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apparently the blue of your eyes gets more pale the richer you get

(this post is an excuse to talk and think about ishgard’s high houses and their sons 24/7 even in the face of stormblood hype being the current fandom mood)

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20, 55, 77 & 135!!

20. Do you like your neighbors?
actually,, i don’t really socialize with/come across my neighbours a lot so i’m not close to them & i don’t know their personalities well BUT i think they’re nice people so yes!!!!!

55. Favourite blog?
jfdhdhsg i cANT CHOOSE JUST ONE BLOG SO HERE IS A LIST OF ALL MY FAV MUTUALS/THE PEOPLE I LOV SEEING ON MY TL!!!!! 💘💘 (this basically turned into a mini appreciation post sorry hfhdhd)

@heosekki @aletheia-l @ask-chimchim

gif/gfx makers:
@softspringday @mintsugakookies @apgujeon @yahjiminie @tanktoptiger @itsjhope @junqkookied

@confidenceatitsfinest @pinkbtsme @sevenkookiejars @inarsics @polkari-seuta @dyegu @jeonasskook

jikook masters:
@satellite-jeon @yourpinkpill @arihanagrande @drpuffles @gayjikookadi @gottalove95z @jikookiejar

77. Chocolate or Vanilla?
ufhdgd ok u see……..i’m like a sucker for both flavors because i ~feel~ different things on different days but i think chocolate???? i seem to take more stuff of that in general oops (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

135. Dumbest lie you ever told?
ok so there was this one girl in my class who kept asking me to study with her bc she wanted my notes & i wasn’t exactly very fond of her so one time, i told her that i was going home to sleep when i was actually going to study with my other friends BUT alas karma striked and my friends showed up, 100000% oblivious to the situation and shouted from across the room if i was “done packing my stuff so we could go study yet” HFHFGDH :’)))) i felt kinda bad but also kinda not bc she was only interested in being friends with me for my notes lmao

p.s: thank u for entertaining me & asking anon!!!!!!! ilusm ❤️

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plz draw our fav boyz in yoga poses thank, also looking out for that hc you said you’d be making ;) lol


bitty’s SUPER limber bc of the whole figure skating/hockey league thing, and sometimes jack thinks it’s going to be the death of him


Futurama Appreciation Week

Day two, favorite episode: The Sting

Who will make Bender waffles just the way he likes them now?

One-word spell?

Hi, so i really like making my own spells but i don’t feel very comfortable with saying loooong sentences and basically using a lot of words. So i often use One Word Spells.


Yes, the One Word Spells. They are more powerfull than you think. Rules are simple: say loud just one word.


This is how to do it:

1. Light a candle ( use colour that fits your intention or your fav ; )

2. Sit (on the floor, chair, whatever, just be close to the candle) and relax.I said: relax. It’s important. Really. Chill.

3. Think. Think about your intentions. Treat it like some kind of a prayer (?) Just think a lot about what you need right now, what is your intention. Don’t be afraid to talk a lot, it’s your own head, right?

4. Say it. Choose one word and ‘import’ all of your thoughts from  ↑ in this few letters. Imagine this situation- your thoughts become 1 single word.

5. Leave the candle lighting for a moment. Stare in the flame, it’s cool, isn’t it? Now you can put it off. It’s over. 

Just one word.


More Pabbi!Glæpur Au which is what I guess I’m calling it, b/c I have a basic outline down, and I am self-indulging like no tomorrow, and I cannot even begin to regret it.

do not think for a second a baby would slow this boy’s crime

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so, funny story.... I started playing Mystic Messenger... Ended up on Zen's route.... and now I find I cant move on to a new play through?!?!? Like, I want to?!?!? But Ive become too loyal to him to move on?!?! How?!?!

“Argh! Why are you so adorable?  I swear if you get any cuter I don’t think I could control myself and…ahem! Jagiya, it doesn’t matter which route you choose in life, you’ll always have me in your heart and I’ll have you in mine.  You probably won’t find anyone as perfect and beautiful as me, but I’m the lucky one for having you in my life even if it was for a short while.  Here’s a selfie just for you!” 



Please excuse RFA Host Zen. Now for the serious reply!  First and foremost: OMIGOSH I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL!!! Zen was my first route too but dont tell him that we dont need the increased narcissism

There is really no easy way to get over ‘first route blues’ and that feeling of betraying your love v__v  Perhaps you could try not playing for a few days or so? OR you could change your in-game name? (i did this). That way you trick your feelings and conscience into thinking that you’re a different person for this route, and the other person is still with the character whose route you completed~ :D I’m not gonna lie its still hard not to get their hearts in chats T__T  What also made me feel better is replaying my fav characters route after completing all the rest~  I do hope you feel better! All mm fans know this feeling so you’re not alone!   Feel free to chat with Zen here anytime you want!

 Admin Nana.

