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one of the many many MANY things i loved about the wonder woman movie is how it had every little hint of trudging along that born sexy yesterday path and it just…… didn’t.

diana was this beautiful, powerful woman who knew little to nothing about the casual customs of humankind, and it would’ve been so easy for her to fall victim to the trope where the girl’s innocence is used as a tool for her to be deemed as “sexy” and “desirable” under the male gaze. like that scene where she was on the boat with steve. i loved that scene so much because diana wasn’t clueless about sex, she KNEW about it and how it’s both for reproduction and for pleasure. the situation wasn’t set for some really sexualized scene where diana wonders about what it is and steve has to show her, and that was just really refreshing to watch. i was so relieved when it didn’t happen, and my relief just says so much about films where a girl is some otherworldly creature or scientific creation, because more often that not, the innocence and quaint ignorance of these female characters get sexualized.

there was no scene where diana wondered about what sexual pleasure is like, there was no scene where diana reveled in the malicious attention male characters subjected her to, and there was no scene where diana had to strip naked without a care in the world. yes, there was that one scene where diana almost took her cloak off in the middle of a store, but the way the scene was handled lacked the way the male character would so often look a little too intently at her and her body, and only showed steve being embarrassed of how she thought her armor was considered something the common people in world war 1 england would see on the daily.

and really i guess what i’m just trying to say here is that having a female director handle a woman-lead film is just so strikingly DIFFERENT from how it would be had a male director took reign of it. there wasn’t a single strand of oversexualized fan service bullshit for the “male viewers”, and diana’s character wasn’t some one dimensional cookie cutter trope. it was just a superhero movie with an amazing superhero lead. nothing more, nothing less.

well, it’s not just a superhero movie, it’s the best superhero movie, but that’s a post for another time.

The only thing on my mind today was Andrew Minyard and his mocking salute.
It’s super shaky, messy, and rough and the quality sucks sooo bad (I’m sincerely sorry for that, I had insane trouble with the size and resizing, it’s super annoying plus tumblr loves to screw the quality) but anyway.
Now I really wanna animate a few scenes from the books (will only take a life time but whatevs, do I have something better to do with my life ? Yes definitely..but do I care? No.). Also, thank you for 200 followers and welcome to the fandom who ever just discovered it!!


’ His voice cracked, and Jason could tell the guy was about to get teary-eyed. Whether Nico had really given up on Percy or not, Jason couldn’t imagine what it had been like for Nico all those years, keeping a secret that would’ve been unthinkable to share in the 1940s, denying who he was, feeling completely alone – even more isolated than other demigods. ’

AH yes, one of my favorite scenes in the series: Nico faces Cupid.

I’ve been meaning to sketch up this part for a long, long time. It really hit me hard while reading it, and I’m pretty surprised it took me this long to draw. xD

Art by me

Please do not use without my permission.


Translation from Naruhodo Fanbook

I felt like doing some translation for my own enjoyment so I grabbed my Naruhodo fanbook and picked this amazing scene out from the character blog section in the back. This was written by Takumi Shuu as promo material for the original trilogy back in 2005.

“English Version”

Mayoi: Hey, hey Naruhodo-kun! Did you hear?

Naruhodo: Hear what? You look awfully excited.

M: Apparently we’re finally gonna make our American debut!

N: Oh, you mean the English version, huh?

M: And apparently the setting is, get this, the crime capital, Los Angeles! Isn’t it exciting?!

N: …Don’t let anyone from Los Angeles hear you call their city that. They’ll get mad.

M: Well, they have a saying there: “If you toss a rock into a crowd, it’ll hit a criminal.”

N: You do realize that the second you throw a rock into a crowd, you yourself are a criminal, right?


M: You know, Naruhodo-kun. Something about you just doesn’t do it for me…

N: Wh-what do you mean?

M: It’s your face. It wouldn’t fit the image of “the crime capital.” You’ve gotta at least dye your hair blond.

N: B-blond…?!

M: Ah! Come to think of it, there’s an old saying in my village.

N: Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.

M: Let’s see, they say if you wash your hair with beer, it’ll turn blond!

N: ……..

M: It’s a saying that’s been passed down for years, but no one’s tried it out yet.

N: All you’d need is one person to try it to know whether it’s true… That’s not much of a mystery.

M: Just wait a sec, ok? I’m gonna go buy some beer.

N: ….Um, you know, Mayoi-chan, I feel like I should just give you a heads up.

M: Hmm? about what?

N: You know this doesn’t mean we’ll be going to America ourselves, right?

M: What?! No way! Seriously?!

N: The name of the main character in the English version isn’t even “Naruhodo Ryuuichi”.

M: Aw come on! What’s his name, then?!

N: Um, if I remember correctly, it’s Phoenix Wright.

M: …Your name got changed to “Feenicks”?

N: What’s that face for?

M: I mean, look at you! You don’t look like a “Phoenix” at all.

N: You don’t think so? Personally, I think I’ve got some birdlike qualities.

M: In that case, I think they should’ve gone with “chicken” for you. Chicken lawyer.

N: Mayoi-chan… You’re in a weirdly combative mood today.

M: And you’re not nearly bright enough to earn the name “Light”

N: I’m pretty sure “Wright” and “Light” are two different words. Probably.

M: What about “Rice” instead?

N: Um, what?

M: Forget Phoenix Wright. Go with Chicken Rice.

N: Who the heck would ever name their kid that?

M: Or maybe “Fried” would be good. Chicken Fried.

N: Well, what would your name be, Mayoi-chan?

M: Me? Let’s see… My name’s Mayoi, so how about “Mayonnaise”?

N: …That actually might suit you pretty well.

M: I’m a fan of mayonnaise.

N: Chicken Fried and Mayonnaise… We sound like a pretty high calorie pair.

M: More like a delicious pair.

N: Come to think of it, what do you think Mitsurugi’s name should be?

M: Let’s see… His name is Mitsurugi Reiji, so… How about “Ray G. Mituroogi”?

N: Huh. That’s unexpectedly straightforward.

M: But it gives you a sense of his pickiness, don’t you think? Especially the “Mituroogi” part.

N: Either way, I’m pretty sure they’ll make his name totally different.


M: ……………..

