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Aaand I’m late to the party…

I’m Kata! I’ve been here for a few months now, I’m just too shy to make myself seen most of the time…

Ethan’s videos keep putting a smile on my face day after day (even through the roughest times), not to mention seeing someone else my age who also has ADHD and does the little things I do, yet is loved and legitimately adorable just means a lot, you know? Makes my little heart all happy

Anyways, here’s some of the things I’ve drawn of Ethan since they’re probably a lot nicer than my face

lmao all these people in the tag bitching a) ‘you wanna tell me elizabeth would let her son work for the navy and chase after pirates???’ and b) ‘you wanna tell me elizabeth wouldn’t follow will???’ YES I wanna tell you BOTH THOSE THINGS ‘cause a) sit down she was always the biggest Pirate Nerd™ and seeker of adventure and her own freedom so no way in davy jones’ soggy locker would she ever forbid henry from his own adventures especially if it was to connect with his father when he could and b) will wanted her to stay safe and told her to keep his heart safe and that’s difficult to do if she’s lugging a chest around from bunk to bunk on whatever derelict ship she’s booked passage on and you know he wouldn’t be happy with her living on some other ship chasing him whenever she could and he wouldn’t be happy with her living on his ship (also how was she supposed to do that??? sell her soul to the sea and lmao over will’s undead body was that happening) he never wanted them to be mr. & mrs. barnacle he wanted her to be safe and Idk maybe spend some time RAISING THEIR CHILD until he could come back to them so ya’ll can stop questioning actual queen of my life pirate king elizabeth swann


Peter Hale x Reader



Imagine: You have a major crush on Peter Hale, but, because of the Pack, you have to keep it a secret. One day, when he comes to your house injured, you are not able to hide it any more and comes clean to him.

Word Count: 1560

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100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 4 

Just two boyfriends having a little watercooler talk before killing Ohm and Brycey. Yep.

When I saw that Prop Hunt video with Delirious, Vanoss, Ohm and Bryce (the one with the wheelchairs business, lol XD),I really wanted to do some of the scenes, but now with the view of Delirious I NEEDED THAT WATERCOOLER SCENE. So here’s Delirious and Vanoss as a guest for this project :D

Excuse my fangirling thinking about an AU of these two in a company, because SUITS and COLORS. AND YES, *//A//*


Cartimandua was a 1st-century queen of the Brigantes, a Celtic people living in what is now northern England. She came to power around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and formed a large tribal agglomeration that became loyal to Rome. She appears to have been widely influential in early Roman Britain.

Our only knowledge of Cartimandua is through the writings of Roman author Tacitus, who presents her in a negative light. He writes of her treacherous role in the capture of Caratacus, who had sought her protection, her “self-indulgence, her sexual impropriety in rejecting her husband in favour of a common soldier, and her "cunning strategems” during her rule. However, he also consistently names her as a queen, the only one such known in early Roman Britain.

Boudica was ruler of the Iceni people, a Celtic tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. In AD 60 or 61, while the Roman governor Gaius Paulinus was leading a campaign on the island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of Wales, Boudica led the Iceni as well as the Trinovantes and others in revolt.

Boudica led 100,000 Iceni, Trinovantes and others to fight the Roman Legio IX Hispana and burned and destroyed several settlements in Britannia. An estimated 70,000–80,000 Romans and British were killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica. The crisis caused the Emperor Nero to consider withdrawing all Roman forces from Britain, but Suetonius’s eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica’s fate is not known.

The two women are the only known female Celtic rulers of the age.


People can post snippets and headcanons and theories however they want, but to me the cutest thing about Kit and Ty is that Ty is interested in Kit not for being a Herondale or a secret shadowhunter, no. He admires the Rook part of him, the criminal aptitude that he thinks fits into his Sherlock thing. He could probably see Kit pickpocket someone or pick locks to break into a car, and think it was the coolest thing ever.

He likes Kit for who he is, not who he thinks he’s supposed to be.

I think that’s majorly important. 

Bringing this back, guys! Hoping I could fill it up more as I find more time to read ^^ For now, enjoy these!

