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I really love that CC took his time, adjusted himself to the pace of harry and didn't judge him and focused on the content. I really loved narry interviews for this very reason because Niall would be like... sits back and let Harry ramble and get his very good point across or make his dry jokes. Idk it's small thing but I really appreciate he too his time for him

Yes! And I like that he acknowledged that he had to slow down and not push him or jump in and over-explain. That was why Narry interviews were such a gift too :)

I feel like the most confusing debate I’ve ever seen is whether you should take the time to be nice to customer service people. Like, yes? Always? I don’t care if it slows things down a tiny bit. I don’t care about that fraction of a second. Still do it. 

I know there are places where this isn’t the norm, but, I’m just gonna tell you straight: you’re wrong. 

I’ve worked in any number of jobs that have contact with the public, and there is a huge difference between the people who just say what they want and the people who first say hello - you know, like you’re an actual human - and then ask for what they want. One of those groups makes you feel like an automaton. The other makes you feel like a person.

But beyond that general concept, let me just tell you, genuinely nice people make all the difference. I once had a client rail at me for like ten minutes straight for something I had nothing to do with, had no control over, and could not possibly fix for him. I was ready to cry by the end of it. I was ready to quit by the end of it. I hung up the phone with him and decided I needed to take a walk before I started breaking shit, but before I could get out the door the phone rang again. Against my better judgment, I answered it, and I was so glad I did.

It wasn’t like the client who was calling was going to give me a million dollars or anything. It wasn’t like she was calling to ask how my day was going. She just needed a thing, and was calling to ask if I could help her with it. But she was so freaking nice that by the end of what couldn’t have been more than a two minute call, she’d undone so much of the damage he did.

Nice people are a balm against the shitty people. They can make all the difference in the world. So be the nice person that makes someone’s day a little better.

On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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Jikook looked domestic af I'm a sobbing mess T__T the size difference OMG Everytime I see the gif where JM is leaning on JK to whisper to him I can't help but imagine how they are used to this kind of contacts and when they're alone they're probably more freely touchy, I love boyfriends. Those little tiny hands on JK huge and solid pecs.... help....

Domestic Jikook is what I live for!!! They were so giggly and cute and sharing food. And the best part of it all: it all seemed so natural. I can’t imagine how touchy they are when they are alone. AND I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE PECS THING A LOT RECENTLY. With the way JK was sitting, his chest was all pushed out making it look big and then Jimin put his tiny (and beautiful) hand on his pecs and just– ;_______; Imagine him putting his hands on Jungkook’s chest, getting up on his tip toes and kissing him sadjf;sd

(yes I giffed this up close and slowed it down just for this ask ♡)

secret notes

For @snowbaz-feda day 24. Do I come up with all my ideas for fics by taking a random meme and turning it into a spell? Absolutely.

It’s fine. This is absolutely fine. No big deal.

It’s just a crush. A stupid, meaningless crush, and it’s just because he’s attractive, it’s not like I have real feelings for him (not really, well, I do think about him a lot, don’t I?) and it’s not like I actually want to be with him or anything (but only because I know it’s impossible) and besides, Baz never has to know.

I’m going to write him a note. Like a little schoolboy with a crush. I’m not going to sign it – obviously – I just want to say something to him. I know that he’s cold and distant and will probably sneer at my note and make fun of the sender, but it makes me wonder why he’s like that. Why he can’t express any emotion other than sadistic amusement (and I know he feels other things, because he cares about his family, and he gets angry at me. You don’t get angry if you don’t care.).

I guess I just need him to know that he is loved.

(I mean. I don’t love him. Obviously. It’s just a crush.)

I ask Penny for a spell to disguise my handwriting. She gives me a knowing look (I haven’t told her anything but she’s my best friend and she’s too smart not to know) and casts it on me. Quickly, before the spell wears off, I grab a spare piece of paper and write:

I think about kissing you all the time.

I fold the note in half and stuff it in my pocket.

I know it’s dumb. I just wanted to be able to tell him that. Even though he’ll never know it was me.

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To see better the lack of any transitions or one-foot skating (or those inexistent edges) here, Hope&Legacy from 4CC (yeah, yeah, I know what I said. I lied) slowed down at 60%.

(Yes, slowed down at 60%, it’s not a typo).

Thanks to @senyuunopoohsan for the video!


(1) I “ran” 3.5 miles! The first mile was under 12 minutes even! And yes, I am proud of that so be nice. But we slowed down towards the end for Izzy (and probably me too) cause she was getting hot.

Hence picture (2). It’s an old picture but she has to wear a jacket when we run because of it. It’s very very light but still, she is a fuzzy dog. She could run forever but she gets super thirsty.

(3) and (4) are me completing Season 1 Mission 5 on Zombies, Run!

(5) Me. Basically.

