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Nail Polish

Avengers x Child Reader
Background Bruce Banner x Reader

The Avengers get their nails done. ‘nuff said it’s just a good ol fluff fic 

Tony and Bruce were both stationed in the lab, they were SUPPOSE to be doing important work but all you could hear throughout the lab was an echo of Tony’s laughter. Bruce was currently sitting AWAY from Tony and trying to do work in favour of ignoring him.

“I’m sorry! I can’t breath! I mean I’m not sorry at all! Tony bellowed at as he took another selfie with his disgruntled science bro.

“It’s not that funny Tony.”

“Yes it is!”

“You’ve been going on for 20 minutes Tony, I’m starting to get annoyed.”

“Oh! Do you think the green bean will come out?!” Tony only laughed harder, leaning over against the work bench as he clutched his stomach, tears forming in his eyes.

“Imagine the Hulk with nail polish!!!”

True to his word Bruce had on a messy coating of a shimmering purple nail polish. There were splotches of purple staining all across the tips of his fingers.

Bruce finally got up to move and began walking away. Tony quickly grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Okay okay okay! I get it. You’re being a good dad, the kids at that age. I won’t tease you anymore.” Tony said grinning at Bruce as he wrapped his arm around Bruce’s shoulder. He held up his other hand for a fist bump and Bruce begrudgingly gave in. Tony quickly grabbed the hand, displaying the nail polish in full as he snapped one more selfie.

“Starting now!” He chuckled as he wiggled out of Bruce’s grip and made his way back to his work bench, snickering.

When lunch time came Tony dragged Bruce out of the lab for a well deserved break, meeting up with the rest of the team (who weren’t on a mission) for “quality bonding time” and for Tony that meant some form of greasy food and today it was pizza.

“Mrs Banner has arrived for a visit Boss.” Chimed FRIDAY as the automatic door slid open.


A voice cried out as the pattering of feet thundered against the floorboards. Bruce quickly shuffled to his feet and bent down with his arms open as his 5 year old son dive bombed into Bruce’s arms. “Hey there champ!”

Calmly following behind him was Bruce’s wife and holding her hand was his 8 year old daughter. Bruce smiled and walked towards them. “Hey sunshine!” His wife said smiling as Bruce leaned forward to press a kiss to her lips, ignoring the “ewwwww” coming from his son.

Bruce watched as his daughter let go of her mothers hand and immediately went to crawl onto Vision’s lap and have a conversation with him. His daughter had taken after Bruce intelligence wise and with her calm and smart demeanour she had trouble making friends her own age. She didn’t see a point in interacting with anyone who wasn’t her brother their age so Vision was her best friend.

His wife held up her phone and across her screen all over social media was the selfie Tony had taken in the lab. She herself had a clear coat of nail polish with rainbow sparkles while their daughter had a deep ocean blue.

“Well!” His wife announced loudly gaining the other Avengers attention. “I saw how much our dear friend Tony LOVED Bruce’s nail polish and I said to myself you know what? I bet ALL the Avengers would love their nails done and we were just so excited that we came right down.” She grinned and raised her brows suggestively at Tony whose face dropped causing the others to snicker, Clint outright bursting into laughter.

“I love you.” Bruce breathed and hugged his wife after their son had ran towards the couches with his blue backpack clacking, filled with a variety of coloured bottles.


“Auntie Nat gets sparkly pink because she’s the prettiest!”

“Oooh you hear that? I’m the prettiest.”


“Uncle Thor gets red because it’s like blood!”

“A colour of battle indeed little one, certainly befitting to a warrior such as myself!”


“Uncky Steve gets red, white and blue!!!”

Steve didn’t say anything but smiled softly at the choice that was made.


“Uncle Buckyroo gets black because black is a cool colour!”

“This’ll come off metal right?” Bucky whispered to Steve and was gently nudged by him. “Uh, l mean I’m glad I get the cool colour, sport.”


“Uncle Tony gets hot pink!”

“Wait, why do I get hot pink? Thor got blood!“ Tony whined, his face scrunched up, feeling offended.

“Because mummy said it was your faaaavourite colour but you would be too embarrassed to say so! Don’t worry uncle Tony I’ll keep your secret safe!” Tony felt his face get patted by the boys small pudgy hand.

“Yaaaaay.” He strained out as he glared at Bruce’s wife.


“And and and Uncle Vision gets yellow!!! Because yellow!”

