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The Date- Sidney Crosby (Mom and Dad Part Three

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Ok you guys will be happy to know Mom and Dad is going to be a mini series of FIVE parts! Everyone save the hug tackles for the end XD I’m going to work them into the schedule somehow, but I haven’t figured it out yet with respect for everyone’s imagines so bear with me! On to part three! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Please do a part three to the mom and dad one. It makes me so happy. You’re amazing love!


And: Would you make another part to mom and dad? maybe like a miniseries? thank you!!


              The date didn’t end up exactly how you and Sid both imagined it would go, but it wasn’t bad in your opinion.

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Sneak Peek: MGRP Peaceful Days

Thanks to the most recent episode, a lot of the fandom seems to be in tears. I wouldn’t blame you guys, it’s rough.

Let me ask you this:

  • Is your favorite Magical Girl dead?
  • Do you wish you could’ve known them more?
  • Would you like a happy story of them?
  • Do you want to know of their life and explore more of their character?

If the answer to any of them is YES PLEASE, then may I present to you Magical Girl Raising Project: Peaceful Days

This new volume of side stories of the Magical Girls from Arc 1 contains stories of all your favorite Magical Girls from the first Arc! I will definitely be translating these as well in the near future! For now, have a list of stories, as well as art and illustrations below!

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ice skater au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 2.337
warnings: none
author’s note: yes, this is loosely inspired by yuri on ice (I’m trash). it is currently not planned to turn into a series, but that might change sometime in the future. for now, enjoy this snippet of skater!jungkook :)

He is magnificent.

You knew seeing him in the flesh would be a completely different experience altogether — but nothing prepared your eyes for the ray of soft light that smoothly glided over the ice, like a swirling snowflake becoming one with the snow. The blades on his boots are like feathers above the surface, leaving lines of art behind them as he twirls and dances like his body was made for the ice, like there is nowhere else he’d rather be, eyes closed and silky strands of dark hair shifting with his gracious movements.

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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Jack and Ransom and Tim Horton’s, but somebody please give me Jack introducing Tater to Roll Up the Rim.

Tater: So I just roll rim up like this? Everyone in Canada do?

Jack: Yes

Tater: *squints at the words under the rim* I’m win?

Jack: No, it says “please play again”

Tater: … I’m need more coffee, Zimmboni

Jack: That’s your fourth cup…

Tater: I’m not win yet.

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Hey hey heeeey!!! (Heh) I'm addicted to reading your top 5s! Can you please do a top 5 for the most underrated characters in your opinion?

Top 5 underrated Haikyuu characters!!

can you please do the top 5 most underrated characters in haikyuu? love your posts

Due to popular demand…here we go with the top 5 most underrated characters of Haikyuu. I mean, there are LOTS of underrated characters, mostly all the secondary characters are, but some of them deserve way more love and recognition. 

I would like to clarify that of course this my opinion and it’s heavily influenced by my fandom experience but, after all, anyone could see who are the fandom favorites (yes this list is based on fandom recognition, otherwise it would have been impossible to make). 

1. Ennoshita. I could sit here and talk all night about how Ennoshita Chikara is just…the most important person. His backstory broke me in half and, because of all his suffering, he’s gonna be an amazing captain, the embodiment of his parents best features: strong and reliable like Daichi, loving but yet sassy af like Suga. I can’t wait to see him in action

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2. Tanaka. He’s one of the most consistent member of the team, he basically always scores, he would die for his team, he’s one of the funniest and most supportive characters ever and yet no one seem to notice him. I mean, I know we ALL love him, but just have a look at the tags of my top 5 reasons to love Tanaka and you’ll see what I’m talking about

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3. Asahi. Our glass heart ace deserves all the love possible. He’s one of the characters that had the most character development in Karasuno, he grew up so much during this three seasons and I’m infinitely proud of him. Starting at his very bottom, almost quitting volleyball for good and then becoming a supportive senpai and an always reliable ace. It’s so heartwarming to watch how quietly confident he is now :’)

