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Should i feel guilty for not watching Broadchurch? I told David Tennant i would back in 2013 when I met him early in the year, he was done with filming and was in London while i was there in holiday, met him in a shop and got talking, but i never got round to seeing the show

Look, I was going to say yes since you did make a promise, but 7 years ago my own best friend loaned me her favourite book and I still haven’t gotten round to reading it even though I promised. So like. I’m in no position to judge.

So TVD is coming to an end

It would be a shame for me not to say something just because I stopped watching (Plec’s fault). TVD was the first fandom I entered, the fandom was so fun and welcoming (with the occasional arguing but everybody has those days). Delena was my first OTP and will always have a special place in my heart as my fave OTP, even Stelena and Klaroline. I’d be lying if I said that TVD didn’t mark me forever. The character were so complex and they just made you want to invest in them no matter how flawed they were. And yes I stopped after Kai died because it wasn’t the same, especially after Klaus, Kol and Katherine had left as well. I just missed them too much to continue watching. I look back at the episodes and I can truthfully say I’ve never enjoyed a show as much as I did TVD. I have nothing but good memories. It was with me for years and I’ll still be going back to enjoy the episodes to feed that raging Nostalgia. So long TVD, you will be missed greatly.

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So what if Mystic Messenger did become a show. But like. With 5 different seasons?

Like each route is a different season, each with 12 episodes. (11 days + after ending) The start is the same but the options chosen are different depending on the route/season.

The bad or normal ends could be like Special Scenes?

I would honestly watch that!

Like at the end of each season, the credits just say, 


and a finger pressing yes.

But like at the end of season 5 (the last season) it says. 

‘Would you like to uninstall Mystic Messenger?’

and a finger pressing yes (but hesitantly) and everything glitches out and that’s the end of the show.

Just finished watching Doctor Strange...

…and I feel like I consumed some mushrooms. Or some of that really strong weed from when we were in Amsterdam.

Hannibal, it is reassuring to me that you barely change even as you move across fandoms (eye makeup notwithstanding; don’t worry, Will loves you even in cosplay). Yes, death is an insult; that is why you deliver it to the rude, it makes so much sense.

Sherlock, did you not say NO to John’s manstache? Is this you trying to show him how it’s done? No. It’s still a no. Even to you.


modern!alina things/headcanons (that may or may not include other characters):

- yellow leggings, yellow nailpolish, a speck of gold in the inner corner of her eyes, yellow doc martens/boots, a faux leather jacket
- cuts her hair short having it long for actual literal centuries
- so basically rocks a pixie cut and always has one bright streak on either side - it could be cobalt blue or royal purple or fiery red, either way it’s always there to show the little rebel in her
- watches sitcoms and thoroughly enjoys light, good-spirited comedies (esp older ones since you know, she’s practically ancient)
- did i mention that yes, she has her powers :)))) and they never went away in the first place
- meets inej!! is friends with inej!! probably helps inej at the social service center!!
- ACTIVELY helps people in need even if it’s just by providing them with food and clothes
- goes to marches and is VERY passionate about social justice
- goes on vacation with genya at least once a month (it doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic, sometimes it’s just a quick trip to the countryside)
- gorges on blini and pastries and blesses nina up and down for introducing her to this super cute bakery two blocks down where the walls are painted bright yellow and there are star stickers on the ceiling
- probably works as an art teacher (she also probably prefers to teach young kids bc high school gives her anxiety sometimes although she has a degree/certificate for both)
- visits nikolai often despite him running a successful business (sailing business?? boating business?? idk what’s the proper term but you get the idea) and being one Very Busy (and wanted) Man
- dandelions tucked behind her ear and headbands in fun, bright colours
- can’t wear heels if her life depended on it?? so she sticks to flats and simple sneakers but that’s just part of her style
- it takes her a few years to stop looking over her shoulder to see if the shadows move but when she does, she actually loves to just sit there in the dark at night and let her mind drift
- keeps in touch with all her grisha friends but is closest to zoya, genya and tamar
- adopts a homeless black kitten and calls her volcra so many times it eventually becomes her official name? which leads to zoya scoffing and nikolai laughing like, “the scariest volcra i’ve ever seen, hell hath no whiskers”
- STILL doesn’t like herring or any type of sea food for that matter
- makes an exception for sushi but mostly bc she enjoys watching zoya eat it bc she tends to make a soy sauce mess out of herself (alina’s surprisingly good with chopsticks though)
- her style is minimalistic and her entire wardrobe is super vibrant and chic (and maybe a little quirky)
- takes a sunbath every morning
- wears a sun pendant 24/7 like. literally never takes it off
- you know the mona lisa smile? alina’s developed a sun summoner smile and it makes you wonder what she’s hiding
- but also makes you fall in love in (or under) 0.2 seconds

