yes i saw you answering that question

Someone at work asked me to describe my job today.

“I sit in a glass box for twelve hours and solve puzzles with my voice.”

Not what they wanted me to say, I’m sure.

This reminds me of long ago when I was in training to work at 7-11. Yes, I worked at 7-11 for a day. I had to settle an argument where the other person said, “There’s just no jobs out there.”


During training, the woman running the class pointed at the height-strip by the door and asked if any of us knew what it was for. 

I had been answering questions all day, so she pointed at me (I had not raised my hand) and I said, “Well, if you know the square footage of your store, you can calculate how many gallons have flooded it.”

I swear, I saw smoke come out of her ears.

(The real answer is, you can tell how tall the guy is who just robbed your store.)

How Will I Know

word count: 2,567

warning: bad writing, slight mention of sex (?)

request: Bad boy/jerk!harry pleaseeeee

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Imagine John Winchester finding out that you, a hunter traveling with them, are in a relationship with Dean.

You glanced up, frowning as you saw John watching you. “Is there something on my face?” you asked, taking a swig of beer as you closed the book you had been looking through.

“You’re with Dean, aren’t you?”

You blinked at the question. You hadn’t expected him to pick up on the relationship so quickly. Either way, it wasn’t like you were keeping it secret. You saw no reason to lie. “Yeah. We’ve been together for a few months now.”

John nodded pensively, jotting something down in his journal that you couldn’t see. “He make you happy?”

You shifted, somewhat uncomfortable by the line of questioning. “I love Dean.”

“But does he make you happy?”

You didn’t have to think over your answer. “Yes.”

Gif Credit: John


There once was a young boy sitting in class reading his books as good boys do when the professor approached him and said “Hey buddy, you’re not from these parts are you?”

The boy looked up from his book and furrowed his brow at the teacher who had just adorned himself with a button saying “Deport anyone coming from countries starting with C”

At first the boy panicked, but he stayed resolute. “Yes sir, I am from the proud country of Croatia”

The teacher laughed spilling saliva all over the desk “Why did ya move here?? We dont appreciate your C kind in these parts!” The teacher knocked over a globe because he thought he saw Cambodia.

The boy stood up from his desk and put down his copy of the Holy Bible. “Professor, I have a question for you. Where do you come from?”

The teacher and all of the classmates laughed again as he answered “I moved here from Roswell”

The boy then stared deeply into the professor’s eyes not breaking his gaze for 7 minutes. Then breaking the silence, he said


The teacher panicked, charging out of the room with tears in his eyes as he immediately changed his ways and drank an entire bottle of Maple Syrup and bought a franchise of Panda Express. The entire classroom erupted with applause.

The boy’s name……….Danny DeVito

Reblog if you’re proud of all people from all countries regardless of the letter they start with

I saw this on facebook and wanted to post it here!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, all married, engaged or dating couples: Make this your status and answer honestly.❤

Who’s oldest? Him

Who was interested first? I think it was mutual

Married? Yes 💞

Same high school? No

Most sensitive? Me lol 😢

Worst temper? Him, though I admit I have my moments

More social? Depends on the situation 

Hardest working? Both

Most stubborn? Him, though he would disagree lol 😡 

More sarcastic? Depends on the situation 

Who makes the most mess? Probably equal

Wakes up first? Me 

Bigger Family? Him

What are your middle names? I’m Joseph, he’s Thomas

Whose siblings do you see the most? We’re both only children (unless yuo count Diana, who is a big sis to us both equally 😊)

Do you have any children together? Not biologically, but all our kids are ours, not just his or mine

Who cooks the most? Me

Where do you eat out most as a couple? The Italian place near my job (and if you count fast food, McDonald’s lol) but most often if we’re going to get food, it’s either pizza or Chinese delivery

Who has the craziest exes? LMAO I’m not touching that  😂 

Who cries more? Me…shut up lol  

Better singer? Him

Hogs the remote? We fight over it lol

Who hogs the bed? HIM.  Big time.  But I cuddle up to him, so it works out.

