yes i went back to black

season 3 isak only wears: grey, white, black, red/maroon, green, and blue???

(that’s orange but shhhh)

even his boxers are blue???? im????

i have so many questions??? why does he mix blue and maroon together so often?? of all colors??? and how does he not wear a single item of other-colored clothing????

Alex Ernst imagine


“Alex I’m going to literally kill you!” I groaned when I looked into the mirror.

“Why what did I do?” Alex asked from the bed.

“Do you see my neck? I have to go to a family dinner and it’s covered in hickies from you.”

He laughed a bit, “whoops. You weren’t complaining earlier.”

“I didn’t know you were leaving marks!” I sat at my make up table and starting to put foundation on trying to hide it a bit. But it wasn’t working you could still see them. “Alex!”

“I’m sorry okay! I can’t take them back though.”

“Gr, I know.” Go look in my closet for something to cover it.

He hopped up and went to my closet. He looked for a little bit and pulled out a black turtle neck and scarf. “This good?”

“Surprisingly yes.” I took the outfit and quickly changed. “Better.”

“You look cute enough to eat.” He said coming to wrap his arms around me.

“Nope, you had enough! Now it’s time for me to go visit family.”

He leaned In to kiss but I spun away. “See you in a bit!” I blew you a kiss and ran off.

  • Lily: what is it?
  • Sirius: er... Nothing! *frenetically hides sth behind his back*
  • Lily: these are magazines!??! You went into my underwear drawer??? Are you serious?
  • Sirius: first of all yes I am *stops smiling at Lily's furious gaze* uhm...but I didn't take them! James did
  • Sirius: But hey! He closed his eyes the entire time it was all by feel!
  • Sirius: *is thrown a book at*
Things I learned about Genghis Khan

I learned things today about Genghis Khan - yes, that guy - that I had no idea I didn’t know. CNN declared him the “Man of the Millennium” a few years back and I now understand why.

  • He invented a lot of things, including passports, the Pony Express, and the concept of diplomatic immunity.
  • He had two horsehair “spirit banners,” one black and one white, made from the hair of his best stallions. The black represented war and the white represented peace. These went with him everywhere and in Mongolia, legend has it that the black one still exists.
  • He set foot inside a building exactly once in his entire life. He lived in tents called gers, or yurts, and dressed like everyone else. He also insisted that his name not be spoken with any particular reverence.
  • Although he was definitely a bloodthirsty invader who rightly inspired fear in many nations, he never attacked anyone without giving advance notice.
  • He was a firm believer in the idea of a meritocracy - after removing those in power in a place he conquered, he would install new leaders of those areas based on their individual worth. Sometimes these new leaders would be chosen from among his fellow Mongols, but just as often he would select them from among the people he conquered.
  • Everyone living in his empire had the right of religious freedom; they could worship however they chose and were never penalized for it. 
  • He had a harem, of course, but that was normal for his culture at the time. His chief wife was a woman named Borte, to whom he became betrothed at the age of eight. He loved her devotedly - before they were married, she was kidnapped by one of his enemies, who raped and impregnated her. Khan fought to get her back, by which time she had birthed a son. He married her regardless and raised his stepson with great kindness. 
  • Because she was his first and most important wife, the four sons Borte bore him were the ones who inherited his empire. They also had daughters, all of whom became pretty important figures. Right up until Khan’s death, he would go to Borte for advice on all manner of things and considered her extremely wise; after his passing, she retained her high status in the empire and continued to advise her sons and other nobles.
  • Reportedly, he was afraid of two things: wild dogs and his mother’s temper.
  • He was buried with a treasure so vast as to be beyond counting; it took 2,000 soldiers to dig the burial site. When they returned after his tomb was sealed, they were all slaughtered in order to keep the location a secret. To this day it has never been found.

Fic Recs: Regency AU Cherik fics! A short and a long one:

Dance With Me by wallhaditcoming:

After his most recent tour, Erik Lehnsherr has finally earned the rank of Captain and a commission on a vessel all his own. With the prize money he has collected and this new rank, he finally feels secure enough in his future to propose to the man he has loved for years. He just prays that Charles is willing to have him.

Comments: ~1k words, short and fluffy and light and beautiful and yes, this is another one of those that I’ve reread several times when I want to cheer myself up, or get back into a comfortable cherik mood. IT’S TOO CUTE

No Longer in Silence by Black_Betty:

It has been eight years since Charles has seen Erik. Eight years since they parted under unkind circumstances and Erik went off to sea. The boy he once knew is Captain Lehnsherr now and they are as known to one another as strangers, and yet–Charles finds that eight years has done nothing to diminish the feelings he had when he was 16 and in love.

