yes i watch this

In the early days Genji surely must have had a breakdown once in a while. And while Gabe is maybe not the hug-type can he at least provide some feel-good-movies. 


One day i’m going to be able to purge myself from the itch to fanart for shows that I love/hate. today, unfortunately, is not that day.

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.


todorokitty just wants to be friends with midoribirb

(based on this video)

the fact that tae pretty much went on a 5 minute long rant when someone said his shirt didnt look good on him and was straight up like ‘BITCH WATCH THIS lemme pull out these other shirts i bought with super loud prints that are revolutionary and will look amazing on me’ and then went on to call out people who said he couldnt pull off his glasses and proceeded to talk about how they shouldnt say that all while wearing said glasses…………… so fucking proud of him U GO BABY U FUCKING TELL EM

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?