yes i realize they lost

  • Me: shouldn't you be working on your unfinished multi-chapter fic
  • My brain, finding other ideas more interesting: *✓ read at 8:17 AM*

big close up of a wip piece i’ve been working since last November and finally start to line today. Probably going to colour it in 2018 at this rate.

Scandal in the Spotlight- Kyohei (family)

Hello! :) As the title says, this is a family one-shot for Kyohei.
And yes, I do realize that it’s a bit too long, I kinda lost myself in the moment while writing it…

Anyway, thank you for reading & I hope you like it!

“Mooommy? Hurry up…” I hear the impatient tone in my son’s voice as he calls out to me from the living room.
“Hmm…I think I put it here somewhere.” I mumble as I open a box in my search for a ball of string. I finally find what I’ve been searching for these last couple of minutes and quickly run back to the living room where my son, Hiromi, is waiting for me on the floor in front of the couch.

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I’m rewatching ‘The Husbands Of River Song’ (yes I have lost the count) and I just realized.

These scene where the Doctor gives River a Sonic Screwdriver as a gift. His expression and excitement is priceless.

Like he is so excited to bring a gift for his wife and see how she reacts. He takes it out and shows it to her and laughs and so does she. How priceless is that ?

The Doctor hasn’t really had chanced to give her gifts (ignoring the Diary) and giving gifts like this to someone is extremely intimate and personal. Even though he knows what giving her the screwdriver means it doesn’t make it any less exciting for bringing a gift for his wife.
It’s like his first gift for his wife as they begin a new journey. Both time travelers settling down at one place for 24 years. He might’ve bought her other gifts as well later but this is very special.

I just .. When I saw how excited The Doctor was while gifting River his Sonic Screwdriver, it just touched my heart. Such a simple gesture yet so intimate and beautiful!

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