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A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

Corner Shop Part 4 (A Date?)

Summary: Peter Parker visited the popular corner shop in Queens everday. Little did he know the owner had a cute daughter.

Word Count: 2714

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: none, very fluffly and cute and all that 

A/N: My longest chapter and favorite chapter so far!

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Peter kept reciting what he would say to you. He had stayed up texting you last night and he was exhausted. The conversation would have never ended if you didn’t fall asleep on him. He looked back at the last few messages you two sent each other and laughed:

You: So I think I have a bug bite. There’s this big red bump on my arm, it looks like a spider bite according to google…kind of scary how a spider was on me without me knowing.

Peter: oh no!! I understand though. it’s not painful is it?

You: no, just itchy, thank God. Kind of sad if my story ends because a spider felt threatened by me

Peter: that would be sad… but the likelihood of dying by a spider is really rare

You: did I ask?

You: hahaha just kidding. the odds would probably be against me though

Peter: sassy

You: I hate bugs, okay?

Peter: they’re not that bad!

Peter: you’re probably the person who kills bugs just because they were in your sight

It took a few minutes for you to respond because your eyes were drooping.

You: Dont be a bug apologist, im the innocent one her]e

Peter: I think you’re tired… hahaha

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“Lover to Lover” - [Tom Hiddleston/Jeremy Irons - One shot].

Based on: You and Tom have a difficult relationship. You can’t seem to commit even though you love him, and that’s all he wants from you but every time you argue, you end up taking refuge under Jeremy’s wing. He, on the other hand, is thankful for the few moments he gets to spend with you, treats you like a princess, and takes care of you. Tom knows all about it and it kills him because he genuinely feels intimidated by Jeremy and your undying love for him.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Lake scene ambience

Jeremy’s song Which he actually sings in [x]

Notes: This is more of a conversation between those who believe in love, those who don’t, and those with their own version of it or those who seem to actually understand it. // My stories never have anything to do with me they’re always 100% fiction, but this time, to any former “lovers” out there, if you read this (which i sincerely hope not because you shouldn’t fucking stalk): i am not sorry. I just never wanted what you wanted.



Walking along the lake as the sun set while holding my heels in my right hand, and all I could hear was the sound of rippling water and the lovely birds’ song during the short pauses he and I took while our mouths gave birth to yet another argument.

“Is this why you brought me here?” I asked.

Tom looked at the ground, with his hands inside his pockets as we kept on going forward, but I would’ve been able to sense his disapproval from a long distance.

“It’s just a wedding”, he muttered with a shrug, “It’s what happens during these events. Why come all the way to the lake by yourself while everybody else is having fun up there?” He inquired, nudging his chin in the reception’s direction.

I stopped walking. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“You know exactly what you’re doing, Thomas”.

He stopped too and met my eyes.

“It’s just a bouquet for god’s sake! A silly tradition. Who says you’re going to catch it anyway?”

“It’s not the bouquet. It’s the fact that you actually hope I catch it. That you wanted me to hold your friend’s baby as soon as we arrived and snap a picture when I’ve told you a million times I don’t like that. That I agreed to come here and you’re forcing all these things again”.

“Oh I am well-aware that I almost had to drag you here, trust me. You didn’t even attend my sister’s wedding for crying out loud”.

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Epic Fail.

Macy has attachment issues. I think I’ve talked about it before, but basically every guy is her best friend and every woman is mommy. She has no concept of stranger danger and keeping her from plastering herself to every person we meet is a neverending battle for me.

Bu just this once I figured it would work in my favor.

Pictures with Santa.

We talked about it beforehand in great detail. I took two of their favorite cookies (yes I bribed them) to give to Matt and Macy for “smiling for Mommy”. Made sure we went during Mia’s nap so she would chill the whole time. I went in thinking this was going to be a breeze.

Fucking fuck.

