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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

  • Do you suffer from the Enormous TBR Pile Syndrome?
  • Do you tend to buy new books and leave them unread for months?

  • Do you often read new releases instead of some older books from your shelf?

If your answer to those question is YES, TBR Days might be a thing for you! 

What is it about?

The main purpose is to give the books from the bottom of our TBR piles a go. 

How do I participate?

During the first 5 days of each month pick up a book (or a few books) you wanted to read for a while, but still haven’t done it. (It doesn’t have to be a book you own, or a physical copy.) You can post pictures, updates, reviews etc. using #tbrdays tag.

Let’s read those neglected books together!


The unlimited creative🙇🏻‍♀️🎭🎨🖼✍🏻️mind and hands🙌🏼of Alycia Debnam Carey💖 

Can she have more art inside her…?🎭🎨🎼🌟 Look at those amazing beautiful animals watercolors paintings? Yes! she also paint and drawing! Alycia posted those pictures long time ago in her Instagram. I wish she could had keep posted them and i also wonder if she still painting in her free time? They are so cute btw, they could be perfect to children books. I totally love how much creativity she has. A truly complete talented artist in that soul🌟👏🏼👏🏼.

Reise Watcher

So here’s a sketch I’ve been holding onto for awhile because I haven’t posted for some reason? I’ve been meaning to get more work done on this but never truly got around to it!  So hey here’s, yet again, another picture of my giant girl Reise!  Just some quick things to note about Reise is that, yes she is a giant, but two she is a gentle giant!  She would never hurt a fly and is someone who is to be soft and gentle but still have a decent amount of spunk!

After my wedding headcanon post i started thinking a lot about Yurio and Otabek’s wedding and really all i have to say about that is, yes, it’s boring as fuck, and yes it spurs Victor into having ANOTHER wedding with Yuri he’s so extra disappointed (he’s so extra in general), but what I failed to mention is that Yurio also wears a cheetah print thong under his white slacks. It’s so fuckin obvious. All night (ten minutes actually Yurio and Otabek don’t have time for the frilly shit) The Squad is asking, “Should we tell him?” No one tells him. His fashion sense still sucks at nineteen. Phichit takes pictures and selfies with his cheetah clad ass in the background. Posts them the next day, much to Seung-gil’s dismay. “Farewell,” he says, thinking about the future without Phichit. About how mad Yurio is going to be. And how weak his insta obsessed husband is. “I warned him.”

Yurio kicks Phichit’s ass. “So worth it,” Phichit whispers through tears. “It went viral…” His dying words.

(Phichit is a Drama King™ he’s not dying he just has a bloody nose)

Otabek apologizes and promises Seung-gil he’s working on teaching Yurio better manners. He’s really not. Lowkey high fives his angry Russian husband.

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Hi ! Can you post all of your IU reaction gifs ? Or maybe just the legendary ones :P

yes i can! I mainly have reaction pictures though. Here’s a download link to my reaction folder. I think i’ve compiled some great ones over the years. Since you mentioned the most legendary ones though I gotta post them here too (but they’re also included)

the ill kill a bitch pic

the im emotional but ill still cut a bitch pic

the beyonce aka IU had the greatest video of all time pic

the HA you tried to fuck with my career but im still on top pic

the im tiredt pic

the aw you tried boo pic

and i guess ill end it with the what the fuck is wrong with you pic.

enjoy :)


Jughead volume 2 finally arrived! So far, it’s a great read, better than volume 1 in my opinion because the story line is more true to the classic comics. Also, Sabrina is featured and instead of a free Archie comic at the end of the book, there’s a Josie and the Pussycats comic.

There’s a lot to talk about in volume 2, so I’m going to make separate posts rather than one giant one. I’m going to try to make this as spoiler free to the general plot as possible while still talking about important themes relating to a-spec issues.

These panels are all from issue 7, but I’d like to discuss the first two pictures first (these panels occur one after the other). Jughead asks Archie is he wants to go camping with him. Archie says yes, but Jughead realizes that he only went camping with him because there’s a nearby girls’ camp. I like that Jughead is having to deal with a reality a lot of a-specs face of their friends becoming more interested in dating than in them. It feels nice to read something that doesn’t have the moral of “romance is more important than friendship”  or “you’ll understand when you find someone” because neither are remotely true. It’s Archie’s conflicts of interest between his dating life and his ability to be a good friend that’s the issue, not Jughead’s aversion to romance and touch.  

The third picture is one that is circulating quite a bit, but I’m going to talk about it a little more. Archie says something extremely insensitive and Jughead immediate reacts. He’s angry and rightfully so. What’s even better, afterward, Archie doesn’t try to tell Jughead that he’s angry for no reason. Almost immediately after he says what he does, he tries to apologize. Jughead doesn’t just accept Archie’s apology and brush this off, he stays upset. This really went to show that being ace and/or aro isn’t something that people just “get.” There’s a lot of feelings of being abnormal that often come with being a-spec and this was a subtle, but tastefully done depiction of that. There’s nothing abnormal about being aro ace, but that doesn’t mean that statements like that aren’t hurtful. Jughead’s reaction was realistic and fair.

