yes i take pics of food

I wonder if Tarot and Sushi could be a thing? Like, meet me at the sushi bar for a reading and sushi! Or I could have sushi at home and take special sushi tarot readings while eating sushi… Or sushi and tarot pics!

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…Yes, I really want some sushi…


I’m having a love affair with green. The pulse of chlorophyll is keeping me hydrated, energized, and oxygenated this summer, and I’m digging it almost as much as I’m digging the new Major Lazer/MØ jam. But let’s not beat around the matcha: This is a wild looking tonic to slather on your face.

Which is why I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of pics of me (yes, ME! you’re going to see my FACE omgomgomg) with it shmeared all over. You’re welcome.

It’s goopy, deep green, and a little clumpy from the cucumber and mint. And it’s got a pungent, unmistakably green scent from the matcha—the lush, slightly astringent, mossy smell of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a mega blood oxygenator and system purifier, and matcha is beyond full of it. Think of it like this—your skin is your body’s largest organ, and dousing it with the equivalent of two cups of green tea drenches you in antioxidants. The caffeine in matcha also tightens pores and skin, and acts as a mild astringent.

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