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The Girl Across the Hall

Request: hi, i don’t know if you take requests but if you do could i request one where reader and peter live in the same building and peter has secretely been in love from the beggining have a nice dayyy x

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: none unless you count cute and dorky peter!

Notes: for future reference – yes, I DO TAKE REQUESTS! also this was like my fav imagine to write lol let me know what ya think!

Part Two

This had to have been the fourth time this month that Peter had waited after school longer than usual just so he could casually bump into you on the way into both of your guys’ apartment building. Peter had thrown longing stares at you from across the hallway since you moved in three years ago – those stares going completely unnoticed, or so he thought.

He would talk to you, but every time he had gained just an ounce of courage to do so, he’d find himself remembering the one time he did try that two years ago. Aunt May had encouraged him to do it – feeling bad for the poor boy who had just stuck to admiring from afar a whole year. May had gotten one of your letters in the mail “on accident” and asked Peter if he could run it to your door. He blushed profusely before mumbling a simple ‘yeah, sure thing May’ and tripping over his own two feet the short distance to your door.

He stood outside your door for about fifteen seconds trying to compose himself – his hands were sweating, his heart was racing and he kept rehearsing the words he’d say to you so he wouldn’t mess them up. By the time his fist came up to the door it was too late for him to register that your door was already opening, causing Peter’s knuckled to knock on the person who opened the door rather than coming into contact with the door itself.

His face twisted into one of horror as he registered that the person opening the door was you, and it took him even longer to realize his fist was still on your forehead. His hand retreated quickly as he heard you laughing. He was sure now that it was innocent and you were probably just trying to not make Peter feel as bad as he had already felt, but at the time Peter took your laughter as a sign of you thinking how pathetic he was. He dropped your mail on the ground and rushed back to his apartment door, ignoring the incessant shout of his name, in turn he ignored the loud and sharp feeling of his heart hammering against his chest when he realized one thing: you knew his name.

Now here he was, two years after that incident, admiring you from afar again. Even while he bumped into you while entering the apartment building, he hadn’t tried to exchange any words with you. He opened the door for you to walk in ahead of him, he would return your smile, and he’d ride the elevator with you in quiet, sneaking glances at you when he could – not knowing you had been looking up at him quite a few times, too.

He couldn’t even remember why he was so infatuated with you. He remembers when it happened, though. It was Thursday night – pizza night in the Parker residence. He had just gotten back from picking up dinner when he rounded the corner too fast and collided with a body. The pizza almost flying out of his hands, but luckily another pair came to the rescue. Peter had looked up to thank whoever the person was but came up dry when his eyes landed on the most intoxicating looking girl he had ever seen. Her smile was wide as she laughed light-heartedly at the incident. He tried to laugh or smile back, anything to indicate that there was a soul inside of his body, still.

“Sorry – hey! You live next door! Um, Parker… Peter! Right?” You got no response so you continued, “I was just on my way to pick up a pizza! Is Thursday your pizza night, too?” This time he managed to nod at you, earning him another, the way he described it, angelic smile. “Well, I’ll see you around, Peter! I like your sweater by the way. Maroon’s my favorite color.”

And right then, he swore he could’ve bought out his closet and painted his whole entire life with that color if it meant that he would become your favorite anything.

“Peter?” He snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at you next him in the elevator, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Um, yes?” His voice came out higher than usual, causing him to scold himself internally and wanting nothing more than to punch himself in the face.

“You’re good in science, right?”

His knees almost went week with the shy look you had given him. Your eyes looked up at him through your lashes as your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, the grip on your books tightening as you brought them closer to your chest. The elevator doors opened on the floor you both wanted to get off on. Peter held the door open for you as you both walked out, nodding in the process as to answer your previous question.

“Cool, I, uh, I just – oh, never mind.” Peter saw the faint color of red that colored your face as you walked away, but before you could get too far, and without him thinking, his hand reached out to grab your arm, spinning you back around to face him. Although, since Peter was, well, himself, he didn’t quite measure his own strength, causing you both to stumble into each other. One of his arms found its way around your waist, preventing you from falling, as his other arm extended against the wall to prevent himself from burying you under his weight.
He looked at the minimal space between both of your bodies before his eyes flew up to meet yours – you were already looking at him. You both made no sign of moving, too invested in the color of each other’s eyes. Peter finally managed to get a grip on reality and registered the semi-awkward stance you both were in – that, and his arm was getting tired from supporting himself against the wall. He reluctantly stepped away from you and brought his arm up to scratch the back of his neck.

“Um, what did you need with science?”

You brought your hand up to soothe out your hair before smiling softly at him. “I guess I just wanted to know if you could come over some time and help me out. You know, like, uh, tutor me?”

“Yes!” His voice came out rushed, his eyes widening as he noticed how creepy he sounded. “I mean, yes. Of course, no problem.”

You laughed at him, reaching up to kiss his cheek. “You’re a life-saver, Peter! Okay, cool. Want to come over tonight? Around six?”

“Y-Yeah, that’s fine. That’s cool, yeah, okay.”