(6) It was worth it cause I got this beautiful beast on Pokémon Go.

(7) How I beast-moded today even after waking up with a headache.

Imagine Magnus being able to hold off your demon possession- he and Raphael try to help you

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The black mist rushed to you, Magnus knew neither he or Raphael could stop the demon.
Raphael was shocked when Magnus sent an orb in your direction hitting your stomach and spreading like a wave over your body.
“(Y/N), speak to us. Can you hear me?” Magnus asked.
You nodded. “I can hear you…Magnus…What was that?” You felt tears well up in fear of what would happen next.
“Don’t cry, my dear. You’re alright.” Magnus reassured.
“Is there a demon inside me? Am i possessed?”
Am I!?”
Magnus slowly nodded. “Yes but don’t panic. I’ve slowed it down, you still have control. You must fight the demon off until we get help my dear.”
“How long will that take?”
“Soon. Friends of ours are away on their shadowhunter duties, I promise I will get them straight here.” You nodded quickly.
“Now, I’m going to send the message, stay here.” Magnus leaned into Raphael’s side. “Keep them calm.” Magnus whispered and Raphael nodded.

You visibly shook and Raphael sat you on the sofa before sitting next to you. “You’re so brave and doing really well.”
“I can feel it churning inside me. It’s talking to me.” A tear escaped your eyes. “Don’t listen to it. It knows nothing.”
You began to cry and Raphael pulled you into a hug.
He felt sorry for you. You were a friend of his despite being a mundane and seeing you so scared made him eager to fix it. He was sure the demon was poking at every insecurity you ever had, urging you to give in.
“Don’t you dare give in.” Raphael said as he gave you a kiss on top of your hair. His hold seemed to calm you down as you stopped shaking.

Magnus came back and Raphael pulled away to stand beside Magnus and in front of you. “Talk to me, how are you feeling?” Magnus asked.
“That was probably me.” Raphael admitted rather sheepishly.
Magnus felt your hands. “No, I don’t think it was you dear boy. We should get them a blanket.”
They wrapped the blanket around you as you suddenly complained feeling tired. “I should go home.” You yawned.
“Out of the question. It’s trying to get you out of here (Y/N). You can sleep here, where we can keep an eye on you.” Magnus said firmly.
“Should we even let them sleep?” Raphael asked.
“…For a little while.”

You felt wrong when you woke up.
Something just wasn’t right.
You didn’t feel like you were entirely there and the two downworlders picked up on it instantly.
“Fight it (Y/N)!” Magnus encouraged.
“I-I’m trying. It-it won’t stop talking…” You suddenly punched your fist into the sofa in frustration and anger.
You lunged for Magnus and Raphael quickly grabbed you.
“Fight it off. You’re not angry, the demon is! What is it telling you to do!?” Magnus said loudly.
Tears flooded your eyes again. “It wants me to hurt you. I…I want to hurt you. Both of you.” You swayed slightly. “I’m so tired-”
“Keep fighting it!” Raphael demanded.
“I… I can’t, I…Think I’m… Falling…Asleep.” You went limp and Raphael cursed as he lowered you to the floor.

Magnus rushed to your side as Raphael took hold of your jaw. “Listen (Y/N), stay with us! Don’t go! Wake up!”
What do they have to go back to?” You said lowly.
However, they knew it wasn’t you talking.
“People who love them!” Magnus said sternly.
The demon laughed opening your now black eyes. “They’re alone in the world. They have no family and no one who will stay with them. They’re happy here. I won’t leave them.”
“That’s not true!” Magnus snapped. “They’ll never be alone and they do have a family. I am their family! I will always be there for them and I won’t let you take them from me. I’m not losing them to you!”
The demon laughed again, this time mocking Magnus.
Raphael leaned close to your ear. “Please…Please come back to me.”

Cold Hands - Chapter 2 (Trixya) - Star

Victorian Trixya AU in which Katya is a wealthy heiress and Trixie is homeless. Their story unfolds through unfortunate circumstances.

Hi guys! Thank you so much for all of the lovely feedback on the first chapter! I hope you enjoy this one! As chapters go on, we’ll definitely see more interaction between Trixie and Katya. Feedback is appreciated :)

Chapter 1 can be found here if you missed it.

