yes i spell it colour not color

Literally just read a previous post in regards to colourism and team light skinned vs dark skinned @fabricated-bullshit I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said.

I am a dark skinned girl with “chinky” eyes and not “traditionally black hair”. I am not mixed in regards to direct parentage as in both my parents are dark skinned. It was really difficult growing up during secondary school because I wouldn’t fit in ANYWHERE. With a school of majority of dark-skinned girls the light skinned ones would literally be worshipped, the Asians would stick to themselves, the dark skinned girls had a heritage of Nigerian/Jamaican and generally the West Indies (I’m Ivorian). To make it worse I had a “Posh accent” but didn’t go to private school and the area I went to secondary school was known as a “ghetto” I was so confident and I loved myself. Those 5 years ruined me initially because I started to question who I am as a person. I was a happy kid, and then suddenly I couldn’t speak in public, I developed a terrible stutter, I even became so angry at the world because of this, which eventually turned into depression because I would express this to NOT A SINGLE PERSON. This led to a toxic relationship at 16, with my first ever boyfriend who convince me he could help, I told him everything and he used it against to me and spread lies about who I am as a person and people believed because I would literally break down from not being able to defend my-self clearly (Also English is my second language). Luckily I some how woke myself up in regards to my faith and got out the relationship. (It was only two months, but we had mutual friends, so getting out of the social group was also another challenge) a few years later I am happy, I am truly in love with myself again and somewhat healthy currently working on bringing back my confidence and seeking help when I need it.

Reading this blog has helped me a lot so it makes me sad to see us woman fighting and degrading each other because of the colour of our skin. The black race is literally a rainbow of colours more diverse than any other race. Yes I know the struggle is different in US because of your history but there is so much information out there just look for it !

May the Most High bless you all xxx

I reside in the UK, if my spelling seems a bit strange to you ;)


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Hair color? Brown

Do you like your name? Yes! Although I’m not a fan of the other 130 spellings of Caitlin if I’m being perfectly honest.

Is it easy for people to get under your skin? Sometimes. It depends what mood I am in.

Relationship status? Single Pringle .

Favorite time of the day? Probably the evenings. I like to put on my candles (led ones as my mum thinks I will burn down the house if given real candles, probably true) and read my book or watch a movie.

Bedspread colour? Duck egg and white

Last thing you ate? The last thing I ate was toast and jam

Favorite colour? Blue, pink and yellow

Favorite album? To many do choose from I’m afraid

Favorite song (at this moment): Boys by Charli XCX

Favorite place: Either my bed (oh so very cozy) or Paris (if it’s a geographic location).

Wake up time? 7am on a school day and 8/9am at the weekends

Cat or dog? Dogs for the win!.

Pets? Two dogs, one of which im convinced is possessed

Coke or Pepsi? Neither.

Text or call? Depends, I will call my family members but text my friends

Chapstick or lipstick? Lipstick, definitely

Coolest Halloween costume? Last year my friend and I went as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s world (I was Wayne) and that was really cool. This year I’m going as a Ravenclaw student - possible Moany Myrtle

Where do you shop? E v e r y w h e r e .

Tattoos? Nada

Piercings? The basic piercings - two in each ear

How did your last relationship end (if ever)? Single Pringle 4 ever.

Worst place you’ve ever been to? I’m not sure really?

Biggest fear? Creepy dolls

Emotion rn? Tired, I’ve just woken up

Pick one of your favorite quotes? “And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” - The Great Gatsby

A song that makes you cry: I do not feel emotion. Just kidding, probably the “ I wasn’t expecting that ” song, I cannot for the life of my remember it title but the music video made me cry like a blubbering idiot

Last song listened to: Get Schwifty by Rick

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Chosen at random: 56, 66, 76, 86

56. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?

Definitely not the suburbs. I guess I’d prefer rural (if urban isn’t an option). At least then I could see the stars.

66. have you ever won a spelling bee?

In class in school, yes. But never an official one.

76. what color looks best on you?

Reds. Blues.  I have pale skin so vibrant colours tend to be better. I have too many black dresses for a reason. They look good.

86. what is your phone background?

My cats Ruby and Juniper