N: ? What’s up? You’re weirdly quiet all of a sudden.

M: I might’ve just thought of something amazing.

N: What’s that?

M: The perfect crime… in Los Angeles.

N: Perfect crime… You?

M: So there’s a lawyer who looks exactly like you over there in the Crime Capital, right?

N: I guess. Mr. Phoenix.

M: So for example, you could go to a restaurant and eat a whole bunch of food, like chicken rice and fried chicken with mayonnaise on it.

N: Yes, I can see it now…

M: Then when the bill comes, you can tell them you forgot your wallet at home. When someone from the staff grabs you by the scruff of your neck, you shout “I AM PHOENIX!”

N: …When I picture that scene, it looks like some serious carnage took place there.M: And then they’ll send the bill to that Attorney Phoenix guy, see?

N: …I feel like attempting a crime like that would get you stoned by someone.

M: And I could eat all the miso ramen I wanted too!

N: Unfortunately, I don’t think they have miso ramen in America.

M: Really? You think? …I wonder what American me’s favorite food is, then.

N: Who knows?

Voice: Excuse meee!

M: Oh, there’s someone at the door. Comingggg!

Delivery man: Um, I have something here for the Naruhodo and Co. Law Offices… Ah, for a Miss Mayoi. Is that you?

M: Y-yes, that’s me. What is it?

D: I work at the restaurant Burger Land, and I have a bill here for you.

M: “15 Triple Burgers at 4,500 yen a piece”… Th-this wasn’t me!

D: Sorry, but it was definitely you. You came to our shop, stuffed your mouth with burgers, and shouted “I AM MAYOI,” spraying food everywhere!

M: …………

N: ………..

M: They got us first, Naruhodo-kun.

N: Sounds like the American you likes burgers, huh?


Let’s talk about this scene. I know that most of those who saw this in the last episode of DB Super took it as a humorous scene (quite funny indeed), but since I’m a sucker for character analysis, I can’t stop thinking about how Vegeta is protecting Trunks here. Yes, I said ‘protecting’. Despite being a demanding father, like the proud Saiyan he is (we saw in previous episodes how Trunks obeys him without complaints), he still respects that Trunks is a child and that he must live his childhood as such. Vegeta had a hard childhood, far from games and innocence, and he already had responsibilities and concerns at an early age. For that, I think he’s trying his best to keep Trunks away from any unnecessary worry. He doesn’t want to contaminate his son with negative feelings, even hiding his own resentment and hatred towards Frieza. Vegeta’s awareness and sensitivity denotes how much he has grown as a man, how much he has grown as a fighter and how much he has grown as a father. Sorry, I need to be repetitive to settle this idea. 

So I like to think that Vegeta, Trunks and Bulma have a lot of conversation moments like the second shot. They are both incredible parents, with their virtues and flaws.


DONE~! (for now) More art based off of @wonderfulchaos69​‘s fanfic/our collab au Sakuya on Ice!~  I drew some of my favorite “off ice” scenes! (aka the SakuMahi scenes lololol) If you wanna know what happens next in these moments then read the fanfic please!! 😃 Kitty Kuro does NOT like his owners new boyfriend. student. lol 

I will be posting the ACTUAL ON ICE art later. Meaning we will see some rival Misono art and other miscellaneous drawn moments from it! 

Please read the fanfic~ if you enjoy the art for it!!! took me WEEKS but I finished these. But there will be more~

yes the last image I have posted before. Because of that moment from the OVA~ and I posted it early~!!

Top 10 K-Dramas: 2016

The edit above is not in the order of my top 10 but the list below is. This was my first time making an edit so I was just trying to make it all fit, lol. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on these dramas, I’d love to hear that ya’ll think!

1. Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won)

  • This was the first drama I followed along with while it was airing and it cemented my stay in kdrama-land so I’ll forever be grateful for that. I loved everything about this drama from the cast to the plot, I thought it was unique and funny and so very enjoyable to watch. A soldier and doctor falling in love in the middle of a crisis with brilliantly amusing scenes and secondary characters? It’s a win for sure. I think it found the perfect balance between drama, action, romance, and comedy. Also, the OSTs in the drama were amazing; Talk Love by K.Will will forever be one of my favorites. 

2. Goblin (Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun)

  • So I’m cheating a little with this one because it didn’t finish airing in 2016, but this is currently my favorite drama so I felt obligated to put this on my list. This was my first real venture into a fantasy kdrama and I love everything about it. The aesthetics and cinematography is unreal, the cast is fantastic, the beginnings of romance is natural, but the bromance and friendships are probably my favorite things about this drama. It’s honestly just so witty and fun and the performance by each actor is amazing. It never fails to make me smile or laugh. Since it’s by the same writer as DOTS, it has the perfect combination of fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy. Also, the OSTS are wickedly good in this as well.

3. The K2 (Ji Chang Wook, Im YoonA, Song Yoon Ah)

  • Despite the drama surrounding the characters and it’s obvious problems story-wise, I loved The K2. One of my favorite genres is action-romance and this drama was packed with both. JCW is brilliant as always in acting but his action scenes were amazing. I thought the plot was pretty unique and the lead three gave great performances (I know people thought YoonA’s character was useless, but I didn’t; the story literally wouldn’t exist without her, lol). I have to praise Song Yoon Ah for her performance especially because this was the first time I empathized with the villain; I certainly didn’t agree with everything she did, but they gave a depth to her character that I really appreciated. There are some things I’ll never understand regarding the drama, but I don’t want to spoil anything for others so I won’t mention it here.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk)

  • Again, this drama has yet to end, but I honestly think that this is one of the most brilliant dramas of 2016. It’s a feel-good, coming-of-age drama that balances romance, comedy, and friendship and that honestly delivers each week. It tackles first love and all the innocence and insecurities that comes with liking someone unattainable, it explores friendship between women and the unbreakable bond you can make with life-long friends in college, it shows characters with unhealthy issues taking the right steps to get help, and it shows how guys should treat girls and how naturally you can fall in love with your best friend. Most of all though, it tells us that it’s okay to fall out of love with your talents and what you have been doing your entire life; it’s okay to take a break, try new things, and find yourself. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing, and brilliant performances.