Can’t Believe King Julien did this

So, last night I was watching season three of All Hail King Julien (which is not my favorite Dreamworks show, but can get a laugh out of me and Clover is hilarious) when I got to episode 7.  

It was about Mort being taken by Aliens (although you figure out pretty fast they’re just humans) and there’s this lemur who said his mother got taken by the aliens 20 years ago, and so he goes along to find out what happened to her.

Which leads to this, and yes this actually happened:

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There used to be this tiny coffee shop in my home town, and the owner asked me about Lazytown back in 2005 because I kept talking about how much I loved it, and when she found out it was a kids show, she asked if she could borrow my New Superhero DVD to show her little boy. I said yes, and I was really hoping to get that DVD back, but I never did. She said that he loved Lazytown SO much and he watched the DVD all the time and ate his ‘sportscandy’, and eventually I went back to college and the coffee shop closed down and I only ever saw her once again like years later. That kid must be like 15 now and let me tell you, I hope he is Memeing Hard right now and that he has some great memories of Lazytown just like I do.

Frazzled Obi-Wan babysits Satine's nieces and nephews
  • Obi-Wan: *surveying the damage*
  • Anakin: It's not that bad, nobody got hurt
  • Obi-Wan: It's extremely bad! I love this woman, and I just want to show that I'm capable of watching her children without something horrible happening!
  • Anakin: .....
  • Obi-Wan: What
  • Anakin: Did you just say you love her?
  • Obi-Wan: What? No!
  • Anakin: Yes you did! That is so cute!
  • Obi-Wan: No I did not!
  • Anakin: Obi-Wan loves Satine, Obi-Wan loves Satine
  • Obi-Wan: I LOVE NOTHING!!

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Well, I was on the castle fandom and the actors of the show had a great chemistry too. They both were single at the time when the show started and people started to speculate. They did jokes w each other yes, but not as Sam and cait. Two years later we found out the actress had a boyfriend and she told that she and her co-star were just good friends. If you ou go on yt, you can watch some of their interviews and you'll see they were just friends. It's something COMPLETELY different of samcait.

ahh I actually had a friend who was deep in the Castle fandom so I knew a little bit about all of this. I mean I know shipping and subsequent relationship denials etc happen all the time but I wonder if the bullying of shippers specifically happens as often and as horribly as it does in this fandom? or are we just special? 

Why you (yes, you little Negovanman trash) should watch Carmilla | S3 | Act II YouNow Pre-Show

1) 11:04 Nat grabs Elise knee and it’s so cute how natural it is for them

2) 13:10 “If you could date any Carmilla character who would it be?”
Nat: “I was gonna say I will take Laura because Laura looks like you…”
oh god ~~ps: look Kaitlyn’s face!!!! hahahaha

3) 22:38 when Elise coughs hard and Natasha rubs her shoe against Elise’s and goes “aww”  **OVERFLOWING CUTENESS**

4)25:57 Elise: Did my stomach growl is that why you’re looking at me?
Natasha: No I’m just looking at you
Elise: OK. that’s..

