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Save Me

Request: Yes, A story for #13 and/or #35 with Dick and the batfam if you’re up for it?

Pairing: Dick Grayson X Reader

Warning: Abuse and Swearing

Prompt: 13: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” 35: “Who did this to you?”

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A/N: I Hope you guys like it!!

“Haha look at her face.” Says the man who has beaten you up. “It’s hilarious.” He lifts your head up by your hair causing you to moan. You were in so much pain as blood dripped from your forehead and nose. Your body was so sore and you couldn’t speak because of how much pain you were in. Before this, you were walking in an alley not knowing it was a crime alley. You found out once you were kidnapped by these two men, one was muscular and strong, the other weak yet witty. The witty one seemed to know what he was doing, and that was a very bad thing.

“Why…? Why are you…Doing this..?” You say managing to even whisper. The strong man slaps your face.

“Bitch, we can do whatever we want with you.” He says smirking pulling you hair tighter, lifting your head higher. “Right, Bob?”

“Yeah, that’s right Jim.” Bon replies also smirking with Jim. Dick, please…Save me. You continued to chant this over and over as a prayer. Dick, please…Save me.

“Hey, have you seen [F/N]?” Dick asks his all of the members of the Batfamily. They all shake their heads. “That’s weird…” He says looking at his phone checking to see when you were active. “She was active 3 hours ago on her phone.”

“Dick, maybe she is somewhere with no connection.” Tim suggests.

“Yeah, but she would have given me a call or a text. Maybe she is in danger!” Dick says worriedly.

“Whoa there Dickiebird, do you have to always think she is in danger?” Jason asks with annoyance.

“I agree with Todd, and trust me that’s the first.” Damian says.

“I don’t know I just have a feeling.”

“Jim put her in the car.” Bob demands as he carried your bruised body in their car. You were in tears out of fear. What were they going to do to me? You were so scared yet you continued to chant in your head. Dick, please…Save me. You repeat it over and over never forgetting.

“She is in Bob.” He says as he gets in the car with you.

“Good, now let’s go.” He replies getting in the car as well.

“When is she coming? It’s already midnight!” Dick exclaims “You know what? I am going to look for her.” He dresses in his Nightwing costume and leaves the Manor. But before he left he used the bat computer to find you. He hacked into your phone and found the location. He arrived in a crime alley and only found your phone instead. It was cracked as if you were attacked. His eyes widen, he was right you were in trouble and he feared he was too late.

“Stop playing with her we can do that after we are out of the car.” Bob says as Jim touches your beaten up face. You were tied up and couldn’t stop him from doing so. You then had no choice but to spit in his face, you spat out blood on him.

“Why you little, bitch!” He slaps you once again but very hard this time causing it to leave a red mark and your face shifted the other way. Dick, please…Save me.

He tried to guess where you went until he saw your necklace on the ground. It was in a warehouse with a chair tied with ropes. He knew it was your’s since it was his gift for your anniversary. It was a big, golden heart and when you opened it, it had a picture of you both. She was here. He continued to find clues until he knew exactly where you were.

“Jim take her down.” Bob demands as he takes you out of the car.

“Agh.” You cry out but they don’t care. You look up finding out you were in a club.

“We are going to be rich!” Jim says taking you inside until you say a Batarang fly next to you hitting Jim. Dick!

He jumped down beating up two men who were with you. He was filled with anger. Who dares to mess with you? He continued until they were out cold and walked towards you. He saw you bruised and bloody.

“[F/N]…Who did this to you?” He asks with sadness.

“The big one.” You say pointing at him. “His name is Jim.” You look away embarrassed about how you looked. But Dick always saw beauty in you and was mad at himself for not saving you in time. He put his hands on your cheeks as you begin to tear up. He holds onto you whispering in your ears the last words.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

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