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4. Yaku. I’ve talked with the #1 Yaku fan out there (my dear @haikyuuliberos) and we agreed on the fact that Yaku is so much more than what meets the eyes. For sure he’s sassy and and angry little kitty, but still he’s an incredible player, he’s extremely passionate about volleyball and he has a huge heart in that tiny body of his. After all, he’s the one in charge of training Lev…he deserves an award just for that

Originally posted by mairieuxs

5. Ukai Keishin. I have a gigantic soft sport for him, he’s a hard worker, he’s competitive, he’s determined and will literally die for his crows. Even if they truly manage to get on his every possible nerve, no one loves them as much as he does. Overall, every single thing Karasuno accomplished, they own it to him.(the fact that he’s a fine piece of pastry too it’s another story….or is it?)

Originally posted by enncshita

- bonus: of course my thoughts go to Narita and Kinoshita, to Konoha and Komi, to ALL Dateko, and to all the other secondary characters out there. You’re all amazing and we love you very much a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

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Not losing you - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Not losing you

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2,107

Warnings: Serious injuries, Jensen relating to Dean

Prompt: Hey! I was wondering if you could maybe write an imagine where the reader is an actress on the show, and she and Jensen really like each other, and y/n gets badly injured and like unconscious when filming a scene and Jensen is really worried and stays with her in the hospital and such! Love your writing!!

“Jensen” Jared pursed his lips as he let Jensen’s cup of coffee on the table “Don’t do this to yourself, man. Please.”

Jensen’s hand rested on his knees as he stared at the sleeping form. Your sleeping form. If it was any other occasion he would have loved it more than anything, because yes he had guilty pleasures, but at that very moment he just wished so bad you could wake up.

“I almost lost her, Jared.” he felt a lump form in his throat as fresh tears welled up in his eyes “I almost lot her.” he buried his face in his hands as he tried to keep his sobs in.

“J” Jared placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder “It’s not your fault.”

“No but I should have been there, Jared. I should have been there damn it.” Jensen gritted his teeth “I should have been by her side in an instant.”

“That’s humanly impossible, Jensen. You know it.” Jared breathed out with a smile as his friend stubbornly shook his head.

It had started out first as a game. The four of you goofing around as you always did on set and as Jensen had come to love more than anything else.

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Civil War? Did you mean: Stressed Out Father Tony Stark

“Steve I’m trying to get you out of your last disaster would you SIT STILL FOR FIVE SECONDS?!”

“Vision keep an eye on Wanda and don’t let her get into any more trouble until I’m back!”

“Why is this kitchen a mess? I didn’t raise you like this!”

“No, Steve and Sam, you two can’t fight the entire UN on your own!”

“Natasha please talk to the children they don’t listen to me anymore!”

“Clint, what the hell! You’re an actual dad. You’re supposed to be doing the responsible thing here!”

“Yes, Wanda, I locked you in your room for your own safety but only because I love you and you’re literally not a US citizen who just created a major disaster abroad??”

“Steve, please sign this so the Fresh Prince of Wakanda stops trying to kill your friend…”

“Who brought the giant plane destroying man?! This is exactly the kind of dangerous shit I’ve been warning you about!”

“Peter stay out of harms way! Wear protective gear! Keep your distance! Stand down!”

“Let go of my Rhodey!”

“Natasha you’re not helping, dammit!”

“All of you sit in silence and think of what you did while I convince Ross not to expel you!”

hey yall i saw this chart thing in a vlogbrothers video and thought it’d make a fun little “tag yourself” survey 

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Want a gift picture of your pet cat as a loth-cat?

What you get: a cartoony doodle of what your pet kitty would look like if it was a loth-cat from Star Wars Rebels.

Here’s what you do:

a) reblog this post and add to it a photo of your cat (full body please so I can see the markings and shape of it) + the cat’s name/personality. Yes, you can put in multiple cats if you have more and you can’t pick out just one.

b) That’s it, I’ll tag you when it’s done! I will draw all of the cats added to this post until December 20, 2016.