We did great until we got up there and Macy wanted nothing to do with Santa. Okay no biggie. They got her a stool and we had her sit near him, but still with her own space. Took a few pictures as we tried to get them all to look at the camera at the same time and then Macy lost her shit.

I have no idea what set her off, but this was definitely in the top 5 worst tantrums she has ever had. 3 hours later and we were still going. I tried talking to her, laying her down, distracting her, giving her some space, etc. All my tried and true methods, that usually work for her episodes, failed.

I eventually just laid her down in bed with me, held her and let her scream until she fell alseep.

On days like today I feel like I’m failing her. Like I’m shit mom because I don’t know what she needs and she can’t tell me. I don’t know y'all.

She’s this close to getting kicked out of daycare, she’s driving my parents fucking batty and trying to balance her needs with the other two is wearing me out.

DCBS says they won’t provide her with any kind of play therapy, etc. until she’s at least 3. I asked what else we could do for her and their response was basically, “well you can tough it out and parent her or you can disrupt and we’ll have them moved.”

I’m not giving up. I love these kids more than life itself, but I don’t know what else to do to help her. She’s struggling so much right now and apparently all I can do is hold on and hope it eventually gets better.

Balthazar x Reader - This heart will go home

Summary: Reader gets an unexpected visit from Balthazar while having a day off from hunting.

Word count: 2650

Warnings: none I can think of

A/N: It’s been almost a month since I first started writing it, but I hope you like it anyway

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“Tell me that you’re kidding Y/N!” Charlie shouted from the other end of the phone.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” you replied after a short pause.

“IT’S NOT WHAT? It’s classic! It won 11 Oscars, Y/N come on!”

“Alright, maybe it is kind of a big deal, but you don’t have to shout,” you tried to make Charlie calm down a bit, but you knew it was almost pointless.

“Do you even have a TV set? Have you ever turned it on? How’s it possible that you haven’t seen the Titanic?”

“I’ve seen the first 20 minutes or so, if that matters to you,” you said.

“And then what?”

“ Well, I wasn’t alone and we had some more fun things to do. Let’s face it the movie is kind of boring.”

“MORE FUN THINGS TO DO? Y/N are you kidding me, OK, it’s not my favorite movie, but it definitely is something that every person has to see!”

“It’s on my list,” you said with a hesitation.

“Oh, is that the list of about 500 movies and TV'shows that you plan to watch before you die?” Charlie didn’t seem amused.

“Yep, that’s the one!”

“ When was the last time you actually watched something from that list?” you could almost see the smug grin on her face through the phone.

“Well, I can’t remember, but it was probably on this year,” you knew where this was going, but there was no way you could change the topic or make your way out of this conversation without Charlie winning.

“See, your list has no point whatsoever, you never watch anything from it! It’s already November,” Charlie won this round, you were defeated.

“Will you stop whining about it, if I watched it tonight?“you asked after a short pause.

"Weren’t you supposed to go on a hunt with the boys? Are just straight out lying to me?” Charlie seemed surprised.

“It is just a simple salt and burn, they thought that I can stay home.”

“Let me know what you think right after you finish it, OK?” Charlie sounded excited.

“I will, OK? Bye Charlie!”

“Let me know, bye!” she hung up.

Now you had about 2 hours before the boys left the bunker, so you went to the closest store to get some snacks for the evening. After an hour or so, you were finally back in the bunker. You helped the boys to do the last research and pack some things, then they left. After a few minutes of browsing you found a working link for the Titanic and curled yourself up on your bed. You had a huge bucket of ice cream on your nightstand, you thought that you’ll let it melt for a few minutes before you’ll start eating, but you couldn’t hold yourself back and you picked the bucket up and started eating right after you had placed the thing down in the first place.

