yes i will be using a lot of pokemon gifs in this blog okay

Don’t ask me where this came from, I remembered that I wanted to make a follow forever, did a gif in 2 seconds and here we go. As you’ve guessed there really isn’t a reason for this whatsoever. Although, after more than three years after creating my blog I have followed people whom I want to follow for the rest of my life (birdy reference -ish, I’m addicted oh well). Really though, random humour aside, I wanted to thank you all for following me and sticking with me for such a long time, no matter if I’ve followed you recently or just AGES ago, I wanted you to know that you really mean a lot to me

I won’t be making a list of people who are the closest to me simply because if you’re close to me and I love you, then you’ll know by the way I talk to you or reply to your messages, I don’t like being fake and am quite myself on every single message or text post. Omg, I’m drifting. So, yes, if you’re in this list, no matter if I talk to you every single day (*cough* zayra *cough*), or if we talk through 2k words rants twice a month because we take 24 years to reply to a freaking message (*cough* aria *cough*), or if me and you are temperamental and end up talking every day on a week and then don’t talk for a week straight (*cough* jocey *cough*), or if we message each other once a month, have a huge convo and then don’t talk for a while but we know there’s love there (*cough* jackie *cough*), or whenever there’s drama in the fandom I message you to make sure our friendship is intact and just really respect each other (*cough* olivia *cough*), or we have a dashboard (via replies) relationship and strangely both of you love katherine the most which i love you for it and i love you two ladies so damn much, you have no idea (*cough* ania  and ludovica *cough*), or if you send me links of animals and super depressing delena videos and we share 9999 interests (*cough* steph *cough*), or if we shared whatsapps and love pokemon and digimon and I forget to reply 99% of the time (*cough* natalie *cough*), or if you’re a little shit that hasn’t been on skype for 60 years but we used to talk every single day and it will always mean so much to me (*cough* emily *cough*), or if you’re my one true nagle and I will always love you for it (*cough* chia *cough*), or if we’ve shared a few conversations on tinychat and ended up creating super weird nicknames that people will think are cute af but actually mean something completely different because autocorrect while sex-ting (*cough* morgane *cough*), or if we’ve once called each other girlfriends and made reblog sprees with boobrevas (*cough* sabrina *cough*), or if you have made me reblog gifsets from a ship I never thought I would aka stelena (and dislike Ian as much as I do) because your gifs are the prettiest thing ever and the one thing that i am thankful that dailydelenagifs allowed me to was to get to meet you (*cough* ellie *cough*), if you are an a freaking talented idiot that deleted my blog whom I’d love to get to know better (*cough* brittany *cough*), if you’re my kitten and we’ve written essays about how much we love each other but haven’t talked for a while (*cough* scarlett *cough*), if you have a super weird obsession with this voldemort gif but honestly i love you for it and we’ve messaged each other a few times but should do it way more (*cough* alexa *cough*), if you’re someone that i deeply love and talk mostly on replies but occasionally on asks whenever there’s something serious to talk about and you know about my true obsessions (*cough* laura *cough*), if we’ve been talking for a while and i secretly think i’ve passed my theme changing obsession to you (*cough* jodi *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve discussed about a hp vs tvd crossover and died while doing it (*cough* alyssa *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve unfollowed and then followed again before (the other way around i think) but we got over it , though you probs dont even remember, my memory is freaky, but i love you and your gifs (*cough* avah *cough*), if i’ve seen your blog changed dramatically (i swear it has) and we’ve known each other for so long and love how you’ve “grown” on this social network (*cough* molly *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve continue following even though you’ve completely turned your blog upside down and it only shows how much i love you (*cough* sierra, morgan and rachel *cough*), if you’re the first person that i followed back when my blog was not even a tvd blog and you still continued following me and i will always call a sister (*cough* nimisha *cough*), if you’re someone that i’ve recently discovered that loves fanfiction as much as i do and now we only talk about that (and other things that we mutually dislike ;)) (*cough* elena *cough*), if you’re someone whom i still have a skype chat convo with even though it hasnt been used in 84 years where we talked in portinglish (*cough* denise and rossana *cough*), if we share a name that is the same and so i treat you as a cousin even though we haven’t talked in a while (*cough* justine *cough*), if you are the only person that i know that actually dislikes dogs and has a strange obsession with lizards and we’ve been following each other for a LONG time (*cough* lissy *cough*), if you’re literally the only doctor who blog whom i’ve shared a full blown convo about periods about 99 years ago that you probably dont remember but i’ll never forget and will always love you for it (*cough* liz *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve just discovered loves charmed and is incredibly talented (*cough* jess *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve been following for so long and honestly always considered to fab to be talking to me but i love you and your selfies (*cough* april *cough*)

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to make something like that, but hey, my mind had another idea. I am forgetting some people, there are people whom i’ve been following for so long and that are so freakingly talented that they make me jealous af: ewa, antonia, sara, amanda, nastya.

I’d honestly loved to have add all of you there, and be specific, but honestly, I think I’m about to exceed the word limit for a text post. So here’s a sum up of everyone added and some other people that I haven’t mentioned that I either LOVE a lot or generally respect.

#: -damons​, 1864damon

a-d: alwaysbellamyblake​; alwaysurvive​; bellamys-blakes​; betweenbourbonandlove​; bisexualelena​; bigbadvampire​; caveofclaeya; clacing​; comeonpouty;  damonspain​; delenah; doppelutiful​; delenashome​; dalarenzo​; dykecindy​; delena-no-matter-what​; daylightring​; delenasbourbon​; damonsurvives​; delenaroadtrip​; deelena​; damonshappiness​; domesticdelena​; dexualthoughts​; damonflames​; drspencreid

e-h: elenaspj​; emmastruelove; elenashomeerinslindselenasbelovedelenasgillberts; elenasherofeistybellarke​; fightinginalovewar; elenastuarts

i-l: iwaspromisedhedonism​; iriswehstinelenasheartjamiesfraser; jacksparrowzkaththequeen; kelenas; ledelenadiaries

m-r: mylovewithdamonmysteriousdamonmeredlthswiftmgaywatsonodairannies; ohdamonelenaoctaviabhlake; octaviahblake pauleski; phoebehallliwellpsychopierce; petercapaldj; piperhalliwell queerbanshee​; queensbeklena​; reyesraeven rememberelena; rlchardgecko; redmayine; ravenrehys

s-z: s-sdensi simplydelena; saviourlikedamon​; sammysnipples; sassy-damonshadesofdamonsarahslance; salvachester; salvatoresdamon; typicaldamon; valaryamorghulis, wattsons, zacsfron


if you weren’t on the list with that huge junk of text please do NOT be mad at me, I would honestly add everyone if I could and it really does not meant that i love you any less or don’t care about you, please do not see it that way, one of the things that I hate the most on follow forever’s are when people feel like they don’t mean enough to be or i just simply forget to put you here because it slipped, i follow 140 blogs, trust me it happens.

either way, if we’re mutuals then it means I love you, really, I only follow the people that I love.

rita :)