It’s unfortunate then that Erik doesn’t feel the same way.

(Persuasion AU)

Comments: ~26k words, brilliantly brilliantly written, and as a gigantic fan of Jane Austen, I can’t help but say this was something I craved really really badly, and boy did it deliver! It’s a bit heavier than the one above, but no less good, if you’re looking for some adfkja;ldkfj-ly done mutual pining.

No One Touches My Girl

Request: hey! could you please do a happy imagine where you get kidnapped by the MCs enemies?

You watched the clock impatiently, waiting for your shift to end. Happy had a rare night off and, even though he was rarely romantic, had promised to take you out for a date night. When your shift ended, you said goodbye to your replacement and eagerly left.

You fished around in your purse for your keys but when you finally found them a voice at your side caused you to jump and drop them.

“Are you Y/n Lowman?”

You turned to see a shady looking man standing uncomfortably close to you.

“Maybe. What do you want?” You started backing away from him and tried to reach in your purse for your gun.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” The man nodded to someone behind you. The man who grabbed you from behind placed a cloth over your face and everything suddenly went black.

You were late. Happy impatiently chewed on the toothpick in his mouth. You were suppose to have come to the clubhouse to meet him by now. It wasn’t like you to be late, especially since you were so excited about tonight.

Happy checked his phone. You would have texted him if you had to stay at work late but you hadn’t. He called you. No answer. He waited a moment and called again. Still no answer. That worried Happy, you knew better than to ignore his calls.

He told Chucky to have you call him if you showed up at the clubhouse while he was gone and hopped on his bike to head to your house. When he got there your car was still gone, the door was still locked, and all your lights still looked off. You weren’t home and you hadn’t called so hopefully you were just still at work.

Happy immediately noticed your car still in the parking lot of your work. He parked his bike beside it and noticed your keys and purse on the ground.


Happy ran inside the store you worked at and straight up to the man at the checkout counter, completely ignoring the complaints of the customers in line.

“Hey, you can’t just-” The man behind the counter started to say but Happy shut him up by grabbing his collar and pulling him across the counter toward him.

“Where the fuck is Y/n?” Happy growled.

“I-I don’t know. Sh- she left an hour ago.” The man stammered.

“Well, her car’s still here. Did you hear anything? See anything?” Happy questioned.

“N-no, I swear.” The man responded. Happy knew he had no reason to lie to him so he threw him back across the counter.

Happy hopped back on his bike in a rage. This was bad. This was very bad but he was going to find whoever the hell took you and make them pay. For their sake, they better not have hurt you or they were really going to suffer. First, though, he needed to get back to the clubhouse.

“Someone took Y/n!” Happy announced immediately after he stormed into the clubhouse.

It took Happy a moment to realized everyone was surrounding Juice’s laptop and staring at him, slightly horrified.

“What?” He snapped.

“We were just about to call you. Someone sent a dvd into TM and addressed it to SAMCRO. You need to see this.” Jax said, looking worried. Happy pushed Juice’s chair aside so he could be in front of the laptop. He pressed play on the video.

He saw you. You were tied to a chair with duct tape over your mouth. You were inside some sort of basement or cellar, somewhere dark. You were a little bruised up but it didn’t look like anything serious, they must have been trying to keep you fairly unharmed for their own good. That wasn’t going to save them from Happy, though. No, his blood was boiling even more now. The should have never even touched you.

Your red eyes were dazed like you’d been drugged but he could see the fear in them. Your dirty face was streaked with tears.

A man stepped into the frame with a knife in his hand. Happy didn’t pay much attention to what the man was saying due to the fact that his blood was boiling after the man that had taken you had make the mistake of showing his face but he caught what was important. The man wanted guns for his gang but he didn’t want to pay for them. He was using you as a bargaining piece. He stated a place and a time for the sons to come and bring the guns.

The man ran his thumb along your jawline. The knife in his hand followed the path, gently grazing your skin. Your eyes were closed and you cringed at his touch.

“I would suggest you are there on time tomorrow. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, now would you?” The man smirked.

The screen went black.

Happy jaw was clenched and his fists so tight his knuckles were white.

“These bitches are going to pay once I get my girl back.”

“I know.” Jax said, putting his hand on Happy’s shoulder.