5. Reply 1988 (Lee Hye Ri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi)

  • I’m late to the game but there are not enough words to describe what a good drama this is. I love that it focused so much on family bonds rather than romantic love. More than the individual families, the entire block was one big family that supported and took care of each other. I laughed, I cried, and I was happy when they were happy. The line between friendship and family is easily blurred in this drama because I swear the kids were more like family than they were friends. The parents’ friendship also made me happy because for once there was no evil parent or scheming; they all loved their kids and were such good friends with each other. There were so many lessons to learn from in this drama, it’s A+. Also, the goat noises made my life. 

6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Lee Joon Ki, IU, Kang Ha Neul)

  • I had/have a love-hate relationship with this drama. This was my first saeguk drama and I did really like a lot of things about it. The cinematography was beautiful, it really was so well done. I liked most of the characters, especially early in the show when it was more funny and cute. And the actors, even the idol-actors, did well in my opinion. What I hated was how they tried to jam-pack the Chinese version into the last 4 episodes, the insanely terrible editing that just made it seem like the characterization for leads did not align at all with what we knew about them, and the ending. I truly detested the ending; it was sloppy and unnecessary. If they didn’t cut that one scene from that ending, I would have been satisfied but they chose to do a disservice to the characters and for that reason alone, I’ll probably never re-watch this drama. 

7. Age of Youth (Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo )

  • I loved everything about this drama. The friendship between the Belle Epoque girls made me smile; they grew from being so awkward with each other to being such good friends. They teased, fought, and took care of each other like any good roommates would do while living their own lives. The drama did brilliantly in highlighting each girl’s unique struggles and allowing them to grow because of them. There is nothing I didn’t like about this drama; it was funny, interesting, and just really good. The Belle Epoque girls are special. 

8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun)

  • I like drama a lot but mostly because of JJH’s character and performance. I’ve never failed to smile, laugh, or feel second-hand embarrassment for her character and that just really made the drama fun. I’m not really a big LMH fan, I think he’s an decent actor, but I think this is probably my favorite role of his. He’s actually doing really well and I really enjoy his character. One of my main issues is the plot and direction of the drama; I think it’s been a little sloppy and some things just don’t make sense and are poorly explained. Also it’s taking forever to get through some of the sub-plots and it honestly just feels like a waste of time. To be quite honest and in my opinion, if the leads weren’t as big stars as they are, this drama would not be doing as well as it is now.

9. Doctor Crush (Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang)

  • The beginning of this drama was brilliant; PSH’s character was the epitome of a bad-girl who was also kind to her friends. I loved the plot; a girl with an attitude problem with no care in the world changing her ways and becoming a brilliant physician to not only prove people wrong but also to get revenge on the people that wronged/hurt her? Yeah, sign me up for a drama like that. The secondary characters were great, there really were some comedic scenes with them. I liked the medical part of the drama and PSH’s friendship with her childhood best friend and the other doctors. What I hated what that she never really got her revenge; they went with the most predictable way of the guy getting out of it for a medical drama and I hated that. He wasn’t even sincerely apologetic for what he had done. And honestly, I also hated that she never really called out step-mother for being such a terrible person. I had higher expectations for this drama. 

10. Cinderella and the Four Knights (Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun)

  • This was definitely more of a feel good drama for me. I love the “cinderella” trope so this was just really cute. Park So Dam was just adorable and she made the story fun. There was nothing overly special about this drama; it was fun and light, there were some pretty-boys, and a sweet best friend. All the makings of a classic feel-good drama. My favorite thing would probably have to be the OSTs in this drama; they were all just so good and I still re-play some of them. 

Okay, so I really need to vent here for a bit.

First of all, I love Game of Thrones, and this season has been incredible, despite everyone bitching about things like people getting places too fast. I guess people still want getting places to take forever, so nothing ever happens, just like in the first six seasons, even though we’re down to the last two.

But some stuff is really pissing me off.

First, Jorah was seemingly cured and brought back just to return to being the butt of everyone’s “friend zone” jokes once more. And that really pisses me off. He’s been by Dany’s side longer than anyone, has gone through so much, but, the Hell with him, ‘cause Dany’s already in love with Jon Snow.

That’s another thing. I get it’s probably been months, given all of the traveling that’s being done, so Dany and Jon have probably had move interactions than we’ve seen, but, from our POV, they’ve had a handful of scenes, that took place over the course of a few days. But, yes, they’re totally in love already.

And that’s incest. I love how people are disgusted and complain about Cersei and Jaime, but adamantly want Dany and Jon together, who are Aunt and Nephew. Or even those who want Jon and Sansa together, even though they’re cousins.

Incest is incest. Now, I know Dany and Jon don’t know they’re related yet, but we, the audience do, so for people to want them together, and even get married, and rule the Seven Kingdoms together, is wrong. Especially when those same people are always grossed out by Cersei and Jaime.

Now, this next one is spoilers for the leaked episode. I haven’t seen it, but I saw the scene where one of the Dragons is killed by the Night King, and, yeah, from the looks of it, it’s totally Jon’s fault.

Everyone’s on Drogon, ready to go, but Jon’s still fighting White Walkers, even though he’s being called so that they can go. And what happens? It gives the Night King time to kill Viserion.

But, again, judging by spoilers, instead of Dany going to Jorah, or even Missandei, for comfort, she goes to Jon. What the ever loving fuck?

As I said, I haven’t seen the episode, so I don’t know for sure, but, based on the spoilers, she ends up crying in Jon’s arms.

The Dany I know would absolutely blame Jon for the death of Viserion, especially considering she’s always talking about how the Dragons are her children, and the only ones she’ll ever have.

I would be so fucking pissed at Jon, for his damn vengeance or testosterone or whatever being responsible for the death of one of my children.

And now the Army of the Dead has a Dragon, because poor Viserion apparently comes back as an “Ice Dragon”. Good job, Jon.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get hate for this post, but I had to get it off of my chest.

Ezra Fitz, Lolita parallels, and a hero complex

I just wrote this up in response to an ask, but I wasn’t sure when, or if, I ever wrote this up before, so i decided to give it it’s own post.

 Ezra Fitz has a “type”, and that type was influenced by his first love, whom he lost at a young age.