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“Hasn’t this ship got a lifeboat?” said Cheery hurriedly. “I”m sure I saw one when we came on.”
“Yeah… lifeboat,” said Detritus.
“Anyone want a sardine?” said Cheery. “I’ve managed to get a tin open.”
“Lifeboat,” Detritus repeated. He sounded like someone exploring an unpleasant truth. “Like… a big, heavy thing which would’ve slowed us down…?”
“Yes, I saw it, I know I did,” said Reg.
“Yeah… dere was one,” said Detritus. “Dad was a lifeboat, was it?”
“At the very least we ought to get somewhere sheltered and drop the anchor.”
“Yeah… anchor…” mused Detritus. “Dat’s a big thing kinda hooks on, right?”
“Of course.”
“Kinda heavy thing?”
“Right. An’… er… if it was dropped a long time ago, on accounta bein’ heavy, dat wouldn’t do us much good now?”
“Hardly.” Reg shoe glared through the hatchway. The sky was a dirty yellow blanket, criss-crossed with fire. Thunder boomed continuously.
“I wonder how far the barometer’s sunk?” he said.
“All der way,” said Detritus gloomily. “trust me on dis.”

– but the ship is extra light now | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Things Left Unsaid (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine years ago, you used to work with Jonathan Pine and John Wick, and both of them were madly in love with you but chose to keep quiet for the job’s sake, and eventually, each of you went separate ways. When they find out you’re in trouble, they reunite and join forces to save you.

Warnings: language, death, killing….

Word Count: 5282

Notes: Spoiler alert-ish for the Night Manager and John Wick. Beta’d by my girl @like-a-bag-of-potatoes. Prompte from @theartofimagining13


How were you in this situation? Easy - you killed for a living. Ironic, isn’t it? You take the life of someone else to earn your own. It wasn’t that simple though. You killed people who you were ordered too - thankfully, so far, they were like you. Mob men, bodyguards, people who posed a threat to whoever your boss was. You didn’t kill random people, that would be sick.

But apparently no matter how you tried to justify what you did, you were still in Beijing, at the hands of the Chinese Mafia. You had gotten in over your head on this one. The hit was a big wig in the Chinese Mafia, you thought maybe you could take him but apparently you bit off more than you could chew.

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So.. I found this! Reader x Barry Allen *Smut*

Warning: This has smut

Requested: No :(   (I would still love some tho :) )

Summary: You love Barry Allen, both as a friend and as… More than a friend. You want to keep it secret but Barry finds something you never wanted to find, and leads to some rather ‘exciting’ events.


‘As Barry pushed me up against the wall I gasped in surprise.’ Writing about Barry felt so wrong, but so right in all the right places. Yes I was friends with him, but stronger feelings have taken hold of you heart. Most of your friends knew about it but not Barry, he could never find out. None of my friend judged me but they didn’t agree with me either. They told me to pursue what I wanted but I’m too shy. Yes he’s my friend but thinking about him as a boyfriend made me tingle in the best way.

“Y/N, uh… Could you come down here for a second. I really need to talk to you.” I heard Barry’s voice travel up the stairs and into my ears. 

“Hold on Barry. I’ll be down in a second.” I said clacking away at my computer trying to finish the quick story I’ve been writing. “Done!” I said to myself clicking enter and closing my computer. I left the warm comfort of my room and into the cold hallway wearing nothing but a sweatshirt, shorts, and socks not your typical wear but it’s my writing outfit. It gives me my creative mojo, which comes in handy most times.

“What can I help you with Barr?” I asked after walking down the stairs -almost falling- but I somehow made it. Barry was looking at his phone, pacing the floor, and smiling awkwardly. 

“So I have a little question for you… Uhh is that my sweatshirt?” He asked once looked up at me.

“What.. Oh uh… Yeah you left it in my room and I forgot to give it back.” I said chuckling nervously. “Was that your question, and can I go upstairs now?” I said pulling the sleeves down on the sweatshirt standing awkwardly.

“No not yet and that wasn’t my question. Y/N who is Flashismebabe?” Barry asked looking away from his phone. My eyes went wide and I felt my heart begin to race. 

“U-Uh.. I don’t know why?” I asked trying to play it as cool as I could be.

“Um I don’t know I thought you would know because Felicity sent the link to me saying that you wanted me to read these.” He said rubbing his neck looking down at me. 

“Could I see them? Maybe I could tell you who wrote them.” I said putting my hand out, gesturing for him to give me the phone. Barry handed me the phone and sat on the couch leaning his head back. My nerves spiked as I read what he was looking at. It was my first imagine about the flash and his vibrating fingers. “Oh god.” I whispered hoping that Barry didn’t hear anything. 

“What? Did you figure out where they were from?” He asked getting up from the couch.

“Yeah. It’s just some random fangirl like Iris, writing about you obviously brings them pleasure so just ignore it.” I said clicking the home button and handing him his phone back.

“Okay.” He sighed putting the phone in his back pocket. 

“Can I go upstairs now?” I asked pointing my thumbs to the stairs slowly turning around waiting for his answer.

“Yeah I’ll see you later.” He said waving me off before pulling out his computer and phone. 

‘That was close’ I thought walking slowly up the stairs. I sat down at my desk and swiveled around on my chair, before deciding to check my Tumblr the site that I post those Imagines on. It already had 100 notes and I smiled being thankful for my other fangirls. Speaking of other fangirls, I picked up my phone and dialed the person I call the most.


