yes i tagged shannon in it because i know she will have some awesome ideas

In one of the bedrooms in my house, the one I’ll be moving into next September, there is a cupboard. Now, all my life I have been afraid of that cupboard. I’ve just always been scared of what could be living in there and because I was scared of it as a child, the fear has grown with me.

I was talking to my mum about it and she came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of painting my bedroom door like the TARDIS why don’t I turn the cupboard into a TARDIS. 


So has anyone got any cupboard (I suppose it’s called a closet in America) design ideas? Because so far we have got the door pained as the TARDIS, gold walls, glow in the dark star stickers, the DW sign thing, a green fire (floo) and a massive Darren Criss poster.

I don’t think I would be afraid of my cupboard is all that was in there.