“He really likes yellow at the moment.” Bruce’s daughter stated, still comfortably perched on the Vision’s lap.

“Well then I am honoured to get your favourite colour.”


The small child pouted as he looked at the bottles splayed out across the table.

“Uncle Clint I can’t think of what colour to do for you!” He cried out, looking up at Clint, nearly in tears.

“Aww come on buddy! Don’t be sad I have a great idea! I want the same colours as YOUR nail polish.” Clint announced, smiling as Bruce’s son looked up at him with the widest starry eyed gaze before grinning like mad.


And just like that each individual nail on Clint’s hand was painted in a rainbow of different colours, perfectly matching the boys own.


After everyone was done and dry Bruce’s wife proudly held up her phone.

“How about some selfies?”


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I’m not gonna tag anyone cause most of y’all have already done this? Actually no I take that back I’m gonna tag @valkyriesblue so she can show off her new tat :p

Boot Bae: Tom Holland x Black Reader

A long convo with @starcoleworld inspired this. She thought of it and I loved it 😂

Tom and Reader attend the VMA’s and while Ariana Grande is singing ‘Everyday’ she spots her celeb crush Tom(I’m sorry y’all😂)…I love that song ‘Everday’ and I don’t have a problem with Ariana but you have to admit that this idea is GOLD😂

You took the seats in the front with your names. You looked around and saw that you were in front with the Elite of the singing world. You sat beside Tom and felt his lips kiss your bare shoulder, “You look amazing.” He whispered, drooling over how your smooth brown skin popped with the dress. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, hearing the cameras flash you pulled away and saw the Photographer snapping you two together. 

The show finally started and you were excited. After a few performances and the commercial break you decided to mingle. 

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'#kic chris#talking to kic victor LMAO' sjkfghksfd I love this do kic chris and kic vic have a broship like in cannon?

(in reference to this post)

yes yes i imagine they are huge bros with lots of history between them, but given victor’s career and reputation he always tries to put a professional buffer?? between them when they’re at work, which chris is absolutely not having. 

for example, once when victor and chris were in the elevator at hmc, chris commented, “damn. we look so good right now. selfie?” and victor huffed indignantly but paused and went, “you are so right honestly yes let’s go” and they took 34384 pictures together 

but when the elevator door slid open victor immediately had to jump away and straighten up and neutralize his composure as a straggle of interns entered and gulped because ohmygod suave and sultry giacometti and ice king nikiforov are in the same elevator as them and they smell so good and they’re so intimidating (and the whole time chris was just holding in a snort while victor glared at him going, don’t you dare. don’t you heckin dare ruin my rep rn chris ur going to ruin my life) 

ML Fluff Month Day 9 - It's You

I live for Chloe bee-coming a better person (and also for some Chlobrina)



“It’s you. You’re Queen Bee!”

Usually running into your best friend is great. After all, it’s your best friend. But for Chloe, sometimes it just really sucks.

Ever since Chloe became a superhero, she had been avoiding Sabrina like the plague. Did she feel bad? Surprisingly enough, yes. She felt awful. She missed the red head all the time, taking her shopping and buying her random stuff just to make her happy.

But at this very moment, Chloe stood in front of Sabrina. She was staring at her in awe, as if she’d never met one of Paris’ heroes before. Chloe tensed, trying to think of something to say to her best friend that wouldn’t give away her identity.

“Queen Bee, ma'am, can we take a selfie?”

The question jolted Chloe from her thoughts, and she turned to the girl with confusion on her face. “I’m sorry, what?”

“A selfie. My friend Chloe just loves you so I was hoping we could take a picture together,” Sabrina told her. “Of course, I don’t want to make Chloe jealous or anything. I just think she’d like a picture of her hero and her best friend for her phone or something. Sounds dumb now that I say it out loud and you’re probably busy. Just ignore me, actually.”

“No, no. Stay.” Chloe felt a pang in her heart. Sabrina wanted to take a picture with her to give to her. Wow. “I would love to take a selfie with you.”

The red head’s eyes widened. “Oh, thank you so very much, Queen Bee!”

“No problem.” They took the selfie, both grinning widely. Sabrina thanked the hero again before leaving.

Chloe quickly found a secluded spot and released her transformation. Pollen fluttered into Chloe’s hand and looked at her curiously. “Is something the matter, honey?”

