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Can you draw Benny and Pete as friends? I can see Benny being like a big brother to Pete. I totally headcanon Benny teaching Pete how to open the fire hydrogen.

HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY MIND????? i think about them being friends a lot

now that benny has an actual job and like life plans and stuff hes got to pass on his legacy

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Can I have a request where * if you can show pictures of it* the RFA ( v and saeren) go to the diamond shop to buy the perfect ring for MC but they just freak out because they don't know which one to get till they see THE ONE

(hi so I apologize if the image quality is low?? google sometimes shows the Perfect ring but in a very low resolution ;; also sorry of this seems sorta non-romantic lol I’m just very “???” with pretty weddings and engagements because my sense of romance is so skewed someone could propose to me with an onion ring and chances are I’d say yes bc I have low standards)


  • of course he’s freaking out
  • he sorta wanted to go with a gaming reference but no this is a wedding it’s srs business and he wants to show MC how seriously in love he is
  • the gaming references will be in the wedding he’s just holding back for the ring
  • it has to show how he sees MC, but… how does he do that. does he use symbolism?? does he just try to picture MC in a ring??
  • but then he sees IT
  • sure, it’s not too complex, but it’s perfect and he knows it will fit MC perfectly
  • he doesn’t even ask for the price before he’s dead set on getting that one


  • she’s super flustered as she walks around the store
  • what to do what to do what to do
  • she’s really nervous?? she does know she wants it to be minimal but also pretty and-
  • she can’t decide until she sees the one she likes
  • she really, really likes it. she can imagine herself wearing it and can also picture MC wearing it-
  • she blushes thinking of MC wearing the ring. this is too good how did she get such a good life
  • she is also really happy with the color, because she does want it to have a more personal feeling


  • he’s so nervous the whole time
  • he just, really loves MC so much
  • the ring needs to show how much he loves them
  • he wants a ring that will combine with both his and MC’s beauty 
  • so he’s looking very thoroughly and checking every single ring
  • finally, after hours, he finds one that he just. knows
  • that’s it that’s the one it’s amazing
  • it just really fits the aesthetic of the whole thing?? it’s fit for someone as pretty as MC. he’s sure


  • tbh before meeting MC he’d just have said something like “just get the biggest diamond”
  • but now that he knows how real love feels he just knows it can’t be just a shiny stone. he needs a ring that resonates to MC’s soul
  • that… that doesn’t mean he’s not getting a super expensive ring though
  • he is honestly not even worried about the price?? is he ever when it comes to MC??
  • he doesn’t want to get something that will bother MC’s finger, though
  • most of the large diamonds look like they could potentially hurt MC’s finger so those are out
  • he ends up going for a very nice platinum ring with blue tones because THAT’S THE ONE THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND MC DESERVES BEAUTY


  • keep calm and browse the rings
  • it’s not like this is the ring that he’ll show to ask MC to be his life partner and stay with him forever, an important and lifelong commitment that should be the biggest step in their relationship so far,
  • needless to say he’s having a Blast and by that I mean Stress Blast
  • still, he can’t help but smile like a dork when he sees huge ass rings that he knows are unpracticall as hell and probably unwearable
  • but then he sees one and he knows. he just knows
  • that’s the kinda ring one uses to get married in the space station

(and yes sorry this is edited i just couldn’t find the Perfect ring)


  • he can hardly contain himself??
  • he keeps seeing rings that he thinks are good but he can’t decide??
  • the clerks are actually a bit intimidated by him
  • they think his silent brooding form is scary but he is actually thinking about what ring would look prettier on MC
  • finally a clerk shows him a ring that he just knows. it’s that one. the perfect one
  • it just… seems so pretty?? and he really likes it. it shines just like MC but it still feels like something nice and something MC could wear 