“Felicity Smoak.” I said though the phone spinning in my chair some more. 

“Oh hey Y/N.” She said sounding nervous.

“Yeah. Is there something you would like to tell me?” I asked standing up from my chair and tapping my foot on the ground.

“You had to tell him eventually Y/N and I read those and they seemed very… Specific.” She said rushing out the first part and thinking about the last. 

“Yeah well how did you even get my Tumblr account?” I asked pacing the room.

“Well when you said you wrote about things I wanted to see how good your work was, so I kind of hacked into your computer and took a slight peek at what you were working on.” She said nervously chuckling. 

“Well what if Barry found out it was me? He’ll freak out and never be my friend again.” I said combing my hands through my long brown hair.

“You’ll be fine, He doesn’t even know it was you-”

“Y/N could I talk to you for a moment?” I turned towards the door and saw Barry leaning against the frame, staring at me.

“Sure. I’ve got to go Felicity, I’ll talk to you about this later.” I said and hanging up turning to Barry.

“Yes Barry?” I asked sitting in my chair.

“Well so about that thing about those things about me-”

“Barry I told you. It’s just some random fangirl who-”

“That’s just it. I looked into it and tracked the IP address and… It’s hooked to your computer.” He said coming into my room sitting on my bed.

“Well that doesn’t prove anything Barry.” I said turning away from him by twirling in the chair.

“Y/N, please tell me the truth. Did you write those?” He asked getting up off the bed and looking at me spinning in the chair. 

“Yes.” I said quietly and my spinning slowed down.

“Y/N it’s okay that you did.” Barry said kneeling down to my level while stopping the chair completely.

“It doesn’t bother you?” I asked looking at anything but him.

“Nope. Not at all, those Imagines or whatever you call just means you want me.” He said smiling at me.

“Well isn’t it weird for you to have a friend that wants to have sex with you-” I cut myself off and put my hand over my mouth. “I’m sorry Barry I didn’t mean-”

“Y/N it’s okay. Your body is just telling you what you want in it’s own way.” He said leaning in closer to your face. “And I can give it to you.” He said before lightly planting his lips on mine. I was tense at first but I quickly relaxed before kissing him back. Our kisses got heated and he hooked his hands around my warm thighs while standing up. 

He pulled away for breath and to see where he was going. Making it to my bed, he set me down and tugged off his shirt while leaving you fully clothed. His pale torso was taut and well shaped making a shot of arousal make it way to your core. Heat pooled between you legs as he reached for his sweatshirt, peeling it slowly off my body. Barry’s long, slender fingers ghosting over my exposed skin is the best feeling making me arch my body into him. Once he got the sweatshirt he stared at my bare chest making me blush and bring my arms up to cover them . 

“Nope no way. No covering.” He said lightly pulling my hands away from my breasts and holding them on the headboard. “I’ve got an idea.” He said smirking while letting go of my hands. I was about to put them down but he pushed them back up lightly. “Stay.” He said sternly while looking me in the eye to assure me he was serious. He moved away from the bed making sure I had full view of his body.

“What are you-”

“Shhh. You’ll see.” He said undoing his belt and pulling it off quickly. “Just in case you can’t keep those hands up.” He said rolling up his belt and putting it on the dresser. He climbed between my legs making me want to squeeze them shut. “You’re so beautiful Y/N.” Barry said running his hands down your sides making you take a heavy breath through your nose.


“Shh Y/N. Let me do my job.” He said stopping his hands at the line of your shorts. His fingers rubbed circles of my hips making me arch into him. My arms were doing a great job of staying up which surprised me greatly. His fingers hooked under the fabric of my shorts and underwear pulling them both down slowly, throwing them somewhere in the room when he was done. 

“You’re already so wet for me.” He said running his fingers up my folds spreading my juices around his fingers and my heat. He was so close to where I wanted him but he wasn’t there just yet.

“Barry please.” I said taking my hands down and grabbing his leading them towards my core.

“Uh oh. Someone didn’t listen.” He said reaching over to the nightstand and taking his belt from it. 

“No please Barry I’ll be a good girl.” I said holding my arms close to my chest.

“Too late.” Barry said taking my hand and pinning to the headboard and grabbing the other one and doing the same making sure to tie them together. He smiled at my vulnerableness to him. “That’s better.” He said kissing down my body.

“Barry please.” I said pulling on his belt around my hands. 

“Is this what you want?” he asked kissing my thighs. 

“Yes! Barry please god yes!” I said pushing my heat toward his face.

“You know the average person can orgasm at least 5 times before losing feeling. How many can you do?” He asked while mischievously looking at me. Without warning his fingers circled my clit making me cry out at the sudden action. He circled a few more times before inserting one finger in me, making me open my mouth and pull at the restraints but he tied those suckers on tight.