Happy was seeing red when your kidnappers had pulled up to the specified location but he reminded himself he needed to keep his cool for now. First he gets you back, then he kills those bastards.

“Did you bring the guns?” The man from the video asked, he seemed to be the leader.

“We did.” Jax told him. “But we want to see Y/n first.”

The man nodded to one of his cronies who opened up a door to one of their vans, revealing you. You still had duct tape over your mouth and your hands were tied. You looked a little more beaten up than before and it took all of Happy’s self control not to kill them right then. He took a step toward you but one of the men stepped in his way.

“Not until we get the guns.” The man said. Happy looked to Jax who got a bag of the guns out of a van and put them in front of the leader. The leader looked the guns over and nodded to the man blocking Happy’s path and allowing him to finally go and retrieve you.

Happy took the duct tape off your mouth as gently as he could and cut off the rope binding your wrists. He kissed you and then hugged you tightly to him as you buried your face in his chest, sobbing in relief. He led you back to the van that the prospect had driven here in and kissed you again.

“Stay in here.” He whispered to you before he shut the van door. He didn’t want to leave you but there was something he needed to do.

As Happy turned around he shot one of the men in the head and the leader in the side. He didn’t want him dead just yet. The sons quickly took care of the idiots who had dared to mess with a member’s Old Lady. When the rest of the gang was dealt with, Happy made his way over to the leader who was bleeding out on the ground.

“What the hell?” The man choked. “We kept our part of the deal.”

“You have no idea who you messed with.” Happy said as he picked up the man by the collar then proceeded to beat him bloody.

“No one touches my girl.” He hissed before stepping back and shooting him in the head. Then shooting him a few more times out of spite.

mrs-lamezec  asked:

I love to play pool so I would totally be like her in this part with Bucky. Oh and can we talk about your description of that black t-shirt? "You watched the muscles in his back and shoulders stretch the black shirt he was wearing. If fabric could talk, that shirt would either groan in protest or moan in delight, that’s how built he looked from this angle." Definitely would be the latter there. 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

And then I see a pic of Seb from Weibo and those abs, and I’m like………..boooooyyyyyy. So yes I am glad I went with fireman!Bucky haha!!!

Workout (M - Jimin)

*2 more days till freedom*

-Requests Closed-

Word count: 1,294 words



“Time to work out.”

“You said ‘sleep’ wrong.”

“Baby, come on, let’s work out.”

“But we went jogging yesterday.”

“I’ll give you a piggyback.”

“On the way there and back?”

“Yes.” You shot out of bed, showering and changing into your workout clothes. He licked his lips while looking at you and you covered your face.

“You look so hot, babe.”

“Jimin~ Keep your promise.” You hopped on his back and he held up your legs. You ruffled his black hair, loving how soft and fluffy it was and he walked down to the gym of your apartment building.

“Now, let’s begin.”

“Treadmills first.” He got onto one next to you and you started jogging. He matched your pace until you sped up, both of you trying to outrun the other. You stopped at 7.6 and he made it up to 7.7 and playfully stuck out his tongue at you.


“What’s next?”

“Pull ups, you up for it?”

“I never back down, baby.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” You two occupy a machine and began stretching.

“I don’t want injure anything, can you make sure I’m doing this right Jiminie?” You said teasingly while reaching your toes and your ass was sticking out. You could tell he was biting his lip and you wiggled it a little before starting your pull ups.

He watched you until you got off and it was his turn. He purposely stripped his shirt for you, sending you a wink and tossing his shirt at you.

“Watch and learn, baby girl.” He pulled himself up, doing more pull ups than you but you only cared about the way his back muscles worked as he pulled up and down. You listened the shallow breathes he takes and the sweat that his body was beginning to accumulate.

“Jimin 2, Y/N 0.”

“Oh, so it’s a competition, baby.”

“Of course it is.”

“Then, it’s on.” You two kept trying to outdo each other and you end up wining your little competition.

“First, put your shirt back on. There’s too many girls staring at you.”

“Aw, babe. You’re jealous~”

“Am not. Now, push-up position.” He did as you said and you slipped under him.

“It’s just motivation so you can do 203 of them.”

“Why 203?”

“It’s how many days we’ve been together.”

“You’re so cute.”

“Don’t flatter me, Jiminie. Start.” He started slow, brushing against your lips in the beginning before his kisses became more longing. On his last push-up, he wouldn’t pull away and hovered over you until you heard someone clear their throat.

“Excuse me..” He walked past you two and Jimin got up, pulling you up afterwards. You hopped on his back, ready to back to your apartment and he tiredly walked up the stairs.

