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Shiro and short! Reader oneshot, please?

Yes oh my gosh-

I think I kind of strayed away from the short!reader thing but this turned out cute-

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You hummed softly to the music playing from the speaker, organizing one of your many drawers. It wasn’t fast, and it helped you focus as you worked.

You were a healer, and helped with minor injuries the paladins had after fights. You had insisted that they didn’t use the healing chambers every time they got hurt, as it would use power and was unnecessary for anything that wasn’t very serious.

“(Y/N), you’re in here,” you heard someone sigh, before they wrapped you in a hug from behind and buried their face in your neck.

“Shiro? Why are you awake?” Your voice was hushed as you stood, carefully turning to face him. Even though there was at least half a foot of a height difference between you two, you went onto your tip-toes and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Shiro replied quietly, and you grabbed his hand before leading him back to his room. “Can you…”

“Yes,” you answered, knowing exactly what he was going to ask. You heard a quiet ‘thank you’, causing you to nod and smile. Ever since you joined, you had noticed that the black paladin had odd sleeping patterns. “You seem to be having these dreams more often, is something wrong?”

“As I regain memories from my time as a prisoner, more things surface that I really would rather not remember,” he explained, although something made you skeptical. He didn’t sound as nervous as he used to. Shaking it off as just him getting used to coming to you for help with sleeping, you silently slipped into his room.

“I’ll be right back,” you said, letting go of his hand and grabbing a spare pair of pajamas and slipping into the bathroom. When you came back in, he was already under the blankets waiting for you.

“Comfy?” He shrugged, and you set your clothes on a shelf before sliding into bed next to him. His arms almost immediately wrapped around you, pulling you close to him.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, making you smile.

“You thank me every time. You don’t have to,” you replied, your voice hushed as you reached up to run your hand lazily through his hair. “Just get some sleep, okay?”

“Promise to stay with me tonight?” he asked, causing you to nod.

“I promise. Now sleep, Shiro. You need to rest.” It took a little while, but he eventually did fall asleep. You stretched slightly in his arms, placing a kiss on the scar across his nose more snuggling into his chest. “Love you…”


Pairing: BTS Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1138

A/N this one is sorta different to other ones I’ve written, idk where the collage idea came from but yeah… also would anyone like it if I made a masterlist?

and jungkook looks so good here oml


You sat alone on the couch in front of the television, scrolling without purpose through social media feeds. Jungkook should be home soon, you thought to yourself, glancing at the time. The exciting stage in yours and Jungkook’s relationship had never seemed to die down, a gentle buzz of butterflies fluttering at the pit of your stomach when you thought of seeing him soon. Just being in his company, hearing him, touching him, breathing him.

After you’d whirled up a daydream in your head of welcoming home Jungkook in a variety of different ways, you hardly noticed him emerging from the front door. His body seemed to slump over uninvitingly, the hood of his jacket masking a shadow across his eyes, darkening them further. You swallowed slightly; you’d encountered sulky-Jungkook many times.  

Concerned, you pulled yourself up from the comforting grip of the couch and made your way over to Jungkook. Ignoring you, he brushed past you and threw himself into the singular chair adjacent to the sofa and buried his head in his hands, groaning slightly. You followed him and leant against the back of the chair, gently kneading your hands into his shoulders.

“You okay?” you murmured. He sighed heavily in reply. You began to massage his shoulders before leaning close to his ear and inquiring, “want to talk about it?”

“I just can’t,” he stated. You furrowed your brows together and returned to the sofa so your knees were brushing against his when you sat down.

“Can’t what?” You weren’t expecting the endless list Jungkook was about to announce.

“I can’t be in this group. They’re all so much better than me – I’m just the mindless teenager of the group. They’re mature, clever and talented. I don’t like being the one everyone has to look down on. I can’t even legally drink for God’s sake. I try so, so hard to keep up, and I put so much effort into practising, recording, performing and I still always seem to be miles behind.” His eyes hadn’t met yours once, and you couldn’t help but study the dark circles hanging like necklaces under them. They acted as a warning, driving your gaze away.

“Jungkook…” You began softly. Jungkook tore his harsh glare from the cracked floorboards and looked straight into your wide eyes.

“I can’t even maintain a stable relationship with one person, let alone hold a band of seven together!” he cried out in anger, pushing himself off the chair and taking refuge to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

His words stung, icy tears forming in your eyes. Blinking them away, you reassured yourself he hadn’t meant it. Jungkook had had his moments like this before, with barely breathing a single word he had exploded and lashed out.

You knew better than to go after Jungkook. Overtime in your relationship the two of you had both learned how to react towards each other in different situations, and giving Jungkook his space was better than instantly retorting his way.  

Staying in the open plan living room, you recalled how he’d looked when he’d come home. His hair was messy, his eyes tired, his coat even seemed to look heavy on him, rendering him breathless. He’d probably overworked himself dancing again.  

Like the devil on your shoulder, part of you wanted to saunter into the bedroom and demand he explain himself by saying he couldn’t maintain a stable relationship. As far as you knew, your relationship with Jungkook was completely normal, like any other couple. You had arguments, but who didn’t? You had known from the beginning that falling in love with a star would come with its hardship: late nights; months apart from each other and copious amounts of stress.

You shook away the temptation which would only lead into more drama. Taking to your phone again, an idea crossed your mind.

Being in touch with many social medias, you scrolled and searched for posts about Jungkook. His fans truly adored the group, and you thought Jungkook ought to know quite how much. Feeling particularly creative and productive, you decided to create a collage. You printed out many comments and posts of fans genuinely appreciating Jungkook’s hard work and talent, instead of just his looks. They all appreciated what he did, and it was all just a mirror of your own feelings towards him.

It had taken you over an hour to finish up the collage and Jungkook finally made an appearance out of the bedroom. Maybe he’d wondered why you hadn’t approached him yourself yet. You were sitting at the kitchen table. You looked up to see him sheepishly ruffling his hair, head tipped down to look at the floor. He had changed out of his clothes and was now wearing an oversized grey t-shirt and black jeans. He looked up at you and smiled slightly.

“I’m sorry,” he uttered, fingers now playing with the hem of his t-shirt. “I went mental and you hadn’t even done anything – or said anything.” You smiled back softly. He made his way forward, dragging the other chair at the table out and sitting opposite you. He leaned his chin on his hands, his elbows on the table top.

“It’s okay, Jungkook. You’re allowed your evenings to release stress,” you said, still fiddling with the collage you’d made.

“Yes, but not at you. I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I didn’t mean any of what I said. Well, the stuff about our relationship.”

“But you did about feeling worthless in BTS?” you asked, meeting his eyes. Jungkook made a noise of agreement and shrugged slightly, letting his eyes wander around the room.

“What’s that?” He glanced at the collage in front of you, attempting to change the subject. You picked it up and held it so he could see.

“I made it for you,” you stated, proud. He gently reached for it and began reading the words glittered over the board. His lips parted slightly in shock. This time it was him who didn’t utter a word. “Jungkook, you’re worth so much more than you think. You’re an amazing singer, dancer, boyfriend… And look, the rest of the whole world seems to think so too.” You pointed at the page.

“People really think of me like this…?” he breathed.

“Well, they don’t love BTS for no reason, do they?”

“Y/N, I love you,” Jungkook sighed, gently placing the collage down on the table and reaching over to pull you towards him. Over the table, the two of you shared a kiss. One hand rested on your neck below your ear while the other softly held your chin in place.

“I love you too. And don’t forget that millions of others do also.”