“No? I don’t think so, at least,” she mumbled. “I’m just surprised that Sabrina was thinking about me. Sabrina loves Queen Bee yet she took the selfie for my sake.”

“Sabrina is your best friend. Why wouldn’t she?”

“I don’t know. Usually she just does my homework.” Chloe sighed. “Is this part of that thing you were telling me about? About how when I become a better person then everyone will be nicer to me in return?”

Pollen nodded. “Yes. And you have been working very hard to redeem yourself to your classmates. And it makes you feel better, right?”

“It does.”


The next day at school, Chloe and Sabrina sat down at their table before class started. Sabrina was talking about the homework when her phone gave a loud ding. “What was that?” Chloe demanded, tone a little sharp.

“Oh, it’s a reminder so I wouldn’t forget to show you something. Sorry it was so loud.” Sabrina dug through her purse until she pulled out her phone. She unlocked it and showed Chloe the selfie that they took the previous day. “I met Queen Bee. She’s so much prettier in person. I asked her for a selfie so I could send it to you. I thought maybe you’d want it edited so you can have a selfie with her.”

“Send it to me, then,” the blonde told her. She pulled her phone out and, as soon as she received the picture, set the selfie as her new lock screen. “It’s perfect the way it is,” Chloe said, a small smile trailing her lips.

“Oh, well I’m glad you like it, then.” Sabrina grinned. “I love to see you happy.” The red head continued her one-sided conversation about the homework.

Chloe hardly listened to what her best friend was saying. She left her phone open and smiled fondly at her new screen saver.


tagged by @destielsimpalatardis to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song i listened to, and the last selfie i took

so here’s me hiding in the corner of the kitchen at work so that my colleagues won’t notice im taking a selfie and mock me for the next two weeks. (and yes i wear my sunglasses inside shut up we have giant windows and it was super bright this morning.) 

lock screen art by the amazing @armellin. atlas hands is the thomas jack remix

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break the Internet: Ex-Lovers shock the world by releasing a statement that they are currently working on an album together.

When we think about Taylor Swift we think about the occasional break up song, just like her hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, we think about the constant cat selfies she posts on Instagram (yes she really does have 91.7 million followers I checked), besides that one can’t help but picture Harry Styles when we think about the songstress.  Just this morning these ex-lovers took to twitter to address some rumors about them, 1) no they’re not dating, although no one would be shocked if they did since they never go out of style, and 2) yes, they are currently working on a project together.

What does this project entail?  Basically Mrs. Swift and Mr. Styles are releasing an album together.  Swift’s team told us exclusively:

“Taylor and Harry have both been the greatest of friends for a couple of years now.  When the opportunity arose for them to get into the studio together they couldn’t stop at just one song.  They both decided that the next step would be to release an album together.  Expect the first single and album to be available in a couple of months.”

Whatever the pair have been up to in the studio recording, we can assure that it will be filled with lots of chemistry due to their past.  I don’t know about you but we’re excited to hear what the pair have lined up.

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I've been an atl for nine years and I've seen atl at multiple dates every tour and I can honestly say that this tour, they've had the worst attitude. They have huge egos now for some reason, which I don't understand. Their album isn't doing well, they didn't sell out smaller venues than they did last tour, they're literally less popular than they were two years ago. They look dead in 90% of their meet and greet photos and don't even look like they want to be there. They've been rude in their 1/2

M&G. They’ve been denying fans selfies left and right when they’re out and about and when they do say yes, they’re so rude. I met a girl who met Jack and Rian and she said hi and they literally didn’t respond and Jack just said “Picture?” took her phone before she replied, took photos but her camera wasn’t working/was being dumb and he got mad at her! He was like “why isn’t your phone fucking working?” and she just apologized and asked him to try again and it worked and he stormed off. 2/2

But like Rian didn’t even stop for her. He just kept walking. I’ve spoken to so many people on Twitter/Instagram and this is so common for this tour and it fucking sucks. It honestly makes me want to stop being a fan. Your fans literally made your career. I get having off days but it isn’t one or two tour dates and a handful of kids. This is like 70+ people spanning 20+ tour dates and that’s a fucking issue. Sorry for ranting and it’s cool if you don’t want to post this/reply 3/2 

Well, firstly… I have to call bullshit on the Jack and Rian story. That sounds nothing like them and I genuinely don’t believe for a second they would flat-out ignore someone. I mean, for a start, Jack is the guy who got chased down the street by crying fans and he was literally on his way somewhere, he was late and couldn’t stop and he told them that and apologised profusely, but when they kept crying and following him, he came back and hugged them anyway. He looked like he felt terrible to leave them again. 