A few minutes into the movie you noticed that you weren’t paying much attention. About half an hour later you decided to pause the movie and go and put the rest of the ice cream away. You pulled the covers off yourself and let out a weird grown when the cold air hit your body, the bunker was always so cold turning late autumn and winter. You quickly made your way to the kitchen and put the ice cream back into the freezer. You made a mental note to never eat ice cream turning such a cold weather again. The cold feeling hadn’t left you, so after debating over whether you should make tea or coffee, you turned on the kettle. You hadn’t had tea in a long time so you weren’t sure if you still had some in the bunker. It was obvious that Dean wouldn’t have drunk your tea, but Sam might have done that. After looking through the kitchen cupboards for a few minutes you suddenly remembered, that Sam had done the shopping, meaning that you had to also check all the places that were too damn high for a normal person. You took a chair and climbed on top of it. From there you stepped onto the kitchen counter and opened the doors of the cupboard. You saw a package that said “ green tea” on it and just as you had reached your hand out for it, you lost your balance and fell. You closed your eyes and we’re ready for the hard impact with the floor and probably also with the chair you had used for climbing. It never came. After a few seconds you opened your eyes in confusion, you saw a pair of playful eyes looking right into yours.

“You could have broken your spine,” Balthazar said as he placed you sitting onto the kitchen table. You jumped down right away and made your way to the cupboard that had teabags in it, once again.

“It takes a bit more than a small fall to kill me, what are you doing here Balthazar?” You looked at the chair that didn’t seem so stable anymore and then you looked at the angel who was standing in front of you. Before he could answer your question, you asked another one.

“Can you give me the pack of green tea? I wouldn’t like to break my spine.”

“Of course, you fragile little humans, sometimes I wonder how have you survived for so long in this world,” you turned around to get a cup and when you looked back, he was already standing very close to you with the pack of green tea on his hands. You took a teabag out from the box and turned around to add water to the cup.

“What are you doing here?” you asked once again.

“Visiting,” he replied, right after that you felt his hands on your shoulders. You got distracted, because let’s face the obvious fact, the angel of the lord was handsome. Suddenly you felt something burning your hand, with a scream you threw the kettle away. At least it landed in the sink, your hand hurt like hell. Because of the scream, Balthazar jumped back, it took him less than a second to understand what had happened. You had accidentally poured some boiling water onto your hand, it hurt like hell. Being a hunter, you were not used to showing your weaknesses, so you quickly threw your hand behind your back and held your breath. You knew that the pain would hit you ant second now.

“Did you hurt yourself?” Balthazar asked with a worried expression.

“It’s nothing!” you manged to choke out through your teeth. It was clearly understandable, that you were in a lot of pain, you took your hand from behind your back and looked at it for the first time after pouring boiling water on it.

“Oh shit,” you mumbled and looked at the blood red skin that was now covered in massive blisters.

“Close your eyes,” Balthazar said and placed his hand on yours, causing you to flinch because of the instant sharp pain. After that you felt something that you could only describe as a mild breeze. The pain was gone in a second. You opened your eyes and saw that there was no mark left from the burn.

“I could get used to that,” you mocked Balthazar, clearly blushing when you looked into his eyes.

“Stop it, tell me what would have you done, if I wasn’t here to fix you?” he asked you.

“Well, if I wouldn’t have been distracted, I probably wouldn’t have had to deal with the burnt hand,” you said and looked at your teacup, there was only a drop of water around your teabag, you carefully took the kettle from the sink and filled it with water once again.

“No, you get back to whatever you were doing before you started making tea. I’m not going to heal you again.”

“Hey, stop bossing around, I really want tea right now and I will get some,” you could not be stopped by an angel of the lord, who was trying to convince you from not making tea. The whole situation was ridiculous.

“No arguing about that, get back to research or whatever you hunters do to keep yourself happy. I promise, you will get your tea in a minute,” he said and lead you out from the kitchen by hand.