The fourth picture is from towards the end of the issue, Jughead ends up confronting Archie in a non aggressive manner about how he’s been ignoring him to flirt with girls and spend time with Betty and/or Veronica. Archie agrees that he needs to be a better friend and they move on after that. This seen made me so happy because it’s exactly what one should do if they’re in Jughead’s position. It’s okay to tell your friends that you’re feeling neglected if they’re spending all of their time dating. It’s having that line of communication that keeps friendships strong, especially when one person in the friendship doesn’t date. While this is certainly not an a-spec only issue, it is one that I have seen come up in a-spec circles multiple times. Having a Jughead comic about it felt like there was some real research about being aro ace done by the writers.

Here, have some Guren “I’m not paid nearly enough for this shit” Ichinose for your feed~ (aka: Kento Ono is real life Guren)

From the Owari no Seraph Musical

/One of the funniest parts was these 2 in this scene. (Mainly what happens after this lol)

Sometimes I look at pictures side by side like these and see no changes … and other times I can look at them and see many changes … our minds can play tricks on us and make us see and hear things differently. This is what body dysphoria does to someone’s … it alters what they see and hear 😐

I’m posting this because for someone who has been on hormones for 2 years, I still deal with dysphoria. Testosterone and top surgery have not taken it away, yes it helped significantly but I still suffer from body dysphoria.
So if there’s other people out there like me I want you to know to aren’t alone!! Stay strong and know this is apart of your journey, that you are amazing and that you aren’t alone 💙
Just know you are still handsome/beautiful every day!

I’ve been seeing way too many criticisms of artists that have no basis at all other than to try to make them seem like they’re “fake”.

  • We’re allowed to use references (and yes if it’s tracing a picture of a person and then adding on top of it, it’s a learning experience - although that falls in the category of improvement which I can cover on another post + plagirism) but we’re allowed to use poses or models as references or inspiration.
  • Drawing on paper vs drawing digitally is way different. It took me years to master how to draw with a tablet. Hell, some days I still can’t draw with a tablet and I have to draw on paper first. 
  • Sketches are almost never going to be the finished product. There’s room for adjustment when translating the sketch to a digital medium (you might fix that weird looking arm or change the direction of their head etc) There’s already a big difference (for me at least) when I’m drawing off the top of my head vs having references to help me correct my mistakes.
  • Look back through an artists tag and you’ll see improvement. It could be in several years time or shorter. Everyone excels at their own rate. What you don’t see in the tag is the struggle of getting there. Sometimes you’re stuck on a piece because you see a flaw in it but don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes you can’t draw for weeks at a time or have drawing frenzies that last a few hours. You don’t see the artists trying to not compare themselves with others as far as improvement or trying to find their own style.
  • Trying to ‘debunk’ an artist isn’t cool (especially when you’re trying to go after minors). Just fuck off.
thedarkin-blade replied to your post: Do you enjoy having visitors in the library? I…

“Then, I assume I’m welcomed.”

“I hadn’t thought you to be the bookish type, but yes, you are correct. As long as you leave your weaponry out of immediate reach, though I truly doubt that you’d need it to cause considerable harm, it is still a rule that I have everyone, regardless of origin, follow.”


Here’s Everything I’ve Always Meant to Say- part 1

First part of next Nezushi doujinshi

Link to original story: (thank you 4-ia)

True first part of story have 14 pages but as tumblr have this 10 pictures per post rule I going to upload rest tomorrow.

And wow, it’s finally done, there is still twice times more work before me before I would cover this story. I want to write a warning from beginning, this story contain smut at the end, yes 18+ content. I’m not sure how I will handle that but It will be nice anatomy study XDD.

I tried very hard to make both of them look around 25 years old. Did it worked? XD

I love how sassy is Shion in this story. And domestic Nezushi is always the best kind of Nezushi… Well some drama is nice to, but from time to time is good to get some rest from it, don’t you think?

I’m not sure if I manage to write and get checked next part of Not Perfect on the next month’s 6th, not mention of 3rd part of this story. So let’s count today and tomorrow’s post a entry for NO.6 day.

Oh, and I hope you will like it. I’m trying to get better and better with every page I draw but mostly it’s still a struggle to get everything right ^^’.

Second part of the story (I will add links for later part in this post too)

In an effort to help myself mentally, I’m posting a picture of my belly progress (pls ignore the dirty mirror lol).