Request: Just a monty imagine with them cuddling on a rainy saturday with lots of fluff affection and playful banter pls

Word Count: 981

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I anxiously stood on the front porch, hearing the rain pounding down around me, my clothes were dripping from the short run from my car to the door. “Hello-Y/N?” Monty almost gasped, seeing me standing in wet clothes and a childish grin on my face. “Hey, babe.” I laughed. 

“You’re soaked.” He chuckled, crossing his arms teasingly, I glared at him, “are you gonna get me a towel or something, let me in maybe?” I raised my eyebrows as he just looked at me. “Hang on.” He faked annoyance as he left the door open, allowing me to watch as he trudged down the hall, grabbing an old towel. 

Once he came back to the door he tossed it on my head and laughed when I pouted. “I’m kidding.” He pulled it off of my hair and laid it around my shoulders. He pushed some of my wet hair off my face as I towel dried myself as well as I could, I kicked my shoes off and shrieked when he picked me up bridal style. 

“Monty, what are you doing?” I grinned as he kicked the door shut, carrying me through his house, “well, I’m not gonna let you get water all over the floor.” He joked. I smiled as he set me down on the rug in his room, “can I have some clothes?” I asked sheepishly, he laughed, digging through his drawers and tossing me a shirt and sweatpants.

I happily took them and went into the bathroom to change, much to his dismay. “Babe.” He whined as I took my time changing, I laughed as he continuously knocked on the door. “I’m almost done, cry baby.” I teased through the door, tugging the pants up my legs, and tightening the waist band so they wouldn’t fall right off of me. 

“Finally.” He groaned when I opened the door, smiling at me in his clothes. “So I guess the game is cancelled huh?” I remarked, looking passed him and out the window, watching the rain pour down. “You really think so?” His response was sarcastic, making me slap his chest. “Sarcasm is my thing.” I reminded him, Monty looked at me with raised eyebrows as I sat on his bed, watching him pointedly. 

“You’re a little shit, you know that?” He walked over, belly flopping onto his bed, “I know, it’s a full time job.” I shrugged in response, he shook with laughter at my choice of words. “Babe.” I sang horribly off key as I laid back, raising his arm so it went across me. He turned his head so he was looking at me, “yes?” He mumbled, watching curiously as I stared at him. I broke out into a laugh as I saw mascara on his cheek from when he lifted me up. 

“Ew, what are you doing?” He tried to move away as I licked my thumb and wiped his cheek, “oh, please. We’ve been dating for over a year, that’s not gross.” I rolled my eyes as I showed him the black mascara that’s now on my thumb. “Oh.” He laughed, pulling me closer, or moving himself closer to me, either way he had his head buried in my neck. 

“Monty.” I complained, feeling him leave wet kisses along my neck, “you’ve never complained before.” He smirked against me. “That’s different.” I stated, laughing when his head popped up, furrowed eyebrows and lips in a straight line. “You’re never purposely leaving slobbery kisses.” I grimaced as I used the shirt I was wearing to wipe my skin, “Jesus, you make me sound like a dog.” He laughed. 

I smirked, using his own statement against him. “Oh! Who’s a good boy, who’s a good boy!” I patted the top of his head making him glare at me, “Monty!” I shrieked when he dug his fingers into my sides. “Stop!” I laughed, pushing against him, he was persistent as he put more of his weight on my legs so I couldn’t move around. “Babe, stop please.” I was grinning as I tried to catch my breath, “don’t talk to me like a dog, and I’ll stop.” He offered, waiting patiently as I stopped breathing rapidly. 

I leaned up nodding, I kissed him, making him hover above me more, giving me room to move. I leaned back, looking at him happily, before reaching up and doing what I had done before, “such a pretty boy.” I cooed like I was talking to a dog. As soon as his smile turned into a plain face I slid out from under him, knocking one of his hands, making him fall face first into his bed as I ran out of the room. 

My laughter filled the empty house as I ran down the stairs as best as I could, “Y/N!” I heard him calling out my name as I pulled the closet door shut, covering my mouth in an attempt to quiet my breathing. “Babe, seriously, where the hell did you go?” He sounded closer now, I saw his shadow at the base of the door as he walked by, entering the guest room. 

I could tell he dropped down to the floor, thinking I was under the bed like usual. Soon after his shadow went by again, but then it backtracked and stood in front of the door. I shrieked when he swung the door open and I fell out of the closet since I was forced to lean against the door. “Whoa, baby.” He laughed when I stumbled into his chest. “No, no more.” I sighed when he placed his hands on my sides, “I feel like I just did a hundred sit ups.” I complained, resting my forehead on his shoulder. 

“Aw, my poor girl.” He teased, putting his arms around my back and squeezing me. “Shut up.” I laughed, slinging my arms around his neck. 

Reggie x Reader: “Can I get extra credit for this?”

Warnings: mild swearing (1 word)
Requested: yes

*your POV*

I headed to 5th period drama when I bumped into my dramatic love interest, Archie Andrews.

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Things I learned about Genghis Khan

I learned things today about Genghis Khan - yes, that guy - that I had no idea I didn’t know. CNN declared him the “Man of the Millennium” a few years back and I now understand why.

  • He invented a lot of things, including passports, the Pony Express, and the concept of diplomatic immunity.
  • He had two horsehair “spirit banners,” one black and one white, made from the hair of his best stallions. The black represented war and the white represented peace. These went with him everywhere and in Mongolia, legend has it that the black one still exists.
  • He set foot inside a building exactly once in his entire life. He lived in tents called gers, or yurts, and dressed like everyone else. He also insisted that his name not be spoken with any particular reverence.
  • Although he was definitely a bloodthirsty invader who rightly inspired fear in many nations, he never attacked anyone without giving advance notice.
  • He was a firm believer in the idea of a meritocracy - after removing those in power in a place he conquered, he would install new leaders of those areas based on their individual worth. Sometimes these new leaders would be chosen from among his fellow Mongols, but just as often he would select them from among the people he conquered.
  • Everyone living in his empire had the right of religious freedom; they could worship however they chose and were never penalized for it. 
  • He had a harem, of course, but that was normal for his culture at the time. His chief wife was a woman named Borte, to whom he became betrothed at the age of eight. He loved her devotedly - before they were married, she was kidnapped by one of his enemies, who raped and impregnated her. Khan fought to get her back, by which time she had birthed a son. He married her regardless and raised his stepson with great kindness. 
  • Because she was his first and most important wife, the four sons Borte bore him were the ones who inherited his empire. They also had daughters, all of whom became pretty important figures. Right up until Khan’s death, he would go to Borte for advice on all manner of things and considered her extremely wise; after his passing, she retained her high status in the empire and continued to advise her sons and other nobles.
  • Reportedly, he was afraid of two things: wild dogs and his mother’s temper.
  • He was buried with a treasure so vast as to be beyond counting; it took 2,000 soldiers to dig the burial site. When they returned after his tomb was sealed, they were all slaughtered in order to keep the location a secret. To this day it has never been found.
[translations] 2017.03.26 NCT DREAM fansign at Daejeon fan accounts

1. OP: Jeno, what do you think is your charm point?
Jeno: When I smile at someone? [614duck]

2. OP asked Haechan if there’s any singer he wants to collaborate with, he says Dean. [NCT_YOUNG2]

3. OP: Do you think of any pokemon when you see me?
Jisung: (while drawing) Snor—lax… 
OP: How did you know I love to sleep?

