yes i went to the chiropractor

[A wonderful one-man concert for a special person in my life. My electric piano died after the first melody, so I had to switch to the old grand piano. Apologies for the audio drop~
Yes, I did play this. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I do have a rough-draft of the arrangement. Yes, my arms are sore. Was it worth it? Yes
I posted a similar audio like this a few months ago where I did snippets of each FS song. Here’s me doing the whole sha-bang while my love and violin partner listens in awe silence]

Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare - Viktor, first skate perf. of anime
Eros - Yuuri, passionate katsudon
Agape - Yuri, angelic cat
Theme of King JJ - Jean Jacques, will rule the world
Shall We Skate? - Phichit, The King and Skater
Still Alive - Leo, first YoI song that I did an original for
Tales of a Sleeping Prince - Georgi, *cries*
Raspodie Espagnole - Chris, snazzy
The Inferno - Guanghong, police officer for the win!
Samarkand Overture - Otabek, heart of a warrior
L'homme Arme - Michele, such chivalry
Almavivo - Seung-GIl, rainbow parrot
Terra Incognita - Phichit, Thailand
Minami’s Boogie [beginning] - Minami, chicken nugget!
Banquet 10ED - DaNcInG
Minami’s Boogie [end]
Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent” - Otabek, eyes of a warrior
Piano Concerto in B Minor: Allegro Appassionato - Yuri, my hands hurt
La Parfum de Fleurs - Guanghong, delicate like a cherry blossom
Anastasis - Emil, my favorite song
Intoxicated - Chris, *shakes head in disapproval*
Partizan Hope - Jean Jacques, relaxing song
Serenade for Two - Michele, sounds like a romantic scene on the water
Yuuri on Ice - Yuuri, the song that started my YoI journey
Duetto: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare - Yuuri and Viktor :3

I plan on covering “Welcome to the Madness” very soon!

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