This chapter is one of my fav. I love how Touka told Kaneki that the only person who thinks that he’s beter off dead was him. And when Touka told Kaneki about knowing how Kaneki felt when Touka’s always moving forward and he’s left behind. That was very heartwarming for me. The tousaki feels too made me really miss Haise so much. And I can’t really left out when Kaneki asked Touka if she will be coming with him, and then she said yes.

Too bad that we can’t have spoilers next week. I’m so hyped for the next chapter.

so like my fav thing about matt murdock is that he got beat tf up by some bad guys and barely escaped with his life and hes just walking through dark streets bleedin out and passes a dumpster and thinks ah yes this is where i belong rn and he just climbs into the trash with his open wounds and waits out the bad situation hes in like bless his lil vigilante heart i mean we’ve all felt like climbing into the trash to avoid facing the consequences of our actions but this man actually did it

Yes Sir Part 3

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part 3: Something Good

Professor Winchester and Reader get closer as their relationship develops.

Part 1  Part 2  Masterlist  On AO3

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, oral, fingering, public sex, unprotected sex. Feels, language, fluff, angst, mention of death of a parent. Severe spaghetti sauce harm. WC: 3460. Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @just-another-busy-fangirl​‘s 1K Music Challenge - the song “Something Good” from Sound of Music. This is one of my all time fav movies. I think “Something Good” is one of the most romantic songs ever. I knew when I chose this song for the challenge that the fanfic that went with it had to be special. Hope you like it. 

Fall quarter arrived and I was scheduled for only one class with Professor Winchester. I was disappointed, but I was taking 18 hours of class plus working at the bar. Our designated Tuesdays and Thursdays hook up schedule happened few and far between. After 10 weeks of seeing each other every day it was difficult to adjust to. But I knew my time with John wasn’t a mistake.

One Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the hallway outside our classroom talking to a friend when she noticed Professor Winchester walking down the hallway towards us. She froze mid-sentence, staring up in wonder at her crush. I nonchalantly looked over at him as he stopped next to us.

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help sandy! 📷

can some of you guys please give me your opinion on these screenies? I created a new reshade preset today and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it! The first two are taken in the morning, and the third was taken at around 6:00PM. Any thoughts/opinions would be really appreciated!! 💕

edit: I’ve redone the two pictures of the simmy to be ‘less red’ is that any better? also yes it is very blurry, but the blur I’ve used is actually the same as what I currently use :’) I think it’s just emphasied here because of all the red xD i also added a pic of one of my fav male sims in, because why not :P

How I know my mom liked Rogue One:

Mom: “All these action figures and you don’t have any of the Rogue One people? Why not???”

How I know who her fav character was:

Me: “Who do you think I should get?”


How I know who she ships:

Mom: “And you should probably get a Jyn to go with him. So he won’t be lonely.”

How I know she’s still a Vader fangirl:

Rogue One: *distinctive breathing in dark corridor*

Mom: “THERE HE IS!!!” \o/

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I think my fav fact about japanese culture is that blond/light hair is seen as how Americans/westerns see dyed black hair and goths. So like reigen is seen as a troublemaker or dangerous in some way or rejecting authority. Neat fun fact ^-^

Yes!! I honestly love this so much. It’s so fitting for Reigen, considering how he’s pretty much the type who just always does things his own way, and doesn’t really seem to care about following the “norms” of society. I mean the fact he has the consultation/psychic line of work, instead having a more “regular” job.

Pretty much Reigen is actually a huge punk, and it’s honestly one of the best things.

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I'm surprised i like rhajat, considering that tharja is one of my least favorite video game characters

That’s a reaction I understand perfectly, since I was pretty surprised myself when I realized I loved Rhajat. I don’t dislike Tharja but she’s definitely not one of my fav characters.

I talked about how Henry and Peri are very different, so I guess now it’s Rhajat and Tharja’s turn. Yes, Rhajat is an expy of Tharja. No, Rhajat is not a clone of Tharja. To quote TV Tropes, “ An expy (short “exported character”) is a character from one series who is unambiguously and deliberately based on a character in another, older series. A few minor traits, such as age or hair color, may change, but there’s no doubt that they are almost one and the same.” I don’t think the last statement is entirely true regarding Rhajat.

Yes, they look alike. Design wise (hairstyle, color palette, features, facial expressions), they’re very similar, although I like to point out that Rhajat wears way more clothes than Tharja. I saw a lot of people saying they don’t like Tharja because of her oversexualized outfit, so you’re much less likely to have this issue with Rhajat.

Their similarities: stalk the avatars, are seen as creepy by their peers, introvert, love hexing and cursing people.

