yes i understand hipsters are funny to make fun of but please stop

infra-red-revolution  asked:

Oh my, a thought just came to me. What about an AU where Maka is a tattoo artist, and Soul meets her because he looses a bet (with who I'm not sure, either Wes or BlackStar) and has to get a tattoo on his bum. And Maka is so flustered by this man's flawless arse that she nearly messes up, and when he comes back a week later asking for another tat on his hip... Lord help her.

Okay, so I kinda took this and fucking ran with it. 

sorry, didn’t stick exactly to the prompt but i really wanted to do this for my own reasons. i know Scar has a great tattoo artist au as well, just really wanted to try the thing as well. 

He has a perfect ass not that that has anything to do with anything else, but fuck. Nope, gotta be professional about it. Because he wants a tattoo. On his ass…

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