yes i see the fans

Imagine Shinya whispering ‘daddy’ into Guren’s ear while he’s napping during a boring meeting. Guren would abruptly stand up, his face going an alarming shade of red. He would then start stuttering, struggling to form a coherent sentence. 

While all of this is happening, Shinya would just smile like an ‘innocent’ sinnamon roll. Everyone else in the room would feel very uncomfortable and confused.

Headcanon: Shinya is very dirty minded… and loves dirty talk.

calums struggle in soundcheck today
  • Calum: wait. Louisville is the city. Kentucky is the state, right?
  • Fans: *jokingly yelling* yeah!
  • Calum: *plays offended*
  • Luke: we have like 5 states in Australia cut the mate a break!! We gotta get used to this whole 50 thing
  • Calum: *5 minutes later*
  • Calum: wait, so the state is Kentucky right?
  • Fans: YES
  • Luke: yes, they told you that the first time
  • Calum: oh.
the Winchester things

Angel blades, Impala, shotguns with salt rounds,
Ruby’s knife to kill invisible hellhounds
Don’t forget salt which you must always bring,
These are a few of the Winchester things!

Angels and tulpas, and hexbags and spells,
Wendigos, werewolves and demons from Hell,
Crucifixes tied to short bits of string,
These are a few of the Winchester things!

Mother of monsters, Leviathan copies,
Kill the green witch with bullets of Oz poppies,
Hunt the four Horsemen and use their four rings,
These are a few of the Winchester things!

When the vamp bites, EMF rings,
When I’m feeling mad,
I simply remember my Winchester things,
And then I don’t feel so bad.

Shapeshifter, dragons, malevolent witches,
“Sam, it’s our job to kill these sons of bitches!”
Crowley’s in chains when he used to be King,
These are few of the Winchester things!

Archangel brothers, a trickster disguised,
Cas playing God with new powers realised,
Don’t mess with djinns, and beware of their sting,
These are a few of the Winchester things!

Prophets in hiding, possession to heal,
Vision and sightings, you must learn what’s real,
Castiel comes with a shadow of wings,
These are a few of the Winchester things!

When the vamp bites, EMF rings,
When it looks like I’m screwed,
I simply remember my Winchester things,
and then I know I’ll get through!

When the vamp bites, EMF rings,
When I’m feeling grey,
I simply remember my Winchester things,
and that Dean and Cas are gay!

#TBT to that time Sharpy chirped Tazer through Kaner (because Jonny still doesn’t have his own Twitter account…)

places to go when in korea
  • 1. the food stall which is above/below bangtan's practice room
  • 2. jimin's dad's cafe (watch me befriend him)
  • 3. the mins cafe (in hopes of getting to see bangtan)

Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)


“So, a mad man is sat in a clock tower somewhere turning butterflies evil and controlling people with them?” Tony tried not to laugh.

“Tony this is serious. Someone’s got control of (Y/N) and has made her more powerful than before yet you still think this is funny?” Steve snapped and everyone rolled their eyes.

Bruce looked out the window - not listening to Tony and Steve’s childish arguments - wondering where you could be. More importantly, were you safe?

Naruto: “Why would I date a guy like him!?”, huh… Hee hee!

Ino: I thought so! I thought so! 

Sakura: Oh my… 

Shikamaru: So this is Asuma-sensei and Dad was talking about… So troublesome…

My biggest disappointment with Andromeda so far is the animations, but it appears I am not the only one. I have yet to delve into the story or characters (there really is only so much you can do with 10 hours of gameplay) but the combat has been hella fun, I forgot how much I enjoyed that aspect of previous games.

In particualr regard to the animations - I am complaining mainly because I expected better of a AAA game company, I expected it to be at least on par with previous games like Inquisition, and yes, it is immersion breaking when the whites of peoples eyes are so freakishly white you get distracted from the conversation. 

People have reasons to be negative about aspects of what is one of their favourite franchises. If if turns into Bioware stanning when we know they can do better it really will be up there with the most obnoxious of New Vegas fans (yes I love NV but seeing friends harrassed and bullied by shitty anons because they dared to criticise it in public has made me very intolerant to such behaviour).

You can love something and still be critical of it, they are not mutually exclusive, it’s not ‘entitlement’ its not ‘hate’ its disappointment in something you know could have been done better. When I spend up to $90(AUD) on a new release game, I have every reason to give reasoned feedback when something doesn’t meet the standards of previous incarnations.

I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

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