You smiled widely at him again. “Alright, Parker. It’s a date!” You leaned in to kiss his scarlet colored cheek again before making a beeline for your door and closing it quickly.

That was it. That was all it took for Peter to realize he wasn’t infatuated with you. He was completely, helplessly, and most importantly, pathetically in love with you.


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Love Bugs

In which you and Simon are feeling a little cuddly and clingy.

Requested? Yes

After I finished taking a shower, I walked down the stairs to the living room, where Josh was playing Fifa against Ethan. Ethan had come around earlier this morning as the two of them had agree to film some videos together, but they never got round to filming them.

‘Who’s winning?’ I asked as I plopped down on the couch next to Josh.

'I am.’ Josh told me and I nodded.

'What do you mean, 'I am’? You’re losing! It’s 2 - nul!’ Ethan shouted.

Josh only giggled and I joined in, and then silence fell upon them as they concentrated on their match.

'When's–’ I was about to ask them something when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

'There you are, I was waiting for you upstairs!’ Simon walked up behind me and bent down to place a soft kiss on my shoulder.

'That’s kinky,’ Ethan said and Josh and I couldn’t keep our laughter in.

'Fuck off, Ethan.’ Simon chuckled at him. But because Ethan was distracted, Josh kicked the ball past his goalie and scored his first goal.

'Goal!’ Josh threw his controller in the air so it then landed on the carpet floor in front of him, whilst Ethan sighed and sunk into his side of the couch.

Simon walked round and asked, 'Scooch over, will you?’ Gently pushing me aside.

'Anyways, I was going to ask, when’s dinner?’ I asked to no one in particular.

'Want me to cook you something, love?’ Simon asked, snaking one arm around my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder. I was comfortable and he was warm, so the two of us cuddled on our edge of the couch.

'No,’ I said, snuggling into him, making him chuckle down at me and plant a kiss on the top of my head.

'Oi, stop canoodling, you two.’ Josh said and nudged me in the ribs.

'No,’ I repeated in the same exact tone, and I could hear Ethan laugh to himself quietly.

'How about you come with me to the kitchen?’ Simon asked, wrapping his arm tighter around me. I groaned and pushed myself further into him. I felt him hold another arm underneath me and stood up with me in his arms, carrying me into the kitchen and setting me down on the counter.

'You stay right here whilst I make you something.’ Simon smiled at me with his soft ocean eyes and his dimples in both cheeks. He leaned in for a quick peck on the lips, and then went to prepare everything.

'You two are such love bugs.’ Josh said from where he still sat on the couch in the living room.

'You mean love birds?’ Simon corrected.

'No, you’re disgusting, so you’re love bugs.’

SQ ficlet prompt

(From @mmisery ) : How about Regina asks Emma about why she hasn’t been herself and Emma doesn’t want to tell her about her future vision but asks for a hug because she could really use one.

Simultaneous ANGST and FLUFF??

(I may or may not have let my love of SQ get the better of me, here. Kinda went a bit off the deep end. But I think you will enjoy it. :)
Special thanks to @lanaparrillasface for your beta reading and encouragement. 
So, without further ado….. )


The duality of the moment had not escaped her. From the sharp northern wind to the early spring sun beating down on her neck, and from the lapping of the ocean current to the dryness in the back of her throat… Emma felt a surreal balance at Regina’s announcement. 

“I have to die.” 

Hyde had died with Jekyll, as the Evil Queen would have to die with Regina. The ultimatum was harsh, and unforgiving. And yet Regina had presented her fate as if it were any other day’s shopping list. A jug of bleach, six apples, and I have to die. 

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anonymous asked:

Two questions, have you seen the apparition and do you take gif requests? Really love your blog!

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually watch movies like that. Of course, it’s Seb, so I sucked it up and bought the DVD anyway. 

As far as requests go, I’m always open to them. I can’t always guarantee how quickly they’ll get done, but generally have fairly good luck getting things done within a week. 


Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Requested by Anon

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word count: 643

Request: Where Y/N and Stiles like each other but won’t admit it. And Y/N is really clumsy and one day she fells down the stairs but Stiles somehow is there to catch her and then they admit their feelings. Thx 

A/N: Yes I got your request, and I’m sorry for taking so long. Hope you like!

”Can you please tell her you like her already?” Scott suggested as he watched Stiles trying to watch you discretely as you were sitting a few tables away with Lydia, but the mix of his anxiousness and affection didn’t fool Scott supernatural senses.

”I don’t like her. I mean, not more as a fr-” Stiles began but got interrupted by the muffled scoff coming from Scott, trying to hide his smirk as he shook his face. ”Whatever Stiles, they’re leaving now.” Scott said as he nodded towards you and Lydia.

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Only a Sidegirl Would Know

In which you have your period and everyone takes care of you.

Requested? Yes

Originally posted by taylorkrulicki

‘Ugh,’ I groaned as I walked into the kitchen, clutching my stomach. My hair looked a mess, and I was walking around in just a massive SDMN hoodie and nothing else. I woke up and mother nature decided to gift me: I got my period.