You walked back to your room and crawled back under the blankets, you didn’t feel like watching the movie right away so you took your phone. After some pointless scrolling you finally opened Messenger and wrote: “ I just got kicked out of my own kitchen by an angel of the lord because he thought I was not capable of making tea on my own. Is this the kind of world we want to live in?” The text was for Charlie, after sending it you noticed that she was last online 2 hours ago. After a moment of thinking you took your laptop and placed it in front of you, then you sent a picture of your cozy looking bed with your laptop on it to Charlie. And yes, I am watching the Titanic.  You put your phone away and started the movie from where it was paused about 15 minutes ago. In about 5 minutes into the film Balthazar walked in with a jar of cookies and a cup of green tea.

“Just as promised, a cup of tea and a little something I thought you’d also like,” he said and placed the things on the nightstand. “No research I see?” he asked.

“Nope, the boys gave me a day off so I’m having a cozy movie night by myself,” you said and took one of the cookies, “this is so good,” you added after tasting it.

“Yes, so I’ve heard. You’ve got a good taste,” he looked at you for a second and light grin spread across his face, “ could you move a bit? A nice, cozy movie night it is then!” It wouldn’t be the first night like that with Balthazar so you wiggled yourself a bit to the right so there would be room for him.  When it looked like he was comfortable, you pressed the play button. In about 20 seconds you heard a loud groan from your left.

“No, no, no! Y/N, you have an excellent taste in movies, what happened now?” he closed the laptop with a considerable bang.

“Hey, easy there celestial being, I have to be the one who buys a new one if you brake it,” you shouted.

“We are not watching the Titanic,” he pouted.

“Yes I agree it’s kind of boring, but I promised to watch it for Charlie and if…”

“Kind of boring? Kind of boring??? It’s a torture, I’d rather be spending some quality time with Lucy down in the cage than watch this,” he looked like he was about to throw up if he thought about the movie for another moment.

“It’s not that bad, I promised I’d watch it to Charlie,” you disagreed.

“ I should have still unsinked the ship,” he said under his breath.

“You should have what?” you asked because you thought you had misheard him.

“ Nothing, what are we going to watch then?”

“The Titanic, you can’t change my mind so easily!” you said it just to annoy him, your interest in the movie was about zero.

“I’ll tell you the plot, OK? I won’t let you torture yourself in that way!”

“Hmm… OK, but the details are important. She can tell if I watched the movie or not if I don’t know them,” you agreed.