This is one of the Lolita parallels. Humbert was locked in a fantasy of his “Nymphet” because his first love passed away at the same approximate age, and he’s been trying to replace her. (Let’s pretend for 2 seconds that’s not the worst bullshit ever.)

Ezra’s home is littered with book and his classroom littered with lessons, all dealing with the subject of a tragic romance. Ezra Fitz is obsessed with doomed love stories because he lived one.

I think Ezra may have suffered a terrible loss at a young age, and he couldn’t save her. Like it was an accident or something and he failed to keep her out of danger. So now, as ‘A’ or ‘A.D’ or Ezra, he keeps creating the same (similar) circumstances over and over again until he gets it right. Until he really feels like he’s the hero.

He’s got a hell of a hero complex. But it also helps that a lot of the things he sets up make for pretty good books.

I think he’s responsible for the dollhouse, and he’s responsible for Nicole’s disappearance, and a few of the other dangers the girls have faced. That’s why so many of their big events feel so staged. Because they were intended to make the girls feel like they were in danger, while they never were. Thus making the girls view him as a savior when he inevitably shows up to save the day.

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anonymous asked:

Can we please discuss the shot of Jon and Dany exiting the cave? The one of the camera focused of their backs walking out together? And whyyyyy did it look like they were holding hands--they were walking so close to each other I want to cryyyyy. What does that shot say to you??

These shots right? Yeah I couldn’t resist making these gifs because these shots really got me. They are like completely in sync and especially in the first one they are shoulder to shoulder. You can’t convince me that Kit and Emilia weren’t actually holding hands right there. They totally were. They were. 

So what do these say to me? It’s showing their coming partnership. They’re a team. Equals. Not yet, but they will be. We know Jon isn’t going to kneel and we know that they are going to fight together.

We also know that they are slowly but surely coming to realize that they have the same values and that they both want what’s best for their people. 

To me these shots show two people getting more comfortable with one another. They didn’t walk into the cave like this. Dany walked with Missandei behind Jon. But they walk out together, almost touching, neither one comes first and thus neither one comes last. Because pretty soon they’re going to be on equal footing–helping each other and respecting each other. And soon hopefully loving each other :) 

Because the cave scene gave them a time and place to see the other person in a (literally) different light than they did before. I think Dany took from that conversation that Jon respects his people and himself too much to compromise his goals and ideals. Sound like anyone else you know? Yes, because Dany’s the same. So I think she respected that in him even though they continued to disagree. There was no more animosity between these two. And Jon saw that Dany can be reasonable, and gentle, and kind. But that like him she isn’t going to give up her own goals to protect her own people, which in her case means giving them a better leader than Cersei Lannister. 

Anyway yeah I loved it and am going to look back at these forever haha. 

{Reaction} Moaning in front of Monsta X for the first time.

Lee Minhyuk 

Originally posted by celes-tae

You would be studying something difficult, which would cause you to moan in frustration. But as the noise reaches Minhyuk, it would filter a very different way.

{y/n}: “This is so hard”

Minhyuk: *Hugs you from behind before whispering close to your ear.* “I have something much harder, Jagiya”

Yoo Kihyun

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You were sat on the sofa in your small apartment, both you and Kihyun hugging blankets to get as much warmth as possible. You let out a moan of relief as the heater finally came on.

{y/n}: “Ahh finally, heat.”

Kihyun: *Grabs your wrists and pushes you back on the sofa as he straddles your hips with his thighs* “If you want to feel hot, you should have just asked.”

Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho

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He would be purposefully trying to make you moan. He’d be kissing you deeply and pulling every possible move he could to get a reaction out of you, but grunting with annoyance with each failed attempt as you teased him. When he finally got the sweet sound he wanted, his eyes would turn lustful.

Wonho: “If you’re as smart as you claim, Jagiya, listen to me. Or I might have to get rough.”

Son Hyun Woo/ Shownu 

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Your moans drive him crazy, especially when he’s the one that makes the sound to escape your lips. But the first time he heard it was unexpected to him.

He was cuddling with you on the sofa, watching an old movie. His hand was ‘innocently’ playing with the hem of your shirt, but as his fingertips brushed over skin underneath it, the moan came from you and his eyes flickered from innocent to lustful in a matter of seconds.

Shownu: “… You… Me… Bedroom. Now”

Lim Chang Kyun/ I.M.

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You were making out with him on the sofa and he was about to pull away to ask you if it was a good idea to take this to the bedroom, but when a soft moan escaped from your lips, he changed his mind instantly and took you there and then on the sofa.

I.M: “Keep moaning like that Jagi, and I’ll make you a very happy girl.”

Chae Hyungwon 

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You were going over a script for a new drama. In this particular scene you were supposed to get white I intimidate with the other lead role.  You read over the lines, letting fake moans roll off your tongue until Hyungwon walked in.

{y/n}: “Do my moans sound too fake?”

Hyungwon: “Yes, definately. How about I take you to the bedroom right now so you learn how to do it properly.”

Lee Jooheon

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You moaned as you lay in the blankets of the bed as the warmth surrounded you. You drifted off to sleep but after the sound you just made Jooheon was far from tired.

Jooheon: “Jagi… wake up.”

{y/n}: “What do you want Jooheon, I’m tired.”

Jooheon: “I have a problem and I need your help…”

My Babygirl-Part Nine

My Babygirl masterlist

“Ohhh.” Dean slightly winced as he watched you ram into the girl who had the soccer ball so that you could steal it. At nine years old you had this sense of fearlessness that Dean took credit for. He couldn’t help but cheer with the crowd as you broke away from the others on the field and headed straight for the goal. He watched as you score for a second time that game, thus solidifying the victory for your team since there was only ten seconds left in the game.

He stayed at the soccer field for a few more moments but after watching you leap into the arms of who you thought was your father he decided to leave. As he walked away Dean turned back one more time and couldn’t help the proud smile that overtook his face as he saw your teammates swarm around you; some hugged you while others gave you high fives.

“That’s my girl.” Dean said as he turned back around, walking away from you.

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Sam and Dean sat in the very back of the recital hall to avoid any attention their presence might cause. They knew that only two people there would know who they were but since it was a private event they weren’t looking to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves.

