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Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Shiro and short! Reader oneshot, please?

Yes oh my gosh-

I think I kind of strayed away from the short!reader thing but this turned out cute-

Originally posted by relatablepicsofvoltron

You hummed softly to the music playing from the speaker, organizing one of your many drawers. It wasn’t fast, and it helped you focus as you worked.

You were a healer, and helped with minor injuries the paladins had after fights. You had insisted that they didn’t use the healing chambers every time they got hurt, as it would use power and was unnecessary for anything that wasn’t very serious.

“(Y/N), you’re in here,” you heard someone sigh, before they wrapped you in a hug from behind and buried their face in your neck.

“Shiro? Why are you awake?” Your voice was hushed as you stood, carefully turning to face him. Even though there was at least half a foot of a height difference between you two, you went onto your tip-toes and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Shiro replied quietly, and you grabbed his hand before leading him back to his room. “Can you…”

“Yes,” you answered, knowing exactly what he was going to ask. You heard a quiet ‘thank you’, causing you to nod and smile. Ever since you joined, you had noticed that the black paladin had odd sleeping patterns. “You seem to be having these dreams more often, is something wrong?”

“As I regain memories from my time as a prisoner, more things surface that I really would rather not remember,” he explained, although something made you skeptical. He didn’t sound as nervous as he used to. Shaking it off as just him getting used to coming to you for help with sleeping, you silently slipped into his room.

“I’ll be right back,” you said, letting go of his hand and grabbing a spare pair of pajamas and slipping into the bathroom. When you came back in, he was already under the blankets waiting for you.

“Comfy?” He shrugged, and you set your clothes on a shelf before sliding into bed next to him. His arms almost immediately wrapped around you, pulling you close to him.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, making you smile.

“You thank me every time. You don’t have to,” you replied, your voice hushed as you reached up to run your hand lazily through his hair. “Just get some sleep, okay?”

“Promise to stay with me tonight?” he asked, causing you to nod.

“I promise. Now sleep, Shiro. You need to rest.” It took a little while, but he eventually did fall asleep. You stretched slightly in his arms, placing a kiss on the scar across his nose more snuggling into his chest. “Love you…”

Part 11 of Lance Bonding w/ The Lions!!!

They were on the castle. It was night time, indicating by the stars twinkling brightly outside the castle windows. Everything appeared to be normal. “Did Black mean to send us here?” Keith whispered. Shiro shrugged, about to respond, but Pidge cut him off. “Wait, guys…do you hear that?” The team listened closely. It sounded like someone was…crying? “Let’s go check it out.” The team walked down one of the castle halls, following the sound. The more they walked, the louder the crying was. They could hear sharp intakes of breath, the person sounding like they were on the verge of hyperventilating. The team walked faster. When the team turned the corner in the barely light hallway, they gasped as what they saw. It was Shiro. And he looked terrible. His back was against the wall, and his hands were in his hair, gripping tightly. His face was unnaturally pale, and the team could see a thin sheen of sweat coating him. His breaths came out hard and fast, sobs racking his body. The team stared in shock back at their Shiro, whose eyes hard and fists clenched. “Why would Black show us this? Why the quiznak would he-” “Shiro!”
The team turned to find Lance at the opposite end of the hall. Lance stood frozen as he witnessed Shiro in this state, but quickly recovered. He ran to his leader’s hunched form. “Shiro, Shiro! What’s wrong? Are okay, can you hear me?” Lance then lightly placed his hand on Shiro’s shoulder. Shiro jerked from his touch, grabbed Lance’s wrist, and punched him in the jaw. “Get the fuck away from me!” Lance stumbled to the ground, clutching his jaw and wiping away the blood that spilled from his mouth. “Okay, ow. Shiro, are you shitting me right now? Did you really have to punch-” “Please, I-I don’t want to fight anymore! Where’s my team?! Matt? Dr. Holt?” Lance’s eyes softened. “Oh, you’re stuck in one of your flashbacks…okay, buddy. I got you.” But as Lance tried to help Shiro up, he lashed out at Lance again. “Shiro, snap out of it! It’s me, Lance!” But Shiro was too far gone. He was still crying and his breathing became heavier and more ragged. Lance step his jaw. “Shiro, if you remember this, please forgive me.” Lance suddenly pounces on Shiro, and he immediately reacts. Shiro begins screaming and punching Lance where ever his fists can land, but it seems as Lance is unaffected by them. His fingers fly up to Shiro’s neck, searching. “I’m sorry, Shiro.” Lance then pinches a small area on Shiro’s neck. Shiro immediately does limp, and he is knocked unconscious. Keith stared with wide eyes. “What the-” “Pressure points.” Pidge simply explains. They watch as Lance pulls himself underneath Shiro. “Okay, buddy. Let’s get you to bed.” “How is he gonna get Shiro to bed? It’s not like he’s just gonna lift-” The team gawk as they watch Lance easily pick Shiro up from the ground and carry him to his room. “Shiro, you need to lay off the snacking, okay? You are like 50 times heavier then all my siblings combined.” The team follow them, and watch as Lance gently lays Shiro in his bed. Lance disappears into his bathroom, and returns with a damp rag. He brushes back Shiro’s hair and begins to wipe away the sweat and tears. Satisfied with his work, Lance then pulls the covers up to Shiro’s chest, even tucking him in. Lance lays a hand on his arm. “It’ll be okay, Shiro. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses or fears. If this ever happens again, I’ll be here for you.” The team suddenly finds themselves in the castle again, still late at night, but this time, they’re in the living quarters. They find Shiro as he was before, hunched over with sobs rocking his body. Lance quickly enters the room. “Shiro!”
The team find themselves in the training room, and the can see Shiro crouched in the middle of the floor, debris of droids everywhere. They can see Lance tripping over the parts, making his was to their leader. “Shiro!”
Black shows them multiple more flashbacks of Lance coming to help Shiro. Over and over again. Then, they’re back in the hangar with Black and the other lions. Shiro’s face is slightly wet from silent tears as he gazes at Lance’s still sleeping form. “Every time, he was there. And I hit him, but he was still there. I..” He trailed of as Black went to lay with Lance, along with the other Lions. “Allura, Coran? What does this mean?” Allura and Coran eyes were both wide and gazed at each other. “Princess, do you understand what this means?” Yes Coran, it’s just I never imagined that it would be-“ "Yes yes, I understand.” “Can somebody please tell me what the quiznak is going on?” Pidge interrupted. Allura gave a final glance at Coran, who gave her a nod. “It means that Lance has truly bonded with all the Lions. He has earned the respect and trust of the Lions by taking care of them and their Paladins, without seeking any thanks or reward. He did it simply because he wanted to. Because of this, he has formed very strong bonds with all of the Lions of Voltron. This means that Lance…” She was interrupted by a small groan. They all whip around to see Lance stir. Lance slowly blinks his eyes open, slowly sitting up. He yawns loudly and rubs his eyes. “Uh, what time is it?”

