yes i wear reading glasses


Glasses (Azama x F!Corrin)

“Are you… wearing glasses?”

Azama looked up from the book he had been reading. He was sitting alone out in the grassy field when he heard someone call out to him. Normally he would be annoyed by being interrupted or his peace being disturbed but the sound of this particular voice brought a smile to his face.

“Ah, Corrin, out to enjoy the peace and quiet with me I see.” Azama said as he looked in the direction his fiancé approached him. Finding they were slipping down his nose, he adjusted the glasses he was in fact wearing.

Corrin squinted her eyes and blinked a few times as she checked her vision to be sure she was seeing correctly. Azama looked at her with his silly grin as she couldn’t take her gaze off his glasses.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Joonie! That's so cute that you belly dance~!!💕 Random question, do you wear glasses??? 🤓😜

NJ: Yes! For reading! Otherwise I can see pretty good!

30 Questions

Tagged by my beloved @angelnon thank youu <3 

Rules: answer the questions and then tag 20 (or less if you’re an introvert potato and you’re shy) 

1. How tall are you ? 164 more or less.

2. What color and style is your hair ? Pretty deas i have to say but wavy/curly black hair with hazel/red gleam.

3. What color are your eyes ? Uhhh idk brown/black I guess.

4. Do you wear glasses ? Currently yes, and sometimes when I read and when i’m at school.

5. Do you have braces ? Nope, no longer now.

6. What is your fashion style ? Do I have even one ???! omgg don’t know… I guess it depends on my mood ??

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks ? Few moles only, like one on my wrist vein line and another on the right side of the begenning of my right thigh.

8. When were you born ? On the 23 of April 1999.

9. How old are you ? 18 yasss adulthood here I come ! Uh wait, hold on, noooo

10. Where do you live ? Currently on Toulon in south France for my studies.

11. Do you have sibilings ? Yeah, one big sister and 2 cousins I consider as my lil bro and lil sis. 

12. Do you go to school ? Yupp, college.

13. What kind of student are you ? Idk, like I don’t do anything at all at home so it’s pretty bad I guess, but as I listen in my classes I’m able to answer questions and all so i guess it’s so so. 

14. What are your favorite TV shows ? The Middle and Gravity Falls.

15. Favorite past time ? eat, sleep, draw, read, play music & sing, dance.

16. What is your dream job ? There’s no dream job but I’m pretty content of the job i’m going to do aka teacher, like in France there’s plenty of free time to do what you want to, like ART.

17. Would you like to get married one day; if so, where ? I can’t even manage to go and buy cookie dough flavored ice cream.

18. Would like kids one day ? Maybe, yes, no..? Sometimes I think it could very great and all, and juste like sometimes I’m afraid they’ll might inherit my mental dysfunction so…….

19. Girly girl or Tomeboy? More tomboy but like sometimes I just want to be pretty as the other girls of my age. 

20. Do you like shopping ? Depends on my mood.

21. What countries have you visited so far ? New York few  times, Italy (mostle the north), the whole Ireland.

22. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had ? My, I’ll might post it one day, who knows??? It was really weird.

23. Do you have enemies ? Yes, absolutely everyone because I’m one big paranoid.

24. Do you have s/o ? Only in my head. What a pity.

25. If not do you want one ? Yassss please I’m bored of myself.

26. Are you open about your feelings ? Depends on the person front of me.

27. What’s your family like ? A Big Mess™.

28. Would you date someone your family doesn”t approve of ? Well, they’re pretty openminded.

29. Any pet peeves ? Being what I don’t like about myself and about Human people.

30. Do you believe in astrology ? Only when it’s convinient.. 

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Cop/Teacher: Santana visits Dani for the first time at the school she works.

“I need a volunteer. Had an officer call out today and the high school on 7th needs coverage for the day.”

Santana’s head immediately popped up. “I’ll do it.”

The captain raised an eyebrow to the young officer. “I never pegged you to be one to want to volunteer to do anything, Lopez.”

The man to Santana’s right snickered, “that’s because she has the hots for one of the teachers at that school.”

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