It took everything Dean had to not fall asleep during the other performances but as soon as your name was announced Dean snapped awake. He watched proudly as you stood next to the piano in your concert dress before sitting on the bench.

The brothers were amazed at how you played; neither expecting a Winchester to have such talent. As you finished your final piece Dean almost burst out with applause but stopped himself when he realized how much attention he would cause to be ripped from you and given to him. Instead he clapped with a large smile on his face. 

Dean didn’t know anything about playing an interment, but for being eleven years old he thought you were amazing. When the concert ended Dean couldn’t help himself from passing by who he figured out was your piano teacher.

“Y/N, your student. One of the best performances I’ve seen from someone her age.” Dean said to the teacher. The elderly woman smiled and nodded her head.

“Oh yes, Y/N has amazing promise. She’s one of the best, and sweetest, students I’ve ever had the opportunity of teaching.” She kindly replied.

Dean simply nodded his head before turning to follow Sam out of the building. A large grin was on his lips, “That’s my babygirl.”

“Dean you have to be calm. You’re gonna gain a bunch of attention if you keep freaking out like this.” Sam tried to reason with Dean who was barely listening to him.

Dean had a routine every morning he woke up. He’d make himself some coffee as he went through the local reports for the town you lived in, just to make sure nothing supernatural was near you. Then he’d check your school’s website to see if anything important was happening, Sam had even hacked into the school’s records so Dean could check your grades. After this Dean would go through your social media sites. He would then follow up by glancing at the local hospital records, just making sure you weren’t there.

Was this routine obsessive? Yes, but Dean wanted to ensure that you were safe. Otherwise what was the point of him staying away?

Normally there was nothing that concerned Dean, that was until this morning when he saw the hospital records stating that you had been admitted with appendicitis.

As soon as he saw that Sam and Dean took off like a bat outta hell for the hospital you were at. Two hours later the brothers were parking the impala and Sam was holding Dean back to prevent him from making a scene inside of the hospital.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this Sammy.” Dean said as they rode the elevator up to the pediatric wing of the hospital where you would reside.

“I know Dean; but it’s what best for Y/N.” Sam sadly replied.

Stepping off the elevator the brothers checked in at the reception area, posing as two FBI agents who had escorted a thirteen year old girl with appendicitis to the hospital who just wanted to make sure she was okay. They were given your room number and they quickly walked towards it, stopping as soon as they could see the window into your room.

Dean felt a weight lifted off of him as he saw you sitting there with different wires attached to you but you still had a smile on your face. A young boy, who Dean assumed was your younger brother, sat next to you while Y/M/N and Ryan were sitting on a couch, laughing at something you had said.

“Oh babygirl, don’t scare me like that again.” Dean whispered to himself as he rubbed his forehead.

Part Ten

Underneath the Cherry Tree - Victor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki

@crazylazydays requested:  AU idea - Victuuri puppy love. With them as cute kids, doing a version of their engagement.

“I hate him Yuuri! I hate him and his stupid lying face” Yuuko cried running up to Yuuri and embracing him in a tight tear filled hug.

“What’s wrong Yuuko? Why are you crying?” Yuuri asked, deeply concerned about his friend. Yuuko wiped her tear stained cheek on the shoulder of Yuuri’s sweater.

“Stupid Takeshi was holding hands with Megumi. We were going to get married recess but I don’t want to marry his stupid face anymore.  I hate him Yuuri!” She exclaimed sobbing against Yuuri, her poor innocent heartbroken over having to break off her ‘engagement’.

Yuuri didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help his friend, to make her feel better in some way but he had no idea how. In Yuuri’s young childlike innocence he offered the only thing he could think of.

“I’ll marry you instead!” Yuuri offered. Yuuko looked up at Yuuri with a renewed spark in her eyes.

“Really Yuuri?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course! You’re my bestest friend Yuuko. I’d do anything for you.” Yuuri swore innocently. Yuuko smiled brilliantly and squeezed Yuuri impossibly tighter to her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She giggled, her past woes long forgotten. Yuuri smiled, happy that he could change his friend’s mood around.

Yuuko and Yuuri made plans to meet next to the playground’s swingset to get ‘married’ during recess. Yuuri looked forward to meeting Yuuko during recess but was unprepared to face the reality of spontaneous changes of the hearts of children.

When recess came Yuuri hurried excitedly out to the playground only to find that Yuuko and Takeshi had made up and their ‘wedding’ was back on. Yuuri’s poor little heart deflated at the rejection. Yuuko probably didn’t mean to hurt young Yuuri’s feelings but even still his feelings were hurt.

Without a word, Yuuri ran away from the happy couple and hid underneath the slide. His classmates played around him, oblivious to where he curled himself into a vulnerable ball. Yuuri silently cried into his knees.

“Are you hurt?” A young foreign voice asked. A silver haired boy about Yuuri’s age poked his head under the slide, giving Yuuri a deeply concerned look. Yuuri recognized the boy to be Victor Nikiforov, a recent foreign student that moved to Japan with his parents. Victor had been the subject of much curious ogling from the students, Yuuri included. A few of the girls had even asked between their fits of nervous giggling to braid his long exotic hair.

Yuuri didn’t blame their curiosity.

“I’m fine.” Yuuri insisted, wiping his watery eyes with his sleeve. When he looked back up, Victor was still there, looking at him with warm sympathetic eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Victor asked crawling under the slide to sit cross-legged beside Yuuri.

“Yuuko and I were supposed to get married at the swingset today but she got married to Takeshi instead.”

“Why would she do that?” Victor asked, not able to comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want to marry Yuuri. The two were in different classes so they’ve only ever exchanged a word or two but Victor always found himself admiring the Japanese boy from afar, always too nervous to work up the courage to ask him to play during recess. Yuuri always seemed so cool and out of his league.

Yuuri could only shrug in response.

“Well I’d marry you.” Victor admitted without thinking. Their equally surprised eyes connected and Yuuri’s face broke out in an infectious smile.

“Really?” Yuuri asked hopefully. Victor nodded and wrapped his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders in a tight embrace.

“Of course! You’re so cool Yuuri! I want to be your friend forever and ever!” Victor exclaimed.

“Yeah?” Yuuri giggled, pleased at his new friend’s excitable dedication. Victor grabbed Yuuri’s hands and pulled him to his feet and out from under the slide.