I’ve seen, like, a hundred positive tweets and stories about meeting the guys this tour (and I met them three times myself this year) so… I can’t really say I believe this at all. I have friends on this tour and they’ve been to multiple dates and met them multiple times and had all positive things to say. 

People have off days, and people also misread situations. What could’ve been a case of the guys coming off a bit lethargic or tired could be read as a bad mood, and then the story gets told and it sounds worse than it actually was. 

It’s been well over a decade that they’ve been doing this and been nothing but kind so I can’t see any reason why, suddenly after their album releases, they’d do a complete turnaround and get bitchy with people. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. 

You also have to consider that anything could’ve been going on in their personal lives to make it seem like they don’t wanna be there. Rian, though happy and seemingly dating someone, still went through a break-up recently. Some anon told me that Jack and Andie supposedly argued recently which could be completely untrue but arguments with a spouse can change someone’s whole mood. 


So, okay. I was pretty bummed out yesterday because the photos/selfies I took with Nolan were pretty blurry. Like, sooooooo blurry. (And yes you can tell because of the photo I uploaded on my personal. I was not happy about it). I decided that after Nolan got back from doing his panel I would go and see if I could get a redo.

His line was cut off when I got there with my friend Eddie and I asked the volunteer working the line if he wasn’t taking anymore people for autographs. He said, “Yeah, but I mean if you want you can duck under the beams and get in line.” We did. When I got up to the front, and where Nolan’s handler was, I had $20 ready in my hand to pay for another selfie. I explained the blurry photos issue and he just says, “No, you don’t have to pay again. You paid yesterday and they didn’t turn out. We’ll take care of it. Don’t worry about it.”

I got to Nolan and his, “Hey, Ashley!” Just about ended me. We took a few selfies, but he even let his handler take a few of the two of us as well as letting Eddie take a couple as well.

This was the highlight to my weekend, and another reason why I love Nolan North to death. He loves all of his fans and makes everyone feel loved back and is genuine to each and every one of us.

So… I’m finally gonna write down what happened in my Jared auto at JIB. For the longest time I literally couldn’t think about what had happened without starting to cry like a baby, and until now I have only once written it all down – like half an hour after I got out of the auto room, completely in tears.

In my J2 op in the morning happened the thing that reduced me to a sobbing mess for the rest of the day: I hugged Jared for the photo, and after they took the photo I squeezed him shortly, like you do before you end a hug – but then he just kept holding me tight and hugging me. He legit didn’t let me go even when somebody from the staff tried to pull me away, he just took a step to the side with me and kept swaying back and forth and holding me tight, for almost a minute. After that happened I was not able to think straight anymore, it was the most perfect and sweetest thing ever, and I still can’t believe this happened to me. Anyway, after this it was so so hard to hold the tears back.

In the afternoon was the last auto session for Jared, and I had wanted this to be my last time meeting him this weekend. I was honestly crying like an idiot while queuing, and there came maybe like five people to queue after me and I let them go before me, still hoping I might get it together enough to not just sob into his face. Now comes the first amazing thing: Jared knew the fan that was queuing before me, and he took so much time for her, so I literally got to stare at him for five full minutes, listen to his laugh and his giggle and just !! look at his face, it was awesome. And you know, when you’ve been crying really hard but you kinda get it together finally? So you have still tears running down your face but you’re not sobbing anymore? This was the state I was in at that time. And then the fan left and it was my turn. I was the very last one.

Jared looked up to me, suddenly his whole focus was on me. He took my hands (which I had put on the table) and said: „How are you, sweetheart?“ with his sweet genuine voice (since I had obviously been crying) and that was it, that broke the dam and I started sobbing again, like really hard. I laughed because it was slightly embarassing and said „not so good“ (like !! look at me I’m a mess). Jared: „Why, what happened?“ He sounded so concerned, it was the sweetest thing. „Good tears, happy tears?“

And I honestly could barely talk. I replied „Good, because of you“, talking was hard and I hoped to put everything I felt into these words. Jared smiled, squeezed my hands and said „You’re awesome! Because of you!!“ I was just sobbing harder, and one of the staff members gave me a tissue, and I absolutely hate crying in public (I’m an ugly crier, believe me) and I said that I was sorry (for making an ass out of myself and crying into his face).