You don’t have to follow me for your free loth-cat, but it’s greatly appreciated.

A Special Day (M)

Genre: smut/romantic AF fluff

Summary: It’s your birthday and Jackson gives you a lovey dovey, amazing time.

Word Count: 3635

Written by: Admin Smutty Woozfairy

Warnings: This is hella fluffy, so here is your warning.

A/N: First I want to apologize to @hannah-martinezzzz for taking so long with this request. I didn’t expect my summer to be as hellish as it was. Secondly, the request was a smut, yes, but it just didn’t want to happen that way. If you want another, more smutty, story, Hannah, please feel free to message me. I hope you like it anyway~~.

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Tonic walks in "god I miss this place, as odd as it is. How have you been dark? I surely missed you" tonic smiled happily at dark

“I’ve been… busy.”

Dark responded as if he had not really noticed their passing. He knew they had been gone for some time, and yes he recognized that they had been without company for a week or two, but he would not go out of his way to gush over their return. It simply wasn’t in his nature.

“I’m sure you noticed that the following has increased since your last meeting. Influence spreads slowly at smaller numbers, but once it reaches a certain ticking point, it explodes like wildfire. I’m most pleased with how it has been turning out. I’m glad to have you back, another one of my more loyal followers to keep the peace is surely in high demand.”

How Got7 would react when you call them daddy during sex

Mark: “I think I can get used to that name baby.” he’d say and you could tell he was turned on by it.

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Jaebum: “Why did you take so long to call me that? Bend over and let daddy punish you.” he would say getting into full daddy mode.

Originally posted by defsouljb

Jackson: “Yes baby, say it again and I’d fuck you like never before.” he’d say looking at you sexily.

Originally posted by wangmins

Jinyoung: “Yes baby, yes, please call me that more often.” he would say biting his lips.

Originally posted by pepi-junior

Youngjae: “What? Me? But I’m not your father.” he would say confused.

Originally posted by doteyoungjae

Bambam: “Yes baby, I want you to call me that and only that from now on.” he would say cockily.

Originally posted by jackseunie

Yugyeom: He wouldn’t say anything but you could tell from the way he looked at you and how he grabbed at you harder that he liked it.

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Dating Shin Hoseok (Wonho) Would Include

- eating ramen together

-  him being sly and asking for a peck on the cheek but that the last moment he would turn his head and bAM KISS

- you would hear him singing in the shower and you were just like wHY DOES MY BBY NOT HAVE MORE LINES

- ok but then stuck came out and you choked because ??? well he lifted up his shirt

- and he was like “yeah i know i’m sexy”

- and you’re just happy he loves himself ok

- he buys you a lot of gifts

- to actual ramen to matching sweatshirts that has ramen on it

- ramen is your guys life

- sometimes he just walks around shirtless and he’s like ;;))) you wanna touch these

- and you’re just like YES PLEASE

- ok but he openly talks about bedroom things and the members are sick of it 

- sometimes when you guys are bored he’ll just come to your apartment after sneaking out of practice and he just sees you on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching a movie with ramen and he’s just like gUESS WHOSE JOINING YOU

- he loves pda ok

- he’ll hold your hand all the time

- he calls you “babe” or “baby” or some other nickname

- sometimes when you go into the kitchen to go get a snack or something and he’ll follow you and you’ll just random start having a make out session randomly ???? ok but he’ll just randomly back you into the counter then your phone goes off and you’re just so disaPPOINTED

- ok but if you aint like that you’ll just go and get the snack and he’ll still follow you but he’ll just tickle you

 - one day he’s on tour and he just sends you a derp selca

- and you just burst out laughing in the middle of the store you’re in and you need to send one back and people are just like ???? ok but what is this fellow human being doing

- when he doesnt have a schedule the next day he comes by your place and be like ok get in fuzzy socks we’re gonna start dancing and then bAM there you are dancing to hero