Where was your first date?  Will you guys judge me if I admit I asked him over to netflix and chill? 😉

Better driver? We fight over that too lmao

Better cook? Me

Spends the most? Him, but not just on himself 💗

Smarter? He sure thinks he is…  😂 

Most common sense? Probably about equal, but in different areas

Do you get flowers often? Nope… he could work on that, j/s

Who does laundry? Alfred

Who’s better with the computers? Him, I guess… but I’m better with social media 😜

Who drives when you are together? We take turns

Who picks where you go to dinner? Me usually

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Preferably neither! 😉 

Who eats more sweets? Me!

How long have you been together? 7 years, married for (almost) 5! 

pengiesama  asked:

if i sacrificed my infant nephew do you think i could get a good curse going on the ufotable writing staff. asking 4 a friend

Well, pengiesama, it would depend.

Is your friend currently hitting the depths of despair, seeing everything he’s worked so hard for fall apart?

Has he been helplessly watching a dear friend fall to darkness and malevolence because of the actions of others?

Did he also just watch his entire home village that he helped found get massacred?

If he answered yes to all 3 questions, then, yes he could probably get a good curse going on the ufotable writing staff.

That said, though, human sacrifice is sort of a touchy thing, especially if babies are involved.  Might want to see if there’s a convenient (slightly older) volunteer instead.  Not that it’ll be that much better, but hey, at least they volunteered?


Requested by anonymous and stilesxxstilinskii (part 1 is right here [x] make sure you read that first)

You were miserable. You couldn’t lie and say you didn’t cry a little after you and Archie’s fight. You wanted him back so badly but you felt like you couldn’t face him. Perhaps it was a good thing he eventually showed up on your doorstep again.

When someone knocked you hadn’t even bothered to look through the peephole before you answered so you were a bit surprised when you saw Archie.

“What are you doing here?”.

“I needed to talk to you?”.

You sighed and looked away from him. We’re you miserable? Yes. Did you miss him? Also yes. But were you still mad? Absolutely.

“Let me just ask you one question Archie? Do you really love me? Or am I just second best compared to Grundy?”.

“No” Archie assured grabbing your hand “I mean yes I do love but but no you are not second best to Grundy [Y/N]. You mean more to me than anyone else… can I come in?”.

You thought for a long moment but eventually you nodded and allowed him to enter your house.
“I missed you so much Archie”.

“Me too. I’m so sorry I hurt you [Y/N]”.



“You know, I saw Babs the other day.” Maëlle exclaimed suddenly, after writing the answer to a question in the book.

Ollie raised an eyebrow. “So?”

“You didn’t tell me you guys were back together.” Maëlle shrugged.

“Because we’re not?” He said, perplexed. “We used to date, yes, but I broke up with her ages ago.”

Maëlle frowned. “Weird… She told me you two were still a thing.”

“Oh God, please no. She was too possessive and jealous, you know? She’s probably still not over the break up.” He said, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t believe he used to date that girl, he felt much better when they broke up.

“So you’re single?” She asked, without thinking. Only after saying that she realized that it might have sounded weird, so she blushed.

“Yeah totally.” Ollie answered. “What about you? Are you seeing anyone?”

“Oh no, I’m super single!” She said, laughing nervously. “We, uhm… We should go back to studying…”

He smirked. “Yeah, we should.”

runichan  asked:

I just finished Goblin last night and then I realized.... wait. Kim Shin said he'd met Eun Tak in her previous life and got a glimpse of her future, but Wang Yeo said that she was living her first life?? Now I"m super confused!

Hello there ^^ Yay! Congrats on finishing Goblin! 

Ahh, yes, this was a confusing aspect for many others so you’re not alone. I’ve actually already answered the same question in previous posts so I’ll just link them to you, if you don’t mind. 

1. Please read this post first about Shin seeing Eun-Tak’s future in the past. To summarize, he indirectly saw Eun-Tak’s future through her teacher, who was the lady who served tea to him during that historical time period. 

