is that Rosita is an extremely hardworking and devoted woman and her husband should give her more credit than he does at the moment.

  • U.S. Anime Fans: *fight for years for simulcasts and finally get the overwhelming majority of all shows in a season available through one service* I'm so glad we don't have to wait for shows to be completely done before watching them anymore and we can enjoy all the same online events and promotions and all the fun as japanese fans without being in japan!
  • Netflix: *snatches licensing on the single most anticipated show of the season* haha what that's lame and nerdy BINGING is the ONLY WAY TO WATCH

When Jess asks Rory to runaway with him in “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” and Rory screams, “No!”, in his face, his reaction is the most heartbreaking moment in television history. DON’T TRY AND TELL ME IT’S NOT!

I finally watched that one show

you know it’s funny but remember how in an interview Ravi found out how he has a bunch of fanboys more than the other members and thought it was nice. So my six year old brother likes watching a bunch of kpop videos and I’ve shown him all of VIXX’s videos (of course) so today I finally showed him Depend On Me because I had completely forgotten about it (also because he told me to show him more new videos). So then I always ask him who he likes in VIXX the most (like always) and he was watching them sing and saying “aww I don’t see him. He’s not there” but then just as soon as Ravi started appearing (rapping) my little brother quickly points to the screen and says “him~”