“Come on Yuuri! We can get married after school under the cherry tree across the street! It’ll be so perfect Yuuri! We can even make flower crowns out of the blooms and we can bring my dog! Do you have a dog Yuuri? Mine is the most adorable poodle -” Victor rambled on excitedly, practically skipping as he dragged Yuuri around the playground.

By the time recess ended Victor had their wedding planned down to the tiniest detail and Yuuri looked forward to every second of it. They went their separate ways to their respective classes but Yuuri’s mind was far elsewhere, more specifically underneath that blooming cherry tree across the street.

As soon as class was dismissed Yuuri hurried out to the school yard to search for Victor. His little heart sank in disappointment when he didn’t immediately spy Victor’s trademark flowing silver hair. His worries were quickly washed away when he heard Victor’s light foreign voice call out from behind Yuuri.

“Yuuri!” Victor called cheerfully with a wave. Yuuri waved back as Victor approached him and took Yuuri’s hand. With the assistance of the crossing guard Yuuri and Victor crossed the street and ran across the open field where their makeshift altar would be.

They sat below the tree as the pale pink petals floated around them. They chatted together while they wove crowns from the tree’s blooms - well Victor did most of the talking but Yuuri was more than happy to listen.

When Victor was finished weaving his crown, he reached up and placed it on Yuuri’s head with a proud smile. “Perfect!” He exclaimed. Yuuri finished his flower crown and set it on top of Victor’s head.

“Sorry mine isn’t as good as yours Vicchan.” Yuuri apologized sheepishly. Comparing the two crowns side by side, Victor’s was certainly more beautiful and well crafted than Yuuri’s but Victor didn’t mind. All that mattered was that his new friend made it.

“Nonsense! It’s wonderful!” Victor argued gingerly touching the woven flowers resting against his soft silver hair.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked sheepishly, looking up at Victor from under his lashes. Victor was struck by the scene before him. Yuuri wearing the flower crown Victor made, with rouge petals falling from the cherry tree and softly landing in his dark hair.

“Yes Yuuri?” Victor responded softly

“Do you really want to marry me?” He asked unsure of himself.

“Of course I do!” Victor reassured. “Can we get married now? My mom is going to pick me up soon.” Victor asked almost impatiently.

“Ok you go first.” Yuuri encouraged. Victor smiled and took Yuuri by the hands and started with his childlike version of wedding vows.

“I, Victor Nikiforov, promise to be your best friend forever and ever and make sure that you’re never sad ever again.” Victor promised firmly with unwavering seriousness. “Alright your turn.” Victor encouraged.

“I, Katsuki Yuuri, promise to be your friend and hold your hand and pet your dog and laugh at your silly jokes and never ever hurt your feelings.” Yuuri rattled on. Victor’s grin grew impossibly wider and he threw his arms around Yuuri’s neck in an excited hug.

“We’re married now Yuuri! We’re going to be together forever!” Victor proclaimed. A sleek car pulled up a few moments later and honked for the newlywed’s attention. “That’s my mom. Bye Yuuri! I’ll see you tomorrow, da?” Victor leaned over a gave Yuuri’s cheek a quick innocent peck before running off with a wave of his hand. Yuuri absently touched his cheek as he waved goodbye to his new husband.

20 Years Later

Yuuri,” Victor sang, sneaking up behind Yuuri and covering his eyes with his hands. Yuuri was immediately suspicious. He’s known Victor long enough to know when he’s up to something.

“Victor.” Yuuri said in his disapproving voice. Victor chuckled behind him and rested his chin on Yuuri’s shoulder, still blocking Yuuri’s vision.

“I brought you a present.” Victor whispered slowly kissing along Yuuri’s neck.

“Finally marrying you is present enough.” Yuuri retorted tenderly.

“Are you implying that time we got married as kids wasn’t real? Yuuri! You wound me.” Victor said dramatically. He could almost hear his fiance pouting.

“What did you get me? Or is this some rouse to get me to have a quickie with you before the ceremony starts?” Yuuri asked. Victor scoffed but didn’t deny it immediately.

“Sadly no.” Victor said before setting something on top of Yuuri’s head. “Here. Take a look for yourself.” Victor said, pulling his hands away from Yuuri’s eyes and turning his shoulders to the nearby mirror. On top of Yuuri’s head was an ornate crown made of freshly picked cherry blossoms. Yuuri started to tear up when he saw in the mirror that Victor wore a similar flower crown himself.

“Well what do you think, lyubov moya? I made them myself.” Victor said. Victor started to panic when he saw moisture brimming in Yuuri’s eyes. Yuuri sniffed and dabbed at the tears that decided to spill over on their own accord. But despite his tears Yuuri had the biggest brightest smile on his face.

“I still can’t believe you remember that.” Yuuri shook his head in disbelief.

“Of course I’d remember marrying the love of my life.” Victor said before resting his forehead against Yuuri’s. Victor let his eyes slip closed, taking a moment to revel in the feeling of Yuuri in his arms as they eagerly awaited the first day of the rest of their lives to begin.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” Yuuri wondered to himself.

“I ask myself the same thing every day.” Victor said.

Mari chose that moment to poke her head into the room, breaking the intimate moment the couple was sharing.

“It’s time.” She said.

Victor gave Yuuri’s arm a reassuring squeeze. After taking a calming breath, Yuuri hooked his arm through Victor’s. The couple shared a look full of excited nerves before stepping out and beginning their journey to the all too familiar blooming cherry tree, ready to finally seal their childish promises of dedication into reality.

Dinner with a Stranger

Dinner with a Stranger
Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: mention of abuse, fluff
Word count: 1128
A/N: this has been rolling around in my head for most of the day, I just had to write it down! If there is interest, I’ll write another part and finish the story.

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Y/N huffed her way down the street in London, more lost than she had ever been in her life. Nothing looked familiar, her phone was dead, and she had lost her map four turns ago, not that it was super helpful anyway. Turning down another row of houses, Y/N hoped to high heaven something would begin to look right. Her “alone-cation” wasn’t turning out so well. Behind her sunglasses, a few tears began to fall as she pushed herself to keep walking forward.