“You’re more exercise, baby.”

“Am I that heavy..?”

“No, no, I mean you make me want to do more exercise.”

“That’s what I’m for, motivating you to do more.” You hopped off his back, rushing to the bathroom and stripping yourself down. That workout left you in need of a cool shower and Jimin barged in.


“You always say I take too long in the shower, now you can monitor it.”

“I could just cut the water or-”

“Are you really turning me down, baby? I saw the way you were looking at me, biting your pretty little lips while staring me work out. Don’t even deny it.”

“F-Fine. Just don’t stare..”

“No promises, baby.”

“Jimin!” You bit his chest and he chuckled before you two entered the shower together. The glass door frames you both inside and he stood behind you.

"You want me to wash you, baby?”

“O-Okay.” He stepped closer, pressing your bodies together as he began with your shoulders.

“Why are your muscles so tense, it’s just me~” He whispered in your ear and you clasped your thighs together.

“I see, you need me down there. Don’t you?”


“Just tell me, baby. I don’t judge.”

“I want you to touch me, Jiminie.” He pushed you forwards, your hands on the glass in a sudden reflux and you felt his hands on your ass.

“You know how naughty you are, shaking your ass for me in the gym. I almost caught one guy watching you, baby.”

“I should have given him a show..” You said, earning yourself a slap on your wet ass and moaning to the sensation you felt.

“Even soap can make you clean, you dirty girl.”

“Make me more dirty, Jimin.”

“Quiet.” He slapped your ass again, you biting back your moan and he kneeled down behind you. You spread your legs for him and he spread your lower lips.

“The water hasn’t touched here yet and you’re soaking wet? So lewd.”He stroked his fingers over the pink flesh, teasing your hole and his thumb finding your clit.

You almost moaned out loud, your hand quickly covering your mouth and he smirked.

“I don’t want to hold back for me, baby. Tell me how good I’m making your little cunt feel.”

“Y-Yes.” He plunged two fingers into you, you immediately gasp as his tongue replaced his thumb. His tongue pressed against you flatly, making sure to touch your clit in every lick. His fingers found their way deeper inside you, curling up against your wall and you desperately want to grab his wet hair.


“Tell me, baby. I want to hear you say it.”

“Give me more, it feels so good…”

“Beg for it.”

“Please, Jimin, please fill me up with your fingers…” You wailed out and he smacked your ass, he was satisfied with you. At least, for now. He pushed in a third and fourth finger simultaneously and you felt your walls beginning to get stretched out further.


“You’re clenching around my fingers, you want to come, don’t you?”


“Arch your back more, baby.” You obliged and he pulled his fingers out of you. You watched him feverishly licking his fingers clean as if you were the remains of a good meal and felt his tip begin to tease your entrance.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes..please.. Jimin.”

“I love the way you say my name.”

"J-Jimin..!” You cried out when you felt him push inside you and he held your hips to keep you from falling into the glass.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”

“I’m fine. Just move, please.” He worked his hips slowly, still worried about you but you pushed yourself back to meet his hips. You knew how much he wanted his control whenever he was this dominant position so he held your hips back and slammed into you like you wanted.


“Isn’t this what you fucking wanted, huh baby?”


“Finish your sentence.”

“I want more..please..”

“Greedy.” He spat but his whips still moved to your will and he continued to pound you senselessly. Your breath fogged up the glass and the running water has soaked you both but you were too busy with the feeling of his cock pushing against your G-spot.


“You feel so fucking good.”


“I want you to come.” He said before he sped up his pace once again. You screamed out his name, not even the loud sound of running water could mask your loud moan. You felt heat beginning to form in the pit of your stomach and you found release right after.

He pulled out, feeling his seed land on your ass before being washed away with the water. You panted against the glass and turned around to face him. He kissed you, his hands resting on your hips and you finally tugged at his wet hair strands.

You pulled away, reaching for his sponge to wash him.

“You’ve got all dirty, Jiminie.”

Why do I always feel like these aren’t good enough?? I did say I would post tonight so here you go, 1 (shitty) scenario right up ^^

~Admin Blake

Questions my siblings asked when they were small

(In reference to orange soap when we usually had white) mummy, who painted the soap?

(When the teacher asked, okay does anyone have a question?) Yes, how do zips work?

If a courgette and a cucumber were animals, could they get married (this one was sent to The Guardian and Lucy Mangan praised the brilliance of it)

Why is my tummy squishy and my back hard?

