yes i ship them haha

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet


drew my favourite kids. i also happen to headcanon the both of them as pan & trans so the pride versions are included

me: okay it’s you’s birthday tomorrow im gonna draw something with just her to show how much i love her
me forty minutes later: ..fuck

ok but i really like the halloween set outfits???? like unidolised it’s a date that you organised and idolised it’s a date that yohane organised,,,,,,,
theyre holding hands but u cant tell because of yohane’s super poofy skirt oops


meister & weapon duo + blonde & white/silver hair + guys w madness & girls w madness-healing wavelengths + S and M initials … i could go on and on; these two pairs have so much in common!

soulmaka & steinmarie for the loveliest senwe!!!! Happy belated birthday, my dear~ I hope you had a very wonderful birthday!  *(*´∀`*)☆

(p.s. if u can guess where soul and maka’s outifts come from, bless ur soul)

bonus artwork that was not supposed to be posted but here we are:

blamethe.  sin.  squad.

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I didn't know that you have a niece, I bet she's adorable ^_^ are you planning having kids? If it's a boi name him Ken, if it's a girl name her Touka

omg no, what if i start shipping them? that’d be incest 😂

haha yes! i actually have three, two nieces and one nephew, they’re kinda like my own kids since i take care of them very often, i’m like uncle yomo tbh.. and i’m not sure about having kids? a part of me really wants to but it’s not that easy, finding a partner and everything… i honestly will leave that to God and wait for things to come naturally instead of thinking about it like crazy, if it’s meant to be for me to be a mom someday then so be it! 

moment of silence for all your otp tags plagued with broad text posts tagged with every popular ship under the fucking sun to get notes instead of your actual fucking otp

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((H-hiya! I-i was just curious, do you ship Farris with Sans? I-it's not bad that you do, you're not the first one to do so! i-It just seems like you do...? A-again, if you do it's perfectly fine! I-i was just curious. I-i apologize for bugging you! >.< - T.S))

[[Haha…it’s fine. In all seriousness, yes, I ship them pretty dang hard and said ship will be a facet of this blog, as I’ve mentioned in tags on previous posts. Sorry if that kinda thing’s not your bag.]]

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I know you don't ship them romantically, but do you ship yuri and Otek platonically? Like as best buds?

i feel like that wouldnt be shipping at all haha but yes i like them as friends!!! i like the idea of them sitting around judging the fuck out of people lol. also they probably talk mad shit about JJ hahahahaha