“Excuse me, are you alright?” a soft voice said from behind her. Turning quickly and stumbling, Y/N found her nose almost buried in a white button-up. Two strong hands grabbed her arms to steady her and then quickly released. Allowing her eyes to roam up the chest, she found a well shaped mouth, a thin nose, and concerned eyes of the most handsome man she had ever seen in real life.

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anonymous asked:

Amanda has said the "jewish lady on plane" scene was written because she and her buddy, Gatiss, used to joke around bts doing accents. I personally think this friendship, following the split, caused Martin to be pushed to the outer, with consequent favouring of Amanda.

Oh Nonny, I have had this thought more than once as well. They added a pointless scene just so AA and Gatiss could have a laugh. I DO think her friendship with him is part of the reason her role got boosted and they tried to “make her a star.” I think it backfired on them. They took away from what people actually watch the show for, ya know Sherlock and John and their relationship, and replaced it with the Adventures of Assassin Mary. Low and behold they had the worst season of the show EVER, which was pretty much universally disliked (yes I know there are folks that liked it, good for you).  Most people I talk to, friends, fans, casuals, can’t stand Mary and don’t understand why the show took such a stupid turn. I know I have zero desire to ever watch S4 ever again. I think most people have an understanding that if you title the show Sherlock and then promise that it’s about Sherlock and John and their relationship, your expectation is that it will actually BE about Sherlock and John and their relationship. Not BBC Mary. Shame on Mofftiss for the bait and switch.

Just A Friend

This is a total new thing I’m trying to do. Although I have done preferences before, I’ve never actually written completely from a character’s perspectives. I hope you guys like it and please don’t hesitate to tell me if you guys want a part two with Derek, Isaac, and Peter. P.S.

Reader X Teen Wolf Guys
Song inspo:
Just A Friend by Mario
Oh baby you (oh baby you)
Got what I need (got what I need)
But you say I’m just a friend (say I’m just a friend)
But you say I’m just a friend
Cos I can be your (cos I can be your)
But you say I’m just a friend (say I’m just a friend)
But you say I’m just a friend


Originally posted by atruealpha

Ever since that pretty girl came to school, my mind has gone haywire. It’s like I can’t focus because I’m subconsciously looking for her in the hallways, at lunch, and in the library. I can’t help it, her scent is intoxicating. Whenever I’m around her, the alpha can’t control itself. I can feel it trying to claw out of my stomach and pounce on her. Derek says it’s probably a hormonal imbalance but I know better. God, not even Allison made me feel the way I do now. Stiles, of course, already figured out that I was crushing on her hard.

“Dude, your eyes are glowing!” I shifted my attention to Stiles.
“Your eyes! Make them go away!”
Her scent grew stronger as she walked in our direction. My breath heaved and my canines began to grow. What is happening to me? Stiles panicked and before she could get close, he shoved my head down and pushed me into an empty classroom. I dropped my bag onto the floor and tried to regain control. The wolf showed resistance. He wanted to do more than just ask Y/N on a date, it wanted to mate with her and make as many babies as possible and then some. A minute later and I was fine. Stiles stared at me with wide eyes. “What the hell was that?!” I came up with the only answer that seemed logical, “it’s a full moon tonight.” Stiles shook his head, I know he’s going to say something as-a-matter-of-fact like.
“Of all the full moons, you never glowed your eyes, grew fangs, and claws in the middle of the freaking day! What is going on, Scott? Is it Y/N?”
“It’s her scent. The alpha in me is apparently attracted to it.”
“Well tell your alpha to cool it”

The pack sat at lunch but this time it wasn’t about the supernatural. We had real conversations and a lot of memory reminisces. A familiar smell tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Y/N walking towards our table. I gave her a smile. Stiles slid closer to Lydia so that Y/N and I were practically alone.
“Are you okay, Scott? You’re not sick, are you?”
“No, I, uh, I had a bad, reaction”
“You suck at lying but I’ll let it pass”
My lips instantly curled up into a smile. This girl just might be how I die. I think I would be okay with that. After lunch, we walked in the hallway just talking about what’s on our mind. You can do this Scott. I took a deep breath and took her hands in mine. “There’s a dance tonight, and I would love it if you went with me.” Y/N smiled and hugged me tightly. “I would love to go with my cute best friend!” My heart sank at the word friend. Y/N pulled away to kiss my cheek, “I’ll see you tonight.” Just like that Y/N was gone and the wolf inside me howled in discontent. I don’t want to be cute or a friend.


Originally posted by omglanafsog

Y/N ran around upstairs toward my room. She was a little faster than I expected her to be. I nearly fell off the couch trying to jump over it and give her chase. Y/N has been hanging out at my place very often lately. She swiped my key and fashioned herself a one since she’s always around. She snatched my phone and was reading my messages. Scott and I were recently talking about her and if she knows, I’ll die of embarrassment.
Y/N stood in the middle of my room, smiling as she read my texts. I had to wheeze once I got in my doorway. “Y/N (gasp) give me (gasp) my phone.” Y/N tapped her cheek with a finger, obviously thinking about it. “I think I’ll pass, maybe I should read Scott’s texts.” Forget about my barely breathing, I lunged for her, knocking her onto the bed. Y/N tried to crawl for the phone but I grabbed her legs and plopped my body on top of hers. She grabbed my arms, pushing it down so I wouldn’t reach; I was stronger. I pinned her arms above her head and pushed her into the mattress, “Stop.” Just as I got control, my dad walked in and took in the scene before him. It looked bad, I held her hands above her head, our legs were intimately entwined, and I was out of breath. “Uh, Stiles, can I talk to you? If you’re not… Busy.” I hopped away from Y/N and we both straightened ourselves.
My dad and I headed downstairs so he could talk to me properly.