“Good, so where do I start?” He grinned and gave you your cup of tea.

~~~Time Skip~~~

“… and then for whoever knows what reason he doesn’t help the girl onto the floating piano and she, half frozen as she is, drowns. He gets saved and lives for many many years.” Balthazar finally finishes.

“Oh, that’s random. If he loved her why didn’t she help her onto the piano?” you asked.

“Plothole, the movie is filled with them, it’s practically made out of them,” he said and took your empty cup from you.

The evening went on nice, the two of you were just talking and joking around. Suddenly you heard your phone buzz on the nightstand.

“Give me that,” you said and pointed at your phone. Balthazar gave you your phone and you saw a text from Charlie.

“Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door and you’re here in my heart and my heart will go on and on … So how did you like the movie? Wasn’t Kate Winslet amazing and hot as Rose?” you thought for a moment and then started typing.

It was good, I didn’t like the sad ending though. And Leo looked sooooooo good!” you sent off the text.

It’s amazing and yeah the ending is heartbreaking, I always cry,” Charlie replied in seconds.

Why is the girl always supposed to die?” you typed.


Ermm… I’m talking about Rose, like why was she supposed to die,” you looked around for Balthazar, but he wasn’t in the room.


BALTHAZAR!"you shouted and heard some laughing from the living room. You jumped out of your bed and sprinted to the living room. The view would have been funny if you weren’t mad at him. Balthazar was laughing with tears in his eyes on the couch.

"Did you lie to me?” you asked and tilted your head. He started laughing even harder. After about another minute he was able to talk again.

“She even corrected you,” he trailed off and laughed again.

“That was mean, I made a total fool of myself!” you said and hit him.

“Ouch, well I saved you from that awful movie and that awful song,” he said and winked. You were about to say something again, but then an idea it you. You started humming and soon after that singing

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Balthazar shot you an unbelieving look. “You will not!” he said.

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

“Shut up, this is awful. Not as throwing up worthy as that god-awful Celine Dion, but seriously you’ll give me nightmares!” he said and you shut up for a moment.

“You don’t sleep so you don’t have nightmares,” you said and sat down next to him.

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on

“You make me want to smite myself Y/N!"he said and you just grinned. "If you don’t shut up then this heart will go home!"he shouted.

Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

"Tell me that you don’t know any more of the lyrics!” he said with almost clear physical pain in his eyes. You just smiled.

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime And never…

You were cut off by his lips on yours, after a moment you gave in and kissed him back. When you finally pulled away from the kiss your mind was blank and you had no idea what just happened.

“Woah, that was uncalled for,” you said and blushed.

“Was it? I thought that this was exactly what you wanted when you didn’t shut up when I asked you to,” Balthazar said. You were silent for a while.

“Maybe,” you said and snuggled closer to him.

“Good,” he replied, “ maybe I should be thankful for not unsinking the ship.”


‘50 Things about Nyongtory’ Translation Part III


Lee Soo Hyuk is very close with GD right? (Lee Soo Hyuk is an actor and model and also belongs in clique “Nuthang”) 

I know of a friend who is related to this clique of people. 
During one of the meetings, while Soohyuk and GD were chatting. Someone called GD and the conversation went something like this. 
“Oh, oh. I’m out meeting with friends.”
“Oh, okay.” 
After the call ended, Soohyuk asked GD who it was.
GD replied that it was “Seungri”
Then Soohyuk told him “Oh, it has been really long since I last saw him, I really want to meet him.” Which result in GD asking him “Why do you want meet him?” They then continued to jokingly talk and chat. 

My friend mentions that Soohyuk totally loves Seungri, he takes very good care of Seungri. 
There was once during an NUTHANG meeting, Seungri was originally sitting in front of Soohyuk, then GD purposely sat beside Seungri and did all sorts of intimate stuff with him, the possessive kind. 

We all know that Seungri lives together with GD right?
So GD’s mother will often go to their house to either clean up or make some food for them. 
One of these days, a couple of fans was hanging around their house and happened to see GD’s mother exiting the house. They went over and asked if GD, Seungri was home, but his mother replied that the two of them went out together. When asked when they will be back, the mother replies that she isn’t so sure about it. 
