yes i said selfie

this one’s for u james corden


Haikyuu!! Stage actors selfies redrawn! ^_^

Note: this has been sitting lonely in my gallery, i felt that need to expose it.


Gill-senpai’s doodle. Also, tiny note: Thanks for appreciating the work! Please don’t remove the captions or tags. If you wished to post it somewhere else, please do ask my permission and credit this blog. It’ll be appreciated. Thank you~ 🐣
the signs as jaden smith tweets
  • aries: “Shia Labeouf Is Life.”
  • taurus: “Just Stare In The Mirror And Cry And You’ll Be Good. 👍”
  • gemini: “When The First Animal Went Extinct That Should’ve Bin A Sign.”
  • cancer: “The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep.”
  • leo: “The Sky Is Purple”
  • virgo: “Yeah Yeah, But How Many Pull Ups Can You Do.”
  • libra: “When She’s So Fine That You See A Picture And Immediately Start Doing Push Up.”
  • scorpio: “A Little Girl Just Asked Me If I Was Willow Smith I Humbly Said Yes And Took A Selfie.”
  • sagittarius: “You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands”
  • capricorn: “Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.”
  • aquarius: “I Don’t Smell Good, But I Don’t Smell Bad You Feel Me.”
  • pisces: “I Just Scrolled Through My Tweets And “I” Started Laughing.”
So basically what happened was...

It was my turn so I literally sprinted into Phil’s arms and he smelled like cologne and then I ran to Dan and he smelled EVEN MORE like cologne and Dan was like “Should we sign this for you” and I (by some miracle) had the power to talk to them and I said “yeah thank you” so they signed it and then then Dan was like “Do you want me to take the selfie” and I almost said yes but then I remembered my propeller hats and I asked if they could wear hats and they said yes so they wore that and Phil started playing with the propeller thing and Dan was like “Oh and it spins too wow” and it took a while because we had to assemble the hats and put the propellers on and I was like “I’m sorry I’m holding up the line” and Phil was like “No it’s okay” and we took the selfie and then Dan was like “That was the most epic selfie ever” and I just smiled because I was inwardly screaming and then Dan saw my backpack had R2D2 on it and he was like “Wow you have good taste” and I laughed and said thank you and that’s what happened and I’m still not over it

Hey, I know it’s already too late and people probably won’t see this. But someone asked if it was inappropriate for people who aren’t black to reblog blackout selfies and I said yes, but I thought the question read is it appropriate. I think it’s great to support others and I completely read the question wrong. I’m sorry, please keep the love and support going for others.