2. After you’ve read that post, it should then make sense that it was Eun-Tak’s first life because GR/Wang Yeo could never see her past life ever. She never had a past life to begin with. Her first life was to meet Shin and free him from his curse - so in a nutshell, her fate was to be Shin’s bride just as god had told him. Now that she freed him from his curse, her next remaining lives will be to finally be happy with Shin where they don’t have to worry about pulling out a sword or a creepy ghost trying to kill her. I think it was genius of Kim Eun Sook to write how Eun-Tak’s first life was being the Goblin’s bride… that’s just so friggin beautifully sad. Feel free to message me anymore of your questions :)

Every time I talk about Shintak… I just get the feels. T.T

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I’m Worth It

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Part I / Part II / Part IV / Part V / Part VI

Requested: Yes! By an anonymous and beautiful person!

Prompt: “ can you please do a part 3 for am i worth it ??

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Liam Dunbar

Word Count: 1.559

Warnings: Liam Dunbar cuteness 

Type: Fluff! 

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anonymous asked:

I saw that you were answering asks about impatient scans' translation, but I remember reading you don't like that so if this upsets you please delete this ask :) I'm an exchange student in Japan and my Japanese sucks haha but I use your translations to read ANY and study. On page 17 where it says "himesama to onaji jikanbun itai nani o shiteitanodaro" is min-su talking about himself or Yona? You said Min-soo but impatient said Yona... can you explain the sentence to me?

Yes, thank you for remembering that. But don’t worry, your question falls within what I find perfectly appropriate. I think it’s normal for people to compare my translation and ask about the differences, because I’d want to know exactly what characters said in the original text in a series I care about, too. It’s just when Titania scans left the scene and the scan groups began their war over releasing chapters I received a lot of messages outright complaining about the quality of their translation, which put me in an awkward spot, so if the ask is overboard rude I usually just delete it.

So thank you for taking me into consideration, anon!!

This is the part you’re talking about, right?

My translation for this was:

I, on the other hand…
was crushed by guilt and despair.
Just what have I been doing all this time we’ve had?

The segment you’re asking me about (「姫様と同じ時間分、何をしていたのだろう」) would actually translate literally as: “In this same time period as the Princess, just what have I been doing?”

I’m not really a teacher, but I’ll try to explain how you have to read through this to understand it ^^ (sorry if my explanation sucks, I haven’t studied Japanese in a long time and usually rely on intuition at this point)

There’s two key points to understanding the subject. Start by looking at the WHOLE sentence instead of just part of it: 


The first key point is 自分 (jibun - myself). Min-Soo established the subject at the very beginning, which travels through to the second part. It would translate literally as: “When I was was crushed by guilt and despair, in this same time period as the Princess, what have I been doing?”.  I decided to cut “Princess” out of the formula in my final translation, but Min-Soo is pointing out that even though he and Yona have had the EXACT same time to get over what happened, and Yona’s been kicking butts here and there and getting her shit together, he hasn’t done anything about it - he’s just been moping. He’s asking a rhetorical question: “Just what the hell have I been doing?” 

Of course, Japanese being the vague pile of nonsense it sometimes is, Min-Soo doesn’t actually repeat “I” in the second half of the text, which is what I assume is tripping you up. You have to read this whole segment as a single sentence in Japanese, not as two.

The second clue is the  姫様と同じ Hime-sama to onaji, (”the same as the Princess”). If the princess is on the other side of this equation and she’s the target of his comparison, logically she can’t also be the subject of the question Min-Soo asks (“what has ### been doing?”).

I hope this helped you understand this part! I used to think manga was easier to read than novels, but because manga tends to skip punctuation and fracture sentences like this, it can sometimes be trippy to use as study material.

Last but not least: ENJOY YOUR YEAR ABROAD!! Keep up the good work; it makes me extremely happy to hear my translations help you study. You might think you suck, but trust me, practice and patience pays off!


“Armand, can I speak with you a moment?” Samantha said quietly, motioning him away from the other guests, who were all hovering around Darren as he sliced into his birthday cake. 

“What is it?” Armand said, noting Samantha’s knitted brow and clearly agitated disposition.

“Have you spoken to Kim in the last day or so?”

The question slugged him, because the last time Kimberly had deigned to take one of his calls, she’d brushed him off. That was definitely more than a day ago.

“No,” he answered simply, adding just enough dissatisfaction to the word that he saw Samantha’s back straighten, the crease in her brow deepening. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I can’t believe she’s missed Darren’s birthday,” she muttered.