If I went all the way to space, would the sky be black or dark blue?


And now for something completely different.

This song was a big hit in 1982. You might recall it from being sampled in Men in Black, etc.  Anyway, I went looking for it after it popped back in my head for no reason at all. Someone in the YouTube comments said something that really hit me:

Damn, yes! I dug deeper, and I learned that the bass player was the legendary session player Freddie Washington

So, what’s the connection between this song and advertising? Only that people with supporting roles in this industry often feel as if they’re not important to the final product. But, as Mr. Washington has shown us, sometimes a supporting player can make all the difference in the world.

Another Black Out - Norman Fluff

Request: Gay anon again! How about something about dating normam while being aware of his condition?

Warnings: none :)

Notes: “Off his nut” = acting very crazy. 


“Hey, Norman I th-”, I stopped in my tracks when I saw Norman sitting at the office desk, not moving and staring in space. He’s having another black out. I sighed and went to get Norma. Luckily, Norma likes me and she know about Norman and I dating. You see, Norma is very over protective about her son, Norman. She doesn’t let him go out to parties or out to a friend’s - I’m just fortunate enough to have her like me.

Originally posted by cadaver-gutz

“Norma?”, I called out when I got into their massive, old, rickety house. 

“Yes, dear?”, she calls back from the kitchen. 

“Norman having another black out”, I inform her. Norma and I track whenever he has black out, trying to figure out why and we’ve found that it’s best to keep an eye on him when he does, because he can go off his nut sometimes and there’s nothing we can do to break him out of one -  it just takes time and then he’ll return back to normal. 

Norman was in the black out for an hour before he passed out. Norma and I carried him to his room - to which I’m in with him, holding his hand and singing sweet songs to him. 

His eyes start to stir and his body moves slightly: he’s waking up. 

“Hey, baby. How’re you feeling?”, I ask softly, gently moving my thumb up and down on his hand. Norman squeezes my hand in response. 

“I’m alright, I guess. What happened?”

Originally posted by psychotic-bates

“You blacked out again”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, and your mother and I carried you up here when you passed out on the office floor”. Norman said nothing but nodded, as he understood, slowly getting out of bed. I rushed to his side and helped him down the flight of stairs and into the kitchen where Norma was preparing dinner for the 3 of us. 

anonymous asked:

1 and 17 for concert asks!!

Aaahh thank you so much!!!

1. How many concerts have you been to?
I’ve been to three? Not including two festivals I went to, and like tiny gigs for local bands - if you count the tiny gigs then it’ll be like seven, maybe?

2. Have you been to any festivals?
Yes! I went to two local festivals. One called Teddy Rocks, and one called the Larmer Tree festival. 

3. Which artist/band have you seen the most live?
Uh, none? I’ve seen all them once.

4. First concert you went to?
first major one was Gerard Way, but my first gig before that was Beans on Toast/Will Varley/Lori Campbell at the Fleece, Bristol.

5. Last concert you went to?
Frank Iero/Taking Back Sunday/Black Foxxes at o2 Forum Kentish Town 16/02/17

6. What is your next concert?
pfft no clue

7. Which artists/bands would you love to see live?
Sorority Noise, Pretty Vicious, Green Day, Death Spells because I had no money so I missed the god damn fucking tour

8. The farthest you’ve travelled to go to a concert?
London! I’m not sure whether Kentish Town or Brixton were further but imma just say London.

9. Best opening act you’ve seen?
motherfucking Black Foxxes I didn’t realise that they used to be one of my favourite fucking bands until they played Whatever Lets You Cope and I was like ???W HAT THE FUCK i listened to this album on repeat for hours and i had no idea i was seeing them i’m honestly so pissed with myself what the fuck

10. Worst opening act you’ve seen?
No Devotion 

11. Have you met any bands/artists at a concert?
I met Gaz Brookfield at the Larmer Tree Festival, I got tripped up (accidentally) by Curtis Eller (but not his American Circus) and I got an Alien Racetrack from Will Varley at the door on the way out (as did everyone else)

12. What’s one thing you have to bring to a concert?
lots of money merch is fucking expensive i got 3 things that cost more than the tickets all together like what the fuck, comfortable shoes definitely and sunglasses. at least in my experiences I shoulda brought sunglasses because strobe lightning affects my fucking migraines god damn it why can’t i have fun. 