Cupcakes and a child’s love

Words: 2.9k

Genre: Fluff

Description:  Dan is working at the bakery “The Cake Whisperer” when a man and his child come into his life. All it took was a spiderman cupcake.

Warnings: none (mention of a creepy dude)

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sugar ❖ sehun (5)

❝I’m old, I don’t care. I want to fall in love and I never felt like this, not even with my wife. I don’t want you as my lover, I want you as my woman❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (finally it’s here), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst. THIS MAY BE CHEESY AS FUCK, BUT YOU KNOW ME, I JUST LOVE SOFT EXO.

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Epilogue

This isn’t your mansion, so it’s way smaller, but it’s warm and cozy and I hope my cat isn’t in ‘cause I forgot to put away the cushions❞ you muttered to yourself as you put the key into the lock. You fought a little with the handle and finally opened the door.

Sehun was behind you, you could feel him, his eyes on your body, the little smile tugging at his lips and the warmth of his body, he almost felt like home. You stepped into your apartment first, looking around to see if your cat damaged anything while you were at work, but fortunately he didn’t. He was laying down with his head on his little paws, watching you enter.

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He Put The Stars In The Sky

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @lovefan643

Obsidian Daughter of Mother Gothel because she knows repunzle her hair is long (only reaches to her hands tho) mostly unhappy due to her living conditions and her abusive mother She only comes when its dark cuz she loves the stars one day she meet Harry Hook (sorry for so many Harry Hook stories) and you suprise me from there on (an idea one of my friends had and i kinda made it better :pp)

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Mother Gothel and one night when she goes out in the night she meets the infamous Harry Hook.

Warning(s) - abuse, mentions of not wearing clothes

Originally posted by lavendertitties

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am i the only one whos salty that shiro did so much to bond with his lion. he went to great lengths to strengthen his bond only for it to basically go to waste? like will shiro really not be a paladin again?! was him getting the bayard back, fighting zarkon, activating the wings, getting to know about his lion's bg, and seeing through black's eyes really all for nothing? all of that work so he could stay back at hq and give out orders? i'm pretty bitter tbh

yes i’m mad salty about this! he worked really hard, and that was honestly his entire character arc last season. however, i’m pretty sure the only reason shiro can’t currently pilot the black lion is because he’s not really shiro. i think there’s a really good chance we’ll see him pilot the black lion again.

at the end of last season, shiro got his bayard back from zarkon, gained the ability to teleport, and was able to form the blazing sword with keith,  that’s a lot! and none of those are one-offs, in my mind.

@dragonescence and i were talking yesterday, and they had a really cool theory about what might happen in season 4. if we get real shiro back and we have too many paladins, one option is to have shiro sit it out, but the other is that something might happen to keith.

so far he’s kind of been the rock of the series. the only exception to this is when shiro is involved. he breaks orders to help shiro, he doesn’t want to be leader and take shiro’s place, etc. other than that? keith is made of steel.

the blade of marmora episode was really eye opening because even though kolivan explicitly says knowledge or death, keith doesn’t hesitate. and he doesn’t quit. i don’t know if anyone realizes this, but it’s explicitly stated that he fought for a bare minimum of 18 hours. they go out of their way to give us times in that episode. keith vastly undervalues his own life and he doesn’t quit, and there’s a real chance that could come into play eventually.

specifically, when it comes to shiro. i’ve had a few asks/prompts about this, too: what would keith give up for shiro? a lot, i think. like not to be dramatic, but given what the series has shown us so far, if keith has to make a hard choice between shiro and himself, that’s no choice at all. i don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t give up, honestly. @dragonescence also pointed out that so far in the series, shiro has been motivated totally by duty. having something happen to keith might give him a bigger stake in this fight. anyway! just an interesting theory.

Things I learned about Genghis Khan

I learned things today about Genghis Khan - yes, that guy - that I had no idea I didn’t know. CNN declared him the “Man of the Millennium” a few years back and I now understand why.