  • the shop attendants have been there for an hour 
  • describing each ring with amazing detail so he gets a general idea of how they look
  • V feels super guilty because he feels like he’s taking so much time??
  • but what can he do. he’s blind af
  • still, one clerk describes a ring that just- sounds right
  • he asks to hold the ring and asks more about it- color, luster, all that 
  • and that ring, something just resonates with it that seems to be the same as MC for him
  • delicate, pretty, and yet precious
bangtan asks!
  1. what was first intriguing about bangtan?
  2. describe in detail the moment where you fell in love with your bias(es)?
  3. top 5 fave squishy/adorable moments
  4. the moment you knew that you wanted to commit to them
  5. top 5 ’nOOOO STOP IT B YE’ moments
  6. favourite kimdaily and why
  7. favourite hope on the street dance and why
  8. favourite eatjin moment and why
  9. how did you feel when yoongi dropped his mixtape?
  10. when did you realise that you’re in too deep?
  11. the first moment where you’re watching a video of them and think ‘ah crap, i love you’
  12. have you ever doubted bangtan’s love for armys? if you did, what did you do to overcome it?
  13. the first moment where you truly felt that your relationship with them wasn’t like a typical fan-idol one.
  14. top 5 ‘you’re lame but i love you anyways’ moments
  15. the very first moment where you felt their sincere passion for music
  16. the moment where you felt ‘aw, kook is all grown up now~’
  17. top 5 ‘please get out of my face’ moments
  18. first time you’ve seen jimin sulked?
  19. if you’re a content maker, what made you decide to dedicate your work to them?
  20. the first moment where you felt ‘wow… the boys actually do love and cherish us’
  21. what was the reason that you believed that they would make it big one day?
  22. what do you think is their biggest charm?
  23. how did they impact your life positively?
  24. were there negatives in stanning them? if there was/were, how did they?
  25. what kind of role do you wish to see taehyung act as?
  26. a song of your choice that you wish for any of them to cover?
  27. a song of your choice that you want the dance line to dance to?
  28. most touching/sentimental moment of them
  29. the proudest moment of them so far
  30. “lets keep running forever” will you keep running with them till the end of time?

also, this series is so important because even though it takes it to such an extreme, it shows the dangers of adults not taking children seriously or listening to them. yes, it’s to an absurd and laughable degree, but the point stands that had any of the adults done even a fraction of a better job of paying attention to the baudelaires and their problems, they could have had a good life.

i think that’s why it was so important to so many children. it is beyond frustrating when you are young and that, for some reason, discredits everything you have to say. and this series told us then: no, you and your thoughts are valid, and you deserve to have a voice and be heard.

So imagine if instead of being notorious criminal overlords the FAHC were that one group of disgruntled office employees quietly sticking it to the man through petty theft, mild property damage and passive aggressive notes.

Geoff as the totally disenfranchised manager, who hates his cohort and higher ups more than any of his underlings could manage, constantly muttering insults about everyone under his breath and watching the clock tick the day away. He has somehow, very much unwillingly, managed to accidentally start collecting a little group of equally resentful coworkers to complain to and plan tiny little revolts with.  

Michael and Jeremy as workerbees under Geoff, who sit in neighbouring cubicles and spend most of their days complaining to each other about this nightmare office and coming up with excuses to call Gavin up to hang out with them. Together they play really petty little tricks on one of the managers who always screams at everyone, and when Geoff catches them at it one day they think they are done for. Jeremy sees his life flash before his eyes, Michael is halfway through fantasising about flipping some desks on his way out, but Geoff just makes a suggestion, tells them last week’s efforts were much more impressive, and goes about his way. From that point on he really can’t get rid of the two of them.

Gavin as IT’s wonderchild- there isn’t a piece of hardware he can’t coax into working or any kind of software he can’t navigate in his sleep. That’s really the only reason he hasn’t been fired a million times over, what with the way he ignores clothing standards (except for on  his inexplicable ‘Fancy Fridays’), rarely bothers with appropriately respectful deference, spends way too much of his time hanging out at Michael’s desk and keeps breaking into peoples accounts and leaving juvenile jokes and embarrassing viruses. But he’s just so damn good, and the fact that the terrifying head of IT has a huge soft spot for him doesn’t hurt.  

Ryan as the head of the IT department who almost everyone is legitimately scared of. Who likes the computers much more than the idiots who insists on breaking them, glowers at everyone who brings him their stupid problems and is way more built than any tech nerd has any right to be. Ryan makes the whole group amusingly nervous at first, he and Geoff have a whole infamous history complete with a public screaming match over an unrecoverable destroyed hard-drive after all, but Gavin drags him along to enough lunches for everyone to see he’s mostly just a very cranky marshmallow.

Jack who works in human resources and used to be so optimistic, legitimately trying to improve everyone’s experience before slowly getting crushed under the growing hatred for the business. Jack who knows exactly who is responsible for the near daily complaints their office receives about anonymous troublemakers but is just as exasperated with the management as everyone else so helps keep them all out of trouble.  