5) 26:41 Nat pouts again when Elise coughs *thas so adorable that I can’t even”

6)  40:12 Natasha being such a sweet and gentle soul wiping Elise’s tears


ps: Elise, I’m very happy you told us that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

When I watched Trollhunters with my parents yesterday, my mother poked me during the scene where Jim is talking to Strickler in his office and asked: “That’s a bad guy, right?
I was surprised, since you didn’t had seen anything yet that would make you guess he is an antagonist. So I laughed and said: “Yes, how did you know that?” And her answer was: “He looks like an evil guy.”
I got quiet after that. And I pondered, does Strickler really look like an evil guy? I mean, he doesn’t look that much of a typical villain or? (And especially doesn’t like one at first, especially since he cares so much for Jim.) When I started watching the show I already knew he was an antagonist, so it’s hard to tell.

Why I love Robin Hood and everyone else should too

why-this-kolaveri-machi said: <333 I wanted to tell you after I’d seen a few more eps, but I haven’t gotten any time recently to watch a lot of stuff. Maybe soon!

The good thing about Robin Hood is that the storylines were never horrendously convoluted enough to mess with your brain, so you can literally just drift in and out whenever :) but yes, it’s one of the most fun shows I ever got hooked on. so I did get bored and write up a cheerful Robin Hood intro rant, so here you go :) 

(gifs stolen from all over tumblr, none of them mine just in case you were wondering)


It’s unapologetically ridiculous. This is a show that references Wacky Races, Bob Marley songs, and only just got away with plagiarism by shoe-horning pretty much the entire plot of Ocean’s Eleven into a forty-five minute time slot. And it clearly just does not give a damn. We think the Musketeers pushes historical accuracy occasionally but OH DEAR ME NO.

This is the way Netflix advertises it.

Do you see what we’re getting into yet?? 

Genuinely fantastic acting from a show that was clearly something of a joke when it started out. Seriously. This show had enough ridiculous moments, questionable issues and plot holes to sink the Black Pearl, but holy crap the acting was fantastic.

Robin Hood and Marian. I actually was far more into the secondary characters than the main ones, but that being said these two really were great characters and I do love them a lot. They had great storylines, and both were such snarkastic asses at times, they were fantastic.

Keith Allan as the Sheriff of Nottingham. OH MY GOD. JUST. I have no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff. There are literally no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff.

Richard Armitage. Your judgement of Gisborne will differ from ‘misunderstood baby who just needed a second chance’ to ‘sadistic manipulative little creep who handled rejection worse than Rochefort from the Musketeers’ depending on your own personal views, but the one thing we can say about him is that Richard Armitage is a cracking actor who did really bloody well with him. Outside his relationship with Marian Guy’s snarky I’m-surrounded-by-morons act was beautiful. And he pretty much sparked off my love for men in leather.

(NOT HELPED BY THIS GUY THOUGH, but we’ll get onto that)

Much: Lovely adorable insecure happy-to-hide-the-sad little flower who needs cuddles and food. Lots of cuddles and lots more food.


A beautiful shining star who everyone should love unreservedly and without question. 

Little John. Pretty much a mixture of Captain Treville, Porthos, Hagrid and Gimli. Big giant over-protective cuddle monster who likes hitting things. Plus gets flirted with by the Queen Mother. The QUEEN MOTHER.

Royston White:


I’m not bein’ funny, but these two fuckers. 

*flails around*

THESE TWO. I can’t even say any more which one was my favourite but THESE TWO. 

You had the cocky charming trickster Allan a Dale

 and then the quiet clever passionate Will Scarlett 

and just *sigh* They both had such great characterisations, they had their dark moments and their good moments and were both such compelling characters - not to mention played by some bloody fantastic actors. I may also still ship them quite badly.


