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Futurama Appreciation Week

Day two, favorite episode: The Sting

Who will make Bender waffles just the way he likes them now?

On Applying to 20+ Colleges

I completed 24 college applications, submitted 17 (to Princeton, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, Amherst, Georgetown, Emory, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, University of Pittsburgh, Williams, Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard and Yale) and received admission to all except the last four.

N.B. Some of this info may be dated/inaccurate and 100% of it is tinged w/ my own bias.

Things To Think About

Why do you want to apply to so many colleges? 

  • If it’s hubris (i.e. “I want to collect admissions offers like trophies”) or fear (i.e. “If I submit more applications, I’m less likely to be shut out from every school I apply to"), stop and reevaluate. I applied to Vanderbilt even though I knew I’d never want to head south. The reason? It traditionally takes a lot of kids from my HS. Yeah, don’t be like me.

Do you really want to spend all that money? 

  • I ended up wasting $2500 (and that’s a conservative estimate) on 17 schools. I’ll only be attending one college in the fall.

That said…it can be done.

General Tips

  • The “Why Us” essay isn’t asking “why would you choose our college?” so much as “why should our college choose you?” Emphasize how you’ll contribute to the college—inside the classroom and out—by referencing specific programs, classes, and extracurriculars.
  • Creating a template is a major time-saver. Once you have an effective “skeleton,” all you have to do is insert school-specific details. 
  •  Stay organized.
    • Create a spreadsheet. These were my columns: College Name, Application Type, Application & Aid Deadline, Standardized Test Report, Transcript & SS Form, Recommendation Letter Deadline, Creative Writing Supplement (Y/N), Interview (Y/N), Merit Scholarship (Y/N), CSS Profile, FAFSA, Sticker Price, Response Date.
    • If you use Google Drive, create a folder for each college.
  • Consider making a CV/resume. Keep it short (~1 page). Possible uses: upload as a part of your application; hand it to alumni interviewer.


  • Don’t apply to Georgetown unless you really really like it. There’s a separate application (not Common App) that’s cumbersome to fill out, and you can’t access it until you pay the application fee (which also happens to be p expensive)
  • Optional essays are NEVER optional. Hopefully, this is obvious.
  • The more selective publics (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UVA, UNC, UMich) are more holistic than you think. They reject high stats kids on the reg (anecdote: a dude from my school who got into Caltech didn’t get into Berkeley; another who got into Cornell didn’t get into UMich) so PAY ATTENTION to the essays.
  • Alumni interviews don’t matter AT ALL unless you make a terrible impression—or possibly if you’re a borderline applicant.

N.B. Applying to colleges based on the perceived difficulty of the application isn’t the greatest idea. That said, for your reference:

Easy College Applications

Vanderbilt University

  • Very easy. Only a 100-word extracurricular essay, I believe. Unless you want to fill out a scholarship application.

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Also very easy. No supplement unless you fill out scholarship app.

Amherst College

  • Zero work if you have a graded school essay you’re proud of (can upload in lieu of a college supplement)

Harvard University

  • I think there’s just one supplement and you can write about whatever you want.

Cornell University

  • Just one “Why Us” essay

University of Pennsylvania

  • One “Why Us” Essay, unless you’re applying to Engineering or a special program like Wharton, M&T, etc.

Moderate College Applications

Duke University

  • Three supplements, I think. All fairly straightforward. There’s a diversity essay that’s optional (refer to the Miscellaneous section)

Princeton University

  • A lot of short, lighthearted questions (favorite keepsake, favorite movie, etc.) and an essay (they give you three prompts to choose between)

Stanford University

  • Three fairly straightforward, 150-word essays. There’s a letter to your roommate, an intellectual interest essay, and something else.

Emory University

  • Easy, short supplements, but there are three of them.

All the UCs

  • There’s one UC application for all the UC schools (Berkeley, LA, Irvine, etc.) so same essays and everything, but you have to pay an application fee for each school you apply to. There are a lot of questions (called Personal Insight Questions) so it’s not quick, but once you’re done you’ve covered multiple schools. Also, if you are applying, ask your counselor about the UC GPA.


  • Three short essays, one of which is “Why Major.” Another is an extracurricular essay. Don’t remember the third.


  • I don’t really remember the supplements, but they weren’t that bad.  

Difficult/Thought-Provoking College Applications

Yale University

  • This is hard because there are a ton of questions with 35, 100, and 150- word limits. “Why Yale” essay. Hard to come up with insightful answers/make an impression with so little space.