  • Carnations (Parts 1 and 2) by @viollettes. Summary:  A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong? (Okay, but J’s writing is absolutely amazing and it flows so nicely and I’m in love with this fic. Ahhh). 
  • Wolf Creek by @beccaanne814-blog. Summary:  You and Steve were supposed to have spent the rest of your lives together, but lies and betrayal tore you apart.  A family tragedy forces you to leave your life in the city and return to the Montana ranch you used to call home. Can you and Steve forget the past and find love again? (Becca’s writing is out of this world and I love her so much. Please read this. And read the rest of her fics).
  • Tell Me Baby by @caplanbuckybarnes. Summary:  You joined the Avengers at the tower as Tony’s assistant, giving him whatever he wants and doing whatever he wants. Unbeknownst to the team, you’ve been hiding your powers- you can control fire, even spit it form your very fingertips. What will come of you once Bucky finds out this crucial information?  (I love love love this oneshot. Jess is my angel and her writing rocks.)
  • Music Man by @hymnofthevalkyries​. Summary: Surprise, surprise! You open your big mouth to Tony Stark, and it gets around about your crush on a certain metal armed soldier. What happens when he finds out about it, and what will he do to get your attention? (Omgsh this oneshot is so cute. Please go read it. It melted my heart and feels.)
  • Trouble Man by @vibraniom​. Summary: Sam leaves Bucky’s texts unanswered to annoy him without realizing that he is also annoying you. (Sam Wilson needs more love and this oneshot delivers it. I love it. So cute and Sam is amazing.)
  • Leave This Town (Part 1) by @avengerofyourheart​. Summary:  Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way. (Anikaaa I’m so excited about this fic. Like legit so exciteddd <3 <3 <3 Anika is a master and a queen).
  • Thumb Wars with the Avengers by @emilyevanston​. Summary: Basically what will go down if the Avengers played thumb wars. (This is gold and I love it so much and it made me so happy to read. Kate is superbly talented.)
  • Remember Me (Parts 1-3) by @bionic-buckyb​. Summary: The reader is something like the Winter Soldier and her mission is to kill Steve. (Beautiful writing. Kait never fails to blow me away. I love her and her writing so much.)
  • Art Museum by @buckys-fossil​. Summary: On your day off, you invite Bucky to an art museum. You’re sure he probably wants to spend his time doing something else besides looking at art, but you soon find that his definition of art might be a bit different than yours. (This is so fluffy and cute and I loved every word of it!! <3)
  • Faking It by @just-call-me-mrs-captain​. Summary: When the first boy you lusted after stumbles back into your life ten years later, propositioning a fake relationship that’s mutually beneficial, it’s hard to say no. But how long can two people with a history ‘fake it’ before the feelings become real? (JFSHKDLGD THIS FIC GIVES ME ALL KINDS OF FEELS. I LOVE IT.)
  • A Lesson In Love by @buckyywiththegoodhair. Summary: In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance. (This. THIS THIS THIS. THIS FIC IS IT. THIS IS TUMBLR ROYALTY WORK. THIS FIC IS WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP.)
  • The Avenger-Mom by @just-an-ambiverts-fandoms. Summary: You’re the ‘mom’ of the team but what happens when you’re not Bucky’s fan? (Packed with angst, fluff, and overall cute. Read it. Yes.)

How to get on this list: Basically, you will have to tag me in any works you want me to read. If tagging me with the @ doesn’t work, try putting my url in the tags below. I track “bovaria” so that may work. 
I will read and add the ones I managed to read during that week. Keep in mind that I work full time, so sometimes I don’t have time to read EVERYTHING. But I will try my best and if yours isn’t there, just lmk and remind me that you wrote something ^^ Hoping this stays as a regular thing. 

I’ll post a list every Friday afternoon. But for now, I’m posting this today, Wednesday. But next one comes Friday, 6/16.

Anti/Dr Schneeplestein Theory

As we all know @therealjacksepticeye has been tagging some of his Dr Schneeplestein reblogs with hidden messages. The first was Damaged, the second was Glitched and the last one was Ultrons there are no strings on me youtube URL. I have a little theory just based on these 3 things and my wild imagination which I’m hoping isnt true.

Antisepticeye is controlling Dr Schneeplestein but not in the way that we think. We know Dr Schneeplestein has lost some patients previously and we saw how devastated he was to lose Peter, his accountant so we know something has made the good doctor snap. Thos is where Anti comes in.

Dr Schneeplestein still has free will, the song there are no strings on me is from Pinocchio, who we know is a wooden puppet with the gift of life and this song essentially means I’m no ones puppet. Dr Schneeplestein is just being threatened, tortured by Anti. He’s damaged due to all of the torture hes been forced through. Glitched means suffer a sudden malfunction or fault, in another sense broken.

