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Hello there~!  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I’ve been lurking in the studyblr community for ages so I finally decided to make an (hopefully active) studyblr! 

A bit about me:

  • My nickname is Sash
  • I’m 16 years old
  • I’m in my final year of A Levels *cries*
  • The subject I’m interested in is Physics and I hope to someday do my PhD in it!
  • I’m kpop and kdrama trash pls fangirl with me

And that’s pretty much it. I experienced a lot of burn out this year and I’m still quite burned out. I made this studyblr in hopes that it can help me through this and I can get motivated again!  ╰(*´︶`*)╯

A few studyblrs who honestly saved me back when I was doing my IGCSEs:

@studyign @areistotle @studywithinspo @elkstudies @tbhstudying @studypetals @emmastudies @studyblr @quotestudy @studydiaryofamedstudent and many many more. Thank you so much for your posts~

Thanks for reading ^^

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it's great that lana is just natural woman. in some her vids you can see cellulite on her body and she have tummy and she still look fabulous as fuck. she don't need big butt and tiny waist to beatiful.

YES. I love that her and I have similar body types and honestly I don’t like seeing all the fake butts, cinched waists, fake boobs and all. She looks normal and beautiful

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You're taking an art school/course, right? Are any of your classmates the annoying/pretentious artist types?

Yes, I’m going into my senior/final year of my art college experience so far :D

Alright, so before I answer your question in earnest, I should give some more context to the general atmosphere of my school. I won’t go into the other majors because I don’t really interact with them too much or know the dynamic of their curriculum, nor should I judge people with vastly different skillsets or workloads from mine (except for my neighbors from last year who were film students and partied at least three to four times a week and kept both me and my roomie up and scared our kitty multiple times with their loudness: fuck those guys).

I’m in Illustration, basically technical/applicable drawing. EVERYTHING is Illustration, and it’s so broad that you can honestly take your craft into whatever area/direction you want. You want to do cartoons, comics, visual or graphic novels? Cool. You want to do logos, skateboard/surfboard designs? Go for it. You want to be like John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, and the other golden age illustrators? Me too, buddy.

Our freshman year is tough, it’s meant to ‘break’ you; the teachers and course work are meant to make you want to quit so that only the people who really, really want to be here end up sticking it out. It’s a bit predatory, yes, but hey, my school wants to make sure that whoever is here isn’t wasting the time of both themselves, the faculty, and the other students. Furthermore, it’s meant to break your ego. Some teachers will have the class line the work up from best to worst, with the person in last place getting their work shredded and put into the trashcan in front of everyone else. Basically, you have all these people who’re used to being the best -or one of the best- at their respective high schools; they’re used to being the ‘biggest fish in a small pond’ so they come in thinking “yeah, I’ve got this in the bag.”

No, honey, you fucking don’t.

However, you get the kids who become -what we call “*college name* Famous” and have HUGE egos because they either have gone to art school before and thus they’re older and have more experience, or they were immensely skilled already so getting a degree for them is a formality. They’re good, they came in good, and now they’re great -and that’s when some of them turn into jerks.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to talk a little about one of my classmates.

They’re older than the rest of the people in my class/year by about a decade and their work is incredible. They’re fantastic at rendering and composing, at perspective, at pretty much everything we have to master. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the majority of my class is around my age, coming to this school at the ages of 17-20, and graduating at the ages anywhere from 21-24. We’re younger, we don’t have that extra decade, we don’t have the same amount of experience yet, and YES, this is a huge factor.

This student knows they’re good, and that’s not a crime, but some of the stuff they do is pretty douche-y. They like to hog the teacher’s time in class, be it in critique when we have a lot of other people to go through or just talking to the teacher. Conversation isn’t bad, but keeping people locked in one where there are about twenty other students all needing the input of our professor -who’s literally there to lead the ENTIRE class, not just this one person- is not only undercutting the other kids’ time with the teacher IN CLASS SO WE CAN ACTUALLY SEE AND TAKE THE NOTES AND FIX THINGS FAR EASIER THAN WHEN TRYING THROUGH EMAIL, but it’s also like this in critiques; they rush through other peoples so they get from 2-5 minutes whereas this one person always manages to get 5-10 minutes on their pieces.

When interviewing or portfolio reviewing, the same thing happens. My Roomie unfortunately had to share a space/time slot with them and guess who ate up all the time?