“B-Barry. Oh my god.” I said spreading my legs to get more access. He pumped in and out at a slow pace making me feeling every thrust that his slender fingers provided. “Barry I’m going to cum.” I said wiggling my hips for more friction. 

“Not yet.” He said going a bit slower, trying to milk out the orgasm.

“Please Barry oh god. I need to cum.” I said  whining. 

“You’re almost there.” He said going a little bit faster.

“Barry! Please.” I cried out.

“Go ahead. Cum for me Y/N.” He said still pumping into me. The orgasm came crashing down on my like a ton of bricks. My mouth opened but no words came out, making Barry smile like an idiot. “One down, four to go.” Barry said and I realised he was still rubbing my sensitive nub. 

“Barry please. Ah!” I said making him rub slower so I could calm down from the last one. He leaned down to my heat and took a long lick up my folds making me shudder and the heat in my legs to come back. 

Barry had made me cum once from his tongue already but insisted on another round with it, making me smile and nod. As his wet tongue circled my taut nub my hips, jerked and bucked but he held them down pretty well. Once I thought that I knew all that was to know about Barry Allen he surprised me with one more thing. As he licked me I could feel something vibrate, then I heard it. 

“Barry!” I yelled as he stuck his vibration tongue into me. The vibrations were better than any vibrator I ever had, making me cry out and arch back. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he put his fingers on my clit and vibrated them. “Oh god Barry please.” He took out his tongue and replaced it with two vibrating fingers making sure to keep one on my clit. 

“Come on Y/N You can do it.” Barry encouraged going a bit faster. I screamed as the white hot pleasure hit me like a train. My vision was clouded with white as I came down from my 3rd high of the night.

“Barry please no more it hurts.” I said shaking. My last orgasm had proven to be the best and my body was now showing signs of exhaustion.

“Okay Y/N.” He said undoing the belt and letting my hands be free. “We’ll do some more in the morning.” He said kissing my head.

Bing Bing!

Barry got up so I didn’t have to, and grabbed my phone.

“I hope you two know Y/N never hung up on Felicity and we heard that all. P.S Good job Barry!” Barry read aloud as he looked at my phone.

“Who sent that?” I asked turning over and yawning.

“Oliver Queen.” Barry said setting my phone back on the desk and walking to bed. “We’re really going to have a great time when we see them again.”

“Oh yeah.”

Chapter 7

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

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Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1243

Genre: SMUT, Fluff

Summary: After being shocked from the sudden confession from Mark, there was a feeling of love but also the feeling of being lied to. 

prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 8   Chapter 9

It was like a dream. Mark standing in front of me, confessing that he liked me and no one else. I didn’t know what to do or say. A part of me wanted to jump into his arms and kiss him. The other part told me he was lying in which he’s just making an excuse for me to rest at home. Which was why I was so hesitant to answer back at him. I completely froze at the spot, staring at the handsome man in front of me.

“W-what?” I whispered, finally speaking up and breaking the silence.

“God, look at you. Your facial expressions tells me you don’t even believe me.” Mark sighed to himself, covering his face with his hands.

“No, no, no,” I quickly assured, “I just was shocked.”

“Yeah right,” He laughed it off, “Most girls would already be up on me after I confess.”

“And so you want me to be like most girls?” I asked, suddenly getting confused on what he was going on about. Maybe it was the headache that messed with my brain which prevented me from comprehending what Mark said or it might be the tone in his voice that confused me.

“Well you see,” He started, slowly walking towards me, “The reason I like you is because you aren’t like most girls.”

“What a classic.” I huffed out, rolling me eyes. And with that, Mark grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him, leaving our lips inches away from each other.

“Even if you don’t like me, I can make you fall for me.” Mark huskily whispered, brushing his thumb on top of your lips. My heart started to race and that was when I knew I couldn’t deny him anymore. It was what I wanted all along.

“Prove it.” I confidently whispered back.

Lips crashed into mine with full power and lust, magically getting rid of the massive headache. Our lips moved in sync making my head spin and my heart run a million miles per hour. Mark stroked his tongue over my lips, as I opened my  mouth, allowing him entrance. Suddenly kissing wasn’t enough. I wanted more from him, something I’ve been dreaming of since day one. Moaning softly as he bit my lip, he broke the kiss and smiled at me.

“Continue in my room?” He smirked, giving me the look that we both knew we wanted. Without further or do, I followed Mark back to his dorm as he closed the door gently and pressed me against the wall. Eying me up and down, his eyes met with mine as he leaned in again to give me a hot kiss.

“Mark.” I quietly moaned, as he started to nibble my neck and lift up my shirt slightly. His skillful hands told me he’s done this many times. But I didn’t care. It was just him and I in the moment.