Guest Characters. German counts, revenge-driven Templars, sparkly fools, sour-tongued wise women… I can’t even go into all of them, so let me just show you Toby Stephens as the campest Prince John this side of Disney.

It’s just generally lovely.  You have friendship, romance, one-liners, action scenes, moral conundrums, swashbuckling, found families, nemesis relationships, redemption, and just generally everything to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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jhdsvbhjdcnsdk should i watch voltron??? im super fucking lazy and am also slowly making my way through rewatching a different show, but youre making voltron sound rly rly good?? so what do you think, how long did it take you to watch, and was it worth it :?

✔️ The plot development goes smoothly because they release all the episodes all at once per season (actually leaving you to want more because of that)
✔️ Possible LGBTQ+ representation ;0c
✔️Characters that are treated as ACTUAL human beings who suffers from mental illness, anxiety, hard acceptance etc.

I mean its not perfect like there are still plot holes and some underdevelopment themes but

Please watch voltron :‘0

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i get why you don't watch the 100 anymore but why guilt clexa fans who still do? i still watch it for clarke and raven and octavia and all the actors, ehy is there anything wrong with that? i mean. let us enjoy the show, even if lexa isn't here anymore. bc yeah, i'm mad & disgusted by jroth but i still love the cast and the characters

You can’t be “mad and disgusted” at him and still line his pockets and the pockets of everyone else involved in using and abusing your community the way they did with money. You just can’t. So yes, I will say “shame on you” to people who put wealthy actors and a shitty storyline before the well-being of a marginalized community and the lack of respect they’ve been continously shown. I will say it over and over again. If you don’t like it, the unfollow button is on the top right corner.

Norway: I love this man, and I just want to show him that I’m capable of watching one kid without something horrible happening!

Finland: Did you just say you love Denmark?

Norway: No. I did not.

Finland: Yes you did! Aww, that is so cute!!!

Norway: For Odin’s sake, will you please focus on the larger problem?

Sealand: Norge loves Denmark! Norge loves Denmark!

Norway: Kid, I don’t know what you think you heard, but please don’t tell Den what you incorrectly think you heard.

Finland: Norge loves…

Sealand: Denmark! Norge loves Denmark!


Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part One):
  • "I'll say Macbeth on stage 50 times, I don't give a shit."
  • "Yes it's a penis."
  • "Did you really watch it expecting deep, emotional shit?"
  • "Because you will be killed."
  • "I don't listen to opera in my spare time."
  • "I don't know that show."
  • "I think I met Naked Dave once."
  • "They're gods and they can do that."
  • "You badmouthed me so now you're dead."
  • "He tortured people, he lost his right to sleep."
  • "Fuck it, we do what we want."
  • "This is Ophelia, right? It is now."
  • "Jesus broke his arm."
  • "Basically as an individual I just wanna punch people."
  • "There is a Spiderman musical. It's awful."
  • "The kid had sex with a pie."
  • "That one doesn't count."
  • "I don't know what the fuck those are."
  • "You wanna get home but you can't. And apparently you aren't wearing shoes."
  • "No one gets my shitty references, so I'll stop. Dicks."
  • "South Park is just South Park."
  • "I won't leave this up because people will giggle."
  • "This is where our $9 million can go."
  • "We're at a university. Kind of."
  • "That's super fucked up."
  • "Everything after here gets pretty depressing."
  • "Shit exploded—sweet—awesome!"
  • "There doesn't have to be mass death."
  • "We'll do a little bit of this and then we'll go away."
  • "I don't watch a lot of depressing shit."
  • "Normally there's more giggling when I say that."
  • "I don't know how I'm doing that, but we're doing it."
  • "I don't care—read it. I don't have to read it."
  • "Oh the LARPers are out."
  • "It's just snow, deal with it."
  • "Domestic violence is not comedy."
  • "You're not gonna send Jesus out in a cast."
  • "That's why he creates blah blah blah."
  • "Everyone gets married and lives happily ever after."
  • "Syfy-something-something."
  • "It's just a guy in a hat who looks like Lincoln."
  • "I'll remind myself. So I remember."
  • "Here's one story."
  • "Because Shia LaBeouf."
  • "The book just starts trashing everybody."
  • "Not everybody agrees that Naked Dave is perfect."
  • "I don't think it's a good musical."
  • "Not like fisticuffs."
  • "Pay them slightly."
  • "You don't sleep if you're saving the world."
  • "This has nothing to do with marijuana."
  • "Well did you find five dollars?"
  • "Or a lego. Those are the worst."
  • "The French like making fun of the Spanish. Apparently."
  • "I'm trying to think of a reference."
  • "They like to fight."
  • "If that ever happens, don't fucking leave."
  • "It's art, it's okay."
  • "Not everybody back in the day looked like that."
  • "Does anyone watch it just because they wanna see Luke and Leia make out?"
  • "The way they do it with puppets on stage is kind of mindblowing."
  • "Marriage or death?"
  • "You can't see unless you set something on fire."
  • "You work in a hospital, for God sake."
  • "It's slowly becoming my castle."
  • "I just started watching it, don't spoil it."
  • "That was after my time."
  • "Hopefully no one gets shot."
  • "It's Satan."
  • "I'm not ready for that level of commitment."

