yes i smell the love

  • Me: ah yes, I love the smell of February, you can practically taste the love...
  • Friend: yeah Valentine's Day is pretty romantic
  • Me: ew no I'm talking about the real Most Romantic Day of the Year™
  • Friend: what day is that?
  • Me: February 15th, the day of half-priced chocolate sales. That, my friend, is the taste of true love that will never let you down.
Murtagh’s No’ Verra Happy

Ok this was a total accident. I was talking to @outlanderedandoverhere about the lovely little cardi she knitted for Sindy Claire and well… I had something that I like to call a brain flash. You know. When a glorious idea pops in your head and you can think of nothing else? Well. It happened. And this is what resulted from it.

Also I, rather belatedly, realized that the timelines don’t quite match up. So… Well. I was going to have their 4th child be an accident, but I’m thinking instead I’ll go with this. Just… Ignore the continuity issues.

“I must get up,” she said.

“No. Ye dinna need to shower.”

“Yes I do! I’m beginning to smell like you!”

“We’ve made love twice, Sassenach. Our honeymoon was far worse than twice afore ye showered. And ye always say that ye like how I smell.”

She sighed.

“I do. I like the way you smell, not the way I smell like you.”

“But then who’s perfect round arse will I fondle?”

“You could try fondling your own. But I’m showering.”

“Fine. But be quick about it. I’ve a job to do.”

Claire snorted and finally got out of their bed, pulling on his shirt and his trousers before going down the hall to shower.

He lay in bed, smiling madly to himself, thinking about the ‘events’ of the last few hours. Part of him felt bad, standing up Murtagh and Suzette, but Claire hadn’t taken no for an answer.

Just as he was reaching for his phone to call Murtagh back, a loud banging came from the front door downstairs. Claire couldn’t answer it, she was still in the shower.

He reached for his shirt only to realize she’d run off with it. Again. More banging and an angry voice muttering Gaelic curses made Jamie grumble.

“Damned woman…”

The only thing within reach was her favorite knit cardigan. There was no way on God’s green earth he’d be able to fit it over his broad shoulders.


Rolling his eyes, Jamie grabbed the knit thing and wrapped it about his hips as best he could.

Christ it was cold! No wonder she’d almost gotten fully dressed before running to shower.


“Enough, damn it! I’m coming!”

Freezing to the bone, he went to the front door and opened it.

Murtagh glared at him. The worst glare Jamie had ever seen on the clansman’s face. His hair was slicked back and tied in a very neat tail, his beard well groomed and oiled. Jamie’s guilt only grew, seeing the effort his godfather had put into the night.

“And just what the hell is wrong wi’ ye?!”

“Murtagh, I can explain. I-”

“Was taking yer wife to bed THAT much more important?! Have ye no’ done that a million times already!?”

“Aye, I have. But she-”

“Pull yer head out of yer arse, ye pig-heided idiot!”

Jamie took a breath.

“I’m sorry, Murtagh.”

“Now I’ll have to do it later…”

Jamie frowned, painfully aware of his mostly-naked state.

“Do what?”

“Propose to Suzette, ye moron!”

Jamie’s mouth fell open.

“That’s what tonight as about? Ye meant to propose?”

“Aye! And I wanted ye to be there! Closest thing I’ll ever ha’ to a son.”

“Murtah, I’m so verra sorry. I didna ken ye meant to marry her.”

“Aye. I do. Now I’ll ha’ to do the whole bloody thing again. Why, exactly, was taking yer wife to bed more important than dinner wi’ me?”

Jamie swallowed and shifted his hand to cover his more tender bits. Claire was far from done with him tonight and he’d like to give her that last child she wanted.

“Ah… Weel… Claire wouldna gi’ me my shirt back, ye ken.”

Murtagh’s face didn’t budge.

“And, ah… She told me she wanted another bairn. So… I had to, ye ken. It’s… It’s that time in her cycle. I couldna say no. I tried, Murtagh. I did. But… Ye ken I canna really say no to her for verra long.”

“So ye’re havin’ another bairn?”

Jamie nodded slowly, hand still covering his man-parts.

“Aye, we hope so.”

“Then I pray he’s a wicked little bugger who bites and kicks ye constantly. I’ll pray that he’s just like you were as a bairn.”

Murtagh stepped closer and smacked the back of Jamie’s head.

“Yer mam taught ye better than that.”

“Aye. Claire and I will make it up to ye both. I promise.”

“Ye better. Suzette isna verra happy.”

“Where is she?”

Murtagh’s cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson.

“Weel she’s at home at the moment. Sleeping.”

Jamie repressed his urge to laugh.

“Aye, good. She deserves a rest. I am sorry, Murtagh.”

“Good. Congradulations on the new bairn to ye.”

“I thank ye.”

Awkwardly climbing back up the stairs, Claire was just closing the door behind her.

“Who was that?”


“Is he cross with us?”

“Aye, a bit. Nothing that a good bottle or two of whiskey canna fix. Come here.”


“Because I’m frozen stiff and the best way to warm a cock is to stick it in yer hot honeypot.”

Claire rolled her eyes and shook her head, walking towards their bedroom.

“Just take all the romance out of it.”

“Ye said nothing o’ romance, only wanting a bairn.”

“You could romance me just a little.”

“Tomorrow. I’m freezing!”

And for your viewing pleasure, here we have poor DDPJamie trying to protect himself while freezing and talking to Murtagh.