“Yes, well your sister’s a selfish-”

Armand’s words were cut off by the abrupt wail of a siren stopping on the curb outside.

Samantha brushed Armand aside, her stomach resisting her urge to stay calm as two uniformed officers descended upon her front door.

“There’s a Knife” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

Summary: From a prompt I found over Tumblr and instantly thought of Bucky
Warnings: Blood, knives and swear words
Admins Note: I saw this prompt and instantly had to write it, hopefully this goes up on Saturday, I may not be on throughout the weekend; as in writing, maybe, answering questions as Steve Rogers throughout the weekend but after seeing Civil War… I don’t think I’d be able to handle writing. - Ro

Prompt: “There’s a knife” // “yes” // “in your chest” // “yes” // “oh my god” // “Oh, please, I’m the one who is supposed to go into shock, not you” //

Living with Bucky was about spontaneous moments, now that could mean good and bad moments, random freak out moments but that also comes with random affectionate moments. 

You accepted to live with him because Steve asked, plus, you could hold your own being an Avenger and all. You had your own place, Bucky needed to be away from the base as much as possible, it helped him not to always be there and that’s where you came in.

It wasn’t unusual for you to come home to a dark, silent apartment, Bucky preferred to be in the silence most days or just listen and watch you, it can be a little creepy but he never really had anything to say or add into your one sided conversations. 

You didn’t expect anything different when walking back to the complex, you figured you may have to pull him out of his head or turn the lights on again. You pushed the front door open, throwing the keys into the bowl and pulling your denim jacket off, walking properly into the apartment you stopped dead in your tracks.

Coffee table smashed to pieces, sofa turned over and gun shots going through your plasma TV, you stand with your mouth agape and it takes you a few seconds to process the mess. You instantly search for the silent assassin treading carefully on broken glass you walk into the kitchen, treated the exact same as the living room. 

Knives looked as though they were thrown brutally at the wall, you almost slip and look down, crimson puddle and your heart beats faster; please do not Bucky. 

You gulp as you push forward and sigh, another man laid; dead on the floor in a puddle of his own blood and whoever it was… didn’t have a fun time.

“Hydra” A voice mutters into the air and you jump, shrieking and snapping around, clutching your heart as you bend forward and try to regain your breathing as Bucky walks closer to you “somehow found your address, sorry about your stuff, I tried… not to make too much of a mess” his voice was smooth, calm and steady, you frown and nod; racking your eyes across his form, just to make sure he was okay, no injuries or…

“There’s a knife…” you point to the handle sticking out, black gripped handle poking out of his body, pressed deeply and firmly into his body and he nodded.  

“Yes” his voice was hard, calm and steady; his face didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort. 

“In your chest” you manage to finish and he nodded, it was sticking right out, you didn’t understand how he could be so cool and controlled over this. 

“Yes,” he said again, dipping his head as he watched your face, he didn’t really understand the emotions crossing your face; exactly the same as Steve’s, only, something more was present in each flick of your (E/C) eyes on his body. 

“Oh. My. God” you breath and he rolled his steel blue eyes at you.

“Oh, please, I’m the one who is supposed to go into shock, not you,” he says matter of factly, you meet his eyes with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and mouth open slightly at him.

“Fuck, Bucky, we gotta get you to Bruce” you tell him and he shrugs you off, metal hand going up and gripping the handle, you instantly grab a hold of the hand before it can clasp around the black handle and he looks at you; you knew never to touch the arm, only, he was about to make a fatal error 

“NO! Pull that knife out, blood will pour out, that’s the only thing that keeping it all in” you explain and he nods slowly “okay?” he frowned and nodded, allowing you to pull him down and out the complex to your car.

“Is he gonna be okay?” You asked Bruce who was helping Bucky, he smiled and nodded, you nodded again and looked down at Bucky who was staring at the ceiling as Bruce stitched him up; like Steve, Bucky could but the knife was preventing him from healing, he smugly looked at you but Bruce did say it was good that you brought him here.

Bucky cast his eyes to you, you were stood over him watching Bruce’s hands, and he understood why Steve would be distressed over this but you? He didn’t really understand, you were told to look and watch after him, why were you so concerned about him?