  • He invented a lot of things, including passports, the Pony Express, and the concept of diplomatic immunity.
  • He had two horsehair “spirit banners,” one black and one white, made from the hair of his best stallions. The black represented war and the white represented peace. These went with him everywhere and in Mongolia, legend has it that the black one still exists.
  • He set foot inside a building exactly once in his entire life. He lived in tents called gers, or yurts, and dressed like everyone else. He also insisted that his name not be spoken with any particular reverence.
  • Although he was definitely a bloodthirsty invader who rightly inspired fear in many nations, he never attacked anyone without giving advance notice.
  • He was a firm believer in the idea of a meritocracy - after removing those in power in a place he conquered, he would install new leaders of those areas based on their individual worth. Sometimes these new leaders would be chosen from among his fellow Mongols, but just as often he would select them from among the people he conquered.
  • Everyone living in his empire had the right of religious freedom; they could worship however they chose and were never penalized for it. 
  • He had a harem, of course, but that was normal for his culture at the time. His chief wife was a woman named Borte, to whom he became betrothed at the age of eight. He loved her devotedly - before they were married, she was kidnapped by one of his enemies, who raped and impregnated her. Khan fought to get her back, by which time she had birthed a son. He married her regardless and raised his stepson with great kindness. 
  • Because she was his first and most important wife, the four sons Borte bore him were the ones who inherited his empire. They also had daughters, all of whom became pretty important figures. Right up until Khan’s death, he would go to Borte for advice on all manner of things and considered her extremely wise; after his passing, she retained her high status in the empire and continued to advise her sons and other nobles.
  • Reportedly, he was afraid of two things: wild dogs and his mother’s temper.
  • He was buried with a treasure so vast as to be beyond counting; it took 2,000 soldiers to dig the burial site. When they returned after his tomb was sealed, they were all slaughtered in order to keep the location a secret. To this day it has never been found.

my dog kept turning around to look at something behind us but there was nothing there but the sound of bells


Request: Just a monty imagine with them cuddling on a rainy saturday with lots of fluff affection and playful banter pls

Word Count: 981

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I anxiously stood on the front porch, hearing the rain pounding down around me, my clothes were dripping from the short run from my car to the door. “Hello-Y/N?” Monty almost gasped, seeing me standing in wet clothes and a childish grin on my face. “Hey, babe.” I laughed. 

“You’re soaked.” He chuckled, crossing his arms teasingly, I glared at him, “are you gonna get me a towel or something, let me in maybe?” I raised my eyebrows as he just looked at me. “Hang on.” He faked annoyance as he left the door open, allowing me to watch as he trudged down the hall, grabbing an old towel. 

Once he came back to the door he tossed it on my head and laughed when I pouted. “I’m kidding.” He pulled it off of my hair and laid it around my shoulders. He pushed some of my wet hair off my face as I towel dried myself as well as I could, I kicked my shoes off and shrieked when he picked me up bridal style. 

“Monty, what are you doing?” I grinned as he kicked the door shut, carrying me through his house, “well, I’m not gonna let you get water all over the floor.” He joked. I smiled as he set me down on the rug in his room, “can I have some clothes?” I asked sheepishly, he laughed, digging through his drawers and tossing me a shirt and sweatpants.

I happily took them and went into the bathroom to change, much to his dismay. “Babe.” He whined as I took my time changing, I laughed as he continuously knocked on the door. “I’m almost done, cry baby.” I teased through the door, tugging the pants up my legs, and tightening the waist band so they wouldn’t fall right off of me. 

“Finally.” He groaned when I opened the door, smiling at me in his clothes. “So I guess the game is cancelled huh?” I remarked, looking passed him and out the window, watching the rain pour down. “You really think so?” His response was sarcastic, making me slap his chest. “Sarcasm is my thing.” I reminded him, Monty looked at me with raised eyebrows as I sat on his bed, watching him pointedly. 

“You’re a little shit, you know that?” He walked over, belly flopping onto his bed, “I know, it’s a full time job.” I shrugged in response, he shook with laughter at my choice of words. “Babe.” I sang horribly off key as I laid back, raising his arm so it went across me. He turned his head so he was looking at me, “yes?” He mumbled, watching curiously as I stared at him. I broke out into a laugh as I saw mascara on his cheek from when he lifted me up. 

“Ew, what are you doing?” He tried to move away as I licked my thumb and wiped his cheek, “oh, please. We’ve been dating for over a year, that’s not gross.” I rolled my eyes as I showed him the black mascara that’s now on my thumb. “Oh.” He laughed, pulling me closer, or moving himself closer to me, either way he had his head buried in my neck. 

“Monty.” I complained, feeling him leave wet kisses along my neck, “you’ve never complained before.” He smirked against me. “That’s different.” I stated, laughing when his head popped up, furrowed eyebrows and lips in a straight line. “You’re never purposely leaving slobbery kisses.” I grimaced as I used the shirt I was wearing to wipe my skin, “Jesus, you make me sound like a dog.” He laughed. 

I smirked, using his own statement against him. “Oh! Who’s a good boy, who’s a good boy!” I patted the top of his head making him glare at me, “Monty!” I shrieked when he dug his fingers into my sides. “Stop!” I laughed, pushing against him, he was persistent as he put more of his weight on my legs so I couldn’t move around. “Babe, stop please.” I was grinning as I tried to catch my breath, “don’t talk to me like a dog, and I’ll stop.” He offered, waiting patiently as I stopped breathing rapidly. 