@charlotte23683 ah yes, i love the smell of complete disregard for other people’s work in the morning
let’s try to keep this brief since i stayed up late making gifs for other people to take credit for and im feeling a little groggy

  1. using gifs as reaction gifs, incorporating gifs in meta posts, adding gifs to other people’s posts, etc is not the same thing as stealing other people’s content and reposting it as your own. 
  2. based on the fact that you say we “use each others gifs” as an excuse to take credit for someone else’s original content means you don’t really make any content yourself or you’d know how disrespectful that is. so basically what u meant to say was “I use other people’s gifs”
  3. see those little buttons underneath tumblr posts? yeah, fucking use them 
  4. it’s very magnanimous of you to offer me your time in case i need further assistance concerning tumblr etiquette from someone who knows nothing about it, and usually i would talk to you on private but since you felt free to speak in behalf of the whole fandom, I think it’s only fair they get some insight as well, so thanks but i think i’ll pass
  5. here’s and informative post about tumblr etiquette btw
  6. oh, and next time you feel like taking credit for other people’s stuff maybe don’t? like, what a wild concept…. make your own damn gifs
Usually when people get asked “are you in love?” They simply answer with either a “yes” or a “no.” Why does it have to be that simple? Why can’t it be “yes; I fall in love with new books; with the smell of vanilla scented candles; with sunrises and sunsets; with fresh paintings; with blooming roses; with sleepy brown eyes; with black and white photographs; with deep oceans; with empty spaces; and sometimes with nothing at all but myself in a new black corset.
—  So I ask again, are you in love? - ش
Tag Game

I was tagged by @mj-38 @miss-shannanigans and @nikkitasevoli <3

Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

a - age: 28

b - birthplace: Portugal

c - current time:  9.31pm

d - drink you last had: Water

e - easiest person to talk to: @hazeleyedleto <3

f - favorite song: The Mystic Prophecy of The Demon Knight by Rhapsody of Fire.

g - grossest memory: bleach smell. 

h - horror yes or horror no: HORROR YAAASSS!

i - in love? Yes. :D

j - jealous of people?: Nah.

k - killed someone?: If looks could kill… a lot of people would be dead by now. xD

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Love at first sight.

m - middle name: Alexandra.

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: that the people who are important to me are safe and okay. <3

p - person you called last: Mom.

q - question you’re always asked: No way, can I see your id? (people never believe my age).

r - reason to smile: tons of ‘em, music, my friends.

s - song you sang last:  Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)

t - time you woke up: 6am

u - underwear color: white

v - vacation destination: Hawaii, USA, Sweden…

w - worst habit: picking scabs.

x - x-rays: 2, I think

y - your favorite food: Sushi

z - zodiac sign: Gemini 

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @mkkiee @teggles07 @thepromiseofanend @spillinginkwithlove and anyone else who hasn’t done it and wants to do it. 

Popular Movie Quotes [Sentence Starters]
  • “Oh my God, ____, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.”
  • "Who you gonna call?"
  • “I see dead people.”
  • “Hasta la Vista, Baby.”
  • “Snakes… Why’d it have to be snakes?”
  • "Come with me if you want to live."
  • “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”
  • "A martini. Shaken, not stirred."
  • “One does not simply walk into Mordor”
  • “___, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!”
  • "Round up the usual suspects."
  • "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
  • "My precious."
  • “Houston, we have a problem.”
  • "There's no crying in baseball!"
  • “A martini. Shaken, not stirred.”
  • “Here's Johnny!”
  • "We came, we saw, we kicked it's ass!"
  • "No, I am your father."
  • "Here's looking at you, kid."
  • "I feel the need - the need for speed!"
  • "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
  • "Snap out of it!"
  • "Who's on First?"

sixiz  asked:

81 & 68 ~


81:  My top 5 blogs on tumblr

Ooooo~ This is a tough one. Some of my fave blogs haven’t been active in a while but 

1. @jiyu-koya (Artist and mystery genius extraordinaire, She’s amazing at giving me fanfic ideas, the majority of my inspiration comes from her) 

Shes the only one I’ve seen most active. I don’t really have many favorite blogs honestly and the ones I REALLY like a lot aren’t very active right now like

@doe-print (artist and just an amazing person and friend in general)

@approvesport (artist)

@rae-tan (writer(smut queen), artist, cosplayer, amazing friend, love her to death)



I have more but it said name 5 so there they are XD!

68:  Do I like the smell of gasoline?

YES!! I LOVE the smell of gasoline!! It smells like victory!~

Thanks for Asking!


anonymous asked:

True, true. I don't read comic books really, but I can see how they would be hard to read online. Do you like the smell of books? I love it.

*nods* Yeah it is.
YES I love the smell of books

anonymous asked:

queer person; personally ids as queer. aphobes; constantly harass, claim theyre trying to force everybody to id with a "literal slur" and that reclaiming queer is impossible. also aphobes; try to force everybody to id as "sga" because apparently being straight means being "non-sga", redefine orientations to be about "sga", lie about it actually being aave (because stealing language like that is... better? somehow?). ah yes i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning...

SGL is AAVE not SGA/SSA, they always fucking get it confused. SGA/SSA is from Mormon conversion therapy. 

And yeah even if it WAS AAVE? Wtf are the non-black aphobes doing using it?

*takes fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven*
Me: Ah yes, I love the smell of Phil Lester

A moment of clarity. Kevin at a public swimming pool in Kigali. He works at a coffee shop.

Kevin: “Do you like the smell of ground coffee?”

Me: “Yes, do you?”

Kevin: “I love the smell of ground coffee.”

Image by Juan Herrero, via Instagram. Rwanda, 2015.

Project by Herrero, Tik Root and Wyatt Orme, supported by the Pulitzer Center.