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i was wondering the main differences between INTP (which the test gave me) and INFP because i've done a lot of research and i'm very much both???

Alrighty so I think I actually have 20 asks about this same topic. It’s time to do some explaining.


*Quick summary at the ending*

So at first glance, the INTP and INFP are basically the same person. Both are intelligent, creative, and somewhat shy. They’re the quiet geniuses behind so many things in our society.

First thing’s first: Cognitive Functions. If you’ve been reading about MBTI for more than a day or two, you’ve probably seen all the little “Ni, Fe, Ti…” things, and, yes, that’s a key player here. 

INTPs have Ti > Ne > Si > Fe 

INFPs have Fi > Ne > Si > Te

If you have no idea what those are, please direct yourself here. 

Anyway, once you have a basic understanding of each cognitive function, you will realize Fi and Ti (the dominant functions of each type) are different because…well, one is thinking and one is feeling. But it’s surprisingly hard to differentiate between these when analyzing yourself and others. 

So how to tell the difference? Here we go.

Ti vs Fi

  • Users with Ti seek straight facts and logic for their internal thinking system, whereas Fi users seek “what is right” for themselves for their internal harmony (i.e. personal values). Ti users will likely be book worms and Wikipedia addicts whereas Fi users will be more into drawing and fiction (books, cartoons, movies). That’s not to say there’s no overlap, but picture the nerd in class who researches physics for fun vs the kid who’s always doodling cute cartoons and flowers.
  • Users with Ti will often be more apt to be “weird” in the eyes of society; they care little about social norms and will thus wear clothes that may not be popular or fashionable (or acceptable…I mean who else wears a neon mario shirt with olive green cargo pants?). Fi users will often have their own sort of personal style or fashion; they are nearly always the notorious “hipsters” or “emo kids” because of the dress styles they use. Other varieties exist, of course.
  • Ti users are logical and suck at emotional processing. Fi users are emotional and affectionate but may suck at explaining their feelings verbally, but they understand them perfectly. Ti users just…..don’t…..

How They Are Similar

  • So we established Ti vs Fi, so how are they similar? All the similarities are from Ne.
  • Ne makes both types creative and funny. Both like art and learning, videogames and books, and cartoons and movies. A lot.
  • But don’t get caught up here! Focus on the differences to differentiate.

Fe vs Te

  • There are the inferior functions of the two types, with Fe belonging to INTP and Te belonging to INFP. These are the “achilles heel” of the types; their ultimate weakness (Kryptonite!!)
  • INTP struggles with Fe in that they, like aforementioned, they are not super keen to social norms or what is socially acceptable. They are not very good at expressing emotion or feeling emotion except for in extreme outbursts. That’s not to say they cannot feel emotions, but they do have trouble with them. 
  • INFP struggles with Te in that they often stress out a LOT. And it’s often about their own character. When Fi, which makes personal values of the utmost importance, fails, Te overrides sometimes and “tells” the INFP that they’re a failure, that they can’t do anything right. 

So you have to ask yourself the question…which are you? Ne>Si as the interior functions make it hard to differentiate at times, so you have to take the most dramatic examples of each type–the stereotypes–and decide which you are most like. If you lean towards being the moody hipster who writes poetry and cries a lot, you’re likely an INFP. If you lean towards the kid who cannot stop playing League of Legends, cannot stop memeing, and cannot stop wearing the same Hogwarts/Mario shirt, then you’re likely an INTP. 

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Oh my, a thought just came to me. What about an AU where Maka is a tattoo artist, and Soul meets her because he looses a bet (with who I'm not sure, either Wes or BlackStar) and has to get a tattoo on his bum. And Maka is so flustered by this man's flawless arse that she nearly messes up, and when he comes back a week later asking for another tat on his hip... Lord help her.

Okay, so I kinda took this and fucking ran with it. 

sorry, didn’t stick exactly to the prompt but i really wanted to do this for my own reasons. i know Scar has a great tattoo artist au as well, just really wanted to try the thing as well. 

He has a perfect ass not that that has anything to do with anything else, but fuck. Nope, gotta be professional about it. Because he wants a tattoo. On his ass…

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