4. OP asked Jisung, if they get the chance to appear on Running Man, whose name tag would he like to tear?
Jisung: Mark hyung
OP: Why?
Jisung: Ah no, it’s Haechan hyung. Because he annoys me all the time [NCT_dh66]

5. OP: Jisung, which of Mark’s stages in High School Rapper do you think is most memorable?
Jisung: The semi finals.. No, oh! Sing Sang Sung!!
OP: Haha, If Jisung has the chance to act again, what role would you want to do?
Jisung: I want to be a soldier! [tweety_nct]

6. OP: When does Haechan think he’s the manliest?
Haechan: For me… (distressed) When I’m angry! [jane_0423]

7. OP: Jisung, are you still sleeping in the living room?
Jisung: Recently I sleep in the room
OP: Why?
Jisung: Chenle came once to go back into the room, another time Renjun hyung came and told me to go back in so I went to the room to sleep.[jn_0_jn]

8. OP: Could you tell me what’s your favorite drink from gongcha?
Jeno: I like taro smoothie! 
OP: Could you write that for me? haha and a heart too~  [haaaaechan]

9. OP: Did you see the god Jisung banner I held during rookies show? 
Jisung: Ah, yes.
OP: You have seen it??
Jisung: That… Black one
OP: Yes!!! Black with white lining.
Jisung: Oh yes yes
OP: Could you write  련지 Noona here?
Jisung: Ohhhh… That twitter…??
OP: Yes hehe… So you know!!
Jisung: I have seen it, I have looked at it with my friend [O7220205]

Sneaking//Chapter 1

Kim Mingyu

Chapter 1| Chapter 2| Chapter 3| Chapter 4

Category: Smut, Fluff

{Word count: 1.2k }

Description: When your parents turn out the lights, that’s when Mingyu visits. Your secret relationship is risky because your father has a burning hate for boys, especially Kim Mingyu, your next door neighbour and because of your arranged relationship with Choi Seungcheol.

Originally posted by performanceunit

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About Cosplay

Real quick, before I go completely MIA, I want to share something you probably would’ve have known if you haven’t seen my DA, that being my first full cosplay, of Sans. I had forgotten to post about it when I started uploading my Undertale art, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. So, if you have the time, I want to tell you about and show you the process.

First off, I live near the Phoenix area in Arizona, so I’ve been to Saboten Con (when it was still around) and twice to Phoenix ComiCon. First time was probably two or three years ago. Back then it wasn’t nearly as expanded as it is now. Last time I went, I was barely in costume, if at all, but I had wanted to create a full cosplay. At first I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but it fell by the wayside. After some time, I took on the endeavor of creating a Sans cosplay. 

I started this cosplay in December of last year. This was the first iteration of the foam mask, back when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my drawing style for Sans. Looking back, it’s pretty fugly to me, but ya know, it was very early in, before I had gotten a grasp on what I was doing.

I had actually struggled to make the base underneath the face. It took looking up a fursuit tutorial on YouTube for me to realize, “Oh! That’s how you do it!” The black cloth in the sockets here was temporary while I worked on them. The teeth also got majorly redone later on. 

And here’s my cat Milo chillin’ out on the scraps. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

Here, I had realized that he needed a bit of a subtle brow ridge that most skeletons have. Plus, while the temporary cloth was out, seeing it placed perfectly over my tablet’s blue light, I had to take a picture. 

I was also figuring out the temples and realized they were a bit anatomically incorrect. The mouth was going through a redesign as well. Meaning I had to cut out the teeth that were already there and start over.

Then, the new semester started and I was feeling pretty demotivated to work on it. I did work a bit on it here and there, but it mostly sat in one corner of my desk, unfinished. After the passing of my grandma, I almost couldn’t bring myself to work on it. It sat unfinished even longer. But once the semester started coming to a close and I heard Phoenix ComiCon was coming up, I had the urge to pick it up again. After a metric ton of cutting, trimming, gluing, and trimming again, this was the result:

At this point, I was getting more and more excited about actually seeing it finished. I constantly reminded myself of how proud my grandma would be of me, since I was able to show her the earlier stages before her passing. I’m still sad I’ll never get to show her the completed piece, but I hammer it into myself that she would be immensely happy for me. Anyway, the jacket shown here, turned out to be a darker shade of blue than what I was going for. When I searched up Sans’s in-game sprite, it turned out I needed a lighter shade of blue, so I ordered one off of Amazon after seeing a blog page linking to ideal pieces for a Sans cosplay. I kept the original jacket, since it does get cold in Arizona during the brief winter season.

After this stage, I did a bunch of running around, much to my parents’ expense since I can’t drive, finding a bunch of other materials, such as polyester padding, a white medium shirt to put over the padding, black and white fabric for the pants, tights and polyester cloth for the leggings, black opera-length gloves, white and black fabric paint, polyester clay, grey fleece for the jacket hoodie, a pair of fresh socks that stretch above the ankles, a pair of perfectly pink fuzzy slippers from Sears, wood filler, sandpaper, LED lights, batteries for said lights… Whoo! Okay, yeah. Bottom line, I got a crap ton of stuff.

For the padding, I sewed a pair of old shirts together, one inside the other, and stuffed the padding in between, around my whole middle, and in the shoulders, to give Sans his shallow, stout look. That all took me under a few hours to figure out and put together. After that, I believe, I made the shorts using a pair of existing shorts as a template. They were a bit saggy in the crotch area, but they worked nicely, especially when fitting them over the padding. I also did the hand bones, using the gloves, fabric paint, and polymer clay bones, which I hot glued onto the top of the gloves. Wearing them was also a bit weird. I couldn’t close my fist all the way, but they worked all right.

Not pictured here was the fabric paint on the palm side. Unfortunately, I had to constantly reinforce the glue to keep the bones from popping off. Polymer, as I realized too late, doesn’t like sticking to glue very much, especially with hands that need to be used. Very unfortunately, my fears came true and two of the finger bones popped off during a panel I went to. Lesson learned. This is one baby I have to kill. I’ll go back and completely redo the hands in a different way. They may not be entirely anatomically accurate, but they’ll function. At least the old ones, which I’ve thrown into the garbage, looked cool. They had a nice dimension and were fun to look at.

So, after that, I covered the mask in paper mache (which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.) and started laying on the wood filler for the mask.

The wood filler was pretty nice to work with, as it allowed for additional sculpting I couldn’t do with the foam. At this point, Con was coming up fast and I was running out of time. I needed to start sanding. Much to my frustration, it was taking forever. I had left many spots unsanded where the filler didn’t quite stick. It was especially noticeable when I started laying on the gesso. Mom was trying to help me realize that the cosplay may not be complete in time and that I should take more time to work on it and just not go in costume. I hated admitting even to myself that she had a point. I refused to believe I couldn’t do it. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something by finishing this sucker in time for Con. I was already frustrated at the shoddy work and I stormed into my room (I had been working for hours on end in hot weather just outside the house, doing nothing but sanding and laying on gesso). 

I had the biggest fit of my life. Tears streamed down my face. I cried and moaned and even screamed. I pounded my bed like an enraged monkey. All these revelations were going through my head during my fit. Then I thought, why not fill the patchy spots with more wood filler, even over the gesso? I had clearly skimped on it anyway. Once my fit was over, I went right back to work with my idea. It worked. After all the patches were filled, I went back to sanding. I filled where I needed to and sanded again until it was all smooth. I accepted that I wouldn’t get it done before Con started and that I’d miss the Undertale meetup, which, yeah, I did miss it.

I spent the next day at Con, taking pictures, marveling at the more impressive costumes and squeed anytime I saw a fellow Undertale cosplayer. I even came across two young ladies dressed as gender-bent Sans and Papyrus. The Papyrus cosplayer was awesome enough to do the voice when I asked if I could take their picture. That, by the way, is something I appreciate with cosplayers, when they not only dress up as a fun character but play the role as well. It really enriches the experience for me.