- if you’re hands are holding something he’ll just get all pouty then get a bright grin and wrap an arm around your waist

- (but not before without touching your butt ofc)

- you’re his #1 always

- always always always

- he likes to hold you in his arms a lot and loves it when you sit on his lap

- but sometimes he needs to be held and ur ok with that

- ok but sometimes he’ll just sit on your lap and say that your thighs are comfy and you’re just like o ok boyfriend

- sometimes you catch him looking at you and he gets a bright grin on his face and will just hug you and you ask why and he’s just like-

- “because you’re the best person ever”

- and you die a little on the inside

- being best friends with hyungwon and wonho complaining that hyungwon cheated on him with minhyuk and you’re just like ??? ok what am i you’re abs or something

- and he’s just like yeah i love you like i love my abs but i love you more

- ok but sometimes when he’s busy you have meme competitions and wonho just comes back and he’s just like whOA OK HOLD ON THEIR PARTNER 

- and it’s just because you tried to impersonate pepe and he’s like hyungwon is that u??? and hyungwon was just face palming in the background 

- basically dating wonho is the best. he holds so much respect for you yet both of you are literal memefilled derps. ok but date him pls. and you get abs. wonho abs. ok but pls love this sunshine

Dating Series Masterlist

EXO Reaction #3 - Their idol crush says they’d like to collaborate on a song with them

@emilythefunsized said: Block B, Exo, Monsta X, and Big Bang reaction to their idol crush saying they would like to collaborate on a song with them? :)

Suho: “Omo they’re so cute!!” (fanboys until he can get a hold of your agent) please ignore the subtitle

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Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Kyungsoo (D.O): (blushes so hardcore the interviewer asks if he’s okay) “Y-yes I’m fine. Just…happy.” (dies a little more)

Originally posted by yoonem

Jongin (Kai): (is at home, jumping up and down on his couch after hearing his idol crush say they wanted a collab with him) he’s so cute in this gif I can’t

Originally posted by intokai

Baekhyun: (blushy bun who tries to act tough) “Y-y/n-ah!! Of course I’d do a collaboration with you!” (gets mercilessly made fun of for his stutter by the mc)

Originally posted by sugutie

Sehun: “Of course they want to work with me, we’ve had an amazing come back.” you know he’s secretly giddy

Originally posted by luderella

Xiumin: (searches for a way to get a hold of you for an hour before succeeding, freaking out the entire time)

Originally posted by mminseok

Lay: “I-I..did I hear that right? Omo I’m so happy!!!” (giddy)

Originally posted by getlayd

Chen: “Ah yes. I would love that too.” (unable to hide his huge smile)

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Dating Harley Quinn Would Include (GIRLXGIRL):

Being open about your relationship and killing anyone who disrespects your love.

Harley insisting you dye your hair two different colors (like hers) so you can be matching. She thinks it would be cute.

Stealing gifts for each other. You have money to buy the gifts but it’s more fun that way.

“You want this, puddin’?”

“Yes please”

Breaking Harley out of jail and her doing the same for you.

“Harley!? You came for me!”

“Did ya miss me, baby girl?”

Rough Kissing

Passionate Kissing

Just lots of kissing

Going completely insane when you aren’t around each other.

Harley proposing to you after she completes her mission with the Suicide Squad.

Being the Queens of Crime

(Not my gifs. If these are your gifs and you would like credit, please message me NICELY and I will give you credit :))

How cats act around Bleach characters

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that a whole army of cats invaded Soul Society, Hueco Mundo and the world of the living. Kinda like that one Ikea commercial, only more so. How would these cats act around various Bleach characters?

1. Yamamoto

Is woken up abruptly from a nap when not one but three kittens decide that his eyebrows are the best toy ever.

Yamamoto: SASAKIBE

Sir, what is it??


Sir are you aware that there is a kitten danging from each of your eyebrows?

