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What would Saru's reaction be if, after returning to S4 after the final fight (assuming everyone's alright) and said something like "Look, the traitor's back" and the Alphabet guys said "..Fushimi-san, we didn't think you were a traitor even once."

I imagine in that situation Fushimi would probably be a bit hesitant to come back and rejoin the group, like even though he’s accepted that Munakata is his King the whole idea of ‘belonging’ somewhere is still a bit foreign to him. So Douhan and Munakata help him back to the vans and he gets patched up and everything and then they go back to Scepter 4 and Fushimi manages to successfully avoid most of the force until they finally arrive back at headquarters. Munakata gets called away and Fushimi finds himself having to walk alone into the middle of where the rest of the alphabet squad is busy at their computers and he’s feeling all awkward and out of place and it kinda pisses him off because it makes him feel stupid that he’s so nervous. So he steps inside and everyone just turns as one to look at him. Fushimi’s immediately even more uncomfortable and of course assuming the worst because he always does, so he mutters at them to stop staring just because the traitor’s returned, falling back into the old habit of using the name as a weapon against himself before anyone else can use it against him. Except then Hidaka jumps up insisting that he knew Fushimi-san wouldn’t betray them and Akiyama’s welcoming Fushimi back and Doumyoji’s waving at him and even Fuze’s greeting him warmly. And Fushimi is just so confused because even though he’s accepted his place at Scepter 4 there was still this part of him that assumed that the rest of Scepter 4 was going to reject him, that they were all going to distrust him or yell at him for daring to show his face there again, and all this sudden camaraderie is so overwhelming that he has to snap at them all to go do their work because he has no idea what else to say. (And even when he yells at them the alphabet boys don’t seem displeased in the least, they all just smile and go back to their computers and tell him that it’s nice to have him back.)