  • I personally wasn’t a fan of the cutesy/philosophical prompts, and the essays that I wrote (but ultimately never submitted) reflected my utter lack of interest. If you enjoy them, UChicago may just be the school for you :P

Dartmouth College

  • Only three short i.e. 150 word essays, but one of them referenced Sesame Street. Something along the lines of ‘It’s not easy being green. Discuss.” There was another one on describing a time when you said YES to something. Anyway, I disliked them and never completed my application.


  • I think there are three short essays, but they require a decent amount of thought. Although UVA is a public school, craft your essays well. The admission officers care a lot about them.

Williams College

  • There’s only one short supplement, but it’s a real pain. Hard not to veer into cliche territory.

Tedious College Applications

Columbia University

  • So many (five?) supplements. Some are generic though. “Why Columbia,” a list of books you’ve read/media you’ve consumed.  

Rice University

  • Also a lot of supplements. “Why Rice,” “Why Major,” Diversity essay, the famous box (where you can upload any image you want).

Every Music Video: Lady Gaga 

What I’ve discovered is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth - and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for; my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.


Dr. Julian taking care of his lizard boyfriend

gayjewishbucky  asked:

for the drabble thing: do you think howitzer steve n bucky would ever get married *eyes emoji*

“Marry me.”


“Marry me.”





Bucky gave him a droll look, tipping his head to look at Steve, and Steve just grinned, reeled him back in and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Marry me,” he murmured again, voice pitched low. Nobody near them batted an eyelid at them, so it must have been quiet enough.

“Why,” Bucky responded, hands on Steve’s shoulders. He couldn’t tell if his boyfriend was serious or not, but had a feeling that despite everything despite there being no ring and no bended knee, that Steve was asking. Genuinely, honestly asking. Christ.

“Everyone else is,” Steve responded, amused glint in his eye. “Why not us?”

Bucky dropped his chin, stared at him for a second, two. “Oh, how romantic,” he drawled, taking a step back. “Our families will be delighted. ‘just because everyone else is’, how is anyone ever going to top that one,” he continued, only half joking. He turned, not wanting to admit how close he’d been to saying yes anyway. 

“Buck.” A hand on his sleeve, lower than it should be, pulling him to a stop. He didn’t turn for a second, two, then he gave in, pivoted on the spot.

And oh. Oh

Steve was on one knee, blush staining his cheeks as the murmurs around them started.The hand on Bucky’s sleeve finally dropped, cradling a small box in his hands.

“Steve,” he said, breath suddenly gone, eyes wide.

“Marry me?” Steve said again, asked this time. Flicked the little box open. Bucky didn’t look, couldn’t tear his gaze away from Steve’s face.

“Why?” He responded, breathless, needing to know. Needing to be sure that Steve had a better reason. He took a step forward, closing the distance, but he didn’t touch Steve, not yet.

Steve didn’t look offended, or even hurt by the question. He smiled, soft, adoring. “Because I love you. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Bucky’s knees felt weak, so he gave up on them, folding down to kneel in front of Steve. He reached out, cupped Steve’s cheek, leaned in. “You’re an ass,” he said against Steve’s lips before kissing him, soft and slow.

“That’s not an answer,” Steve mumbled back, but Bucky felt an arm curl around his waist, pull him in, hold him close. “Gonna leave me hanging?”

“Yes, a thousand times yes. Of course I’ll marry you, you big asshole.”

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Maybe We Can Be Friends - Uma x Harry x Gil x Reader

Originally posted by tommy-doherty

Requested: I was just going to ask if you could write an imagine where Uma and her crew come to Auradon and they’re greeted by this really sweet and cute girl who ends up being Queen Clarion’s daughter? So at first Uma didn’t really like her but in the end they end up being really close because the girl revealed she didn’t really like Mal either and can you throw in a little Harry? I’m sorry and thank you <3

A/N alright this is my first time doing an Imagine like this and I’m quite excited to try this! Hope you love it (: thank you for the request @meiwasesu

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library au part ?? (with Klance under the cut)
  • On a sad note, Shiro started working at the library because he wanted a more calm place to be after serving time in the army but still help the public
  • He was badly injured in a skirmish and lost his arm but he got a prosthetic
  • Some patrons are a bit weary when they see it but kids think it’s super rad and he likes to tell the kids that he’s a cyborg working here in secret and they absolutely love it
  • Whenever he hears a loud crash or someone yelling suddenly though he jolts immediately and has to try and recenter himself
  • Okay back to a happier note
  • Hunk is the one to typically bring in treats for the staff, like cookies or donuts or if they know they’ll all have a busy day, he’ll surprise them with a big breakfast buffet sort of thing
  • Coran does the closing announcements (“The library will be closing in 15 minutes…” ect..) and he’ll accidentally bump the wrong button sometimes and the phone’s hold music will start to play over the intercom instead and he spends an eternity trying to turn it off
  • What Pidge doesn’t wanna tell him is he just has to hang up (she like to watch the world burn, honestly)

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“Can I Be Him?” - Part IV

The garden party comes to an end and Eggsy is about to tell you something. 

Warning: None
Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Part FOUR of the ‘Can I Be Him?’ - Series

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Richie Tozier: Cat got your Tongue

Request  “ Hi! Can you do a Richiexreader imagine where he has a crush on you (Beverly’s best friend) and the others don’t think it’s serious so when Beverly invites her to the lake Richie is very nervous and the others tease him so much that the reader is confused and uncomfortable so she leaves but Richie goes after her and confesses?” - Anon

A/N  → I can’t tell if it’s too fast paced or if it’s just because i’ve re-read this 100 times. I hope you like it!

Pairing → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → none

“I uh. I’m just gonna go- Bee, I’ll um…see you tomorrow?” You said to Beverly, turning on your heel with a feeble wave.

Without an answer, you hastily shucked your denim jacket over your underwear and made the awkward and quick climb up to the Quarry’s path, leading in and out. Your cheeks burned, and you were awfully hot considering you had just climbed out of the water.

Were they laughing at you? No… Were they?

You had arrived, and clung to Beverly. Her being the only other girl, and the only other person you knew, as you tried to enjoy the day. But every time you turned your back, you heard snickers and bickering and hushed swears. Don’t take it personally. You insisted to yourself. It’s probably just an in-joke you weren’t privy to. Beverly wouldn’t hang out with a bunch of assholes.

“You bunch of assholes” hissed Beverly, smacking Stan and Eddie softly.

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If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

Scenarios:  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  -08  81395

Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Bill Skarsgard x reader

Requested: “Can you please do one where the reader and Bill are in an interview but he keeps getting distracted by them? Thanks!”

Sorry that this imagine is short! I hope you guys still enjoy it!

Originally posted by itsalmamahone

You and Bill were currently doing an interview for your guys new movie, Atomic Blonde 3. Bill was sitting on a chair to your left, the interviewer across from you.  

“So Bill, your from Sweden?” The interviewer asked Bill. 

“Yes I am.” Bill said with a smile. 

“Can you say something for us in swedish?" 

"Min flickvän är vacker” Bill said smiling. 

“I love your accent. What you just said, what does it mean?" 

"My girlfriend is beautiful.” You looked down smiling. The interviewer looked at you. 

“Did you not know that, because your facial expressions show that you had no idea what he said.” You just shook your head laughing.

“No, she does not speak swedish like I do. So whenever she hears something said in swedish, she always asks me what that means,” Bill answered for you. The interviewer just smiled. 

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, “When I get nervous I start laughing. I laugh at everything, so sorry in advance,” you told the interviewer. Bill looked toward you smiling and just staring.

“Thats alright, So Bill your accent in the film is Russian?” Bill turned his head, he hadn’t heard what the interviewer said because he was staring at you. 

“Pardon?” The interviewer laughed. 

“Your accent in the film….." 

"Oh, yeah it is Russian, yes, because I already have like an exotic  accent it was easy for me to kind transform my voice.”

The interview continued and Bill was very distracted by you even though you were just sitting there. You always was staring at you, admiring you. The interviewer left and the next one came in. You guys had interviews all day.

“This film…..” Bill didn’t even pay attention to what the interviewer was asking, instead he just stared at you. 

You looked to your left to see him staring at you and soon that led to a staring contest. You started to smile and Bill did his Pennywise smile. 

“Bill…..” Bill turned his head to look at the interviewer. 

“What? Sorry.” You just laughed. 

“This is why you don’t put the two together, because he will just stare at her and you won’t be able to interview him because he’s just staring and not paying attention to what your saying,” you guys heard Charlize from across the room. 

“I mean, what can I say, I got a beautiful girl sitting next to me,” he shrugged and smiled.