They take their lunches together, occasionally joined by Lindsay from administration and, strangely enough, two members of office security, Matt and Trevor. They make a pretty motley crew; half unnaturally peppy, half perpetually angry rainclouds, sharing each others misery and covertly planning their next big rebellion. Stealing stationary and packed lunches, spiking the punch at office parties, sabotaging the photocopier, posting embarrassing google histories, accidentally uncovering their bosses’ shady white collar dealings and making off with millions of dollars in stolen money. Wait, what?

✨ Fic Rec List ✨

Well, my friends, I think it’s about time I made one of these. I’m so terrible at reading fics because I’m more into writing them, but I think I’ve read enough to at least start a list of fic recommendations, so–here goes~

(And please be sure to check out all the writers/blogs below, because they’re all amazing and talented, and have many more wonderful stories listed on their own master lists. I seriously respect them all so much 💕)

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[Smut] Daily (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Mafia!AU] Caged (Namjoon x Reader) | @mrsmon

[Smut] Under Control (Namjoon x Reader) | @kareverie

[Smut] Punishment (Namjoon x Jimin x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] The Piano Man (Jin x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

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[Smut] Color You Mine (Jimin x Reader) | @noir0neko

[Smut] Territory (Taehyung x Reader) | @imaginethisbts

[Fluff] In Your Head (Namjoon x Reader) | @bts-for-life

[Fluff/Smut] Damn The Delivery Boy (Jungkook x Reader) | @deerguk

[Smut] Case Closed (Jungkook x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] Tinder 2.0 (Jungkook x Reader) | @zeurin

[Fluff/Smut] Guilty Pleasure (Taehyung x Reader) | @taehxyung

[Smut] Swerve (Jungkook x Reader) | @seokline

[Smut] View (Jimin x Reader) | @seokjin-seng

[Fluff/Smut] Good Morning (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Smut] Underneath Your Clothes (Hoseok x Reader) | @noonatrash

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[Smut] Another Pair of Hands (Yoongi x Jimin x Reader) | @bobajimin

[Smut] The Switch (OT7 x Reader) | @kookingtae

[Smut] Birthday Girl (Namjoon x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] Bucket List (Namjoon x Hoseok x Reader) | @yoongis-sass

[Smut] One-Time Thing (Yoongi x Reader) | @monstaccato

[Kinda-smut] Stay With Me (Namjoon x Reader) | @chokemejimin

[Smut] Fingers (Taehyung x Reader) | @pjiminnie

[Smut] Day Off (Yoongi x Namjoon x Reader) | @writingseoul

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[Smut] Teacher’s Pet (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

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(I’ll try and remember to update this list periodically~)

Aoi: haaah, 17 years old, that means I’ve started climbing the stairs to adulthood and it’s seriously exhausting ー(^-^;
everyone, thank you so much for the many congratulations this year again!
I hope you guys also have a great day. 
Ruki: Aoi
(Happy) Birthday (image)
Aoi: I didn’t see this! thank you ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎


Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 868

A/N: Anon requested shawn and y/n teasing each other… aaaaaand I’ve decided REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN :) I’ll post about requests in a later post! I hope this is okay anon xx


“Shawn… are you seriously making me sit through another episode of Vampire Diaries?” I whine, sitting on the opposite end of the couch to Shawn, a bowl of popcorn in my arms. Shawn sighs. “Yes, Y/N, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that it is a life or death situation - I need to be up to date.” He states. I pick a piece of popcorn and throw it at him, hitting his cheek. His hand shoots up to his face as he pretends as if he’s been shot in the cheek. “Sorry?” I say sarcastically before throwing another piece. Shawn launches towards me, swiftly removing the bowl from my arms before placing a strong hold around my waist. “Don’t do that again.” He says quietly, a devious smile spread over his lips as they hover above mine. I smirk at him before shoving him to sit back down.

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I’m seriously considering starting a YouTube channel where i address the issues on both sides of the political institution in America to explain to non-Americans what kind of corruption we’re dealing with here in “The Land of the Free”. And yes, i mean both sides - the government is not transparent here and it absolutely should be. I would use subtitles for those whose English is a second language.