Steve came into the room and asked Bucky questions, how the guy got in? If Bucky knew him or not, you remained beside him as Bucky answered as best he could, he didn’t know a lot just that the Agent got in and Bucky knew it was either die or kill and he did just that. 

Bucky sat up and smiled, Steve began to suggest that you both stay at the base for a few days, they would have to relocate you both now, well that’s what you though till… Steve suggested Bucky moves into the base from now on, you knew this day would come, the day he was able to live basically on his own.

“I want to stay with… (Y/N)” Bucky admitted with a small frown, Steve raised his eyebrows along with you, you held down the smile that threatened to expose the happiness you felt “I think he was there for her, he seemed surprised to see me, I think it’s best if we just stayed living together; I trust her enough” he shrugged, you choked on the air you breathed in, he trusted you? 

Bucky didn’t trust a lot of people, Sam Wilson was a stretch, the fact he just outspokenly admitted to trusting you… you were overjoyed, Steve nodded at you both before hugging his friend and you before leaving.

“Are you okay?” you asked, the concern and worry coming back up, he nodded as he pushed himself off the hospital table and was now standing “I don’t understand how you could be so calm? I would have been freaking out; a frigging six-inch knife was in your chest, how do you stay calm about that? You could have died, thank god I showed up in –“you were cut off, silenced actually but Bucky himself, by his mouth to be specific. It was demanding at first, his human hand gripped your forearm, his mouth moulding onto yours in a demanding fast.

Once you relaxed and kissed back, Bucky lets go of your forearm and placed his hands on your hips, pulling you flush against him and you filed your fingers through his thick, dark locks and it wasn’t as demanding but slow moving. It was soft, sweet and everything everyone would expect Bucky isn’t, that’s what made it unique and special. It surprised you, even now, he was surprising you.

 He pulled back, resting his forehead onto your own, eyes still closed and breathing heavily and once he opened them and connected his steel blues eyes with your own (E/C) eyes, your breathing stopped momentarily. He smiled, it was faint but there, he looked beautiful and you grinned back.

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a while… I think” he tells you, you softly chuckle at him “I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t kiss me back” he nervously chuckled, pulling a few inches away from you, you grinned up at him.

“And all it took was a knife to be in your chest”

(Just something I wanted to write forever, managed to get it done in three hours, ready for ME to read when I get out of the cinema for Civil War. This is going up 1pm Saturday GMT around the time I am seeing it, PLEASE NO MESSAGES OR SPOILERS IN THE ASK! Thank you. You can request; headcanons, imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

anonymous asked:

Yesterday scrolling through your blog was fun, there were interesting questions and the event was also interesting, but today what I saw was a perfectly good blog poisoned by the cancerous memes of the Internet. At least finding the sensible asks and the asks that comfort the characters in all the mess made me not completely lose faith in humanity. Anyway, sorry for the long post, know that your blog is beautiful and stay strong, mod lili!

Originally posted by elektronx

Thank you !

Yes I know that some people found it funny but quite a few of you told me that it made them uncomfortable so I realized that maybe I should have put an end to it sooner. I will know that for the next time at least.

So I want to apologize to all of you if any of the post on this blog made you feel uncomfortable.

I’m not saying that I will stop answering asks who make fun of the characters for one reason or another, just that I will be more careful about it so it doesn’t end like yesterday ^^

Thank you again, though, I’m glad what happened yesterday didn’t make you leave :)

-mod lili)

anonymous asked:

Hi. I was wondering, would you ever consider announcing that your open for critiques to your general audience? If yes, would you do the whole manuscript, a chapter or put up a range or somethinng? & would you do it for a fee? I saw another writer do this on her vlog & she's only doing 1st chapters (what good is that I wonder 😑 ). Also, can you put up a vlog about different types of editing?

The answer to most of your questions is “I don’t know.” Critiquing is time-consuming, and I’ve got vlogs to film and novels to write/edit/market/etc. But if I ever do announce critiquing services, there will definitely be a fee. My audience is large, it’s an involved job, and I need to have my hard work compensated with monies so I can buy food and not die.