Sooner or later, the both of us lost our shirts as we kept the intense make out into play. And after a few moments, I found myself losing a bra also as Mark lowered his kissed towards my chest. He flicked my nipple with his tongue, sending electricity down my spine as his hands lowered to my pants. It was obvious that he was eager to show me just how powerful his hips could be, so he pulled down my pants and underwear. Following with the same urgency, I unbuttoned his pants and earned a moan out of him.

“You aren’t a virgin, are you?” He asked suddenly, stopping all movements.

“Oh god no. Whatever Alex said was a lie.” I started, running my fingers through Mark’s blonde hair.

“Good, because I’d like to make this beautiful girl in front of me feel good.” Mark smirked as he grabbed me butt, hoisted me up and carried me towards his bed. Once again, I was in his room that I swore not to come back to. But this was different. This was something I was waiting for since I’ve met Mark. And I’m not stopping now.

As Mark carefully set me down on bed, he climbed on top of me and gave me another kiss on the lips. Lost in the trace Mark set me in, I felt as he inserted himself inside of me and thrusted hard. I couldn’t help but grab Mark’s shoulder as something to hold on to while he pounded inside of me.

“God, (Y/N).” Mark moaned. “You feel so damn good.”

My eyes fluttered shut as I felt immensely turned on by Mark’s words. His cock rubbed inside of me in just the right places making me mewl under his touch. Adding on to the satisfaction, Mark’s hand traveled down to my clit, rubbing my sweet spot and sending me over the edge.

“Yes, Mark,” I moaned loudly as Mark didn’t even slow down his pace, “Oh god, right there.”

My core tightened, and my legs shook from the intense speed Mark was going at. Mark added even more pressure to my clit as my body released, throbbing as waves of pleasure filled every bone in my body. My nails digging down on Mark’s back as I rode my high, knowing that it would make marks. My loud cries sent Mark over the edge, as he pulled out of me and released on my stomach.

“Do you believe me now?” Mark breathed out, leaning down on me and pecked my lips.

“Hmm,” I hummed, “Not really.”

“Then I guess I gotta do better during round two.” Mark winked as he stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Staring at the ceiling, I smiled to myself as I finally realized that I just had sex with Mark Tuan. It was just like what I imagined it like to be, as a wild fantasy.

Mark came back, with a towel in hand as he cleaned up the mess he left on my body. Throwing a t-shirt towards me, he put on a tank as he plopped down right beside me.

“We’ll do round two after I take a little nap.” He giggled as he pulled the covers on top of us, grabbed my waist and pulling my body as we cuddled under the sheets. My cheeks started to rise in color as Mark pressed body against mine, falling asleep.

I was about to nod off until I heard Mark’s phone vibrate on the nightstand, annoying the hell out of me. Carefully wriggling out of Mark’s arms, I reached over at the nightstand and grabbed his phone. Curious as I am, I pressed the home button and a few text popped up. Looking back at Mark to see if he was asleep, I decided to read the texts that supposedly a girl named Shae sent.

Shae: Hey babe, are you coming over tonight?

Shae: You promised me yesterday that’ll you’ll come over to fuck me.

Shae: Just so you know, I’m wearing your favorite lingerie ;)

Looking back at Mark, I couldn’t help but feel betrayed and used. First Mark decided to confess to me that he liked me and proved it to me during the intimate moment we had. Now, I’m here reading these texts of a girl who he promised to have sex with after me. With tears forming in my eyes, I realized I was messing around with a fuckboy.

And this time, it hurt me deep down inside my heart.


HI y’all! What’s up and how ya doin? I wanted to update this au because I knew I will be busy all week and I somehow magically have 300 followers now which is crazy! Thank you for giving me so much love, I honestly love you guys so much. I’m currently writing 3 requests and for now, since i’m so busy, requests are going to close down. In the meantime, take care and don’t stress out too much! Have a wonderful day!

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forbidden love chapter two    {demi lovato fanfiction}