Later I went to the exhibition hall and stood in line to see renonwed comic artist George Perez. Needless to say, standing in line wasn’t very fun, but I had brought a few prints of my work with me and was determined to have him evaluate it. Seeing him draw and interacting with the fans was definitely a treat. He had such an energy about him that was very infectious. He had a clear love for his work and his fans that he is capable of staying at his booth for hours on end and very rarely take a break. Eventually, I and my sister, who was also there to get her portfolio evaluated, approached him. Sadly, because of how many people were in line to see him, he couldn’t evaluate our portfolios, but he was very nice about it and directed us to another great comic artist named Tony Parker, who I hadn’t heard of until then. He gave me some very good pointers about pushing a character’s pose and about visual flow when it came to comics. Some of what he had to say I had already sort of known, but it was more than valuable hearing his professional opinion. By that time, my feet were screaming at me and we went home.

Over the next couple days, I went back to finishing my cosplay. I worked on the leggings by cutting out some leg bone shapes out of polyester fabric and hand sewed them straight onto the tights as I wore them. Yes, I did poke myself a number of times. I also had to bend over pretty far to reach around my shins and down to my ankles. On top of that, I had gotten back to sanding the mask and spent the rest of the day laying on several coats of gesso. While waiting for the gesso to dry, I went out and bought the slippers I needed. Once the leggings were done, I finished the gesso and painted the inside of the eyesockets black to minimize light reflection. I then painted the little wrinkles under the eyes and the teeth details. After that, I hot glued the once temporary black fabric into the inner edges of the eyesockets and the nose hole. The LEDs I left for absolute last. These were crucial to the entire look. I mean, obviously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time or the technical know-how for a complex wiring hook-up, so I stuck the LEDs onto two button batteries with black electric tape and then placed them behind the eyesocket fabric using more tape. I also taped tissue paper around the lights to cut down the ultra brightness. And because I have no switch to turn the lights off, the LEDs had to stay lit up. But they functioned and they actually looked pretty frightening, especially in the dark.

Once I’m able to, I’ll go out and get the parts I need to create a proper and better hook-up. I stayed up until after 2am just to see the eyes finished and I still was able to get up early the next day.

And this is what came from it all:

That’s me on the far left along with a bunch of lovely Charas and Frisks. This was the only picture I was able to get of my full costume that day, so I apologize for the cut at the bottom. I assure you I am wearing the slippers here, and they are comfy as hell. The mouth made it a bit hard for people to hear me and some cracks did appear around the edges, but the mask held up very nicely overall. I could not tell you how many people stopped me for a picture. Seeing their faces light up when they saw me made it all worth it. I want to do this again sometime soon, once I’ve made some improvements, and hopefully make it to the next meetup at whatever con may be coming up next in the future. What a journey this was. What an amazing experience! 10/10 Would cosplay again.

A night on the town, part 1

Pairing: McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1487 (a little longer than I planned)

Warning: Brief mention of sex

Maggie waved her hand in front of your face as you stared aimlessly at the screen before you.  “Earth to [Y/N].  You alive in there, girl?”  The movement startled you, as somehow you had not heard her walk into your office.

“Umm yeah, Maggie. What are you doing here?”  You straightened yourself up in your chair and pulled on the lapel of your lab coat in an attempt to look like you weren’t half-asleep with boredom.  She put her hands on her hips on her hips with that mother hen look she often got with you.

“You need a break. All these patients and boring files are going to melt that big brain.  Come on we are going out tonight.  Dancing, a few drinks, then we can walk home looking at all the pretty lights of York Town.  I promise I won’t try to pawn you off on some random stranger.  Even though you do need to get laid sometime this century.” Shaking your head, you stood up walking around your desk.  

“Let’s not talk about that. The last time was horrible and I have no desire to repeat it.”  Maggie looked like she was going to stomp her foot.

“That is what I am saying! We go out have fun and go home a little tipsy and tired.  No pressure for anything more.  What could go wrong?”  Your brow rose in her direction.

“I can’t believe you just said that.  Something awful is going to happen now.  I will blame you if I end up here with a broken anything.”  She laughed as she jumped up and down.  

“Oh we are going to have so much fun.  Come on Doctor Boring I have a dress that will look perfect on you.”  Grabbing your hand, she dragged you through the door of your office past your commanding officer, who eyed the two of you warily.

“I probably do not want to know.  I need you in one piece for your next shift Doctor [Y/L/N].”  Your cheeks flushed.  Doctor Baush had seen you arrive many a time, for your shifts, hung-over after nights out with Maggie.

“Yes sir.  I will be here, I promise.  I have never missed a shift.”  The man nodded once then went back to his PADD.  She dragged you all the way back to her assigned quarters. Refusing to let you go home because she knew you would probably back out if given the chance.  The dress she handed you was better than you had imagined. It was not trashy or revealing. The knee length dress, had a light skirt that twirled when you moved.  It was a pretty aqua number with a black sash at the waist that accentuated your hips. You had to give it to Maggie she knew what you liked.  She pulled your hair up in a pretty and easy bun then just put a little flair of makeup around your eyes.  That was the reason she had become one of your closest friends.  She knew when to push you but never pushed too far.

The two of you walked arm in arm towards the busy central commercial streets of Yorktown.  Laughing and talking as you made your way through the crowds.

“Well, there must be shore leave.  Look at all uniforms out tonight.  Too bad we aren’t looking for some sexy Commander for you.” Maggie wiggled her eyebrows at you.  You could only laugh and pinch her arm gently.  

“Come on you promised me dancing and a few drinks.”  You pulled her into one of the lesser crowded bars.  Lesser, being it was still packed but there was not a line around the corner to get in.  A few shots for the both of you before you ended up on the dance floor for a few hours. While you were not drunk, your body felt warm and you had that normal pink tinge to your cheeks that happened just before you reached that point.  That was your cue to cease the drinking.  It felt awful waking up in the morning with a hangover.  So you quit while you were ahead.  You looked around for a few minutes for Maggie before finding her leaning back against a wall talking to some tall redheaded man.  They looked to be in deep conversation so you made your way back to the bar.  Just before breaking through the wall of people, someone tapped your shoulder.  As you turned, all you could see were startling blue eyes and a mess of blond hair.

“Hello, beautiful. Want to dance?”  The words were slightly slurred and he did not seem all together stable on his feet.    

“Oh no, pretty boy.  I am getting some water and taking a seat. My feet are killing me.”  You walked off leaving the surprised man in your wake.  Thankfully, one seat at the bar was open between everyone trying to cram into the small space.  As you sipped on your water, you turned back looking at the crowd and sighed.  This was not your scene.  It was getting to be too much.

“How come you aren’t out there dancing with that guy?” A voice asked from next to you.  Looking over you found a dark head of hair and a half smile looking into his liquor glass.

“Oh you mean the pretty boy? Umm no.  He is drunk and I don’t do the whole sleeping with a random stranger thing.  I really don’t need to wake up with some form of the clap either.  The hypos for that are not fun.”  The man choked then spit out his drink.  Raising a brow at him.  “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.  Yes, I’m fine.  Just uhh, the drink went down the wrong pipe there.”  You knew it was a lie but he was smiling wide now.  He looked handsome with that smile too.  “May I ask you a question?” You nodded at him, interested to see what the question was.  “Why are you in a place like this with people like this?  It’s a bar and people come to bars to drink and make fools of themselves.  You don’t seem like someone who would come here to do that.”