I’ve been doing too much comparing lately. Too much “I think I’m starting to show, but I still feel like I just look fat, I don’t have a cute bump like other girls at my week do because I’m not skinny like them, I wonder if I’ll ever really show because I’m overweight, etc.” and granted, yes, I’m overweight, yes I already had a stomach on me, yes my torso is longer so I’m not going to immediately get a bump higher up around my belly button, yes yes yes. But last week, donald had commented about how he could tell there was a bump when I was reading in bed, and today, I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish my shift at work wearing pants because DEAR LORD they were tight and pinching me. So I decided to take a picture to show my cousin in GA, and here we are. Just about 16 weeks along.

I need to start loving what’s going on, because there’s a bouncing baby growing in there and in like five months it’ll be out here with me, all because of what my body did for us. Who cares if I don’t look “picture perfect” like I *think* I’m supposed to. I’m not SUPPOSED to look like anyone other than me. Here’s to loving myself and my body in all it’s pregnant glory. (My cousin said she thinks I’m gonna have a cute bump, though 😂).

Can’t wait to meet you, Tater Tot. ❤❤

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Will you be posting pictures of your nursery and/or baby shower? I've loved all the updates for both and am curious to see how it all came out. (I understand if you want to keep it private though. 🙂)

Yes I have ever intention to! I went on vacation this last week so I didn’t accomplish much 🙃. I also don’t have any pictures from my shower, by sister has to send them to me still. And currently the nursery is filled with boxes. But I promise I will share soon! ❤️❤️❤️

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This isn't a "have you ever" question but it can still be answered with yes or no.. Will you ever post a selfie?

For the future, I’m not sure. I like that my real life and online life aren’t all that connected. I highly doubt I would ever post a clear picture of my face on Tumblr.

The closest I’ve posted to a self before though was here. Just click the link. I was wearing a motorcycle helmet.


We had this awesome awesome #wegotthehiccups project.
And since everyone was having fun with it, I came up with the idea of making up your own dragon!
Dragons the gang would still have to discover!
So how about we all make up our own dragon! Along with the picture of your dragon, you should state These facts about it:
•Dragon classification
•Natural habitat
•Shot limit
•Approximate size (you can compare it to humans or known animals or actually name a size)

and when you’re done, post it under the tag

I’m looking forward to see all your creative and awesome looking dragons!!
Do we have a deadline?
Yes! The 10th July!
I’m looking forward to see all your pictures!!


I don’t know how I missed this, but apparently Joey posted my edit on Instagram when Shane came out as bisexual. He cropped out my watermark, and clearly could have kept it because the picture was edited to fit on Instagram. Normally, I wouldn’t mind. But I spent lots of time and effort on this edit and the picture got over 170,000 likes. That’s more attention than ANY of my posts have ever gotten (obviously because he posted it, but still). I know it’s months after the fact but I’m quite upset and I really wish Joey had kept my watermark. Yes, I’m grateful that he appreciated my post enough to use it for Shane’s coming out. Yes, it’s a silly edit and most people wouldn’t consider it “art”. However it doesn’t make up for the fact that thousands of people saw my creation and none of them knew who made it.

My familys reactions to blond Kai

Lock Screen:

Home Screen: 


Mom: Is that miley cyrus?                                      

Me: No mom. It’s kai..

*shows mom home wallpaper*

Me: See? Kai.

Mom: But if miley was a boy…

Me: Mom nooo

*goes back and squints at first picture*

Mom: You’re right he’s prettier… 

*makes me show her my home screen again*

Mom: But he looks dark and angry… I see why you like him now

Me: tf is that supposed to mean

Mom: and I want to brush his hair.


*shows him lock screen*

Him: Pretty… girl?

Me: ….boy. damn it

Him: Why is he sitting like that? 

Me: He was performing.

Dad: Can I see? 

*shows him kai’s solo*

Dad: Wow…was he supposed to look crazy?

Me: Yes of course. *proud momma smile*

Dad: He’s cool. I like him.

Me: Me too!

Dad: I know.

*shows him home wallpaper*

Dad: I used to have a body like that.

Me: okay?

Dad: Actually I was buffer than that. 

Me: ….


*shows first picture* 

Him: Kaiiiiiii

Me: How did you know?!

Him: That’s the only clear name I can hear along with the other wild ape sounds you make when you watch those music videos.

Me: ….ah..

Him: His pose looks like a swan. 

Me: sort of.. I guess?

Him: Is he supposed to be a swan? He’s the dancer right? 

Me: No and yes. 

Him: It’s his jawline. 

Me: What?

Him: ….. It’s nice. 

Me: It was carved by gods.

Him: Please don’t get weird.

*dejectedly moves ahead to second wallpaper*

Him: ….

Me: What are you thinking?

Him: .. I like….his hair. *proceeds to ask my mom if he can bleach his hair and gets turned down immediately*