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so im going to the newark show of the wings tour and im trying so hard not to watch any of the performances from the seoul shows. i DO know that every member does their solo song, so can you just tell me if joonie did a good job ^~^ im such a namjoon stan and i don't want to watch it and get spoiled

Aww you are so lucky dear😍😭 Please enjoy it to the fullest😍😍 And yes Joonie did such a great job omg please look forward to his performance😉😙✌

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Story Time

Well, I was taking a break from writing a sociology essay so I decided to walk downstairs and grab a snack. My 13 year old brother was sprawled out on the couch attempting to find a show to watch on Netflix. I heard him click the play button on the remote to watch a show but my back was turned so I did not know what show he decided to watch, until I heard the fucking theme song….. 

“Kiss, kiss fall in love!” “Maybe you’re my love!”

Yes……my brother was watching Ouran Highschool Host Club . . . . .

 Yes…..he willingly clicked on the show and apparently it was recommended to him by one of his friends. . . . 

 I just checked up on him after 20 minutes and he is starting the second episode . . .

 I still can’t figure out whether his friend was trolling him or was serious about the recommendation…. . . . . 

 Well, welcome to the fandom brother. 

 (Side note- he has watched anime before, but they were mainly shounen)

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@RULES: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. I don’t have very good luck with tagging others so to protect my fragile ego I’m gonna try playing it cool by saying,
I tag everyone!

Nickname: Banxx

Star sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'4" and a half! (Yes, that half IS important!)

Time right now: Night time

Last thing googled: the lifespan of a cellar spider (little fuckers!)

Favorite music artists: many but Mike Patton is the only one that really matters

Last movie watched: Joy

Last TV show watched: First 48

What are you wearing now: well it’s Saturday so ahhh a tutu and a raincoat. 🙄

When did you create your blog: 6 or 7 yrs ago.

Do you have any other blogs: always meant to. Never got around to it. Took 2 years before anyone paid attention to THIS one!

Do you get asks regularly: sure. Regularly once a year.

Why did you choose your URL: a complete lack of imagination mixed with annoyance at my lack of imagination.

Gender: well, if you can’t tell by my pictures…

Hogwarts House: nope house

Pokemon team: I’m team Nope

Favorite color: all of them.

average of hours of sleep: as many as I can possibly get!

How many blankets do you sleep with: what kinda girl do I look like!? I’m a one blanket woman! Ok fine, I have slept with 2 before but I was young and everyone experiments!

Dream job: cat photographer

Followers: little over 2k. I’d guess 1k are probably porn. 986 deactivated or abandoned and 20 are actual active followers.

If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!