I have gotten many messages from non-Americans asking about what it’s like here. I’ll tell you right now, the fear is real. There’s a divide and you can feel it. Apathy has been our downfall so far but we aim to change that now. This isn’t a party issue - this is bigger than parties. This is institutionalized corruption on all sides of the aisle and I, like many others, want that exposed and our politicians held accountable.

So if anyone reading this would watch that channel, where i explain just how deep this rabbit hole goes, please give this a reblog. We’re sitting at the edge of a revolution.
Information is the power to change.

Okay, lets talk about Beauty & The Beast - Bechloe Edition

Seriously…That moody little fucker Beca Mitchell would be a great Beast.  Yes, she’s short (as @i-am-bechloe-trash pointed out) but that makes for an even better transformation at the end!

And picture it… Chloe’s love for music and constant need to break into song would make Beca’s reveal of her extensive music collection seem like a dream come true.  Imagine how many slow dances they could have in that ballroom…

Fat Amy as Mrs. Potts?  Hm… Mrs. Potts is kind of the voice of reason in the movie… so maybe that should be Aubrey.

Bumper as Lumiere?  

Tom as Gaston?

Instead of a crazy inventor father… um… a magic practicing brother, Benji.

What else?  I want to hear other ideas on this!


some of y’all really need to start saving your money. I know when gettin’ your money you have plans for it but seriously save some of it. You don’t know how many of my SBs have messaged with me saying they spend the money they get from these men all in a matter of 48 hours. CALM DOWN AND SAVE. Yes its exciting but its going to be frustrating as fuck if you suddenly fall off with all (or if you only have one) of your sugar daddies and you suddenly have $0.00, got it? seriously y’all save up.   

also I wish people weren’t so sensitive about the split movie. Yes there are parts which inaccurately depict or exaggerate DID - but this is a work of FICTION. It doesn’t demonise people with personality disorders, as the main character is portrayed as having many pleasant personalities and only 3 which are negative. If you watch this film and honestly think people walk away with bad thoughts about DID, you’d be wrong. If anything it made me want to research so I can understand it properly. But in the end IT IS FICTIONAL. The same away all of your stereotypical ghost girls are fictional too. If you boycott this movie you’re seriously missing out on some fantastic acting from James McAvoy and a pretty entertaining thriller film.

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Hey do you watch the loud house?

Yes! I didn’t know you know about the show too ! I love it, and the reasons are so many!

First, the creator, Chris Savino has been working on A LOT of series: Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, The Powerpuff Girls, Kick Buttowsky, etc.

All the characters on this show have a different personality. Maybe sometimes the personality is variated, like feel love or angry, but still all the characters are all different, and that make the show interesting (seriously, who can put 10+ different personalities on principal characters??)

Originally posted by theloudhouse

The backgrounds are BEAUTIFUL!! All count with atractive color palettes and a Dr. Seuss shading with a lot of details and objects.

The corporal and facial expressions are so cartoonly and fluid. Sometimes is very exagerated and that put another scence in the show. 

Originally posted by leandromoreno

The animation sometimes reminds me of WOY, maybe for the hands style, but it’s very descent. Look at others Nickelodeon series and this animations have really quality.

Originally posted by davidderooij

Maybe sometimes the history of the episodes is predictable, and kinda a lot of cliches, but is still interesting see how the characters are going to find the solution of the problem or the humor they put on the progress. 

Originally posted by hahakonapeland

There’s great puns (i watch the show on spanish language and all the puns are still funny lol)

Originally posted by doafhat



On my opinion The Loud House needs more atention. It’s a great show, probably one of the best Nickelodeon’s modern nicktoons. It doesn’t have magic girls or that lot of drama, but it’s a break for actual cartoons.

One more thing:

If you want to watch it, you’re free to do it, but not on sites when no ones knows you watched it (I LOOK AT U KISSCARTOON AND DAILYMOTION). If it’s possible watch it on tv or EVEN on . It’s a young show and it needs support. There’s  a lot of hope in the show.

I’ve said it so many times but I’ll always keep saying it cause seriously? The best about Nygmobblepot for me that it’s about two villains whom are cunning, manipulative and yet so human, especially when they start to befriend each other; most villains whom work together only do it out of the convenience in having a partner to work with, the power, then later on abandon their partner when they’re no longer needed.