Their differences: 

  • Rhajat is way more friendly than Tharja, but in a discreet way. Yes, Rhajat inherited Tharja’s creepiness, but she’s by far the nicest. Contrary to Tharja who doesn’t issue any C-support unless she needed something, Rhajat initiates conversation 3 times. She also proves to be more polite and considerate of others as she expresses gratitude and goes APOLOGIZE to Forrest in their B-support for being mean and/or rude to him in their C-support, in contrary again to Tharja who (I think) only willingly thanks Donnel. And Forrest didn’t even request an apology from her! She went to apologize of her own free will! What’s next? She offers to make spells for her comrades in order to help them (see for instance her supports with Mitama, who wants to be alone for a while to work on her poetry and Rhajat suprises her with a spell that does just that, as well as repeling bugs and giving light!). In contrast to Tharja, she makes efforts (despite her liking to be alone) to go and talk to people. Hell, Rhajat is even shown to be willing to go as far as thinking of elaborate plans to initiate friendship (see the end of her A-support with Selkie). 
  • Also Rhajat has much more restrain than Tharja, meaning she doesn’t curse people as often as her (not sure here but the only cursed person I can remember is Shinonome/Shiro, who inadvertently said she was fat after trying to make her eat meat despite her protests). The rest of the time, she only does magic outside of her supports, or discreetly tries to help someone (see her supports with Asugi in which she suggests teaching him a spell to make him a better spy). Shinonome, Kisaragi and Asugi/Grey are, if I remember correctly, the only ones she actually threatens with a curse/does curse. In her own supports, Tharja threatens to curse almost everyone! 
  • Even in her S-supports, she reciprocates the guys’s feelings, while Tharja’s reaction to proposals are kinda aloof.

Tharja to Kellam (S-support): “You are so very strange, quiet man. But I suppose I’m not exactly the harvest-festival queen myself. […] Let’s get married and make a strange life for the both of us.”

Rhajat to Forrest (S-support): “Yes. I like you back. But I’m mad that you waited this long to tell me. As punishment, I sentence you to a life of caring for me.”

Now that I think of it, Tharja mentions Robin in several (if not most) of her S-supports, while Rhajat doesn’t mention Kamui in hers. This shows she has more respect for her soon-to-be-boyfriend’s feelings and is willing to grow out of her obsession. also please take into account that for some reason the localized version made her S-support with the avatar unecessarily creepy and stalkerish while her Japanese S-support with F!Kamui was sweet, cute and showed her awkward side and fear of being rejected for who she really is.

I’ll conclude with the whole “stalker” thing. Yes, both stalk the avatar. Yes, it’s weird and creepy. Yes, you are perfectly allowed to be uncomfortable. But please take the following into account: as far as we know, Tharja has no reason to be so obsessed with Robin, while Rhajat has reasons to be fascinated with Kamui/Corrin. They saved her life, not only once, but twice, so she’s not just “in love”: she’s also admirative and thankful (in their S-support, she even calls them her “hero”). Please also consider this: at the very beginning of their S-support, Rhajat states that she decided to stop stalking the avatar:

Rhajat to Kamui (S-support): “[…] that’s what you want, isn’t it?“

This means she cares about what they want/think. She doesn’t want to be a bother. She noticed how much her attitude bothered them and took that into consideration. She’s willing to make efforts to give them their peace of mind. 

Yes, Rhajat is an expy of Tharja. No, they’re not the same.

this took me forever but I HAD TO DEFEND MY WIFE

Bitchhh I LOVED this episode of Supergirl I think it’s legit my fav so far. There were too many things I loved. so I’m just gonna list them here.

  • Maggie saying “Ride or Die” to Alex. Bitchhh need me a partner in crime like that, wtfff what kinda of badassery?? DAMn
  • The whole action sequence from the bar??? Fighting in the dark never looked so good?? sjkhd holy shiteeeekjhjkd love
  • Mon-El saying we should all take a deep breath or better a drink. Actually?? yes. good advise for any situation. Imma use it. often. all the time. 
  • Lillian Luthor telling Jeremiah “You’re the only Superman we need” Bitchhh I FANGIRLEDD SO hard. and hIS smile??? u know he LOVED that linee.
  • Sanvers kiss before Alex heads off to Cadmuss. Again. like this badass lesbians. holy shitt. fuck me upp.
  • Supergirl carrying LENA. they were gonna rob me of this supercorp scene forever but they didn’t I really thought. she carried her. mid flight. I lost my breath for a few seconds BITCHH. plus the guys who pushed Lena were so scared like “oh shit we fucked up badd what we gon tell big L??” djlhhflmao. anyways brb imma reblog every gifset of that scene ever.
  • Also. Alex blowing Cadmus up??? Lillian that binchh she thought Agent Danvers was bluffing but no uh baby this lesbian doesn’t play. she went there to tear that shit apart holy shit i luv her. 
  • Alex running to the ship?? listen. the actions scene were amazingly directed, kudos to the camera crew too. amazing work.
  • And u know. Alex flying the ship. 
  • oh and…Kara and Alex. The hands. the fucking hands through the glass. JUST FUCKING KARA AND ALEX. 
  • aLSO the fucking soundtrack playing when Kara was trying to return the ship??? bitch that shit destroyed ME. 

I arrived this episode a girl and left a woman. BLESS.