I leaned up nodding, I kissed him, making him hover above me more, giving me room to move. I leaned back, looking at him happily, before reaching up and doing what I had done before, “such a pretty boy.” I cooed like I was talking to a dog. As soon as his smile turned into a plain face I slid out from under him, knocking one of his hands, making him fall face first into his bed as I ran out of the room. 

My laughter filled the empty house as I ran down the stairs as best as I could, “Y/N!” I heard him calling out my name as I pulled the closet door shut, covering my mouth in an attempt to quiet my breathing. “Babe, seriously, where the hell did you go?” He sounded closer now, I saw his shadow at the base of the door as he walked by, entering the guest room. 

I could tell he dropped down to the floor, thinking I was under the bed like usual. Soon after his shadow went by again, but then it backtracked and stood in front of the door. I shrieked when he swung the door open and I fell out of the closet since I was forced to lean against the door. “Whoa, baby.” He laughed when I stumbled into his chest. “No, no more.” I sighed when he placed his hands on my sides, “I feel like I just did a hundred sit ups.” I complained, resting my forehead on his shoulder. 

“Aw, my poor girl.” He teased, putting his arms around my back and squeezing me. “Shut up.” I laughed, slinging my arms around his neck. 

Fencer! Lai Guanlin

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: fluff, lots & lots of fluff
A/N: 3/11 of Wanna One x Sports (Find the rest here) & this one is also for EVERYONG who are so so sweet & supportive about writing!!!!! ILYSM :)

“And suddenly, all the love songs were about you.”