They continued chatting and one of the VIPs asked his mother “How is Seungri Oppa?”
The mother then replied “Seungri? That kid is very charming and knows how to get people to love him, just like a daughter.” 
Also, GD’s mother and Seungri’s mother is really close, right? Going overseas together and stuff. 

GD’s friend (should be in NUTHANG) asked about Seungri. “Why do you care?” was GD’s reply. Then GD’s friend replied, “I think he is kind of cute.” GD then answered him “Seungri is mine.” Which resulted in the friend saying “Oh, seems like Seungri is very popular.” GD then answered, “That’s why I’m worried.” 

I have a friend who is really close to someone in NUTHANG. 
Lets call him A and his friend in NUTHANG B. 
*Skipped cause I didn’t get how relevant it was to Seungri. Sorry~
B usually treated Seungri really well, so whenever they met, B will always GD about Seungri, but GD doesn’t really reveal anything about the BIGBANG members. 
B then told GD “When we he grows up, lets all go out together.” GD which in turn replied “Do we still need to say that?” 

During 2007 concert, Seungri had to live in the hospital due to his leg injury. GD also collapsed due to the heavy schedule they have, both of them lived in separate rooms. There were a lot of speculations that GD was actually in the hospital with another member but the hospital confirmed that it was Seungri. (They also mentioned that even though they didn’t live in the same rooms, GD always went over to visit Seungri.)

This by a YG staff who seemed to really love NYONGTORY.
During one of their practices, while they were having their breaks, GD went out.
Seungri then followed GD out as well, the YG staff was curious so he also followed them.
It was at night so it wasn’t really clear.
GD was standing by the car smoking. Seungri told him “Hyung stop smoking.”
Seungri then coughed which in return GD smiled and laughed.
GD then removed one of his  earrings and gave it to Seungri who happily accepted it. They then went back in after he finished smoking.

According to the rest of the entry, he noticed that GD’s earrings were usually either both green or both red. but one day, it became one green and one red.

This is more recent, this person helped to build the new YG building. When this person saw Gaho, he asked “Is this G-Dragon’s Dog? Why is he so obedient?” Then someone told him that Gaho actually bit Seungri so GD gave Gaho a strict lecture which made him like this now. 

Nyongtory has always been the same. At the broadcasting station, I have seen them sometimes doing this, GD would sometimes bury his face into Seungri’s shoulder or hold his hands, or even call him loving pet names. 
Normally, he would call him Maknae but sometimes he would call him “Ae gi” (baby) or “Jagi” (Honey, usually in the lovers term) 
Everytime there is food, he would give it to Seungri first. 
GD often has a bored or blank look on his face, we don’t know why but he always does. But when Seungri is around, he always seem to be smiling or laughing. Everytime rehearsals end, he would find Seungri first just to take care of him.

During the filming of COFFEE PRINCE, GD fell asleep on the couch so one of the staff’s took a blanket and place it over GD who was sleeping. He then proceeded to kick the blanket off. After awhile, Seungri walked past and saw the blanket on the floor. He picked it up and placed it over GD quietly. GD then slept like baby afterwards without kicking the blanket. 

*I skipped a lot of irrelevant stuff (I’m not quite sure why it is relevant to nyongtory ;-;)

My friend: “When is your birthday party?”
GD: “I’m going to attend now.”
My friend: “Why is GD TV not filming then?”
GD: “It has always been filming.”
We were supposed to leave after getting the signatures but I was curious about the rumours of BIGBANG’s dorm being split into two so I asked him about it.

Me: “Ah.. Why is BIGBANG’s dorm split into two?”
GD: “That’s not really true… I just live with Seungri.”
When he answered like that, I was really curious as to what he meant but he eventually answered my doubts.
“Because Seungri is my soulmate.” then laughed and walked towards his car.
I then asked the last question “Is Seungri attending your party?”
Then answered before getting in his car “Of course he is or I’ll torture him.”
Before closing his car door, he told us “I’ll kiss him all over his body to torture him” and then he left.
Leaving me and my friend in shock. 

*I shorten a couple of things as this entry is REALLY long and some parts are not really needed.
I am actually a GTOP fan but after seeing GD and Seungri today, I became a Nyongtory fan. 
We saw GD and Seungri going to a smoothie shop and they were really giving out a lovers aura. 
The two of them ordered some bread and smoothies before sitting down to eat.
While Seungri was eating his bread, GD looked at him really lovingly. Just like a mother looking at his own kid. 