But no. These two are always there for each other, it’s so genuine(i mean yes they hurt one another sometimes but still!). Like when Edward got Oswald to move on from the death of his mother, or when Oswald got Edward out of Arkham; OR THEY BOTH SAVED EACH OTHER FROM BUTCH’S IMPULSES. OR EVERYTIME THEY HUG.

These two are just the best villains I’ve ever seen, and the fact that they are friend makes it all more fantastic, NOW LET THEM BE BOYFRIENDS AND GET MARRIED; HEAR THE WEDDING BELLS. KILL ME N O W

Ah man. I just had to do this haha.

This is just some appreciation towards my friends. Friends I honestly thought I’d never meet. 

I’m not very sure if you guys even consider me a friend of yours but I consider you guys as some of my good ones. I never really thought I’d actually get to meet and befriend people that I used to admire from the sidelines, but hey, here I am now. You’re all very successful on tumblr and so many people seem to love you guys, which makes me wonder how I came to actually have the chance to even talk to you all since I’m just a small, wee little artist here in this fandom that we share.I feel very unworthy to even include myself in this drawing haha. Seriously, thank you guys for being friends with me. I appreciate it with all my heart. 

@orkachii, @littlehypno, and @derpydoodlez, Thank you.

I hope we’ll be friends for a long time.

To all of you guys, yes, the one who is probably reading this, if you would like to talk, then I’m open for a conversation. :)

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????

When we say you should keep your romantic/sexual shipping in private, we don’t mean that you can’t write fics, or make fanart, or fanmade videos about these ships. Because that’s great, that’s cute, and I can appreciate all that because it takes some talent and hard work to make all of that.

However, you don’t have to send/show erotic fanart/fics/vids about your ship to your ship. Seriously, that’s disgusting….

Yesterday Baekhyun wrote a really cute birthday message to Chanyeol on his ig using a picture of his lips. Sure you can write how you think it’s cute and that you love their friendly affection for each other. BUT DON’T WRITE SEXUAL COMMENTS ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIAS INVOLVING YOUR SHIP!!!!

Also for the love of god, don’t make everything about your ship…. I have a pure dislike for kaisoo because of the oh so many delusional shippers…. Where one is, the other is always brought up. Yes I am talking about you too baekyeol shippers:)))

You can have a ship, but don’t be a dick <3


64 pixelings have been added to the pack, including 5 Frisks, 9 Charas, 3 Floweys, 5 Mettatons (OHH YES!), 16 Sanses, and 25 Papyruses (with 18 of them being from Handplates! Seriously, how many times can the two be tortured that much?(Nothing against any other AUs, it’s just that Handplates has a ton of ways that the skeles are shown)).

Many pixelings from the original pack have been updated as well. I won’t go into details, but I’m guessing if you look closely, you’ll see them.



All creators featured in the update are under the cut.

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My friend: do you have any tv show recommandation?

Me: OMG yes. So at the moment i’m obsessed with Skam, it’s a Norwegian show, not the one with the US remake and Philkas and the puppy killer, no this one features so many teens issues and it really represents us and the modern society, and one of the character is bipolar, like Ian Gallagher is shameless which btw is back with Mickey right, and also it’s funny because Skam means shame so shame, shameless; so yeah and Magnus, which btw is also the name of the High Warlock of Brooklyn that Matt Daddario loves so much and who is back in with a lot of Malec apparently in season 2 the 2nd of january, and the 1st is gonna be Sherlock’s coming back and i can’t wait/fangirl moment/ , so yeah anyway    Mag’s mother is also bipolar so he educated Isak because he wanted to abandon him but i don’t want him to do that because it will be like Ian when he broke up with Mickey or Ianto when he died like I will not support it, I want a happy couple who will have babies just like Victuuri cause  they are so married omg btw the hug in the airport left me shook so yeah. so yeah it’s a good show but i’m kinda looking for other ones because i need more ships.

“Master Link the number of rupees on your wallet is 50 rupees…”

“Oh 50, okay I…”

“…which is many more than the forty rupees you had previously that…”

“No wait that’s all I needed to…”

“…you have obtained since you had ten less rupees than you have now…”

“No that’s… I only needed to…”

“…now totalling the 50 rupees you currently have on your wallet…”

“No seriously I only needed to know about the fifty…”

“Would you like me to explain again how many rupees you have on your wallet?”



“I noticed that you have 50 rupees on your wallet which is ten more than the previous quantity of rupees before you picked up those 10 rupees that…”


(credits to the d-pad for that)