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derek_klena Pretty surreal getting to sing the national anthem at Yankee Stadium!! Thanks so much to the @yankees for having me!!

Not mine: Full credits to owner. But, I’ve had this picture in my computer for so long and I just can’t help but think of all the possible stories, but mainly -and because I have a thing for when a man wears rings- can we all imagine this:

Broken Dean, a man that has been through so much in life, opens a bar with his friend but is mostly interested in his music, and escape from the horror of this life and mostly his darkest side. A man that can’t find a purpose in life because he doesn’t think he deserves one, and a man that spends most of his days in a dark room just trying out all kidns of songs.

Until he meets Reader, the light he never thought he’d see in this dark place he was used to living. He tried to push her away but she can’t help but find herself entranced by this mysterious man, visiting his bar all the more to see him. And he tried to fight, he does really hard, but his walls are slowly crumbling and he hates it.

And you, the reader, only try to get to know more of him… until you finally become the only inspiration he had been looking for so long in life. The inspiration to make music the way he wants to, to feel comeplte… to settle down.

[translations] 2017.03.26 NCT DREAM fansign at Jeonju fan accounts

1. Seating arrangement: Mark Renjun Chenle Jisung Jeno Haechan

2. OP: Is there anyone Chenle would like to be roommates with? (Chenle currently rooms with their manager)
Chenle: Erm.. Jisung! [_JEONG_YUNO]

3. Mark went to YouTube that morning and watched the clip of Renjun crying during NCT LIFE hahahahahaha [_merroNCTg]

4. Jisung says his hands are bigger than Mark’s, so Jisung is hyung [___19990802___]

5. OP asked Jeno what was his favorite scene from NCT Life Entertainment Relay, Jeno said,”The part of Chenle and I, when I took out all the tissues” [gocksdk]

6. OP asked if there’s anything he would like to do when he grows up, Jisung said he would like to try lifting those heavy stuffs in gyms. Jisung drew x10000000 hearts for OP too, lol. [_merroNCTg]

7. OP asked what names did Jisung save the NCT members as in his handphone. Jisung,”I didn’t save their numbers” [thankU66]

8. OP: Who is the most interesting in NCT DREAM?
Jeno: That guy (Used his thumb and pointed at Haechan who is next to him) [nct_jeuha]

9. Mark’s four leaf clover [soda990802]

10. OP: When did you become so handsome?
Jeno: I think it’s since I entered SM.
OP: Nope, I think you have been handsome since birth.
Jeno: *laughs* [naro000323]

11. OP took out the photo card and asked Haechan to draw a lucky charm for him. He drew and was laughing to himself at the same time, and said he’s sorry for it [thanku66]

12. OP asked if Haechan started learning the piano at the age of 5 because he wanted to do so. Haechan says he wants to learn how to play the bass. [_merroNCTg]

13. OP: Any traits of the members would you like to have?
Jisung: Ah hahaha Chenle’s…. 
OP: Chenle’s???
Jisung: Chenle’s president identity. Mr. President [gocksdk]

14. OP: Jeno, what camera app do you use?
Jeno: Me? 
OP: Yes, because the photos you took turn out great
Jeno: I use the same app as Renjun. But I forgot the name [voice_haechan]

15. OP: Donghyuck ah, who is the best?
Haechan: Noona is!
OP: No it’s not noona, other than noona?
Haechan: Ah, it’s me! [gocksdk]

16. OP asked if Donghyuck has a solo, what would he like to do? Haechan said he wants to sing and do dance tracks too. OP asked other than singing, anything else? Haechan closed his eyes and said,”Musical”… Hope he gets chosen one day T_____T [seventeencity]

17. OP: Haechan said you wanted to get ear piercings right?
Haechan: I was thinking maybe I don’t want the piercings anymore
OP: Why! I think they would suit you T_T
Haechan: Really! I thought maybe I wouldn’t suit them….  [gooddingjak]

18. Quote of the day: God feeds every bird but doesn’t put right in its nest [I9990802_]


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

After Sochi Olympics ended, there was “Hanyu Fever” in Japan. A japanese tv show was doing investigation and almost everyone said that “Yuzuru looks like he jumps out of Manga”. Then that show’s reporter went to a manga/anime specialist. The mangaka answered the question , 1. Yuzuru’s body proportion is perfect. You can divide his body into 8 parts with the same height as his head. And that is the best style of male character in manga or anime.
2. His face is small and he has long slender neck.
No wonder,then ^_^

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!