Anti has threatened the good doctor using his kids and wife as leverage and we all know how much the doctor doesnt want to lose his wife and kids so he endures the pain, does exactly what Anti wants with only one thought, to keep his family alive.

What if in the video where jack killed Chase Brody, this was actually anti taking control to eliminate jacks other egos, even for a couple of seconds. Chase is basically the cinnamon roll of this community and I, and other people, have created things for the other Egos (Chase, Schneep, Jackaboy man, Marvin) and this in turn has made Anti jealous.

Then in the video when the good doctor appears, he says this is the only way I can keep my wife and kids. Now I know that he has said this in the Jacksepticeye Power Hour video but that was talking anout keeping his license, this video he was talking about killing and infecting people. Dr Schneeplestein wasnt talking about divorce or anything like that, he was talking about keeping them alive and safe. He doesnt want them to be hurt or killed by Anti.

You know like a paragraph ago I talked about Anti getring rid of the other egos? Well the thing is Dr Schneeplestein will never keep his family even though he so desperately wants to. Yes Anti threatened to take his family away and thats true, but not in the way the good doctor thought. After Anti is finished he is going to take the doctor away from his family by killing him.

It’s quite a long theory spurred from three tags and the weirdness that is my mind but what do you guys think?


    @becaamm asked: Hii. Are you open to requests? Could I request a story where Reader is pregnant (like, 8 months) and is trying to have sex with Dean, but her stomach is in the way, so it turns really funny? Ps: One of the girls told me about your blog when I sent her a request. I’m still figuring out tumblr, haha. Regardless of your answer, Thank you . I appreciate that you gave me a bit of your time.  ( making sure it tags you, @becaamm  )

A/N:  I don’t usually take requests, nor do I ever write smut, but this felt like a challenge.  I hope you like this.

Words:  1302

Pairing:  Dean x Reader

Warnings:  Dean being an adorable idiot.  Implied smut

My usual crew: Let me know if you want on or off    @whispersandwhiskerburn  @wi-deangirl77  @smoothdogsgirl  @zombi3gyrl07  @laurenw1025  @ashleymalfoy @iamflanneltrash  @kristaparadowski  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @plaidstiel-wormstache @atc74  Pond tags at the end



The smell of something amazing aroused me from my much needed nap.  With a groan I stepped from our room and waddled my 8 months pregnant self down the bunker’s hall.

The dimmed lights drew my attention to the library.  One of the tables had been dressed with a white linen table cloth, candles, flowers, and place settings for two.   

“Wow.”  the soft words escaped uninhibited.   

Dean rounded the corner as I trailed a finger along the soft cloth.  He was carrying a covered platter that’s smell made my stomach growl audibly.   

“Hey Sweetheart.  I was just about to come get you.”  He placed the food on the table.

“What’s all this? Where’s Sam?”

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Obvious (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do one where y/n & Shawn are both denying the relationship, but the love is so obvious that it soon becomes too much to deny anymore?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,021

a/n: ok, you guys really gotta tell me what you think. I really love this one and I think it may be one of my best so far. also, great songs to listen to for this are friends by ed sheeran & i found by amber run :) 

Even though the space was large, the room was crowded with unfamiliar bodies and whispers about the two of you. 

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Is anybody else consistently confused by people making weird claims about the fandoms?

Like they say things like I like x ship, but because the fandom all does y thing I can’t enjoy it. And then you are like I have read practically everything on Ao3 about x ship and trawl the tags and community for all the content and y does exist but it’s actually fairly uncommon, but people keep acting like everyone does y constantly?

The easiest one I can think of is when I see people complain about how everyone makes Gabriel Reyes an abusive ass hole in the Reaper76 fandom and I’m like what?

Yes abusive Reaper/Gabriel is definitely a thing, but the majority of the fandom actually tends to treat him as more of a victim than the villain. He was usually right and when the truth comes out he is vindicated. The fandom fucking loves Gabriel Reyes.

So I’m sitting here like, I guess you’ve seen a few things and assumed literally everything in the fandom is the same. It just bothers me every time I see people make these patently false claims and use them to insult people for liking a thing.

the worst idea

Regarding Ships

So I know a lot of my followers are here because of my posts about Tythan and Ethan and Tyler in general but it’s come to my attention that people might think it’s being taken too far. Yes, I mean the post from not long ago that I reblogged. I’ve decided to make a full on post about it so that people don’t get the wrong idea. 