  • Guanlin is a talented right-handed epee fencer
  • He started fencing when he became an exchange student and his student guide, Jackson, was the president of the club
  • But somehow he was actually really good at it as he picked things up really quickly
  • He started participating in a lot of competition and begin winning as he made a reputation for himself
  • He has a crowd of girls who literally go to every single of his competition to cheer for him
  • Because Lai Guanlin in a fencing uniform?
  • bLESS
  • Whenever he takes his mask off and he smirks while wiping off the sweat
  • The crowd goes WILD
  • He makes warming up like a runway and while he is the best in epee
  • Guanlin pretty much mastered all the other 2 swords as well and is comfortable with using any 3 of them
  • Has this thing where people would throw him roses to him whenever he wins a competition
  • He is really good at spotting openings at his opponents body and also quick with his strikes
  • He likes to stay close to his opponents and just play with their minds by making them as uncomfortable they can get
  • His strikes are super strong and powerful that each hit just blows through his opponents’ parries
  • He is sort of cocky because he is honestly really good
  • As far as records go, he was unbeatable as no one has won over him since he joined his first competition
  • You were also an exchange student from Taipei but you were placed in a different high school
  • You were in the national fencing team when you were younger but quit when you had a knee injury
  • You continued the sport again when you started your exchange program as you were required to join at least one sport
  • While you could still do sports, you weren’t allowed to do it for a long period due to your injury
  • Hence you refrained yourself joining any competition and played more of a manager role in the team
  • While you were undeniably the best fencer in the team, you spent most of the time just giving pointers and doing research on the rival team
  • Occasionally only dueling with others when your coach asked you to in practices or friendly matches
  • Besides having the advantage of being a left-hander, you knew a lot of tricks that you picked up when you were younger
  • Your strategy was also unpredictable and wild so you usually defeated people really easily
  • So your school’s fencing club was hosting a joint training camp with Guanlin’s club
  • The two clubs was also ranked 1st and 2nd in the region for fencing
  • After warm-up, the coaches wanted to start things up with a match between the two school’s aces to let the juniors learn from it
  • Your coach sent you since you were extremely good regardless of your gender and you haven’t dueled in some time
  • You had your mask on when Guanlin came in
  • He was running late as he had to retake a Maths quiz
  • He did a quick warmup before putting on his equipment
  • You knew about Guanlin considering how popular he was and as the manager, you knew about his weak points and how he liked to dueled
  • You found him pretty cute and there was a heart scribbled next to his name in your opponent’s notebook but nobody needs to know 
  • You used it to your advantage
  • When he advance, you advanced even closer rather than running away
  • He does really small and fast strikes so he can defend himself
  • So you purposely defend yourself and wait for him to drop his guard as he finds a way to attack you
  • That’s when you strike your way to victory
  • When it was announced that Guanlin lost, he was really confused
  • He had dueled with your school before but he had never met such a strong fencer before
  • He was also pretty sure there wasn’t any news of a rising rookie
  • Not to be cocky, but he was one of the very best junior fencers so for you to just easily defeat him
  • He was shook
  • You took off your mask and Guanlin was stunned
  • Not only was his opponent a girl but an extremely beautiful one
  • He wasn’t even angry over the fact that you beat him but he was super impressed with your skills
  • Your long locks tumbled out as you raised your hand for a friendly handshake
  • Your smile made his heart beat accelerate as he reached out to shake your hand
  • When you complimented him on his skills, winning suddenly didn’t seem like a big thing to Guanlin anymore
  • All he wanted was to hear you saying he did well and your voice just became his favourite sound
  • The first day of the joint training hasn’t even ended and he was already distracted
  • Rather than focusing on practice, he noticed all the small quirks about you since he sat right next to you
  • On you did fixed your ponytail now and then since a lot of strands kept falling out
  • Or how your eyes crinkle whenever you laughed when one of the coaches said something funny
  • You were paired up with Guanlin for the rest of the day and he asked you a lot of question like where were you from, how did you start fencing etc
  • At the end of the day, he sensed that you might be interested as you were just as engaging as he was
  • He took this as an opportunity to casually asked you out
  • “Do you want to talk about this over coffee?”
  • That’s right, the talented and handsome Lai Guanlin just asked you out on a date
  • You smiled as you accepted his offer, anticipating what was going to happen
  • Coffee turned out to be dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant that Guanlin frequent whenever he missed home
  • You two were surprised when you realized that you guys actually live in the city next to each other in Taipei which was only 10 minutes away
  • The day ended with you two exchanging numbers and making plans to visit each other in Taipei when you two ended your exchange program
  • However
  • His face fell the next day when he saw you with one of the boys from your team
  • The boy leaned his head on your shoulders as you whispered something into his ear and ruffled his head
  • Guanlin wondered if you were playing with his feelings the day before
  • Seeing how close you two were, he put on his mask and went to choose another partner instead
  • In reality, Jinyoung was your younger brother who was actually here on holiday
  • He was 2 years younger than you and Guanlin but puberty hit him really early so he literally looked your age
  • You got him to join the camp since he was currently training for the national team and there was no way you were letting him slack even if it was a holiday
  • Your coach had no reason to deny him since he was just as good as you and made a good opponent for his students
  • Guanlin was convinced that you like Jinyoung when tbh you were just his sister
  • “Sis!! You need to stop bringing up Guanlin in every conversation.”
  • “Shh just focus on training.”
  • Your brother was a hassle to deal with but a moody Guanlin was even worse
  • You had no idea what happened to him as his form was slacking and he seemed like he had 0 motivation to train which affected his other teammates
  • When you brought him outside of the club room to speak to him, he seemed to be frowning at you
  • The smile he had yesterday was gone entirely and he seemed to despise the fact you were overstepping his personal space
  • “What’s going on with you? Don’t bring your team down over some personal matters. You should know better than that, Guanlin.”
  • “Do you like me?”
  • A blush crept to your cheeks as you stutter, asking what he was talking about
  • “Not as in a friendship sort of like, but like a ‘I’ll-say-yes-to-an-actual-date’ sort of like.”
  • You really weren’t sure what to say as your feelings were all jumbled out
  • You couldn’t possibly admit you had a mini crush on his for the longest time ever since you saw him competing at his first fencing competition
  • He had one hand on the wall as his eyes were drawn into yours and his tall body shadowing your tiny frame
  • “How am I supposed to focus on training when I want to bring you on a real date and I see you being all lovey-dovey with another guy?”
  • When you heard his last statement, you actually started chuckling
  • “That’s my brother, you idiot.”
  • A sudden realization dawned upon him when he connected the dots as you mentioned that your brother was in this country for a holiday
  • Which his coach mentioned that someone from the national team was coming over to join them
  • His face flushed a bit, thinking that he went overboard with his jealousy
  • “And yes I like you as in ‘I’ll-go-on-a-date-with-you-if you-ask’ sort of like.”
  • You pecked his cheek as you walked back into the room  
  • Your smile widen when you hear him hollering that he would text you the details later
  • Fencer couple more like Instagram aesthetic couple
  • There’s always a photo of both your fashion uploaded every single week
  • Your followers even gave you two a ship name
  • He is always trying to style you and subtly make you wear his clothes like having his flannel tied around your waist or wear his black leather jacket with your white skater dress
  • Matching accessories like the same earrings and you guys have a silver cuff on your arm which both your names engraved on it
  • Which both of you bought for like only 10 bucks since you guys were pretty much broke all the time as an exchange student
  • Street food dates !!!
  • After practice, he did bring you for street food or sometimes you guys will just order fried chicken at Hangang River
  • You two are outside most of time since both your dorms were really tiny
  • You two do a lot of cafe hunting over which cafe you could stay the longest without being chased out or which wifi was the fastest
  • Tutors you on English while you tutor him in Korean
  • But most of the time you two just speak in your native language
  • He has a picture of you in his locker and you tease him for how attached he  was to you
  • Until he saw your notebook with the heart on his name and that’s when all the teasings went to you
  • You joined his Skype call with his parents very often and his family LOVES you
  • You two went back to Taipei together during the holidays and the first thing you did after visiting your family was to visit his
  • You tried your best to learn a lot of Taiwanese cuisine from your mom when you were back
  • So you could cook it for Guanlin when you guys were back in Korea and missed your hometown
  • You cooked it once and he was soooo proud of you
  • He refused to share his food with Seonho for the first time cause you tried your best to make it for him and he wasn’t going to let anything go to waste
  • Video calls you at random hours
  • Has this habit of ending each call by speaking in two languages
  • “I love you, babe. 我爱你, 宝贝.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

The Joker + Pennywise x Female Reader - Surprise (Rated SUPER M)

Alright this was based on an Anon Request I got. I’m not sure if I like it, or I went too far? I dont know. I will probably get so much hate for this. I might do a part 2? Unsure yet

The Request was:  “ Hey I love the stuff you’re doing. Could you maybe consider writing a pennywise daddy kink smut where the Joker comes in and they fight over Y/N? I think you’d be the first to do it. Please and thanks!”


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Pairing: BTS Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1,123

A/N this one is sorta different to other ones I’ve written, idk where the collage idea came from but yeah… also would anyone like it if I made a masterlist?