Another thing is that this student has also tried to get the teachers away from other students, hogging their attention out of class. One of my friends didn’t get to talk to his professor at all that day so he decided ‘fuck it, I’ll just wait until after class’ and then proceeded to do just that. The other student then tried to get the professor to go out to lunch with them, and the professor finally noticed my friend hanging back in the room -so he had to stay and actually check in with my friend. (To be fair, this student just decided that they didn’t like my friend to begin with -for whatever reason they felt threatened by a then 19 year old boy.)

This student also likes dating freshman girls (17-20 year olds) when they have a decade on them in age. Now I don’t care what consenting adults do, but seriously, when you have about a decade over someone you’re interested in and they’re only just becoming an adult and getting introduced to ‘the real world’ it’s pretty creepy. :l

Their ego is also stroked a lot by some of the professors. They got an award a few years ago for being ‘the most outstanding in the class’ and when discussing it, their current professor actually got into a fight with my then current illustration professor. One argued ‘they totally deserve it, they’ve always been incredible’ while my teacher was like ‘they’re among younger kids who have less experience, it’s like comparing professionals to amateurs, it’s unfair’ and then he walked out because there might have been a fight if he stayed.

All in all though, there’s a lot of pretentious attitudes that some people have because of their expertise with some of their skills, and then that usually gets beaten out of them. Sure, we all don’t get along but most of us usually have the decency to be polite to each other and want to see others improve. TBH it’s the super competitive kids that have the big egos and personally, I don’t really care for that. ‘You do you, and I’ll do my thing’ is a good way to get by down here as long as you’re still applying yourself and want to improve.

Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being really smart


He’d be proud of you.He would be amazed about how good are you at doing some things and how easy it is for you to learn study.

“So you learned all about us in a day?”


“What blood type I have?”

“You’re blood type is B,known as my type.”

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He’d be amazed about how smart you are.He’d be really surprised when he sees your grades cause he knows you as someone smart,but you are too good at everything.

“Do you sleep?”

“Not that much,but I do.”

“You should sleep more.How can you be so smart without sleeping?”

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He’d be like a proud dad.He’d be happy to have someone as smart as you as his lover.

“Is it normal to be this smart or you have some rare disease?”

“No.I’m not that smart.I just want to know about everything.”

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He would be amazed about it.He’d ask you questions about everything just for you to make a mistake.

“Why am I so handsome?”

“That’s a question I can’t answer.”

“Haha,I caught you.”

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He’d probably be that kind of boyfriend who would stay with you all night to see studying,not because he thinks it’s something cute,just to annoy you.But he’d be proud of you for being so smart and encourage you to continue your studies every time.

“Jaehwan,stop singing.I’m studying.”

“I sing when I see something beautiful in front of me,so I can’t keep myself from singing.”

“Aww,you are so sweet.”

“I was talking about the photo with me on the desk.A true visual.”

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He’d be happy about you being smart and spending time studying and not going clubbing.Although he’d take you clubbing sometimes,he’d still prefer to see you doing something that can help you in life.He’d be really curious about what new things you are learning about.

“How could they start a war without a reason?”

“They had a reason,silly.They were fighting for their religion.”

“But why?Can’t they just stay in peace?”

“No,Daniel.They were trying to free Jerusalem.”

“And they made war?”

“Yes.It took some years.”

“I bet it didn’t take as many years it took you to stop friendzoning me.”

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Would beg you to help him with his studies.He would be happy that he has someone as smart as you that can help him study too.

“Time for English with me.Yeey.”


“How are you,Jihoon?”

“The weather is nice.”

“I’m giving up already.”

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Would be really proud of you that you like to study and understand people.He’d be happy to study with you whenever he has time.

“Can you help me with exercise 8?I’m not sure if what I did is correct.”

“Sure.Hmmm,it’s good.Good job,Woojin.You are so smart my baby.”

“Uh,I actually looked at the answer on the back.But I swear that I’ll do a better job next time.”

“I’m disappointed.”

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He’d be amazed by you.When you tell him about what new things you learned he’d listen with you even through he doesn’t understand anything you say.

“Why are so many maths formulas?Why did they invent them?”

“Cause it was needed.”

“But why?”

“Architecture.One of the main reason.”

“Ah,right….” *doesn’t care too much but still listens to you*

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He’d be really proud of you.He’d be happy to talk with you about all the possible thing you are interested about.

“Were you born smart?”

“Were you born good at singing?”

“I had pretty good vocal when I came out of my mom’s womb.”

“Yeah,as you say.”

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He’d be happy to have someone smart next to him.He’d be amazed how your brain can keep so much information.

“Can’t you make a device that stops time?”

“Well,I’m not that smart.Why do you need it?”

