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a whisper that’s just loud enough to make out

Zenyatta has been over at his house for two hours, and Genji is still nervous about being so close to him. He’s had a crush on him for longer than he can remember, but knows he can never tell him how he feels. Maybe the old romantic movie they’re watching can help a few things come to the surface.

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I felt super guilty about not contributing anything to Genyatta week after I did three for mc..hanzo week, so my hands held me hostage until I wrote this. It’s another one of those December ideas I had that I never got to write until now, so I hope it’s at least readable and enjoyable (I can’t tell it’s literally three in the morning). Prompt was movie night, and I hope you enjoy it!

Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

(warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.


Everyone is smiling except Keith, because he’s got better things to do than smile at you.  

Right! So I made y’all a few icons you never asked for! If anyone wants one with a different flag behind it, feel free to PM me, I’ll fix you up.

Fixed version: And by this, I mean I’ll 100% make this post about pride, and not about my headcanons for the characters :) 

so I’m kind of a sucker for Redemption Equals Death because it’s sad and I’m a sucker for sad. but I also…idk, sometimes I wish it weren’t such an overwhelming trend, not only because All My Faves Wind Up Dead but also because…I want to see more villains actually going through the hard, messy work of redemption, that it can’t just be done and over with, that it’s not as simple as One Good Heroic Act and everything is better. 

I want the awkward and painful and difficult aftermath.

like, what I really want is the villain seeking redemption who is genre savvy enough to go for a redemptive death, figuring that’s their best way out - and who survives, and has to live up to what they meant to be their last act. 

rather than death as the end of a redemptive arc, near-death as the beginning of one.