Yes, I ship Tythan. Ethan and Tyler are super cute and loving towards each other and it’s a perfectly fine ship! 

Yes, I understand what Ethan finds uncomfortable and I respect that. 

Yes, I know that it’s a bad idea to tag them in anything regarding the ship because it might make them unhappy or even upset.

These are things everyone needs to know when it comes to shipping, especially when the ship is made up of real people. I can understand if one person makes the mistake of tagging them in something on accident but that’s no reason to explode on them. If you see something in the tag that is mentioning the ship, just message the user that posted it. You don’t need to make a post trashing the ship entirely. Some people like to ship things and that’s fine, that’s what a fandom can be built on after all! Yes, after the whole Septiplier thing it can be considered inappropriate to ship them but we’re keeping it down more now. The people who shipped Septiplier took it too far and that resulted in a long discussion from both Mark and Jack on multiple occasions with them asking not to stop making their art or shipping it but to stop with the NSFW stuff or at least stop tagging them in it. That’s what made it unhealthy. 

Just because one ship had a bad run doesn’t mean we can’t still ship people. Please understand the difference. 

Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

I live for your Ace/Danger era tags!


I feel like I keep repeating myself over and over but. everything. every single little thing about ace!taem is worthy of endless praise and has me in awe from the close-ups of his small hands dwarfed by all those rings

to the mesh veil that made him look mystical and elegant like the rich young heir who’s the main culprit in a vintage mystery novel

and the outfits man the o u t f i t s the mesh kept popping up throughout the whole era and there might not have been enough taem in suspenders but it’s okay I still couldn’t be happier to be alive





it also brought all the memes obviously




ace era was the precursor of the world the way we know it today - beautiful and full of taemin everywhere - and I can’t stress enough how important it is to our identities as human beings

Updated F.A.Q.

1) How do you pronounce your name?

It’s pronounced the same way as Maeve, it just has an Irish spelling.

2) How long have I been drawing for?

As soon as I could hold a paintbrush I was painting. Both my parents are designers who went to art college so I was encouraged at a super young age.

3) Have you taken any art classes?

Yes, I chose art as one of my subjects all through secondary school (high school I guess is the closest thing), I also did an art class outside school for about 2-3 years but I eventually grew out of it and just wanted to do my own thing. And now I am in Limerick School of Art and Design studying Animation and Motion Design. However, I would still classify what I post on Tumblr/Instagram as self taught because that all came from me, not a teacher.

4) Biggest Inspirations

I’m so inspired by so many thing so it is basically whatever I find eye catching so that might be; People, art styles, colour palettes, compositions, lighting etc.


I have been a fan of both Tony DiTerlizzi and P.J. Lynch for as long as I can remember, with my mom working for Candlewick Press in MA when we lived in America we always had hundreds of children’s books growing up, but those two illustrators have always stuck out in my mind. But more recently I have become absolutely obsessed with Jim Kay, I have the illustrated versions of the two Harry Potter books that have come out and my illustrated version of A Monster Calls is breath-taking. I also have the most gorgeous version of The Boy in Striped Pyjamas that was illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

Glen Keane, Ollie Johnson, Frank Thomas, Milt Kahl are all animation heroes in my opinion, but I have such a huge soft spot for the company Cartoon Saloon, who are an Irish based animation company who created ‘The Secret of Kells’ and 'Song of the Sea’, obviously because of Irish pride but also because I was lucky enough to go to the studio and meet all the lovely people there who were nothing but kind and supportive of my work.

Gustav Klimt is my favourite painter because of the emotion he is able to capture with such subtlety.. that’s what I want my drawings to show.

Tumblr Artists:

@brittanymyersart @may12324 @alexis-page @corvuxredux@petitrequin @thomkemeyer @cranesketch@celialowenthal @perplexingly @lazyleezard @batcii @kathuon@norhuu @loish @elephantfist @cassandrajp @nesskain @starpatches @lilabeanz @jmeemarie @pheberoni @johannathemad @quillery @franco-e @lexlambs @bellemrdch @jociemamacie @galaxyspeaking @charliebowater @projectnelm @thingsiphotoshopped andsomany others!

5) How long does it take to finish a piece?