You sat alone on the couch in front of the television, scrolling without purpose through social media feeds. Jungkook should be home soon, you thought to yourself, glancing at the time. The exciting stage in yours and Jungkook’s relationship had never seemed to die down, a gentle buzz of butterflies fluttering at the pit of your stomach when you thought of seeing him soon. Just being in his company, hearing him, touching him, breathing him.

After you’d whirled up a daydream in your head of welcoming home Jungkook in a variety of different ways, you hardly noticed him emerging from the front door. His body seemed to slump over uninvitingly, the hood of his jacket masking a shadow across his eyes, darkening them further. You swallowed slightly; you’d encountered sulky-Jungkook many times.  

Concerned, you pulled yourself up from the comforting grip of the couch and made your way over to Jungkook. Ignoring you, he brushed past you and threw himself into the singular chair adjacent to the sofa and buried his head in his hands, groaning slightly. You followed him and leant against the back of the chair, gently kneading your hands into his shoulders.

“You okay?” you murmured. He sighed heavily in reply. You began to massage his shoulders before leaning close to his ear and inquiring, “want to talk about it?”

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#brolby? // Colby Brock

Prompt: Brolby? Nahhh

Warnings: swearing, fluff?

Tags: @honeycombharrison

A/N: If you want to be tagged just DM me ❤

“#brolby ❤” I tweeted as I watched twitter drama unravel. Immediately I was getting likes and replies, which wasn’t surprising since I was Colby’s best (girl) friend.

“Hey so team Brolby huh?” Colby walked into the room, phone in his hand as he smiled at me. “Oh course. Brolby for life” I smiled and he climbed into the bed laying on the opposite side. “I was afraid you’d betray me and choose Brikey.” He laughed.

“No I don’t like little kids.” I smiled and jumped up from the bed. “I have to shower.” “Can I join?” Colby smirked; causing me to scoff in disgust. “Ew no go home.” I shook my head and went to the bathroom, turning on the water and stripping my clothes.


“Y/N?” Colby knocked on the door. “Yes? Just come in.” I told him as I searched for a shirt in my bra. I didn’t mind getting dressed in front of him since I’ve known him since 7th grade. “I was wondering if you wanted to go get food.” He fell on my bed and let him eyes scan my body.

“Hey, eyes up here.” I made a peace sign putting them to my eyes then to his back and forth a few times. “Yeah sorry.” He laughed but continued to scan my chest. I quickly pulled a black shirt over my head and pulled my hair out, allowing it to flow across my back.

“Hey isn’t that mine?” He asked. “Yep.” I nodded and went to the mirror, applying mascara and dark red lipstick. “So food?” He asked again. “Sure where?” I turned to him smiling. “Tender greens with me and Brennen.” He shrugged.

“Oh I’m special enough to join you guys at tender greens?” I raised my eyebrows, a smirk plastered to my red lips. “Of course you are.” He smirked back, kissing my head and walking to the door.

“So yes?” He leaned against the door frame. “Yeah I guess.” I nodded and grabbed my black converse. “Okay meet us downstairs in five.” I nodded and began to tie my shoes. Finishing up, I grabbed my phone off of the charger and went down the stairs, Colby and Brennen talking to the vlog.

Colby hadn’t noticed that I came so I jumped on his back yelling boo. “Jesus!” Colby yelled and grabbed my thighs so I wouldn’t fall off. “You scared me.” He bounced so I would be on his back more comfortably.

“Ready to go?” I asked, looking over his shoulder. Our faces were extremely close, which I didnt mind one bit. “Yup.” I popped the p and kissed his cheek.

“Hey! He’s mine.” Brennen said offensively. “Oh yeah?” I smirked and he nodded, grabbing Colby’s hand. “Brolby.” He winked and I smacked his hand away. “Brolby when I’m not around.” I smirked and intertwined mine and replaced Brennens fingers with mine and kissed his cheek again.

“I can’t believe you’d do this bro.” Brennen had his hand over his chest. “I’m sorry.” Colby dropped me from his back. I smirked triumphantly and let go of Colby’s hand. “Delete all that they’ll probably think me and Colbs are together.” I told Brennen and he shook his head.

“Nope.” He smirked and I groaned. (I’m gonna use mine and Colby’s ship name but you can change it to your own) “Conzie.” I cringed at the ugly name. “Kelby?” Brennen suggested. “No both are ugly.” I cringed and followed them to Colby’s car. “Shot gun!” I yelled and ran to the door, pulling myself in before Brennen can pull me out.

“You’re terrible.” He narrowed his eyes at me and climbed into the back of the small car. “Ha.” I smirked and pulled the belt over my waist and chest. “So tender greens still right?” I asked and turned to look over at Colby who nodded.

I laid my head on the head rest and looked over at Colby. I couldn’t help but stare, he was just so beautiful. Me and Colby have never been anything more than friends but occasionally we’d hold hands or cuddle. I wish he thought of me that way but I doubt he ever will.

He reached over the thing and grabbed my hand, intertwining. I looked over at him with a confused look but he kept his eyes on the road. I was starving so I couldn’t wait to get food.


“What are we doing after this?” I asked as I sipped my sweet tea. “I dont know. Whatever you want?” Colby shrugged and looked over at Brennen for an idea but he shrugged as well. “I kinda just wanna go home and watch Harry Potter.” I set my drink down, looking st the boys to see if they’d add anything else.