“Is she…Are you…That’s a girl”
“Yes, she’s is that of the female species within the human race”
“Wow, are you using protection?”
“Whoa, Dad! No, that’s not, Jesus…”
“So it’s not that kind of relationship?”
“Not at all”
“So you’re in the friend zone?”
“Why would you say that?”
“The two of you are all touchy feely, I assume that’s the girl who comes over religiously but you haven’t done the dirty Harry and I bet you haven’t kissed either, you’re in the friend zone.”
“I’m not in the–”
Y/N came downstairs, interrupting the conversation.
“I have to go, goodbye Sheriff, bye BESTIE!”
The door closed leaving a silence in the room.
Stilinski looked at Stiles and crossed his arms.
“I am so in the friend zone”
He patted Stiles and shoulder as he passed him to go to the kitchen, “yep”


Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Stiles went on and on about a movie he’d recently seen when I saw her.
It was like one of those epic movie moments where the hot girl walks into a room and music starts playing in the background.
Behind the camera is someone holds a fan to make it seem like her hair is flying in an angelic way.
Y/N was that hot girl.
She was so gorgeous in anything and everything she did.
If I could just get a chance with her. Never mind, I’d probably screw it up. Besides, she was so out of my league.

“Liam, do you have any Idea what polycarbonate bonds do?”
I slammed my head on the table and shook my head no.
“I’m going to fail this test”
“You need a tutor”
“Great, Mason. Do you happen to have one on speed dial? No? That’s what I thought. Look, I’m gonna head on home. Catch you later”

I ran down the stairs to open the door.
When I did, I closed the door shut in a hurry and began breathing ecstatically.
I opened the door to reveal the truth, I had thought my mind was playing tricks on me because there she was; Y/N in all her glory.
“Do you do that to all the girls?”
I gave her an awkward chuckle and invited her in.

After working for a while, I had to ask.
“How is this possible?”
“How is what possible?”
Y/N laughed and I thought my heart exploded and flatlined.
“You see, when a mommy and daddy love each other…”
“I mean, why are you here tutoring me”
“Oh, your friend Mason said you needed help”
“Can I marry you?”
I facepalmed myself for thinking out loud. Y/N, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying herself. She kissed me on the corner of my mouth and gave me one of the sweetest smiles on the planet.
“I’m sorry. You seem more like someone I would be friends with but if it gets to that point, why not?”
I silently cheered at my success.
I wasn’t the guy who just knew Y/N, I’m her friend.

|| guilty crown ||

[[request prompt: Please do a Peter x Reader where he failed to save a citizen and goes to the Reader for tending his wounds, comfort and hugs. Kinda angsty and with drama please, hehe.]]

I need to work on requests hhhhhh

I’m literally writing this on my phone while going on a short road trip, so I apologize for any errors.

tags: on mobile sadly; I can’t do tags

**warnings: quite a bit of angst, with some fluff

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story**


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for those who know how heartbroken I was when Jen had to cancel OUATTOR I  thought my wish to meet Jen was over, crushed and done but I got the opportunity to go to NYC for my birthday and what happened was beyond my expectation because it was such a magical moment all 4 time I got to see Jen.

Day 1: June 22nd MY BIRTHDAY 

of course I was a nervous wreck ,we wouldn’t wait to go the the theatre we arrived about 1 hours earlier :P and we kept joking about running into Jen in a Starbucks located near the theatre but the unexpected happened, we were on the street and my friend @jollyoldroger goes “DON’T LOOK DON’T LOOK” yeah like I wasn’t gonna look, Jen walked right next to us O_O, she was running late and because we forgot to speak she went right away inside. while us outside FREAKING THE BEJEESUUS OUT of what happened. I started crying LOL. 

the doors open, we had front row tickets it was THAT CLOSE. my friend kept teasing me about my face, which I probably looked like a total idiot for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I mean that lingerie scene DEAR LORD AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY, and every single outfit she wears on stage OMG!!!seeing Jen perform on stage is surreal. (back on her character later)

we decided to stay pretty much last (we didn’t have much choice in the matter anyway) but when she finally to me , she probably thought I had some kind of speech issues, my voice sounded so shaky and horrible I WAS SO NERVOUS HOLY SHIT but I managed to ask her to write a quote for a tattoo and she did it and actually used my back to write it down, she was so focus, make sure to get it right, I was shaking she told me “dont move”  RIGHT If that was easy ‘JMO is using me as a board’. I gave her a gift I told her it was for her and Ava and she was like “awwww thats so sweet thank you awwwww” and she hugged me.

Day 2: June 23rd 

I had a different different view from the stage and yes the LINGERIE scene 

I wanted to take a video of the curtain call because it gets SO LOUD for Jen and she makes this adorable shy expression and its tooo daaaamn adorableeeeeee but yeah i like following rules (sometimes :/ and because I was coming back the next day) I didn’t do it LOL. but seeing it 4 time yeah WOW

this time meeting her, I asked her to sign my phone case LOL and she took my phone to take a selfie, she is a selfie PRO! I actually look good. 

Day 3: June 24th ( DOUBLE SHOOT)

I got my tattoo in the morning I got to the theatre just in time for the play. I was excited to show Jen the tattoo and I had a gift for her that I made she said “OMG this is amazing, I have to be very careful” and then I showed her the tattoo she said “OMG THATS INCREDIBLE” once again she took my phone to take a selfie and I do look good, its the Jen magic because I’m a potato. after the later show once again we waited last (its much much better) 

she gets to me and she signed a CS wedding pic (I will post it later because she wrote something that yeah ITS PRETTY AWESOME LOL. HINT: something I like A LOT) when I was about to leave she grabbed my arm and called Quincy and Sue were near by and showed them my tattoo and she said “I did it for her on her birthday (HOLY CATS SHE REMEMBERS) and she got it this morning” Quincy and Sue were like “wow thats incredible” and Jen said “My brave girl, I’m so proud” 

I think she read my letter because I explained why I wanted that specific quote. and when she told me that she had this face: 

and this all happened after the incident no worth mention because people like that doesn’t deserve any attention!


Crazy Cas isn’t really crazy?

I don’t know how well my thoughts will get across with this, but I feel like Demon Dean and Memory Loss Dean (do we even have a thing for that?) help explain some of “Crazy” Cas’ characteristics.

I know there’s been some talk about why Cas was so different from Sam when he took on his suffering (Sam mainly experienced hallucinations, Cas didn’t), but when I consider the aspects and arguments of Performing Dean and when that wall comes down, I want to say Cas wasn’t really crazy at all.

He was definitely affected by what he took on from Sam and I can’t say what exactly it was, but I feel like it did to him what being a demon and having no memory of himself did to Dean.

Why do these get so long? Under the cut: 

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