Seungri totally ignore GD who was looking at him, he ate his bread then drank his smoothie. Eventually finishing his own smoothie.
GD then gave his own smoothie to Seungri and then took out a tissue paper to give him so he could wipe his own mouth. 
Seungri then asked him “Hyung, aren’t you eating?” because he was chewing his bread, he pronunciation was not correct so it was very cute. GD started laughing very loudly. Honestly speaking, as a fan for 4 years, I have never seen GD laugh so happily before. 
GD lightly pinch his cheek before they started talking again and both of them laughed. 
Both of them observed the people around them before paying and leaving the place. My friend was complaining so I didn’t follow them any further.

After seeing them like this, I really think they are dating. Comparing it to GTOP interactions, GTOP seemed more like close brother. Nyongtory really seem like they are dating, I would never forget seeing them like this. 

I saw GD and Seungri eating at a 2 storey restaurant in japan.
They were happily chatting while eating.
I’m not sure what they were talking about but it was nothing serious, just some lame jokes and they started laughing. They even made weird noises, like imitating toys?
After GD finished his bowl of noodles, he drank a few spoons of soup. When he saw that Seungri has some leftover noodles. He took them over and ate it.
I couldn’t see this while they were eating, but they suddenly laughed really loudly and GD almost fell off his chair. After they left, I followed out quietly.
I saw Seungri playing with his phone while GD was smoking. I know this isn’t right but I took my phone out to snap a couple of pictures. But before I could do it, GD’s eyes met mine and he quickly stopped smoking before grabbing Seungri hands and pulling him away.

Remember when BIGBANG performed with little BIGBANG? While they were backstage, GD took a couple of cookies and asked little GD if he wanted them. Little GD said yes, so he told little GD that he needs to kiss little Seungri before he can get them. Little GD then proceeds to kiss little Seungri which GD takes a picture of and shows it to Seungri later. 

Seungri really hates the smell smoke has but he lives with GD… One day, when GD was leaning against the wall and smoking, Seungri entered and attempted to grab the stick so he could extinguish the fire. But GD stopped him and told him sternly “Take your hand away. You will get burned, I will extinguish the stick, just take your hand away.”

Q: What is BIGBANG’s hobby/interest?
TOP: I like to collect toys and figurines.
GD: I also like to collect toys and figurines too.. I like them so much that if someone touches them, i will get angry.
TOP: Really? I didn’t know we have the same interest. I have never seen your toys, where do you keep them?
GD: Beside where TOP is sitting. (laughs) - Beside TOP is Seungri
Seungri: GD likes to joke, this is a korean style joke.

GD: If someone touches my belongings, I get very unhappy. Something like toys.
MC: Like dolls?
GD: Yes! If someone touches them, I get pissed off. 
Seungri: What kind of dolls? 
GD: Like the one sitting beside TOP. - Beside TOP is Seungri
Seungri: (laughs) This is Korean style humour. 

(There is no such humour in Korea) 

NOTE: I apologise for any mistake! and please do correct if I actually made any mistake~ I only translate parts related to Nyongtory as this whole article is reallyyyy long! I have done the translating personally so do take out with credit! Thank you!
I will be uploading the remaining 10 soon! (:
My twitter is: @.JAYLYMLE so you can follow me there~

Gidgit’s 2016 Halloween costume - Catt Smith as the 11th Doctor!

I handmade the costume, pretty much just winged it from a badly made pattern I drew. Mama made the fez and the mop to scale. For some reason, Gidgit just would not wear the fez as well as she did the witch hat with the wig last year, and it took ages to get this picture.

And yes, that is a Tardis cookie jar in the background :D

So last night was Hamilton stagedoor. Time for the storytelling to commence.

The first person to come out was Andrew. He saw me and said “you again?” Then when I gave him his cookie he was like “oh no, you didn’t get me another cookie, did you?” I asked him if we could take a non blurry picture (we have a running joke about how we can never take a non blurry picture). He of course said yes, but when we went to take a picture it was on video, so he said “we can take a video instead” (I’ll upload later). We also took a picture that of course, turned out to be blurry. I told him I was seeing him as TJ tomorrow (technically today) & he flipped his shit and told me that there’s gonna be so many hair flips.

Then I met Oak and gave him the fan box. He hugged me and told me that it was “kick ass”.

After him Jasmine came out. She yelled “hey, what’s up girl!” And hugged me. I gave her the fan box and she loved it.