“Well that wasn’t what I was expecting.  But, I’m here because I needed a break in the monotony.  I’ve been bored and needed a bit of drinking and dancing.  Not looking for my soul mate or anything.  Just something letting me know I am still alive. You ever feel like that?”  The man sat up straighter on his stool looking at you in a way that made your cheeks flush more than they already were.  It wasn’t rudely, just searching deeper.

“Darlin’ you have no idea. I’m Leonard, by the way.”  He held his hand out.  You shook it with a dip of your head.  

“[Y/N].  Want to go outside, and talk?  This place feels like it is closing in.”  Leonard smiled again, setting a credit chip on the counter.  

“Lead the way.”  You couldn’t help but grin at him.  After a moment to let Maggie know where you would be, you walked out towards a bench that looked over the lights of Yorktown. The two of you talked for hours. Finding it funny how much you had in common.  You had attended the academy just two classes behind him and each of you had heard the others names in passing.  Leonard had even read your report on Xenobiological sampling; published last year.  There had always been rumors about the grumpy southern doctor in the medical circles you knew.  However, he laughed and smiled easily with you.  Before you both knew it, the sun was coming up.

“I can’t believe it. We have been talking for six hours. The time just flew.”  You stood up realized how stiff your body was from sitting for so long.  

“Me either.  But it was wonderful.  After I get some sleep today, would you have dinner with me?  I want to see you again.”  Leonard had been holding your hand for the past few hours and now he gave it a quick squeeze.  The hopeful look on his face made your heart melt.

“I want to see you too. I will meet you here at 1900.  You better not be late, Leonard.”  You leaned up on your toes and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“No ma’am.  I will be right here waiting.  1900 hours.”  He said quietly as he looked down at you.  You fought the urge to kiss him again.  It would end with you unable to pull away.  You already knew it.  Leonard stood there watching you as you walked off towards your home.  The feeling of his eyes on your back did not leave until you turned the corner.  Your heart was pounding in your chest.  Your mind moving at a million light years a second.

“I need to see that man again.”

part 2

Jimin Scenario: Take Me Away.

Request: Where jimin is a photographer, & Y/A is a writer. They meet in a train, & ending up stoping in unknown destination, they get to know each other, & start to like each other. Thanks

Genre: Fluff

Jimin heard the muffled rustle and took his eyes away from the lens, he’d been trying to get a nice shot of the train station and capture that sort of nostalgic feeling of it, the lighting was right, the quiet coming and going of the passersby was too, but something was bothering him and stopping him from snapping the picture, so he looked back at the sound with the hope of clearing his mind  and saw an employee from the train talking to a girl, Jimin distinguished a few apologies and the rest of the conversation couldn’t be good news for the look of it.

He wasn’t usually prying but he heard there was a problem with the seats assignments and since the train was about to leave the station you wouldn’t have time to fix it and then come back. Jimin inspected you better, his trained eyes took in the shape of your face and its angles, you would do well in portraits he thought, your eyes were expressive without being forced, your hair was tied up in a stylish bun and he liked the curve that your neck drew exposed like that, he was certain that with your head titled a little to the side your neck would stand out beautifully in a photograph along with your cheekbones. Your lips were nicely shaped and feminine, you had a bright sort of coral red lipstick that was vivacious and Jimin wondered if your personality was like that.

You started to walk with the employee towards Jimin’s seat and he busied himself with his camera, pretending he didn’t make a full study of you just seconds ago.

– Excuse me, we’re trying to solve a situation, there was glitch in the system and apparently some seats were given to two people at the same time – the employee called Jimin’s attention, signaling to the seat in front of his. –Is this seat occupied? –

Jimin denied with his head, looking from the man to you. –No, as long as I know…–

–Well… you could sit here meanwhile miss – the employee turned to you and then went to the other passengers, leaving you standing there looking a little uncomfortable.

–I’m sorry if you wanted to travel alone…– you said looking at him while taking a seat and Jimin laughed, denying with his head. –Things sometimes don’t work out the way we expect them to be, or as smooth as they go in books… oh, sorry, I’m rambling –

You giggled a little when you noticed the way Jimin was looking at you and he laughed again, his eyes still on you. –Did you want to start this like a story from a book? –

You met his eyes again, you looked curiously at him. –Well, kind of… maybe a story of my own, I must sound like crazy I know–

Jimin noticed the stain of blue ink on your ring finger and pinky, then the notebook with a lot of color notes sticking out from the pages and looking like you used it every day so he suspected you wrote those stories you wanted to be part of.

–You can start a story about you since the moment you sat here in from of me, wouldn’t that be nice? – he smiled kindly at you, usually Jimin was really comfortable around strangers and he hoped you didn’t think he was making fun of you, but he found endearing what you said about starting a story of your own.

You looked at him with a smile too, one that lighted up your eyes and Jimin would have loved to catch that expression with his camera for how genuine it was. –I guess it could –

–Then we are set, don’t you think? – Jimin held onto his camera, the train stared to move and you laughed, nodding, a thin lock of hair escaped your bun and you tucked it behind your ear. You had delicate hands, a soft laugh, a somehow bright air about you and Jimin told himself to stop staring or he was going to go from level friendly to level creeper real quick.

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Cheer me up (Sirius x Reader)

Can you do a high school AU where Young Sirius is the football captain and and the reader is a cheerleader and at a game, Sirius get’s hurt and the reader just stops cheering and runs up to him and you can make up the rest? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Idk if this is what you imagined but i hope you like it. I did my best but there are probably mistakes due to the fact i wrote it late at night. Still, please let me know what you think ♥

Warnings: none

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

This evening was the first football match for the season and our school was a host so everything had to be perfect. To be one of the best students in school and at the same time a cheerleader is not an easy job especially in those kinds of situations. My graphic was full and I barely found time for things such as talking or even thinking.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope you are ready with the preparations for today.”, the headmaster asked me for maybe the 10th time.

“Oh, yes. We did everything we could to make the coming team feel comfortable.”, I answered nicely putting a fake smile on my face. Making an excuse I managed to get away from him and went straight to the football pitch.

We used to have training like two hours ago, but I had to fucking search for special towels for our guests. So here I was, hours later, dressed in my tiny skirt, exhausted as hell, going to have a three hour long exercise for tonight…

“Hey, (Y/L/N)! How are you today?”, a familiar voice appeared just behind my back.

“Not in the mood for you flirtations.”, annoyed I didn’t bother to spin around and see the well-known boy in the whole school – Sirius Black, the captain of the football match, the most hot and sexy guy, probably the heartbreaker of the school. Usually I flirted back as a joke but now, hungry, tired, sleepy and angry I wasn’t able to deal with this.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am not gonna flirt for now. Just wanted to make sure you’ll be screaming my name tonight.”, and the famous smirk was now on his beautiful and yet irritating face.

“You wish! Can you leave me alone, cause I wanna finish with everything as soon as possible and go home and fucking rest for god sake!”, kind of screaming I turned away and went straight to the girls waiting for me to began.

Hours passed and due to my eyes shutting almost every minute we had to repeat some of the movements but everything was just perfect. While the boys were practicing and so were we, I couldn’t stop the feeling of someone’s eyes landing on my back. But me, being me, I didn’t give a fuck and continued my job.

I hate when people tend to think that of you are a cheerleader, you are definitely a stupid hollow bitch. My dear human beings, stop believing at what you see on your favorite TV shows. Not all of us are that bad! As one of the main cheerleaders, we are too occupied to find time for you. Honestly, you are not that special and you would never be. And we are definitely not sluts!

“(Y/n), wait!”, someone screamed and got me out of my trans of anger. When I looked beside me I saw the pretty footballer coming my way.

“What do you want?”, I retorted back.

“You don’t have to be so sharp, sweetheart. I just wanted to ask your pretty little angry face on a date.”, he stated while walking next to me.

“Okay”, was the only word I gave to him.

“So, that’s a yes?”


“But you said ‘okay’.”

“Look at me Black! I don’t have time for you! My schedule is full and even now you are losing my time! Don’t offend but you better find another girl to mess up with.”

“I am not messing with you!”

I didn’t say anything neither he did. He just stopped and went another direction while I continued my way towards home.

It was 7pm. The match was about to start after 30 minutes. I remember how at the beginning I was so anxious to go out and dance in front of so many people, but now it’s like a routine. As I was checking if everything and everyone was ready, Roxanne came towards me for chitchat as per usual.

“I heard you ditched Black.”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“I’m just interested why you did so. I heard you really hurt him and that’s not good for tonight match.”, the girl stated.

“Better him that me.”, Roxanne gave me a confused look so I explained, “Come on, Rox, a guy like him wouldn’t date a girl like me if it’s not a prank or something.” The stern look on her face suddenly turned into a smile.

“Whatever you say, leader.”, patting my shoulder she came closer and whispered, “But you better clarify with yourself.”

The truth was that I liked that boy. He wasn’t a bad guy as far as I knew him. But better play not interested instead of showing your affection and getting hurt.

The time came so I put the smile on my face, encouraged my girls and ran towards the pitch to show all the people what we are capable of. When we appeared the audience got wild, they cheered us and welcomed the team of our school. I and the girls sat on our seats and waited for the breaks to do our job. When I saw Sirius, my heart skipped a beat. He was smiling yes, but the way he was moving, that fact that selfish façade wasn’t turn on showed me that each word Roxanne told me was true.

The match wasn’t going well. We were losing and mainly it was Sirius who messed up something. And the fact that the crowd was cheering as much as dead person would, I decided to do something.

“Come on, girls! Let’s bring back the spirit of the game.”

“(Y/N), we are…”

“I don’t care! You are a cheerleader! Your job is to lift up the spirit and courage of the team and the audience! So move your asses and dance!”

Hopefully, the girls knew my temper so my word actually encouraged them rather that offend them.

When I need motivation
My one solution is my queen
‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah)
She is always in my corner
Right there when I want her

We sang a part of a famous cheerleader song. As we were dancing I suggested making a pyramid. Everything was going fine, the public was up and clapping for us. But suddenly everything went dead. I turned around and saw somebody lying on the ground, somebody wearing the number 9. I jumped and ran towards the body. Pushing all the boys all around it I fell down on my knees.

“Oh my god! Sirius, are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so…”

“Good. Now stand up and kick some asses for me, okay?”


“Because if you do it, I will find a way to cheer you up after what happened.”

“And how is that going to happen? Because I don’t believe y-”

I did something I would never normally do – kiss him in front of everyone. It was a short one of course but the feeling was amazing. I’d wanted this for such a long time.

“If you win, you might, maybe, probably, 50% have the chance of getting more.”

“You know how to cheer me up, babe.”, he smiled and I helped him got up. He wasn’t hurt that bad so the match continued. I think there’s no need to tell you who won and what price the winner received.

What Do Good Girls Say?

OKAY! So this is one of many from my prompt list from last month. I apologize for these taking so long and really hope everyone likes what they get. 

WARNING! This is super long and smutty. I’m so sorry but I really enjoyed writing this.

Prompt: (3) I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you “Sir” you almost jumped me.
Featuring: Finn Balor

Master List Plug!

P.S. Guess who’s back to posting fanfics again? This girl!

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meet the parents | jason blossom (riverdale)

Originally posted by knightlley

a/n: work by the lovely @netflixanddonuts

what is love?

for some it is a magical feeling one experiences when seeing someone they love to the point that they say they feel butterflies in their stomach.

love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. for me that person was jason blossom. it was love at first sight.

i opened my eyes and met his, it was magical. jason and I have been in a relationship for two months. every single second that I spent with him was heaven. 

today was the day i was about to meet my boyfriends parents. I was a just an ordinary, middle class teenager and therefore, beyond terrified of his parents’ reaction.

a million questions were zooming through my head. i put on a lacy red dress, the one jason gave me as a present. suddenly i heard a noise coming from my backyard.

It was Jason's car. I hastily grabbed my purse and left my bedroom. He gasped as soon as he saw my outfit.

“Y/N? You look amazing!” i blush a little, unexpectedly my smile had disappeared.

“babe? What's wrong?” his hands were not placed on my waist. 

“what… what if your parents don’t like me?” I stuttered.

“i don't care what my parents think about you. I will always love you, Y/N and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever change that.”

“What about your sister?” I said quickly he let out a deep sigh.


“She hates me, Jason!”

It was true, Cheryl honestly hated me. It was a classic. She was a popular girl, I was no one. And popular girls are mean, thats what makes them popular after all.

“You know what?! Let's just go. We don't want to be late.”

i slowly entered the massive, extravagant house of the blossom family. to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect anything less.

It was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Suddenly, a tall, red haired woman approached me, smiling. She was wearing a long, black dress which made her look very slim. She was beautiful. She was Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother.

“Jason? You made it?” She said and tightly hugged the boy.

“Mother, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He said while putting his hands on my waist. Her eyes were now all over me. I could sense the disappointment.

“Well, its nice to meet you, Y/N. Jason told me a lot about you.“  I returned the smile.

“Thank you fo…for having me, Mrs Blossom. You house is very beautiful” A small laugh escaped my mouth. I was extremely anxious.

“The dining room is this way.“ said Penelope "Follow me.”

jason took my hand and led me to the dining room. he sat me in a beautiful green chair taking the seat next to me. moments later the dining room door opened again and a tall, man stormed in.

Jason stood, following his moves you did too.

“Father!” Jason exclaimed and gave his father a hand shake.

“Hello Jason” He said as he shook back.

“And who may this young lady be?” He asked.

“Father, this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N” He said gesturing to you.

“Ah yes! Y/N!“

Jason’s father said and he gave your hand a kiss. He sat down at the end of the table, the both of you sat after he sat down. Just few second later, a familiar girl came in. It was Cheryl.

suddenly, everything went black. My heart was racing. My chest was tight. Cheryl and I used to be friends back in the middle school, best friends actually, but all of a sudden, our friendship faded. 

She became popular, she was THAT kind of girl who becomes a cheerleader, that girl who gets a hot boyfriend and rules the whole school. I was nothing, nobody knew my name, nobody cared. Everything was darkness and gloom until Jason just came into my life. He was different, he actually cared.

"Hey babe, you alright?” my lover asked i nodded in agreement.

“Come sit with us, Cheryl, darling. Jason's girlfriend Y/N is here.” said Mrs. Blossom. After what seemed like a minute, she sat down next to her mother. She was frustrated.

“So… Y/N…” Mr. Blossom started.

“Tell us something about your family.” He said while cutting some meat on his plate.

“Well…” I could feel Cheryl's eyes on me the whole time.

“My family used to own this oil company…”

“What happened?” Cheryl cut me off she was furious.

“Um… they had problems with this whole thi…”

“So they are unemployed now?” there was a long awkward silence.

“Yes, but, you see…" she smacked her hands against the table and let out a deep sign.

"Jason?” She asked her twin “A moment?" 

Both of them excused themselves. I was confused, lost. I just wanted to be alone, In my safety zone. Where no one could see me. Mrs Blossom was just sitting there, staring at me. I suddenly started to feel very dizzy.

"Could… could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?" Mrs Blossom smiled and nodded.

"It’s right there, darling. Just take the first left." i returned the smile and walked away.

I could hear somebody talking. It was Cheryl. She was with Jason. 

I decided to come a little closer.

"A Y/L/N? Jason?! Whats gotten into you?” She shouted.

“Cheryl, listen…” He tried to calm her down.

“No! J.J! Its unacceptable!”

“I love her, Cheryl” He halfwhispered. 

I could feel my heart flutter.

“I love her and each passing second and each breath I take increases my love for her. And Whenever I feel lost, sad or defeated, I imagine her smiling and I instantly smile. She is the love of my life, Cheryl. And you are gonna have to accept that, sooner or later.”

A tiny tear escaped my eyes. I was touched by my boyfriend's words. At that exact moment, I felt it. He was the one. I quickly whipped my tears away and went back to the dining room.

After few minutes, Cheryl and Jason came back. Cheryl seemed somewhat different. She looked confused, lost. 

“We should go, Y/N. It's time.” My lover said.

“But what about the dessert?” His mother gasped.

“Maybe next time, mom”

I quickly grabbed my red coat and my purse. I was ready to go.

“You should come back next weekend!” Said Mrs. Blossom.

“We can't promise anything, mother.” Jason said, smiling.

I kissed Penelope on a cheek and hugged Clifford goodbye.

Suddenly, Cheryl appeared right in front of me.

“Cheryl? What are you…?” I gasped.

“I came to apologize.” She signed.

“Look, Y/N… My brother loves you very much. And as his sister, i want to see him happy and he really is happy with you. I’m sorry, Y/N/N, about everything.” A small tear rolled down her cheek.

“See you at Pop's tomorrow? We have a lot of things to talk about. My treat!”

I nodded in agreement.

On that day, I not only discovered unconditional love, but also true friendship. So what is love? i finally got the right answer. There are many different forms of love: either love for your family, your relatives, your significant other, god… But the strongest and most beautiful form of love is friendship.


Title: Lights Out

Code: LB0001

Requested by: anon

Words: 1,835

Note: Ugh I made this so long but I couldn’t stop. Hope you enjoy!

It had been more than 2 years that you had been an Agent on Jethro Gibbs’ team. For almost those entire 24 months, you had found the man ridiculously attractive. An enigma, maybe, but you’d always found yourself drawn towards a mystery.

You knew that there was nothing you could do about it. He was your boss, for one. You were also ridiculously intimidated by his age. At nearly 15 years your senior, and more marriages than you probably knew about, how could you, a meek young girl, approach him? You often had fleeting thoughts of him possibly being attracted to you, but your self-esteem would quickly push the thought away with a scoff. Thus, you thought the time would never come, so you chose to let the situation be what it was. Little did you know, all of that would change.

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Best Buddies (And More)


Request by @sebatianstanisbae : PLLEEEAASSEE Sebastian x reader where they r best friend and they r in a new movie together and they always hang out and r flirty on shows and just have fun together and then he realizes he loves her and he goes to tell her and then they start dating and everyone loves them together please I love you so much💘

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan are best friends, you two are the main characters in a new movie. Seb realizes he loves you. What will he do about it?

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, dear! I have a blast writing it :3 I hope you enjoy it. Tell me if you don’t and I’ll write an entirely new one just for you. Lots of love for ya 💘💘

Words: 2102.

Warnings: shameless FLUFF. Poker is mentioned but I’m not sure it counts.


It was your first day on set. Nervous didn’t even begin to describe the turmoil in your stomach as you looked at all the people you had never met.

You found the director and walked over to him. He smiled when he saw you. “[Y/]! I’m so glad you’re here!”

You smiled as he embraced you, being the warm and inviting person he usually was. “I’m glad you wanted me to be here.”

He laughed. “You’re perfect for the part, dear. No need to be nervous.”

You knew you were a good actress - great actually -, but the first day on set always brought a sense of fear to you.

“About your co-star,” he began, “I believe you’ve met him before.”

That made you arch your eyebrows. “Really?”

He nodded, smiling and throwing his hands up in self-defense. “At least that’s what he said when I asked!”

You were curious about who that mysterious guy was. You could only hope he was nice, you had a lot of scenes with him.

“And who would that be?”

“He asked not to say. He’ll arrive soon and you’ll figure it out by yourself,” he said and winked, walking away and leaving you be.

Your manager had the same instructions: not to say who your co-star was. All the team had the same instructions and that helped in absolutely nothing with your nervousness. You decided to sit in one of the chairs and read the script, trying to imagine the scenes in your head and what you could do to interpret them the best you could.

“Going crazy yet?”

You raised your head to look at the source of the voice.


The script fell to the ground as you stood up and jumped to hug your best friend. His arms circled your frame as tight as yours did to his neck.

“Hey, [Y/n],” you could hear the smile in his voice.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, pulling away from him.

“I have to be on set for the shooting, now don’t I?”

That caught you by surprise. “I guess you do. Who are you playing?”

“Honey, I’m the guy you have to be with 90% of the time.”

That definitely made your eyes bulge. “What?” you slapped his shoulder and he laughed when you withdrew your hand with a pained expression. Damn muscles. “Why didn’t you tell me? What kind of friend do you think you are?”

Sebastian laughed again and sat on the chair you previously were.

“I wanted to surprise you and I know I’m your best friend.”


You had been filming for a month and the team was very caring and funny. They kept saying how you and Sebastian were cute together. Being best friends with Sebastian Stan meant that you had to put up with his dorkiness and the flirty way he joked around you constantly. As you acted the same, the team started suspecting.

Some of them, after a couple of weeks, had even asked if you were dating, claiming that you didn’t have to hide when you were in set. You thanked that you were in the dress room without Sebastian, so he couldn’t see you blushing from head to toe.

The director walked up to you and Sebastian after shooting a scene. You quit your laugh (from Sebastian’s joke) when you saw the seriousness in the director’s face.

“Okay, so the thing is… We’ve decided to change the script a bit.”

“What exactly?” Sebastian asked.

“We want romance. But before changing the entire plot, we wanted to check with the two of you,” he motioned for you and Sebastian, “If you had any problem kissing?”

You looked at your best friend as he looked at you, silently asking if you were okay with it. You nodded and then the two of you answered at the same time.

“No problem.”

The director smiled brightly.

“Then you’re free for the day. We have a bunch of writing to do.”

You did leave, but you and Sebastian did it together and decided to watch movies in his hotel bedroom, something you always did when shooting ended earlier. Or later. It was something that happened constantly, that was for sure.


“Now I can finally prove that you’re not a good kisser,” you said once you met Sebastian on set, your hair and makeup ready. Sebastian had a dark blue suit on which brought out his eyes, ready for the ‘go’ of the director.

“Let’s see if you’ll say that after I kiss your lips like a pro, [Y/L/n],” Sebastian smirked.

“Only in your dreams.”


Sebastian finished his lines and looked at you. His eyebrows furrowed and his hands on his hips, he was the vision of frustration that his character had to have at that moment.  The camera came closer to you, focusing on your face for a moment before turning toward Sebastian again. Sebastian’s right hand came to the side of your neck as the other came to your waist. He leaned down and fit his plump lips to yours, his tongue already darting to caress your lower lip.

Your hands moved to his hair and gripped at short strands, making him moan in your mouth. His hands were warm and roaming your sides, squeezing you in the most delicate of ways.

He pulled back and focused on your eyes, his own orbs a color so unique that had you engrossed. You forgot you were shooting when he kissed you again, even if that wasn’t on the script for him to do that.

The director screamed “Cut!” but it fell on deaf ears. He tried again and it was only on the third that you and Sebastian finally came to your senses and scrambled to get apart.

The entire team came to congratulate you for amazing scene. “So real” they’ say.

When there was only you and Sebastian, you turned to him.

“I expected more.”

“You keep telling yourself that.”

You were going to have to, because the truth was that it had been perfect.

Sebastian on the other hand, had a lot of thinking to do.  He realized that night that it’s only a friendly love he had towards you. No. He loved you. But he would only tell you in the right moment.


You two sat lazily on the couch, eating s’mores and watching a new series you had started together when Sebastian asked.

“[Y/n], would you go out with me?”

“Sure. Where?”

It wasn’t new for you or him to ask something like that. You had quite a bit of flirting in the friendship, which lead people to think you were dating.

But this time wasn’t supposed to be a friendly thing.

“I mean like a date.”

You looked at him, curious. “A date? You and me?”

Sebastian nodded, a shy smile on his lips as his gaze focused on you. “Yes.”

You grinned. “Sure. Where?”


You two went to a restaurant that night. Sebastian wore a black suit, his muscles carefully defined by the tailored material.  

He pulled out the chair for you and ordered the drink you chose.

Conversation was the same as always, jokes and laughter being a constant thing, but there was more touching. His warm palm would rest on your lower back whenever you were walking, he would kiss your knuckles very chance he got. When seated, Sebastian started by touching your foot with his lightly. Then, brushing your knee with his own. After you responded by brushing his knee with yours, he decided to let loose. Sebastian would rest his arm on the back of your chair, run his fingers on your shoulder or thighs, and brush his hand on yours.

The food was amazing and desert was your favorite. You made him split the bill with you and he knew better than to argue (too much). By the end of the night, he brought you to your hotel room and kissed you chastely on the lips.

You went to bed with a smile on your lips.


The next time you went out alone during shootings, Chris and Mackie were there too. They were in town, shooting some extra scenes for other movies where they just appear for a minute or two and invited you and Sebastian for a lunch.

Sebastian drove to the place and opened the door for you, holding your hand and intertwining your fingers with his on the way to the restaurant. You pecked his cheek with a quick kiss.

“They’ll be happy for us,” you told him.

He sighed and smiled at you. “I know.”

Chris and Anthony screamed “Finally!” and “About freaking time!” once they saw your clasped hands. They were truly happy about you and Sebastian.

When they were leaving, you heard Chris and Anthony discussing who would be the Best Man when you got married. They decided that one of them would be the Maid of Honor, just didn’t decide who.


“Goodnight, everyone!” The presenter greeted, a huge smile on his face as he faced the people sitting in front of him, the couch by his side bare still. The people clapped and shouted fervently. “I can hear you are excited and I believe I know why. It’s because of our guests tonight. But as the folks who are at home don’t know who they are, let’s tell them. Tonight, we have [Y/n] [Y/L/n] and Sebastian Stan!”

You appeared on the stage by the doors Sebastian opened for you. He helped you down the stairs because you were on high heels. You sat nearest to the presenter and Sebastian by your side, you both smiling excitedly.

“Hello, everyone,” you said.

“Hi!” Seb smiled big and unbuttoned his suit, revealing the shirt underneath it.

“So, new movie coming up,” the presenter said, “Tell me about it.”

“It’s called ‘Hands Up’ and it’s a thriller,” you answered.

“It’s about a woman who meets a guy and together they have to find the murderer of the city. A lot of action and fighting sequences, I believe people will enjoy it.”

“Oooh, I do love fighting sequences. Guns and explosions?”

“And knives,” you smirked, remembering your character’s favorite weapon.

The presenter squealed, “I believe you can’t me about that smile on your face?”

You laughed, “Sorry, nope.”

“I’m curious for the movie!” He revealed. “Now, let’s talk about another smile, shall we?”

“What smile?” Seb asked, draping his arm on the back of the couch behind you.

Those smiles.” It was his time to smirk as a photo of you and Sebastian laughed, walking together on the street. You remembered that day. You and Seb had a free day during the shootings and decided to go out to have lunch. It was cold, regardless of your coat and boots, so Sebastian had his arms around you to keep you warm until you got to the hotel. You ended up ordering food service for dinner and falling asleep on your bed, after playing poker and dancing clumsily  to 40s music. Sebastian had promised to teach you, since he played Bucky Barnes and learned to dance, but it was harder than you had expected.  

“It was a good day,” Seb commented.

“It sure looks like it,” the presenter nodded then turned to the crowed. “And there’s no filter on this one, guys. They are that photogenic.”

The snow covered the majority of the photo, saved by the sunset lights on the sky and you and Sebastian looking cozy with huge coats, boots and gloves, hands around each other.

It was a great picture.

“Can I have that?” You asked.

“Sure,” the presenter beamed. “Perhaps for a black frame on the coffee table or up the fireplace when you guys get married?”

You blushed deeply.

“It would already have happened but won’t say ‘yes’ when I pop the question.”

Oh that’s how it is, Sebastian?

“It would already have happened, but Sebastian decided to wait a few years to ask me out,” you snickered and the crowd laughed.

“I did take a bit more than expected,” Seb admitted. “But now I have you and I wouldn’t change it for nothing.”

“Now, if Sebastian were to pop the question, how would you like it, [Y/n]?” the presenter asked, resuming the show.

“I’d like it to be a surprise.”

Sebastian looked at you, his lips stretched on a grin. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


That night, Sebastian whispered “I love you” into your ear before sleeping with his arms around you and your head on his chest.

“I love you too.”


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Hercules scene where Meg realizes she loves Herc, maybe the quote "who'd you think you're kidding here, he's the earth and heaven to ya" with Sirius please? I feel like he would be a good fit for Hercules bc he is such a good sweetheart but gets to be a bit arrogant at times and becomes a ladies' man ;)

“Come on, (Y/N), go to the ball with me?” Sirius pestered for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“And if I say yes?” you questioned, your eyes searching his. Lily, Marlene, and Dorcas watched the exchange eagerly.

“I’ll make it a night to remember,” he waggled his eyebrows suggestively. 

Noticing the displeased look in your eye and your hands beginning to pile your books back into your bag, he hastily added, “Please, (Y/N)? I’d really like to spend the evening with you.”

His normally mischievous eyes were surprisingly sincere and the borderline pleading in his voice was enough to crack you. It was odd seeing the notably confident and composed Sirius Black looking so flustered. Because of you. 

You sighed, “Okay, Sirius, I’ll go with you.” 

His face lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning, “Great, I’ll pick you up down here at 6:30?”

“She’ll be there,” chirped Marlene, in your silence. 

You nodded, a small smile peeking through your previous frown, and went back to your books.

After Sirius sauntered up to his room, the other three girls exchanged glances before giggling. 

“What?” you snapped, just trying to get through your essay. 

“You love him,” Lily exclaimed.  

You shook your head, “I do not.”

“Yes, you do (Y/N)! You’re in love with him, he’s in love with you. What’s the problem?” Marlene interjected.

“We’re friends!” you glared. “Besides, isn’t he still seeing that Hufflepuff?”

“No,” Marlene assured, “besides he was never ‘seeing’ that girl. He was doing it to make you jealous.”

You choked out a shocked, “What?”

“It. Wasn’t. Real.” Lily broke it down for you. “It’s okay to feel that way about him, (Y/N). We’ve seen the way you look at him.”

Dorcas nodded in agreement, “You look at him like he’s heaven on earth.”

“And he looks at you like you put the stars in the sky,” Marlene added. 

You bit back a grin and buried your face in your essay to hide the blush that was covering your cheeks. Obviously, you couldn’t finish your essay that night. You were too busy thinking of Sirius and the impending Yule Ball. 

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How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

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You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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