“Okay.” Colby nodded. “I have to go home anyways after so..” Brennen told us and I nodded. “Harry Potter night with Colby it is!” I cheered and got up, throwing my food away.

“Let’s go get Brennen home! I wanna watch movies.” I grabbed Colby’s hand, dragging him out. “Slow down.” He laughed and tripped over his feet as I dragged.


“Which one first?” He asked. “Uhm obviously the first one?” I gave him a crazy look. “Okay okay sorry.” He put his hands up in defense and got up to go get all the snacks. “Lets begin!” I cheered and grabbed a hardfull of popcorn.


“I’m bored!” Colby groaned, falling into my lap. “We’re only on the third one!” I groaned back and pushed him off of me. “Let’s do something else.” He sat up, looking at me with his beautiful eyes.

“No.” I pushed him away. “Y/N?” He asked, sounding more serious. “Yes?” I turned to him and before i could react, his lips were on mine. “What are you doing?” I asked, pushing him away.

“Oh I I’m sorry..” He said standing up, about to rush away. “Wait. No I didnt mean.. I..” I held his hand so he couldn’t rush away again. I looked up at him but he avoided my eyes. I sighed, grabbing his cheeks and pressing my lips back to his.

“I felt so rejected.” He laughed, kissing me again. “No. I just wasn’t sure.. But I am now.” I smiled and he smiled back. “Good because I was terrified.” He laughed, grabbing my hands and kissing my forehead.

Reggie x Reader: “Can I get extra credit for this?”

Warnings: mild swearing (1 word)
Requested: yes

*your POV*

I headed to 5th period drama when I bumped into my dramatic love interest, Archie Andrews.

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the scathe of branches, 1.8k, more of that sweet, sweet Loki whump, I’ll end up crossposting these eventually when I’m less lazy but here you go for now, title from the poetic edda cause I’m a pretentious bitch like that, uhhh cw for descriptions of burns I guess

Loki wasn’t entirely certain it would work. The window of time was very short, and the Tesseract did have a mind of its own, of sorts. If it decided it didn’t want to work with him, or even just took time to think about doing so -

It was a better option than the ship, though, which was a great deal further away. And Surtur certainly wasn’t wasting time rising out of the Eternal Flame in all his blazing, destructive, glory. The end of the world. Of Asgard, anyway. And here he was making it happen.

Didn’t quite manage it with Jotunheim. Second time’s the charm?

The trouble, it turned out, didn’t come from the Tesseract itself. It came from Surtur, half out of the flames, turning his head to look at Loki.

He really should not have waited to make sure the Eternal Flame worked as expected. That, in retrospect, had been his real mistake.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Shiro's bayard will look like?

Well, I certainly know what I want it to look like. This is probably wishful thinking on my part, but I’d like to see Shiro get a pair of cool mech wings to match Black lion. A few different reasons for this–1, he already had a weapon. Rather than giving him another one, I’d rather him get a kind of extra tactical advantage. And as we’ve seen from how Keith needed a boost from the geyser in Across the Universe, your jetpack will only get you so far. Shiro’s jetpack also breaks during the season 1 finale and it causes some issues, so I feel like having a failsafe way to fly would just be really handy. It also suits his space/sky element nicely. 

Wings are also the first real upgrade we see with Black lion, and Shiro seems really impressed by it. Like, this boy likes wings. Give him some damn wings. 

More importantly, we know Black has this ability to teleport. And we see that reflected in the black bayard when Keith fights–he’s able to teleport his sword, something handy when you’re ambidextrous. I feel like it would be lackluster though to just make it do the same for everyone. 

So, rather than just teleporting the weapon, what if it was a quick way to teleport Shiro? After Shiro first activates the Black lion’s wings, she’s able to teleport–phasing through the astral plane and stealing back her bayard in the process. And we know Shiro is capable of hopping in and out of the astral plane, something Keith has yet to do. So–wouldn’t it be neat if his bayard let him phase between both realities and teleport all the time? And to do it through a pair of wings just like his lion? I think that’d be something 

I’ve also seen people suggest that the black bayard is supposed to be a combination of every paladin’s bayard since we saw Zarkon switching between weapons. But also, I think it’s important to remember that Zarkon’s bayard was corrupted. When Shiro gets ahold of it, we see it transform back to its natural state–and while Keith affirms it’s his bayard of course 

Other ideas would probably be a new prosthetic or an upgrade that attaches to his prosthetic. When Shiro was a gladiator, he had a sword that attached to his arm. I can see his bayard kind of turning into a blade like that 

But ya, I much more prefer the wing thing. It also kind of plays into this idea that Shiro’s someone who came back to life–and he is an angel, yes. But given that the weapons seem attuned to your personality, I don’t think Shiro would want a weapon per say. He’s had enough of fighting. I think what he really wants is freedom–and from the start, it seems he just went to Kerberos out of a love for space and exploration. And I think flight would both give him that freedom and embody that gentle nature of his, that innocent wonder and love he held for space 

The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 40) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Jeep”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Jordan Parrish, Mayor Chandler & Reader/OFC

Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT. and some language because smut smut smut. *sings* ROAD HEAD. *shimmies away*

Summary: The summer is over and Stiles goes to check on his girlfriend after she was attacked by the rabisu.

Chapter Thirty-Nine - Chapter Forty - Chapter Forty-One

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“Excuse me, could you tell me where Y/N Y/L/N is?”

“She is down the hall, second door on your left.”