“I want to stay forever with my Wanna One’s hyungs.”


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 I love when people comment at my reactions.It feels like I actually do a good job^^Thank youuuuuu.

Also I have a lot of requests and I’m trying to do them as fast as possible,but it takes quite a lot of time to make them.I’m sorry if your request is posted after a week or more,but I’m doing my best.Please understand.

You know, it’s pretty wild just how much I can relate to so many of the SU characters. Like, all of the main characters are like me in some way, not to mention some of the humans too like Lars and his fear of what people think of him, Sadie and her overbearing mom, Kiki not being able to tell someone no. Hell, even Yellow Diamond’s tyranical ass repressing her emotions and literally singing an entire song about what’s the use of feeling is relatable.

And, I just love it so much. I can’t believe how many of the characters on this show are like me. We share the same fears and struggles and issues. Sometimes it’s like I’m watching myself on screen and I can sympathize so badly with a character, even characters who I thought were nothing like me can say or do something that puts me in shock because I’m suddenly being reminded of myself. I’m really so grateful to this show because with other stuff I watch, there’s typically only one character I can relate to and I’m lucky if there’s a second. Some shows, I don’t even relate to any of the characters at all. But, with SU, so many of the characters are like pieces of me. And, I absolutely adore it. 

I love this show, I love these characters, I love the way they’re written, I love their depth and layers, I love how the writers refused to just have them be cartoony caricatures and made them multifaceted, three-dimensional, realistic individuals that are still learning and growing and healing, the way that I am still learning and growing and healing.

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • nwdtwactpdwhgwatgnhsswltwatshpasoaswtatciuaswsaslooy: no, whoever did this was already close to pink diamond. someone her guards would allow to get near her, someone she would listen to when asked to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the authority to cover it up afterwards. someone with supreme authority. someone like... one of you!

She runs into him again before the mission is over, tall and broad and wearing a star upon his chest, the same as the one on his shield, the same as the ones on her uniform. (x)


I”M SO EMOTIONAL I’ M,,, MY SON,,, my entire heart is dead ass on the ground bc of how important the way kids perceive and react to iron man is to tony. THE WHOLE rEASON IRON MAN IS GOLD IS BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT TO FRIGHTEN KIDS. THIS IS HIS 2nD APPEARANCE OF ALL TIME IN COMICS, tales of suspense vol. 1 #40 (1959). and then you have this moment from iron man vol. 1 #127 (1968) (long story short: armor was manipulated by justin hammer to assassinate an ambassador) and he’s s o heartbroken at the thought of children being scared of him, he cares sO MUCH about how he’s seen by kids tony stark loves kids. he absolutely loves and adores kids hE ALWAYS hAS

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How would draco react to going on the camping trip with the golden trio? If harry and draco were in a relationship and he refused to stay behind like ginny, what would happen? I have this vision in my head of draco cursing out nature and asking the heavens why did he have to fall in love with harry bloddy potter!

I can totally see that.  I definitely think Draco would be the complaining type.

  • “Yes, Potter, all of this stuff I packed is necessary and I cannot get rid of a single thing.”
  • “For Merlin’s sake could you stop almost dying every five seconds!”
  • ““No, Potter, I most certainly will not eat whatever that is that you’re pretending is food. I’d rather starve to death than be killed by your cooking.”
  • “I should’ve known this was going to be a disaster.  Just look at where we’re camped out.  There are sticks and dirt and we can’t even use magic to warm ourselves up right now I’m going to freeze to death and I’ll have you know it will be all your fault, Potter.”

But also, for all of Draco’s complaining there would be things like…

  • Draco refusing to sleep all night, his fingers tracing the dark circles under Harry’s eyes as he fitfully sleeps
  • Draco doing whatever small things he can to bring Harry comfort, like warming charms when its safe to do so, or a cushioning charm on the ground.  And he doesn’t say anything because it seems stupid and insignificant in the face of trying to escape Voldemort but he feels useless and wants to take care of Harry
  • Sleepless nights with their back to a tree, shivering in the dark, dirty and cold but both breathing, both alive; and that’s enough
  • Draco whispering every night when Harry falls asleep “I’m gonna love you forever you fucking idiot so don’t you dare die on me.”
  • Draco pretending he is horrified by Harry’s cooking and refusing to eat, getting Harry completely pissed off, except the only reason Draco does it is so that Harry will eat his portion of food because Harry looks so weak, so thin and Draco knows he won’t eat it any other way so he does whatever it takes to give Harry the only kind of strength he can offer