It really depends on the day, sometimes it can take an hour, sometimes a couple of days

6) What materials do I use?

For sketching I use lead pencils over 2B, drawing pens, markers, oil pastels, compressed charcoal and watercolour pencils - they tend to have the best pigmentation.

7) What Software do I use?

I draw with Photoshop, record speedpaints with OBS, and edit the videos with Premier Pro.

8) What tablet do I use

I use a Wacom Intuos tablet.

9) Do I take commissions and request?

I tend not to take requests, and I have in my blog description whether my commissions are open or not.

10) Can I repost your drawings?

Not on Tumblr, if you want to post them on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest just make sure you provide a link back to my Tumblr blog or my Instagram which is “meabhusd”

11) Can I make edits/colour in your drawings?

Yes of course, but once again, just link back to me.

12) Can I use your drawings as an avatar/header imagine?

Yes you can.

13) How old are you?

I was born on the 24th of April 1996

14) How do I create character designs

Well every time I read a book I will keep a notebook beside my bed to take down all the descriptions of the characters. Of course it is not enough to just have the physical descriptions of characters in my opinion. I always take into account the characters background/personality/settings etc. All of these elements contribute to a better and more interesting design. For example; if a character has a job working outside doing physical labour, they will probably have stronger bodies, more scars, freckles, sunburn or tans.

15) How do I make characters look more diverse?

Same-facing characters is one of the hardest habits to break and I struggled with it for such a long time! Still do. My advide would be to use references of multiple ethnicities first. After that you would be surprised how different a character can look if you change eyebrows, hairlines, jawlines, cheekbones, noses, lips and bodyweight. If you are relying on a different hairstyle to distinguish between each of your characters it wont work. Also adding features like scars/moles/freckles/facial hair can really make your characters unique.

16) Do I have any OCs?

Yes I do, though they are very under developed. I tend to be quite shy about posting about them because they are more personal than fanart, it’s almost intimate to me. They are under they tag 'meabhd’s ocs’.

17) Do you have any other blogs?

I have one for my college work @meabhd-art but it is very different to this one. Much more traditional work and a lot more abstract..

18) Why do I keep Anon asks off?

I have always been quite private and prefer when I feel like I’m talking to someone rather than a thing? I also have anxiety and it makes me nervous not knowing who is talking to me. I answer every single question, though I only publish them sometimes and I am more than happy to answer questions privately if you are not comfortable having a question published.

19) How do I get over art slumps?

Art slumps are so hard, like I’ve had my fair share of them! I find that they come from a place of repetition? So you keep drawing in the same format, or the same characters. So my advice is to change up and element of how you draw, it’s as easy as using a new brush of photoshop, but it will trigger a problem solving part of your brain that will try and adapt the new element to your style or whatever so it’s more interesting to draw.

20) Do you have any tutorials?

Yes they are in the tag “tutorial”

The New Arrival

Request from anonymous: Fluff joker (Jared Leto) x reader where reader secretly sneaked a puppy in mister J’s penthouse and he found out later and gave her a week to find the dog new home. But in the meantime he grew close to the dog and finally agreed to let her keep the puppy please.

Warnings: swearing

Words: 1,093

You couldn’t help yourself. He was so cute and fluffy. His wide, piercing blue eyes stared up at you like two moons, begging you to take him home. When J sent you on a shopping trip and told you to treat yourself, you weren’t sure that this was what he meant. He didn’t specify that your purchase couldn’t be an adorable husky puppy. Even so, it was probably best you kept it a secret. Getting into the penthouse was going to be tricky, but you’d gotten through far more challenging scrapes; escaping Arkham for one.

It was Joker who’d helped you out. After his great escape, he came back to collect you. The two of you had grown extremely close, or as close as two people can be when bound in strait jackets. You were as insane as the infamous clown and he, of course, found that extremely endearing. You owed him your life. After escaping with you, he soon forgot about the blonde doctor in which he had first taken a liking to. You were much more suited to him. The history you carried was far from vanilla; the exact kind of history that caused J to fall for you. Just one look with your (Y/E/C) eyes drove him crazy. That’s why you knew he would eventually succumb to the idea of a puppy.

Unfortunately, J was home when you returned. You attempted to make it through the front door with the small dog underneath your sweatshirt, but when you heard the clown’s voice calling out to you your heart skipped a beat.

“(Y/N), get in here!”