And it was overnight as well. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but that shit gets messy when you weren’t expecting it this early.

'What’s wrong, Y-N?’ Josh asked, who was already in the kitchen. Josh, Simon and I usually woke up around the same time. 'What’s the Sidegirl up to today?’

'Nothing,’ I grumbled and plopped down on one of the kitchen island stools. I put my elbow on the table and held my head up with my hand, and frowned.

'Can I get you something?’ He asked kindly, gesturing to the empty glass he had in his hand.


'Are you sure you’re ok–’ He started to say but Simon cut him off.

'Good morning, everybody!’ He chirped, hopping down the stairs with a giddy smile on his face.

'Hi,’ Josh said and giggled. I said nothing.

'Ooh, someone’s not in a good mood.’ Simon nudged me as he walked past, going to get himself a glass.

'Fuck you,’ I told him and let my eyes fall closed.

Simon turned around, gave me a weird look, and then looked at Josh with a raised eyebrow. Josh stepped towards him and leaned in, whispering in his ear.

'I think it’s that time of the month again,’ I could clearly hear what he said, so I cleared my throat to let him know.

Simon nodded and then grabbed a second glass. He held it under the tap, filling it with cold water. He placed it down on the counter and then rummaged in the cabinets underneath, pulling back out some pills.

'Here,’ Simon said, placing the glass of water in front of me. He took my hand in his and dropped the pill in it.

'Swallow this and drink some water, and you’ll feel a lot better.’ He told me. Knowing Simon, I wasn’t going to get away with not taking the pill.

I stared into his blue eyes and he stared right back into mine, as if he dared me not to do it. With a sigh, I threw the pill in my mouth and quickly downed it with water. I squeezed my eyes shut as I swallowed it. No matter how much water I drank afterwards, it wouldn’t wash away the bitter aftertaste of the pill.

'I hate pills,’ I pulled a disgusted face, setting the now empty glass back down on the island.

'Your body will appreciate it, though.’ Josh said. He walked up to me from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his shoulder on my neck. 'Right, how about we do something fun, today?’ He asked, swaying me from side to side. Being held like this made me smile, it was rare for the boys to act motherly like this.

'Oh, I know, we can watch her favourite movie!’ Simon said, sticking his index finger in the air. He was obviously proud of his idea; his chest was puffed out.

'We can’t watch a movie without building a pillow fort first,’ Vik reasoned as he made his way down the stairs. He woke up late today. I smiled at his idea.

'If we call Ethan, I’m sure he and Emily would be up for baking a cake or something.’ JJ suddenly appeared, too.

'Is that a fat joke?’ Simon questioned him and we all burst out laughing.

'Mm, I love Emily’s cooking.’ I hummed contently. Josh was still hugging me, and squeezed me when I spoke.

'So that’s sorted then,’ Vik said.

'But what about Tobi and Harry? We need the whole crew here,’ Josh told everyone and everyone nodded.

Within an hour, Vik and JJ were working on building their pillow fort in the living room. They were disagreeing a lot, to the point where they were both raising their voices at each other, so Simon had to come and help them out.

Ethan and Emily had also arrived, and soon the entire house smelled of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

'Right, now who’s on their period?’ Harry stepped into the house, standing still with his chin lifted up and both hands planted on his waist. He looked like Superman coming to the rescue.

Everyone laughed.

'Well, there’s only one Sidegirl.’ Josh replied.

'But I have my period sometimes, too.’ Harry said in an upset tone, almost as if he was offended by Josh’s remark.

'Oh, that explains all the mood swings,’ I laughed, walking past him and heading into the living room, where the fort was finally finished.

'Oi, look who’s talking!’ Harry shot back.

'She knows stuff only a Sidegirl would know, Harry, so if I were you I’d shut up.’ JJ giggled loudly.

We finally got the movie rolling, and we all sat together in the fort.

'Dibs next to Y-N!’ Simon called and dived onto the pillows next to me.

'Dibs on the other side!’ Vik giggled and dived on my other side, too.

'Wow, I didn’t know I was that popular. Or that you guys were this clingy,’ I smiled.

'Fuck you, man.’ Simon scolded jokingly and punched my arm.

'Are you okay? Is your stomach hurting? Do you want me to heat up one of those sac things so that you can rest it on your stomach?’ Vik asked.

I laughed at how badly he wanted to take care of me. I was surprised we even had one of those sac things in the house.

Before I had time to reply to him, Simon curled up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He rested his head on my stomach.

'There, now your belly will stay nice and warm and I’m comfortable.’ He said and I could tell he was smiling from ear to ear.

'Thanks, Simon,’ I said and pat his head.

'Shut up! The movie is starting!’ Ethan and Emily rushed in and sat down in front of everyone at the very bottom.

And like that, I might have possibly had the best day of my life. Man, I wish I had periods more often.

Thanks to the anon telling me I’m beautiful and that I hope I get better soon because I have my period and I feel sick :)) She was inspired by my post for this 😂 I loved the idea so I just had to write it straight away

Mel xx