Editing vlog is on the list!

BTS GIF Reaction of Their GF Carrying an Unknown Child in Public

BTS GIF Reaction of their girlfriend taking her newborn baby cousin out with her for the day!

For this reaction the boys do not know of your new baby cousin and grow severely confused once the possibility of the child being your own slips into their heads.

requested: yes. (x)

this poor boy. he would be so puzzled as to who this small child you were carrying was. I feel like Namjoon would probably feel too awkward approaching you right then and there, so he would confront you whenever he saw you next.

I just imagine Jin is out at a restaurant and sees you walk by and just..yeah..

“is that Y/N??”

he would be super jealous but try to pass it off like he didn’t care.

“so like who da faq was that child, not like i really care, but you better answer my question truthfully even tho im super chill and idgaf.”

Originally posted by we-hate-bts

so I feel like Jimin would be out and about with dad Namjoon and Namjoon would be the one to spot you. Then being the awkward squish he is, he would pull Jimin back behind a wall and whisper back and forth whether it’s you with the smol child or not.

“is it her?!”

“I don’t know, I need to look longer!!”

this. boy. would. not. know. how. to. feel.
first he would be jealous, then worried, then excited bc he would have a new friend to go down the slide with, then just overall confused. he would most likely confront you about it plus he wants to play with his new friend, duh when he saw you.

well i feel like JK wouldn’t think of it as your own child, but if he did he would definitely just run. he would ask one of his hyungs when he got home and probably never bring it up to you bc shy smol bean.

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I hope you enjoyed this GIF Reaction! Thank you for requesting itsyoori93!
~Admin Ballantyne~

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: When lyra and pan come across all the statues of ppl with their daemons. Most daemons are animals but lyra saw one that was 'a beautiful woman' so what kind of person would you be if your daemon is another human. I have been thinking about this for the past 84 years
Kisses [Park Minhyuk]

Park Minhyuk will be the death of me. That’s all. 

Originally posted by taesual

“For this segment I would like everyone to show their best aegyo. Astro is known for being cute and youthful, so are there any members that don’t show aegyo as much as the others?”

Oh god. Watching your boyfriends’ group on a live interview show, you knew the inevitible answer to the hostess’ question.

“Ah yes that would be Rocky!” MJ excitedly said. You saw Minhyuk groan outwardly. You knew for a fact that Minhyuk was uncomfortable doing aegyo, especially on live tv. One of the reasons was just because he was shy and didn’t even show much aegyo to anyone. But the other reason was because of you. He knew you loved to tease him and give him shit for his aegyo since you weren’t used to seeing it all the time.

Despite his efforts to back out, he stood up in front of the camera as the boys hooted and hollered behind him. You could tell he was nervous by the way he awkwardly smiled and you could tell so many things were going through his mind. You wondered whether he was worrying about what aegyo he should show or if you were watching; either way, he knew this was a bad idea.

As everyone quieted and waited for him to show his aegyo, he took a deep breath and looked back into the camera. As cutely as he could, he made his eyes big, pouted his lips, and stuck out a hand heart for everyone to see. You couldn’t help but squeal. He looked so cute and this is the most he has ever shown. You also couldn’t help but smile at the way his cheeks were tinted a burning pink as he went back to sit down and continue the interview. This just made you want to tease him even more. 

You anxiously sat on your couch and waited for Minhyuk to come over. You invited him over after you watched the interview, and insisted you wanted to watch movies and eat takeout with him. Even though that part was true, you also wanted to see how flustered he would get when you tease him about his aegyo from earlier. You finally heard a knock on your door and knew it was showtime.

“Y/N! I missed you.” He said as he basically bombarded you with a hug. You quietly muttered “I miss you too” into his chest and you could hear his heart beat speed up. You slightly pulled away to look at his face, and he looked down at you and smiled. It almost made you feel bad for what you were going to do next. Almost. As he slowly leaned down to give you a kiss, you pulled out your best impression of his aegyo from earlier by making your eyes huge, pouting your lips, and about hitting him in the face with your overly-excited hand heart. The look of extreme surprise on his face made you fall down on the floor laughing.