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After The Civil War

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Anon Request: one-shot buckyxreader reader is an avenger who fought on Steve’s side in civil war and is super powerful and is a Maximoff twin but was born with her powers and Bucky falls for her and she gets injured while in the raft because of how powerful she is and the gov. is scared of her and when Steve breaks them all out, she’s left behind and about two years later she’s back but on Tony’s side and is totally different than she was two years ago and it takes Bucky to bring her back to her normal self?

“Are you sure about this Y/N? I don’t want you to be in even more danger because you chose my side.”
“Stark thinks he’s right on this one and maybe he is, but the way he’s going about it? That’s wrong. I’ve lost my brother because of his stupid decisions even if it was Wanda who showed him his fear, never would she have thought he would’ve created Ultron and in turn kill our brother. Besides, I know for a fact she’ll eventually go with you she’s just confused and hurt right now.”
“How did you become so smart?”
“Because I was once like that, every day.”
*End of Flashback*

“Y/N? I know you can hear me and I truly am sorry. I never meant for this to happen but I need you to know that this is only for the good of the people.”
I looked up at Stark from the confines of my cell and gave him a cold glare,
“And there was one time I thought fighting for the good of the people was what was right as well but I guess we’re all wrong on that.”

Originally posted by nbstilinski

“And what? Just like that we’re supposed to believe him?”
“I believe Y/N.”
Steve nodded at me and I pushed off the wall I was leaning on and walked over to where Bucky was in the vice.
“My name is Y/N, I’ve worked with Steve since he came out of the ice and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. I have the ability to read people’s minds, among other things. In order for us to let you out of this, I need to make sure your telling the truth but I won’t just read your mind without your permission.”
“Go ahead.”
I nodded at him and got on the floor in front of him and looked him in the eyes. My eyes turned gold and gold mist left my hands and circled around his head. I looked in his memories and saw they were all good. I shook off the mist and got up.
“It’s him.”
Steve nodded at me and him and Sam freed Bucky from the vice. We all left the abounded building and got in a blue punch bug Steve had stolen. We were standing around it and I couldn’t help but laugh at it. I looked over at Steve and crossed my arms.
“Really Steve? This is the best car you could come up with?
“It’s the only car that won’t attract any attention.”
“Oh no I’m sure it won’t but you have three super soldiers and Sam. There’s no way we’re all going to fit in that, that clown car.”
“I guess you’ll have to make it work then.”
“I call shotgun!”
“Really Sam?”
“What? It’s like you said, I’m the smallest out of you three.”
“Which is exactly why you should sit in the back.”
I threw my hands up and got in the back of the car. The other followed suit and Bucky ended up seating beside me behind Sam. He didn’t have much leg room and I could tell he didn’t want to say anything. Steve drove us to a parking garage where Sharon was waiting for us. Steve got out and they talked for a little bit before they kissed.

Originally posted by psychoassassins

“Can you move your seat up?”
I looked up at Sam in the review mirror and saw his cocky expression.
Bucky grunted and moved over closer to me and I used my powers to make Sam’s chair move up.
Sam turned around to face me and I just shrugged. We waited for Steve and Sharon to finish up before Steve came back to the car and we drove off to another parking garage that was close to the airport where the quinjet was. We all got out and a white old ugly van pulled up not long after us. Clint got out got the driver seat and Wanda got out of the passenger seat. I walked over to her and gave her a hug.
“Are you ok?”
We stood off to the side as Clint got the “new recruit” out of the car. When he was up, me and Wanda sat in the van and watched Scott interact with Steve. He was totally fangirling. When that was out of the way, we all got ready in our mission suits. While we were getting ready, someone came on the speakers stating they were evacuating the airport.
“Alright everyone, let’s go.”
Since we were so close to the airport, we walked there with me and Wanda providing protection. We dropped it however once we came to the airport. Steve was in front of us with Bucky to his left and Clint to his right with me, Wanda, and Scott trailing behind. We came to a stop once the others came into view. Steve walked forward as did Tony and he took his face plate off.
“I was given thirty-two hours to bring you all in. Care to help a guy out?”
“You’ve got the wrong person Tony. What you’re doing is wrong.”
“I’m trying to keep the team together!”
“Your tearing us apart.”
“I’ve had enough. Underroos!”
A red and black suit came into view and something took Steve’s shield and when he went to get it, his hands were webbed together? The kid landed on a nearby car and waved.
“Hi. I’m Spiderman.”
Steve faced Tony and I could sense the tension rising.
“Really? You brought a kid to the fight?”
“Your brought a killer to the fight!”
“Fine. Scott you’re up.”
I watched as Scott grew back to normal size and took Steve’s shield and then shrunk again and grew once more giving Steve back his shield.
“I believe this belongs to you, Captain.”
I had to stiffen a laugh as I watched their interaction.
“This doesn’t have to end in a fight Tony.”
“Yes, yes it does.”
Tony closed his face mask and flew up reading his repulsers. Rhodey did the same and Nat, Black Panther, Spiderman and Vision got ready. Tony fired the first shot and Steve blocked it with his shield. Me and Wanda used our powers to fly in the air and Scott shrunk down and Clint, Steve and Bucky went into fighting mode. It was like we were all moving in slow motion. Tony went after Steve, Black panther went after Bucky, Nat went after Clint, Rhodey went after Wanda and Vision went after me.
“Miss Maximoff this does not have to end this way. Mr. Stark only wishes to protect you and your sister.”
“Hey Vis? Shut up!”
*End of Flashback*

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