13. What’s the most you’ve paid for a ticket?
Well the most expensive one that I went to was Larmer Tree Festival, but my gf’s parents paid for it and wouldn’t let us pay them back (which im still pissed about 2 years later but i cant do anything about it i’m skint) 

14. Best concert you’ve been to?
Frank IfuckingEro, TBS etc. 

15. Worst concert you’ve been to?
Gentleman’s Dub Club at the Teddy Rocks festival. 
(EDIT: it was because someone in the audience was being a dick to me and it made me feel really bad. and i didn’t really like the band much anyway, but yknow i now associate them with feeling sick)

16. Have you been in a social media post an artist posted after a show?
No, but the in-house photographer from o2 Kentish Town took a photograph of the crowd with the “superfans” board and I got to hold it (it’s on the o2 facebook and I’m in like 3 photos with the COOLEST DUDES TO EVER LIVE)

17. Funniest concert memory?
Shit, I mean, TBS/Frnk/BF was just great and funny the entire night thanks to the people who adopted me for the night, and there were so many funny memories from the Larmer Tree, but i think the one that’ll come back to haunt me every birthday is from the Teddy Rocks festival when we were waiting for someone to play, and me and my gf’s sister did a faceswap on SC and it was fucking terrifying and hilarious and she posted it on my timeline on fb for my birthday last year it was great. 

Thank youuu!!

Send me Concert Asks!!! (1 - 17 answered!)

More about Kim (oc)

Weapon of choice: baseball bat or a knife. How to easily piss her off: making fun of her past or childhood Friends from the past: it depends sometimes it’s Jeff before he went insane, but she was the only kid L.J spared (she knew him in the lab) I think he left, but the truth is he was inside the box and when he did not come back for a week that’s when I snapped and killed everyone (note: Kim does not remember this, she knew him before he became black and white so she won’t recognize him now) Dead?: yes Kim died after escaping the lab and killing everyone 1 by 1 and setting it on fire she later killed her mom and the cause of her death is that they had injected her with so much stuff over the years that it got to her and she died. Fears: needles and injections or her past or being left, she can have Abandonment issues catchphrase before killing someone: it’s to late.

Originally posted by lanavenotte

Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Ten - Luna Lovegood

oh HELLLLL yes im ready for luna.

also jfc its about damn time we went back to hogwarts LETS GO

- LOL fred and george bewitched their trunks to fly down the stairs and they fucking HIT GINNY GUYS im dying

- things are going insane up in here and im just thinking how the FUCK are you gonna be late to literally the best time of the year? i’d be setting 50 alarms making sure i got up in time come on guys!!!!!

- sturgis podmore didnt come to escort them to kings cross….I WONDER WHATS UP WITH HIM? im sure everythings perfectly fine right?

- im stuck between feeling sad/thinking its cute that ron and hermione are so on edge around harry. like they’re so nervous telling him they have to sit in the prefect carriage and its cute because like aw theyre good friends who dont want to hurt his feelings but also sad because like they shouldnt have be careful around their best friend ya know? just thinking out loud idk

But as Hermione and Ron dragged their trunks, Crookshanks, and a caged Pigwidgeon off toward the engine end of the train, Harry felt an odd sense of loss. He had never traveled on the Hogwarts Express without Ron.

oh god OUCH harry why you gotta say shit like that? you are so platonically in love it HURTS


- OMG AND LUNAS HERE YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girl beside the window looked up. She had straggly, waist-length, dirty-blond hair, very pale eyebrows, and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look. Harry knew at once why Neville had chosen to pass this compartment by. The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she had stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of butterbeer caps, or that she was reading a magazine upside down.

best. introduction. ever. 

You’re Harry Potter,” she added.
“I know I am,” said Harry.
Neville chuckled. Luna turned her pale eyes upon him instead.
“And I don’t know who you are.”
“I’m nobody,” said Neville hurriedly.
“No you’re not,” said Ginny sharply.

1. nice burn luna 2. god bless for ginny weasley. 

- neville get your mimbulus mimbletonia out of my face

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“Euphoria Below”

Yes, more stories. Well, since they didn’t bring their pedestals to the Latin American Tour, I thought the masks were off the table as well. As you may know, it was the last song of the setlist (O Father O Satan O Sun) and I went to the back of the venue to take a wide shot of the atmosphere as the concert was at its final moments…

That’s when they put the masks on and I ran like hell, dodging moshers and arms in the air to capture this moment. I managed to take 4 or 5 and only this one was great enough.

Behemoth @ Circo Voador, 2014.

Sirius coming out to Mrs Potter

’’Strawberry jam?’’

’’Yes, please. Would you like Earl Grey or Roobios?’’