No I just wanted some tea - YES I AM AWARE

2. Byakuya

Finds himself covered in cats whenever he stops moving. Because cats can sense people who don’t like them. It….attracts them.

Rukia: Nii-sama! The cats - they love you!

Rukia please help me.

They are chewing on my scarf, Rukia.

3. Rukia

Is also highly popular with the kitties. It seems to be a Kuchiki thing.

Rukia: You guys are so CUTE, yes you are!

But Rukia they are tiny demons

4. Nnoitra

Finds his feet being attacked whenever he walks. But whenever he stops moving, he is resolutely snubbed.


I believe that cat is asleep, Nnoitra-sama.

5. Komamura

Tries to be friendly. Unfortunately, his presence makes the cats poof themselves up and hiss.

Komamura: Does the poofiness and the hissing mean they like me, Iba?

M-maybe you should give the kitties some space, Captain!

6. Soi Fon

Tries too hard.


7. Ulquiorra

Is confused by the cats. Mostly because they keep zooming erratically from one room to another and Ulquiorra can’t figure out why.

Ulquiorra: I think these felines are malfunctioning.

Cats just do that, Ulquiorra-kun!

But why

8. Unohana

Always has one older cat sleeping peacefully near her.

Unohana: This cat brought me a mouse earlier. We became friends.

9. Sasakibe

Wakes up to find a cat sleeping on his face.

Sasakibe: Well at least the cat noticed me.

Even if it mistook my face for a cushion.

10.  Yoruichi

Is the queen of the cats, of course.

Byakuya: There are fifteen cats sitting there staring at you, demon cat.

Yoruichi: I think they’re waiting for orders!

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: Please stop ordering them to love me.

Yoruichi: What?

11. Yachiru

Makes friends with all of the cats by offering them food.

Kenpachi: You carry around cat treats?

I found a bunch of them in Soi Fon’s place!!

12. Kenpachi

Is scaled by a couple of ambitious kittens. Does not notice.

Ikkaku: Captain, there are kittens clinging to your back.

There are?

13. Ikkaku

Loves to play with the kitties. Not matter how rough the kitties might be.

Yumichika: Ikkaku your hand is streaming blood.

Cats sure like to scratch!

They’re so great!

14. Yumichika

Is highly popular among all the fluffiest kitties. You know, the ones who love to cuddle! And shed. Mostly the shedding thing.

Yumichika: [desperately lint rolling his uniform]



15. Matsumoto

Is highly popular among the sleepy kitties. They like to nap with her.

Hitsugaya: If cats decide you are their bed, it may be a sign that you sleep too much!!

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: And yet I can’t wake you up.

Hitsugaya: Stupid sleeping cat adorableness.

16. Hitsugaya

Keeps finding cats sleeping on his paperwork.


17. Renji

Keeps getting snubbed.

Renji: Hi cat!

Cat: [walks away]

Renji: …

Renji: It’s like meeting Byakuya for the first time, all over again.

18. Kensei

Is mobbed whenever he tries to cook.


19. Hinamori

Gets bitten by a cat that *seemed* to be enjoying its belly rub just a moment before.

Hinamori: …

Hinamori: Everybody in my life turns evil.

20. Ichigo

Is fantastic with the cats.

Ichigo: [idly petting the cat on his lap]

Ichigo: So you’re sure you don’t talk, huh?

21. Yukio

Just wants to play his PSP. Without being “helped” by a kitty.

Yukio: Y-your tail is covering the screen again!

Yukio: Why won’t you leave me be??

22. Grimmjow

Every time he turns around, there is a squad of cats following him. He doesn’t know why.

Grimmjow: Fuck off I’m not your king!

23. Urahara

Comes out in the morning to find fifteen hopeful cats waiting outside his store.

Urahara: Okay, who told you I have the best kitty snacks?

24. Gin

Gets hissed at. A lot.

Gin: Strange how animals just never seem to like me!

25. Ukitake

Wakes up to find a cat asleep on his chest, trying to purr him better.

Ukitake: Awwww, thanks, little guy!