And Jared just looked at me and said in a serious voice: „You don’t owe me an apology. Ever, ever.“ Then he took my phone which was lying on the table in front of us and his pen. „Can I?“

„Yes, sign it here?“ I pointed to the space above Jensen’s signature. He signed it and smiled at me: „It means you can’t ever lose this phone!“ So true! I laughed and replied: „Yeah! And you should check out the lockscreen, you took a great selfie of us.“ Now this was super cute. My phone doesn’t have a button on the front or at the sides (it’s on the back) and he was searching for a way to light up the screen and he looked honestly so adorable. After a few seconds I was like „no, that won’t work“ and I finally double tapped the screen to light it up.

He looked at it (our photo from Thursday when I ran into him) and smiled. „I love it! You’re a darling.“ My heart nearly stopped when he called me darling again, like seriously. And I just… „So are you!“ (jesus christ yes I said that in my crying fit, I basically flirted with Jared)

„Thank you“ Then Jared got up and suddenly pulled me in and hugged me across the table. And this was such a surprise to me, I honestly didn’t expect this. While we hugged I told him again that I love him, and I heard him saying something back but I couldn’t understand because I was pressed so hard against his shoulder and face, still sobbing. When we let go again and he said back down he thanked me for supporting the message (which confused me for a while, I was like… sure, but how do you KNOW? And like an hour later I remembered that I had changed into my first AKF shirt for the auto, so.. that’s how) and I noticed how wet his right shoulder was looking because of me. „I’m sorry. I just smeared… tears and snot all over your coat.“

Jared laughed and went: „That’s alright, I like snot! I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, snot and tears are my hobby.“ (Honestly, the way he said this was the sweetest thing!!)

So, now I got the drawing with the message on it out. „Alright, and then I have this. Last year I wanted you to sign this and that didn’t work out, so I wrote a message on it. And this year I thought I’d do the same.“ Jared took it, looked at the picture and then turned it around and looked at what I had written. „So, this is for me?“ (I nodded.) „Very cool. This is your drawing?“ I told him yes. „You’re a great artist. Thank you, darling.“ And then he put it to the side and smiled again at me. And god, honestly, his eyes are so so beautiful. It was literally like staring into the sun. I thanked him one last time and told him goodbye. Jared said „bye“ and then blew me a kiss (!!!!!) and smiled and then I left and died

I am so so happy about these two minutes I had with him, it was the perfect last meeting, it was the perfect goodbye, I literally couldn’t be happier about this. Jared is so incredibly lovely, he is so kind and he just gives you all his attention. I will never get over the concern in his voice when he saw me crying and his smile when I told him that I was just so overwhelmed and happy because of him. I love him with all my heart.

… and kudos to you if you’ve made it to the end. I tried to keep it shorter, but I honestly couldn’t.

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Oh my god how did you get to take those selfies? 😱

Okay so my best friend’s dad is the director for the today show(which i didnt even know about until last week) but anyway a few days ago she asked me if i wanted to go see FOB bc they were performing. So we woke up at 4:30 today drove to nyc and got to go all through NBC studios. We got to watch rehearsal side stage which was amazing and then when they actually performed they had like a 30 minute break between Thnks fr the memories and the next two songs. So during that break they were kinda goofing around on stage and we were under Joe’s mic and they were all waving at us and being really cute but had ear pieces in so couldnt understand what we were saying. I really wanted a picture so after a little bit i made a little sign that said ‘Selfie?’ On it. I held it up and PETE WENTZ MADE FULL ON EYE CONTACT  and i shrugged and kinda beckoned him over HE LEGITIMATELY SKIPPED OVER TO US AND STARTED TAKING SELFIES. Even after we were done with pics he kinda just sat there high fiving us and took out his ear piece for a little to talk(THAT BOY IS A WORK OF ART) And then patrick ran over too and we took selfies but i messed up my first one and i was like ‘nooo i look so bad’ AND IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING A PICTURE WITH MY FRIEND HE GRABS MY SHOULDER AND SAID “YOU LOOKED CUTE BUT WE CAN RETAKE IT” AND I AM STILL CRYING BECAUSE OF THAT BUT YES THEY GAVE US PICKS AND THEN HAD TO PREFORM BUT BASICALLY I HAD THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER BECAUSE OF THIS SIGN: