yes i really did just gif her eyes

Imagine : “Baby”

“There’s this guy..” You said to your best friend who was drinking her coffee. “People say he is dangerous but I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

She looked at you with a small smile, she always understand you and that’s why you feel free to talk about everything with her.

“People always have something to say but you have to make your own opinion (Y/N). And you know I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.” She said, completely honest.

“I know.” You licked your lips. “And I’ll always be here for you too.” You smiled.

“Now tell me everything you know about him, I want to know everything !”

You laughed and started “Well.. His name is Dylan, I don’t know his age but I know for sure he’s a little bit older than me. He.. comes in this restaurant often-“

“Wait when you say ‘this restaurant’ you mean here ? Where we are right now ?” She gasped.

“Yes ?”

“Now I understand why you spend all your time here.” She smirked.

“What ? No.. It’s just.. It’s nice here okay ?”

She laughed and shaked her head. “Okay okay !”

“He’s.. really good looking. He has dark hair and his eyes.. You should see them !”

“Did you speak to him ? Or are you just a stalker ?”

“What ? no im not a stalker !” You laughed with her. “I spoke to him before but he probably doesn’t even know who I am. It wasn’t even a true conversation, It was just.. random things y’know ?” You said disappointed.

“Well, you’re a gorgeous young woman and I’m sure you can do better than ‘random things’ so..”

You didn’t understand what she meant, you looked at her and saw a damn smirk on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that ?” You asked.

“Because you have the chance to do better.”

“For god sake, can you be more-”

”- Okay okay, well if I’m not wrong..” She cut you off. “The guy you are talking about is here.. Maybe three tables behind us.”

You couldn’t believe it and you were scared to look behind you but you did it. And he was here. Alone.

‘Maybe it’s my chance’ you thought.

You looked at your best friend again, like you waited for her to say you could do it and she winked. You took a deep breath and walked to his table. He was looking at you and you could see his beautiful eyes.

“Hum.. Hi. Can I sit ?” You asked, not very confident.

“I don’t know, you’re not scared ?” He asked, not breaking the eye contact.

“Why should I be scared ?”

You were talking to him and you were not blushing which was surprising but you were glad.

“Don’t act like you know nothing about me when everyone knows what I do.”

“Well sorry I’m not everyone. So can I sit ?” You said, much more confident thanks to the adrenaline.

He was blinking (cf gif) and then sighed. “Okay..”

You smiled and sat down. “Thank you.”

“So you’re going to pretend you know nothing about me ?” He asked but it wasn’t mean, I think he was curious.

“So you’re going to pretend you remember me ?” You asked.

“I do.” He said with an intense gaze. “ Now answer my question.”

All you could think about was his answer. He knew you.

“I’m not known as a liar, I know nothing about you. I just heard-”

He laughed and you exaclty knew what he was thinking. He thought you believed all the rumors about him and maybe he thought you were some curious bitch.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” You said immediatly. “I don’t believe what people say, I mean, I have my own opinion..”

“Yeah ? And what’s your opinion ?”

“Actually I have none.. About you. I don’t believe rumors but I don’t know you either. But you seem to be a nice guy.” You said honestly.

“Have you looked at me once ? Do I seem a nice guy seriously ?” He asked upset. “And what if the rumors are true ?”

You looked at him, you were not even scared. You even felt comfortable.

“Yes I did.” You simply said.

'So many times’ you added in your head.

“And each time I talked to you, even if it was short and not often, you were always nice to me.”

He looked at you, probably trying to see if you were lying or not.

“Why are you here (Y/N) ?” He simply asked.

You blushed a little, you could feel it but you decided to be courageous and tell him the truth.

“I.. I wanted to talk to you. I mean, a real conversation.”

He looked surprised but in a good way. Well you hoped.

“Because.. I.. Okay it can sound bizarre but I don’t know, I kind of like you and you’re like a mistery for me..” You said a little bit anxious. “I mean, you’re misterious.” You added.

You bit your lip so you couldn’t talk anymore because you weren’t comfortable anymore. You wanted to disappear, it was so awkward.

“Oh my god, I shouldn’t have say it. I’m sorry I..”

“Hey calm down.” He said nicely. “I’m not going to bit you.” He laughed.

“That’s a good thing then I guess.”

“But (Y/N), I’m not like everyone. Even if you think I’m nice, I’m not. I fight a lot and I don’t want you to get in troubles because of me. I do things you think I’m not able to do. It just.. crazy.” He said, upset.

“If you don’t like me, you can say it. I’m not afraid of refection.” You said, head up, even if it was a lie. It would hurt you to know he doesn’t like you.

“You probably think I never noticed you before but you’re wrong And I saw you when you were talking to your friend before you came, I guessed you were talking about me because… well your friend isn’t very discret and so are you.” He smiled. “I do like you but it’s not simple baby.”

You couldn’t believe it. Did he just said he liked you ? Did he just called you baby ?

“Nothing is” You said, trying to stop yourself from smiling like an idiot.

He laughed and smirked, making your heart beat fast.