yes i still have feels about this don't look at me

Casual reminder to all the people replying to Phil's tweets yelling at him to "Do it!"


His body his choice. 

While obviously we should support him is he wears nail polish, we shouldn’t try to make him do it or feel like he has to. 

Yes, it’s cool when guys where nail polish because it breaks gender roles BUT it’s still a preference that goes beyond societal standards of what’s feminine or masculinity and involves things as simple as time. 

Phil may not want to wear it because he simply doesn’t have the patience for it. Or maybe the smell. Or maybe how he thinks it will look on him. 

Personally I like nail polish. But I rarely wear it because it’s too much work. 

Me choosing not to wear it is about me. 

Phil choosing not to wear it is about Phil. 

So please don’t start spamming him like with what happened with Dan. Obviously it’s great when men wear polish, but it should be their choice. Not to please others. (I am not saying Dan didn’t want to paint his nails, just saying tweeting him to do it 24/7 was probably annoying and made him feel some pressure)

So what was so very wrong with drawing a fat character skinny, anyway?
  • SU fandom: It's fatphobic! It shames little kids who don't fit societal beauty standards!!
  • Me: So it could do harm to other people, is what you're saying.
  • SU fandom: Yes! Bigger characters need more representation in the media! Erasing that representation will make little kids who are bigger feel bad about themselves.
  • Me: But she didn't erase the character. She just drew her differently. The character and representation is still there...?
  • SU: It doesn't matter! Someone could still see her work and take it personally!
  • Me: And feel bad about themselves. Even though it didn't actually, physically harm them. Your biggest concern in all of this, basically, is that it might hurt someone's feelings.
  • Me: So it could make them depressed.
  • SU fandom: YES.
  • Me: Depressed... to the point of hurting themselves or even, I dunno, attempting <i>suicide?</i>
  • SU fandom: EXACTLY. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE MADE TO FEEL THAT DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF A ooooh wait I see where you're going with this
  • ((I'm so sorry))
  • *after the concert*
  • Camila: Lauren..
  • Lauren: oh, yes?
  • Camila: Remember what you said?
  • Lauren: I said a lot of things babe, that you have in mind?
  • Camila: so you love me and you never leave me... it's still up to date?
  • Lauren: ofc, what happens?
  • Camila: I have a feeling that we move away from each other... too fast and too much
  • Lauren: Uhh I know and I don't want this but
  • Camila: Yeah I know. we CAN'T
  • But I really miss you lolo. I miss our staring at yourself, I miss every smiles, I miss every touch, every kiss... I just can't. I'm not happy with it. I was happy when I could do it all, I'm know management,privacy and others but... I really don't want lose you *starts crying*
  • Lauren: Shhh bae.. don't cry *took her* I hate this too. But I promise: one day we will be happy together, we will be able to cuddle in public and
  • Camila: and we buy a big house?
  • Lauren: And we buy a big house. If you want, we can hang posters of one direction, justin bieber, ed sheeran and bananas everywhere.
  • Camila: And of Lana Del Rey! *giggle*
  • Lauren: What kind of Jauregui's house without Lana?!
  • Camila: yup *laugh*. Lern, Seriously you promise that all?
  • Lauren: Yes Camz *kiss her on forehead* I promise. And I never will leave you. NEVER.
  • Camila: I hold you at your word Jauregui!
  • Lauren: Okay Cabello! *smiled at her* I love you my dragon.
  • Camila: I love u too, my unicorn

Preview of Face Down, the prep school zombie apocalypse AU one-shot that literally no one asked for:

Lavender gets her heart broken by Ron Weasley in the spring of their senior year.

She proceeds to spend an entire weekend re-watching all the depressing parts of Love, Actually and crying into Parvati’s mint green Kate Spade pillowcase and it’s cathartic, mostly, because by Monday morning she’s back to using her own bronze-blonde bobby pins and spot-blending her under-eye concealer and bickering with Daphne Greengrass about leaving slimy salon-grade conditioner residue on the tiled shower floor—and if Lavender still feels a little like the world is ending when she thinks about how many of her Firsts she hadn’t even hesitated to give to Ron Weasley—


Two days before prom, the world actually ends.

Okay yes my heart races whenever I see you but it’s because I’m thinking of what your body looks like under your clothes
not because I’m thinking of meeting your mother (I’ve already met your mother during a track meet where you were in love with my best friend)
or going out to dinner (dinner is overrated I don’t want that with you)

yes I think about you a lot but it’s less to do with my heart and more to do with the drop in my stomach I get whenever I hear your voice

you have yourself convinced I still dream of you in colors of the future but in reality all my dreams are gray now that’s why I needed this
to make me feel something again

im fine if you feel like you need to crawl out the window because you can’t handle this but just know that the door might be locked if you decide to come back in

just because I write poems about boys who are breaking my heart doesn’t mean I write poems about you
to be honest I haven’t thought of you in that way in months and this is the first true thing I’ve ever written with you in mind.

—  If my poems wrongly convinced you I like you maybe this one will fix it– Lily Rain
Thoughts on SPN S11E12

M’s thoughts:

It looks like they have a nice set up for a potential Wayward Daughters spinoff. Does it seem like Sioux Falls is overrun with vampires since Bobby died?

Favorite Quotes:

Favorite Scene: The whole awkward chicken dinner scene. Sam and Dean’s reactions are great. Delicious homemade food. Yes, real chicken. Not the processed crap. I guess Dean’s cooking abilities are still limited. Then we get into monsters, birth control, and condoms. Who knew?

I will say the whole flying woodchuck and “The Elvis” burger scene was also entertaining.

Final Note: Claire still has the Grumpy Cat! It was on her bed.

G’s thoughts:

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this episode, but I ended up enjoying it, of course. It was great to see the Wayward Daughters again! A few highlights:

  • The Elvis burger, and then the dinner scene, oh god. Help. 
  • Claire and Alex bickering at first, but then killing the vampire together. 
  • Speaking of, I liked that they brought up Alex’s past. Some nice continuity there. 
  • I was slightly disappointed that Claire didn’t ask about Cas—but I am consoled with the knowledge that she still has the Grumpy Cat (thanks M for pointing that out) 
  • Will definitely be checking out the spinoff if it happens.

Another Valentine’s episode coming up for next week. I am both curious and terrified.