“Just a minute, J,” you responded, trying to keep your voice steady so not to raise suspicions. You heard him grunt a reply, before you raced to your bedroom. Joker had allowed you your own space, as well as the one you shared with him, to store the many lavish gifts he bought you. You released the poor dog from under the warm fabric and set him down on the bed. The next task would be to keep the dog quiet. Pulling a bag of dog food from your bag, you fed him as quickly and as quietly as possible; before setting out some dog toys and shutting the door behind you. With a heavy sigh, you made your way to the crazy clown awaiting you in the living room. This was going to be hard.

The week that followed was easier than expected; almost too easy. However, you had to tell Frost about the dog, of which you had named ‘Pumpkin’. If you had to leave, Frost fed him or took him for brief walks. It looked kind of ridiculous; this huge man and a tiny puppy walking down the back streets of Gotham. You were extremely grateful for the help though. It turned out that caring for a puppy in secret was very tiring, although J never suspected a thing.

One night the two of you were lying in bed. Your head rested lightly on the Joker’s chest and his hand was knotted in your (Y/H/C) hair. Your fingers traced lightly over the ink scattered across his torso. It was then that you heard it. It started off quietly at first, but grew louder and louder. The dog was howling. Up to that point he had been silent. The Joker bolted upright, his eyes wide. “What is that?” His gaze turned to your form, curled under the duvet and trying to avoid eye contact. “What was what, J? I didn’t hear anything,” you gave him the look you knew would make his cold heart melt. This time though it didn’t work. The howling continued and suddenly the warm space next to you was empty.

You jumped up and raced after him, but were too late. The Joker’s hand turned the door handle to your bedroom and Pumpkin bounded out. “(Y/N) what the fuck am I looking at? Is this rat yours?” Joker spat. Your heart sank as he looked at the puppy and then at you in complete disgust. “Why would you bring this into the house?” he said, gesturing to the small ball of fur racing around his feet. “J, please, I’ve been taking care of him and he hasn’t made a mess. Even Frost…” Your voice trailed off as you realised what you’d said. The clown raised his glare from the puppy back to you. “Frost knows about this?!”

You stared at the floor, avoiding his menacing gaze. “Puddin’, please. He’s mine and I love him…”

“Don’t ‘puddin’ me. You have a week to get rid of him (Y/N).” With that he stormed back to the bedroom, leaving you and the puppy. You scooped up Pumpkin and took him into your room. Sinking on the bed you stared at the tiny animal on your lap. Tears ran down your cheeks. You knew J wouldn’t have been happy, but you thought you could have at least convinced him.

By the time you awoke the next day, J had already left to take care of some business. You made your coffee, with Pumpkin running around your feet. With some of your own business to deal with and Frost out with Joker, that left Pumpkin on his own. As much as you hated leaving him, you had no other choice. Setting out some toys, food and water, you shut the doors to the dining room and left the puppy in there.

After a stressful afternoon dealing with several seemingly violent clients, you were ready for a long nap. Upon opening the door, the Joker’s signature laugh could be heard. You made your way towards the source of the noise and found the clown prince himself crouched on the floor of the living room, dog treat in hand, repeating “Sit” over and over to your dog. You stifled a laugh before clearing your throat.

J shot up from his position on the floor. “I was… uhh.. I.. Did I not tell you to get rid of this thing?” he grumbled, before pushing past you and rushing from the room. You smiled a little to yourself. “So does this mean I can keep him?” you called over your shoulder.

“Yes, you can keep the damn dog!” was the response. You leaned down to pick up your newest family member. It was then that you noticed the small purple collar around its neck, with a tag attached stating ‘Property of the Joker’. You laughed, before telling the puppy, “Next thing you know your fur will be green!”


Do you like Yuri!!! on Ice? Are you a fan of Victor and Yuri’s relationship? Can you create fan creations, follow an easy tagging system, and reblog things? If your answer is yes, then we want you! Dailyvicturi is officially looking for new members to help run the blog. 

If you wish to apply, we only ask that you can do these things: 

  • Be active. We run the blog exclusively on queue, so we’ll need someone who can queue things quite often. 
  • Post an edit or gifset to this blog at least once or twice a week.
  • Follow the tagging system (I can explain everything in detail if there’re any questions)
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If you are interested in becoming one of our members, please fill out the application. We will be choosing members based on factors such as timezones, levels of activity, and graphic making abilities.