“y/n can you please go find demi i need you both to put on these dresses.” my mother says as she paces the room signing away on the fourth clipboard today. a lady behind her tries to keep up with my mom as she paces trying to finish clipping her hair up. i cringe at the twin puffy dresses we must wear in less than a hour. i rush through the church passing three people hanging sparkling lights along the wall and passing a framed picture that says something about uniting as a family as one or something like that pulled off of google. “yes thats fine just place the food at the left table.” eric instructs. “hey eric have you seen demi?” i ask watching as the people carry trays of food into the church. “umm i saw her a few minutes ago near the back.” he tells me as i steal a chocolate brownie off the passing plate. “okay thank you.” i say rushing around the building. when i do get to the back i see nothing but massive trees that are a line with one another around the church. one of the bushes moves near the far right side and something tells me its demi. “or a monster that wants to have you for dinner….” my mind comments. i pass the bush and keep going in as straight of a line as possible ducking under branches and stepping over tree roots that bulge out of the ground. a twig snaps and my attention shoots in the direction to see demi leaning against one of the larger trees. “why hello there.” she smiles playing with her hair. i smile walking towards her. “looking for me?” she questions. “my mom wants us to put on the dresses.” i scrunch my nose. “that bad.”  “big and pink and puffy.” i reply. she laughs. she holds both of my hands, connecting our lips together. my hands grab her waist as she bites down on my lower lip pulling it until it snaps back.  “think we have enough time?” she smiles. “iam not doing it in the woods.” i comment. “what? why not one with nature ya know.” she says motioning towards the trees around us. “yeah well do you know what happens every time two people have sex in the woods?”    she shoots me a confused look. “they get killed by some monster that lived there for millions of years.” i say looking at the trees. she laughs,” i need to get you out of the syfy section of movies.”  “very funny.” i narrow my eyes at her. she kisses me again trying to slide her tongue in my mouth. “no i still wont do it.” i say pushing her away. “why?” she whines. “because i dont want like bugs crawling in my… you know.” i say. she just smiles kissing me. her phone vibrates from her pocket but she does break our kiss. “dems.” i mutter against our kiss. she reaches down pulling out her phone and “dad” flashes on the screen. she sighs, looking towards the direction of the church. “ready?” she asks. i nod. “looks like the wooded monster lives to see another day.” demi nearly shouts clearly mocking me. i push her making her laugh. 

we walk closer than we should making our way make inside the church. demi pulls me towards the food table before going into the larger part of the church where the wedding will actually take place. “yum.” she smiles picking up one of many sweets biting one half then putting the other half to my lips. demi spots a chocolate dip near the fruit and dabs her fingertip into it, lifting her finger in front of my lips. i wrap my lips around her finger letting my tongue slide along, she smiles biting down on her lip. some people move through the area and i pull away. she steps forward leaning towards my ear. “i cant wait to taste you later.” she whispers reaching down cupping my pussy through my clothes. “demi.” i gasp looking around making sure people didnt see. she smiles walking into the larger area. people i never met start filling the church benches. my mom is still a nervous wreck as i swiftly make my way into the nearest doors hoping demi is there. “gross.” demi mutters to herself facing the mirror. i cover my mouth to keep from laughing when i see the puffy pink sack around her sexy body. “nice dress.” i laugh. demi narrows her eyes at me though the mirror. “i didnt think it would be this bad.” she admits looking down. i grab the second dress from the table besides me. i pull my shirt off and slide my jeans down knowing full well that demis eyes are watching me. “like what you see huh?” i tease leaning against the wall. she walks over to me running her fingers through my hair. she kisses me sliding her hand in my undies rubbing my clit. her fingertips rub over my clit pressing nice and hard. “demi.” i moan against her lips. “yes baby.” she smiles back slipping two fingers inside me. “fuck.” i whimper wrapping my arms around demi.” i wanna taste your cum so fucking much” she whispers pumping faster. “dont stop demi.” i say connecting our lips. “you nasty little whore.” she smiles looking down to my undies. “listen to how wet you are.” she says proudly smacking my pussy. i whimper grabbing her wrist. “i want to suck this pussy dry.” she whispers leading me towards the couch. she lays down flatting out the puffy dress as much as she can before pulling my towards her. “i want those off.” she demands with a smirk. i slide them off walking forward. “now sit on my tongue baby.” she whispers grabbing my hands. “what if someone walks in?” i question looking back towards the door. “then someone sees me eating you out.” she laughs pulling me. “demi.” i linger. “i locked it.” she smiles assuring me. a bit more relieved i inch closer to her. “dont be shy.” she smiles lacing our fingers together. i swing my leg over slowly, she meets my pussy half way wrapping her arms around my thigh pulling me down. i rock down on her mouth. “oh demi.” i moan as quiet as possible. her tongue goes deep inside me, i lean over rocking my hips as she hums into my pussy. “demi yes baby.” i whisper feeling my high take over. demi slows down sliding her fingers into me as i shiver and moan above her.“that was so sexy.” demi smiles as i sit on one of the chairs next to her breathing heavily. she sits up wiping under her lower lip. “i missed the taste of your pussy.”  “its only been a week.” i remind her smirking as i catch her eyes drift down my body. “but with a body that good y/n i want it on my face daily.” she smiles. i laugh, getting up straddling her lap, reaching down under the dress to touch her. she takes a breath in grabbing the sides of my waist. she is soaked, “iam not the only one who is wet.” i whisper pushing my lips to hers. she smiles. i rub her clit then slide three fingers into her causing her to moan. my fingers are covered in wetness, i push deeper into her pussy. demi shivers, opening her legs more. “you like that?” i whisper into her ear biting down on her earlobe. she nods with her mouth hanging open. “say it.” i demand, the dominant side of me showing. “yes i love you finger fucking me.” she pants gripping my waists between her hands pushing my pussy down on her thigh. i whimper, trying to focus on making her cum. her thighs shake under me telling me she is close. “i … want… to…oh fuckkk…cum….together.” she pants grabbing my ass in her hands pushing me forwards and backwards against her thigh. i lean forward against her locking our lips as she pushes my clit on her thigh and i pump faster with my fingers. our tongues fight with each other, but soon we both lose because we are both moaning into each others mouths. demis cum leaks onto my fingers just as my cum spills on her thigh. “oh shitt!!” she moans, i lay my head on her shoulder pulling my fingers out. i suck them one by one making sure demi is watching. she smiles sliding her hand under me, i feel two fingers dig into. “demi.” i whisper wrapping one arm around her neck. she pulls her fingers to her own mouth licking up all my cum from her fingers as i do the same with her cum. 

 i sit on her lap for a few more minutes before getting up reaching for the second dress. “no undies?” she asks watching as i pull the fabric around my ankles pulling it up my thighs. “no undies.” i smile. “well make sure to keep close to me.” she smiles. “demi !!! y/n!! where are you!!” my mom shouts from behind the door. “ready?” i ask trying to zip the back of the dress up. demi stands walking behind me. her fingers grip the zipper kissing up my back as she leads the zipper up. i close my eyes, her lips lead around to my collarbone then finally meet my lips. “ready.” she replies smiling taking my hand walking towards the door. 

let me know what you think!! hope you liked it , let me know if you want to see a chapter three! xxx 

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#10 Roman Reigns

#10. One Last Time – Roman Reigns

You and Roman never labelled yourself as an item, people always questioned you two together, but you would give the same generic response of “oh, we’re just friends. Yet the more you thought about it, we’re you really ‘just friends’. Do friends let their hands linger in a hug, or feel the soft squeeze of his hand against your bum? Do friends lean over the table to kiss away the melted chocolate off the corner of your mouth rather than just point out the mess? Do friends knock on each other’s hotel room at 3am in the morning, tearing clothes off of each other, feeling his hot breath on your neck, felling his lips going lower and lower.

“Earth to Y/N. You with me?”

Your eyes shot up from your daydream, to be faced with Roman standing near you, sweaty from his match.

“Sorry, I was in my own world, good match out there”

“Thanks. I really felt the crowd…”

Roman’s voice faded out as you were caught in your daydream again. You two were friends but no man had made you feel this much like a woman than Roman. He knew exactly what he should do, exactly what to say and he knew when he just needed to forge past the friendship line and be something completely different, even if it were just for a few hours. As he stood in front of you now, you could see the sweat dripping onto his chest, a view Roman often provided to you after a match when he undid his vest to reveal his well-defined body. You could see as he spoke he had the biggest smile on his face, and it made butterflies creep into your stomach. You blushed, your body finally catching up to what you had thought for a long time. You had feelings for Roman Reigns. As Roman finished talking about his match, you found yourself moving towards him, and as you got closer his body reacted, opening his arms so you could hug him, getting as closer as possible to him.

“You alright?”

Roman looked down at you stroking your hair as it was unusual for you two to show affection this obvious at work. You nod, nuzzling your nose into his chest as he ran his fingers through your hair. You knew you needed to be honest with him, although you two never really talked about a relationship, you knew he might get upset that you developed feelings.

“Ro, I need to tell you something, and you can’t get upset with me okay?

Roman looked down at you, he looked scared and worried all at once, but he urged you to continue.

“This, me and you, has been so much fun but I can’t keep doing this”

“Woah, woah, slow down. Yes it has been fun, and it will continue to be fun, you don’t have to break this off Y/N. You can’t take away the girl I love”

This made you step away from him, staring into his bright eyes.

“I wasn’t, I wasn’t going… did you just say you love me?”

Roman laughed.

“You always have been observant. Yes I love you. It’s always been you. Just tell me you feel the same and we can stop telling people we are friends and I can start calling you my girl.”

You smiled, looking down at your shoes, realising that all of this had been love, you just never knew the signs.

“I love you Roman.”

“I’m sorry, what was that, I didn’t quite hear you.”

You could hear the smirk on his face without even looking at him. You raised your head, staring directly into his eyes.

“I love you”

One last time”

“I love you Roman.”

As the sentence left your mouth, his lips attached to yours, as if he was trying to capture words, as if they belonged to him. You melted into his touch, co-workers walking past the pair of you staring, yet you didn’t care. You now didn’t have to say ‘just friends’ when you and Roman were mentioned in the same sentence, you could now say he was your man.