yes i ship it and no i don't even care

I gotta say

Natsu is such a sweetheart. I don’t care what anyone says, that is sentimental and romantic (double-whammy straight to the heart). What’s more, is he did both so earnestly *swoon*

Even I couldn’t resist. 

Lucy, you’re lucky I ship you two so much. The man’s a keeper. ;)

Natsu never does things in half measures. Most guys send flowers, Natsu sends a tree. Enough said.

I love how offended Han gets when Leia calls him scruffy-looking. Because I mean, he is scruffy-looking. He has to know it. He walks around with his hair mussed and his shirt half-open, he rarely seems to get changed, his ship is a mess inside and out. And more than that, he doesn’t care. He makes no effort to be neat and tidy, not even when he’s hanging around on a military base, because he’s Han Solo and he is how he is and if you don’t like it, tough luck.

But then Leia calls him scruffy-looking. And suddenly it’s an insult. Suddenly, coming from the princess with the elaborate hairstyle and perfect poise, who manages to make a jumpsuit look like a royal gown just by wearing it, who can make Han question his life and his choices and his morals with a look, it’s an insult.

And he’s offended. Not by “half-witted”, which clearly isn’t true. Not by “stuck-up”, which also isn’t really true. Not by “nerf herder” which is an insult to his flying skills and definitely not true. No, he picks “scruffy-looking”, the one part of her insult that’s actually kind of accurate. Because that’s the one which, right now, is the starkest contrast to her, because she’s standing there looking effortlessly beautiful and put together, completely unlike him, and really it’s extremely unfair that she gets to look so damn royal and gorgeous and everything he isn’t while glaring at him, and rejecting him, and telling him he’s a scruffy peasant and not good enough.

It’s so unfair that he has to argue with it because he’s not that bad, okay, he’s a pretty decent-looking guy, a princess and a guy like him can’t be totally out of the realm of possibility, right? Right? She’s, uh, she’s protesting a bit too much, right? That’s it. He must’ve hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that after all, that’s what she just did with him. Right? Luke? Back me up here, kid…

He’s so bad at this. It’s amazing. I love it.

We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.

The Abyss Surrounds Us • Emily Skrutskie • February 2016

Regarding Setlock Part II

Hate Mary, love Mary, be indifferent about Mary, BUT that doesn’t mean I want to read shit like ‘parasitic, bold alien’ even about a fictional baby. I also don’t care for mistaking Amanda for Mary. Seeing pictures of a burning baby-doll isn’t fun either, WTF?

Reading shit like that is an automatic unfollow. Quite frankly, the obsession some people have with their ships (and yes, this includes ALL ships and not just necessarily in the Sherlock fandom, but right now it’s the most glaring) is ridiculous & borders on horrible.

As the saying goes ‘it’s all in the attitude’. Attitudes as mentioned above make me question a persons character outside of social media. Anonymity after all gives everyone the chance to be terrible without repercussions.

I ship Johnlock, but you won’t find any horrible post about Mary, Sherlolly, the baby etc. You know why?

Ships are supposed to be FUN!

I don’t see a lot of that in the Sherlock fandom when people are entirely focused on their ship (or hey, apparently Sherlocks HAIR is THE star of the show, hair acts lately, you know).

Edit: Please read this and this before viewing this post. The rest of has been unaltered. 

Edit again: Please read this as well. 

Hooooooooly fuck this fandom is disgusting. Don’t ever compare shipping posts to Islamophobia. I didn’t know I had to explicitly say this, but don’t ever do that. I don’t care what kind of petty shipping nonsense is going on here, the difference in this situation is that in one case someone is in disagreement of your view of a story and in the other one it can result in the harassment or even death of a group of people. They’re not comparable at all. 

honestly at this point i ship everything and just want all of them to live together forever. 

taekook stan? that’s me. jikook stan? that’s also me. yoonmin stan? ha that’s so me. vmin stan? definitely. yoonkook? 10/10 really. namjin? of course. yoonjin? yes my friend. junghope? sure. seokjin x seokjin? beautiful. all of them?

they all get along so well, might as well.

Why Yes...

I plan to overanalyze every Lucaya / Rucas moment in tomorrow’s episode of Girl Meets World. 

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I’m aware of the message, I care about the message. But if cuteness happens, cuteness should be commented on. 

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Also, GMW tells an ongoing story, ships still matter, because they show how the characters relate to each other, even if its not the central theme. The story doesn’t just grind to a halt because This Is A SERIOUS Episode. 

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