“Y/N stop laughing,” He whined. “Did you seriously watch the interview from earlier? I knew I shouldn’t have done it that cutely.”

You couldn’t help but laugh more. As you finally calmed down you muttered, out of breath, “What? Can’t I support my boyfriend and watch his interviews? You’re making it seem like a crime”

“Because it is,” he blatantly said.

You finally stood up and looked him in the eyes. Mockingly, you said, “Aw Minhyukkie can’t take a little teasing? Well, as you pout about it I’m gonna go order takeout. Don’t do anything cute while I’m gone” You then pouted your lips and stuck out a hand heart again. As you walked towards the kitchen, where you had your cellphone, you heard him scoff at you, which just fueled you to laugh again.

Minhyuk followed you in there, trying to think of something to say or do that would stop your teasing. He secretly loved it at first, but he knew you had a tendency to take your jokes too far, so he decided to stop it early on. He finally found his solution. On your island in your kitchen, he saw a bowl of Hershey kisses, which he knew would help him get revenge on you. He went and sat by the bowl as you ordered your food. When you finally had ended the call, you turned around to see Minhyuk sitting there.

“Aw you look so cute sitting there,” You teased in the cutest voice you could muster up. “I’m sorry I keep teasing you but I can’t help it.” You said as you batted your eyelashes and sent him another hand heart.

He knew it was now or never. “Aw it’s ok Y/N. I know I must’ve been so cringworthily cute. But guess what? I prepared special aegyo just for you.” He cooly said. He knew he caught your attention.

“Oh really?” You asked intrigued.

“Yeah just come over here, across from me. You’re gonna have to be up and close for this one.”

He couldn’t believe you actually fell for it. Before he could consider pursuing an acting career, you moved your body towards the island, and looked at him expectantly. He took a deep breath, acting like he was preparing to show his aegyo, and when he opened his eyes he almost felt bad since you looked so ready to see his aegyo. Almost. In the next second, he grabbed a handful of Hershey kisses and threw them right at you. He knew from the look he gave you right after it was so worth it.

You felt baffled and shocked. The perplexed look you gave him gave away your feelings, and you could tell by the smile on his face he could tell how you felt. He mockingly started sending you hand hearts, but before he could start to say anything, you grabbed youself a handful of Hershey kisses and threw some at him. He just started laughing and rushed to pull you into a hug.

“Ok I’ll stop,” you muttered into his chest as you playfully hit his back. You heard his laugh rumble through his chest, which made you smile even more. You looked up at his face to see the sunshine through his smile.

“Can I give you a real kiss Y/N?” He pouted.

“I guess.”

He glared at you and playfully hit your back. He then leaned in and you finally shared your first kiss for the night.


Letters To My Head, Emily Ewing

I came across this series while scrolling through Tumblr, and they were the inspiration for my new personal project which aims to address depression and mental illness. I was lucky enough to speak to Emily about her work, and she answered a few of my questions with rich answers which I found extremely insightful in to this series. 

  1. What inspired you to start the project - is it from personal experience which you’re writing these? They’re extremely relatable (at least I find), is this intentional? 
    I’m not really sure what inspired it to begin with to be honest. One day I was in a creative mood and saw that first blue envelope on my dresser and the idea just came to me. And yes, they’re all from personal experience, which I’m sure makes them more relatable considering they’re coming from a very real place. 
  2. Why did you choose to write them on the back of envelopes instead of just on paper? 
    I chose envelopes mostly because of the artistic value they added but also because they tie in nicely with the letter theme I was going for.
  3. Are your colour choices with the envelopes intentional? They tend to tie in with the theme of what you’ve written often.
    A few of them have been intentional but it’s mostly random just depending on what I have around me at the time. They’re all used envelopes that I’ve received actual letters or birthday cards or whatever else in so it’s very organic and just whatever I have on hand.

I think what I love most about Emily’s work is that they provoke at empathetic response in me - I feel that I can completely understand where these thoughts have come from and they remind me of when I felt that way as well. I also feel that the simplicity aids the starkness of these feelings also, amongst the sense that there isn’t anything else to feel except for that emotion at that time. Like a photograph captures a moment, these few sentences capture these complex emotions perfectly.