When Chris Jackson came out I was trying to find the gift for him in my bag. He was like “what have you got this time…” Then I pulled out the rock I got him from the trail Washington walked on his way to Trenton. He was so excited for it & said “it’s so small, I can fit it in my pocket & carry it around with me!”

After him Leslie came out. He recognized me and said “nice to see you again.” Since I hadn’t seen him since November, I was taken by surprise over the fact that he recognized me. I was like “you remember me?” And he said “of course I remember you.” Then I gave him the fan box and, as always, he was so gracious and excited to get it. Then we hugged. Then I died.

Then Anthony came out. He always screams “YOOO WASSUP” whenever we see each other. He hugged me and asked me how I was. I replied by apologizing to him for forgetting his present and gave him a cookie. He told me “that’s alright I’m happy you came”, then thanked me for the cookie. He knows I’m going to be at the matinee today too! We spent a solid 5 minutes figuring out how to take a picture (Seth was there and we wanted a group shot and single shots and it got so confusing). He’s literally the nicest person.

Th Renée came out. She hugged me and said “good to see you!” I asked her how her birthday was and she grabbed my hand and said “it was great!” Than I gave her a cookie and she was like, “oh my god, thank you! You’re always bringing food that’s so nice.” I told her I was seeing the show tomorrow and she grabbed my hand again and said “awesome, it’s gonna be great. You’re gonna have a great time.”

I’ll be uploading the videos I got later today! Also Hamilton cast is the best okay bye.

IDK My BFF Blake (Bumbleby)

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Soft-Serve Weiss Cream

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)


You have ALREADY BEEN dating

Blake for the past six months, now.

sooooo is that a yes?

Remind me again why I bother

putting up with your shenanigans?

you mean “she-nyan-igans”?

And case in point.


Strawbaby Shortstack

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)

yang, aren’t you dating blake already?




more important question: did you

actually just type out your gasp?


are you picking up cookies on the

way home?

well, duh

then I can bring you welcome news from

the far-flung future that you and Blake

end up smooching like a ton!

keep bringing news like that and

you can have all the cookies you want


darn right we are

wait what

whoops! future spoilers!

okay, i admit it, you had me going

for a sec


Vomit Boy

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)




i’m gonna cheat on blake with blake

it’s the perfect crime

no one would ever suspect





Arm-Wrestling Buddy

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)

Oh, my!

For a moment the picture wasn’t

loading, and I thought you were

planning to cheat on Blake!

oh my dust

I would have had to hurt you,



hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-Cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)






Lie, My Guy

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-Cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)

Nora has told me to tell you that

you need to go “smooch the kitty

ears off of that girl”, so I’m going

to have to say yes.

will you 2 just get married already

There is not enough wedding cake

in the world.

The Bella-Bae <3

hey, check out this super-cute chick

i found at the grocery store

File Sent: Kitty-cutie.png

think i got a shot with her? ;)

Hmm. I don’t know, Yang.

She seems like she might be just

a tad out of your league.

what, you don’t think i can pull it off?

Wouldn’t be the first time you’ve

gotten yourself in over your head.

Hopefully not the last, either.

alrighty, then, if that’s the way we’re

playing it

how about a little wager?

On whether or not you’re able to

get a date with …


This “mystery woman?”

bingo, kitten

Makes enough sense.

And what do I get when I win?

loser takes the winner out to a romantic dinner!

their treat

… you set me up.


how else was I supposed to get a shot

with the most beautiful and intelligent

woman in the world?

Curiouser and curiouser, Xiao Long.

Alright. I accept your terms.

Dinner at World is Your Oyster?

heck freaking yes

oh, by the way, rubes wants us to pick

up some cookies on our way out

Of course she does.

Though I can’t imagine why. You

seem sweet enough as it is.



lol so all 9 boys are in Japan now and I feel like 1D are like *kermit the frog voice* “oh yes, hi Japan. Nice to see you again. Love you!” And 5SOS are like *excited Cookie Monster voice* “OMG JAPAN. ANIME. CAT CAFE. BIG ASS COKE MACHINES. SWEET ASS JAPANESE ROBES. LEMME CHANGE MY NAME TO THE JAPANESE VERSION. LEMME GOOGLE TRANSLATE EVERYTHING I WANT TO SAY TO PUT ON TWITTER. OH HAI INSTAGRAM. WANNA SEE ALL THE AIRPORT PICTURES WE TOOK.