’’Earl Grey, please.’’

’’Is Charlus at home?’’

’’No, he left early.’’


Sirius put one of the tea cups back in to the cabinet andfilled the other three with hot water.

’’Have you seen James this morning?’’

’’I haven’t’’, Sirius answered. ’’I woke up early and went for a run. I think he’s still asleep.’’

’’Oh lord. He’s impossible. Did you two stay up late last night?’’ asked Mrs Potter.

’’No, we actually didn’t’’, Sirius said honestly. ’We went to bed at eleven. We were so tired. Long day yesterday.’’

’’Yeah’’, Mrs Potter smiled. ’’But great, wasn’t it?’’

’’Great’’, Sirius agreed. He put the tea cups down on the table and Mrs Potter handed him a plate with Strawberry jam sandwiches. ’’Did you sleep well?’’

’’Very well. I woke up when Charlus left, though. Couldn’t fall asleep again, so I’ve been reading for a few hours. Quite good start of the day, actually. What about you?’’

’’I slept very well, thank you.’’ He took a bite from the sandwich. ’’Mm. Delicious.’’

Mrs Potter watched him with a smile. She had been nagging at him all summer about the boy’s long hair, since he had not cut it since the year before, and it was so long that he could keep it in a bun, like he did now. But even if she did not want to admit it, he looked quite good in it.

’’You look happy, Sirius’’, she said after a while.

’’I am happy.’’

’’Any special reason for that?’’

’’Well, this makes me happy’’, he said and reached out for his tea cup. ’’Just sitting here in the kitchen, being asked if I slept well. Noticing you staring at my hair because you’re thinking about that I should get a haircut.’’

’’I didn’t…!’’

’’Oh, yes. You did.’’

’’Okay. I did.’’

’’Well, it’s nice. It’s like a real family. For the first time in my life. It makes me happy.’’

Mrs Potter smiled again.

’’We are a real family, Sirius.’’

’’Yes, we are’’, a third voice suddenly said. James came in to the kitchen, moaning.

’’Oh my god, James’’, sighed Mrs Potter. ’’Put on a shirt.’’


’’Put on a shirt.’’

’’Oh please’’, James said with a dramatic voice. ’’Can’t you just accept me the way I am?’’

’’I can. When you’re dressed.’’

’’I came out of your vagina, woman! You and I shouldn’t really be uncomfortable with each others’ nudity!’’

Sirius laughed. Mrs Potter and James had those small joke-fights all the time, but they loved each other to pieces. And he loved watching them arguing, since they were never completely serious.

’’James Potter!’’

’’Okay, okay, I will!’’ said James, sighed and went out of the kitchen again.

’’And take a shower too!’’ yelled Mrs Potter after him. Then, she turned to Sirius again and asked with a smile; ’’Who is she?’’


’’Who is the one to make you happy? I know there is someone. I can see it in your eyes. I have wanted to ask you about it for so long, but I never had the chance.’’

’’I told you. I’m just happy to be a part of your wonderful family.’’

’’You told me. But there is someone. Come on, Sirius! I’m not forcing you to tell me, but you know you can tell me, right?’’

He looked at her. Mrs Potter was not so young anymore, but she still had the energetic spark in her eyes. Her once honey blonde hair was turning lighter and lighter, but she still wore it in a braid on her back. Her brown eyes stared at him, curious and friendly.

’’Okay’’, he admitted. ’’There is someone. I might be in love.’’

’’I knew it! Now tell me all about her. How is she?’’

’’Well… she’s amazing. First of all, stunning. Beautiful. She’s absolutely gorgeous. And she’s smart. Very smart. Also funny. The smart-kinda-funny. She makes me laugh all the time. And she’s kind. And caring. She really sees people, you know? She’s a great listener. She’s tolerant, loyal and patient. Brave. And… she’s in love with me.’’ He smiled.

’’Does she make you happy?’’

’’She doesn’t just make me happy. She makes me feel like everything is covered in glitter. Just the thought of her makes me smile. Man, I love her. But…’’

’’But what?’’

’’There is one thing’’, said Sirius slowly. ’’Er… She is not a she. She’s a he, actually.’’

He watched the witch, who had raised her tea cup, still looking at him. How would her reaction be? He was a bit worried. The Potters were tolerant and open-minded, but this?

’’Oh’’, she said lightly, took a sip of her tea and then put the cup down. ’’Well, he sounds like bit of a catch to me. Congratulations! When can I meet him?’’

Wh…what? Was that it?

’’Er’’, Sirius began, with a wide grin taking place in his face. ’’We have talked about… Friday.’’

’’Friday is great! Will he sleep over?’’ she asked entusiastically. Then, she thought about it, and added; ’’Wait… I thought Remus and Peter were going to be here for the weekend?’’

’’They are’’, Sirius said slowly.

’’Are you going to be here all five of you? Because then I’ll have to take another mattress up from the cellar…’’

’’No… I… we…’’

Mrs Potter watched him with a raised eyebrow.

’’Since I have made the rules so clear with James and his eventual girlfriends, I’m afraid I can’t let him sleep in your bed, Sirius.’’

’’That’s not what I…’’ Sirius began again, blushing now. ’’It’s just that… well, it’s Remus.’’

’’Oh’’, Mrs Potter said, and then smiled big. ’’That’s lovely! Remus is such an adorable boy. I’m so happy for you!’’
She stood up, walked around the table and kissed Sirius on the forehead.

’’I have to take care of the laundry’’, she said. ’’I’ll be back soon!’’

The other lockets

We know Undertaker has 7 lockets total. Claudia P. is Claudia Phantomhive, that much is certain, but there are still 6 other people. I went back to see and yes, there are at least 3 other recognizable initials (Source).

  • Emile C.
  • Alex B.
  • Mally G. 

Crack theory of the day: the C, B, and G aren’t just unknown names. There are characters already in the story with those surnames.

  • Chamber.
  • Brown.
  • Grey.

Another G could be Greenhill, but judging from the way UT treated Herman, I doubt it. But we’ve yet to see UT interact with John Brown and Charles Grey, maybe with good reason? They both happen to be the Queen’s trusted servants and Brown at least, is suspected of not being quite-human. There’s also Grey’s intense dislike for the Phantomhives. And we’ve already seen how “taken” UT was with Aleister lol.

So there you have it; crack theory of the day- Druitt, Brown, and Grey are also connected to Undertaker.

Make A Wish (Part One)

Hello Ladybugs and Tomcats! Day 16 of fanfiction! So I went to the planetarium yesterday and I just has to write some MariChat and that stars! I hope you like it! vanilla107 xoxo :)

Dedicated to the LOVELY @angiensca for her amazing artwork! :)
Part two: ********************************************

It’s beautiful tonight, isn’t it Chat?“ Marinette asked looking up from her roof. It was a warm night and the stars and moon bathed Paris in a silver light. “Yes, but not as beautiful as you, Princess.” Chat purred.

His green eyes and Cheshire cat smile appeared brighter in the silver light. Marinette rolled her eyes and focused back on the stars. “They look like diamonds on black velvet.” she sighed happily. “Said like a true designer.” said Chat winking. Marinette blushed from his compliment and she saw him smile victoriously.

“I made you blush!” he said scooting closer to her and wiggling his eyebrows. “Now don’t get too cocky you silly cat- WAS THAT A SHOOTING STAR?” Marinette nearly screeched. She sat up straight and observed the sky. A few minutes later another shooting star soared across the sky. “Make a wish Chat!” Marinette squealed.

She knew that she was acting a little childish but this was a childhood tradition. Whenever she saw a shooting star her dad told her to close her eyes and make a wish. He said that if you wanted something hard enough and wished for it to come true it would. Marinette shut her eyes and though about her wish.

‘What should I wish for? Maybe for Adrien to fall in love with me? Wait. NO! If I want Adrien to like me…then I want it to be natural.’ she thought. ‘Okay…I wish to talk to Adrien Agreste without stuttering and become a complete stammering mess.’ She opened her eyes and looked at Chat a smile on her face. “So Chat, what did you wish for? A kiss from Ladybug?” she teased.
He didn’t answer.

“Chat..? Are you okay?” she asked worriedly. “I’m fine, Princess…its just…I don’t believe wishing on stars.” he said softly. Marinette cocked her head to the side. “Why? Even if your wish doesn’t come true, its still fun to do.” she said. “I don’t care. I don’t wish on stars and I don’t expect my wish to come true.” Chat said harshly. “But Chat-.”


Marinette felt something rip painfully on her inside. She felt her eyes getting watery and blinked to try and not cry. Chat looked at her and his eyes widened in shock. “Marinette…I’m…I need to go.” he said quickly and left.

After he left Marinette let the tears flow. Sure, she was upset that Chat had insulted her but…what had happened to him to make him think like that? “Chat, I hope you’re okay.” she whispered into the night.