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La douleur exquise Pt.2 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader x Jungkook (not a threesome but messy as hell)

Word Count: 6.1k

Genre(s): Angst, smut

Part 1 here

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me on this update. I really hope I did it justice and hope you enjoy! (& don’t kill me I’m sorry)

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The drunk reveal no one asked for and the cracker shenanigans

Okay, so look at this. It is 8000+ words. Fucking hell. All the thanks to @lunian who is the mastermind behind this gem. Let’s roll. Also, it isn’t proof read cause seriously guys, who has time to proofread 21 pages of crack. Sorry for any gramamr mistake

Marinette looked around the living room, from the music system to the table covered with bowl and bags off what could easily be all the snacks found on the French market. Marinette wasn’t especially in the mood to party, she would have rather stayed at home and finish some designs, especially after the fact that there was an akuma that morning that managed to ruin her sleeping late plans. But Alya insisted, saying there wil be amiliar faces too. And Marinette totally didn’t come because Alya promised Nino is brinign her a certain blond someone who just arrived back to Paris from one year exchange in Milano. Totally not. She was perfectly content with having a friendly conversation with Adrien after only seeing him through Skype for a year. Until he walked in the room. And Marinette finally understood just how low quality the skype camera was.

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Birthday Cake (Evan/Connor)

This is dedicated to @connorxxmurphy and her wonderful cake! This is for you! 


Evan hummed to himself as he stirred the cake batter. Soft instrumental music played in the background as the oven beeped, signifying that it was preheated.

Evan was making a cake for his boyfriend. Ever since he was little, Evan has always enjoyed baking, but now he had a reason to make a birthday cake for someone!

“How are you doing, Hon?” Heidi poked her head into the kitchen. Evan smiled warmly at her, and started to pour the batter into the pan.

“Good, Mom. It should be ready around 6, and Con and I are having a date here at 7.” He said. Heidi beamed.

“I will get out of the house by then, in that case, don’t want to ruin a special birthday date!” Heidi walked over to her son and rubbed his arms. “Do you have anything else planned for tonight?”

“Yup. Ordering pizza, and I have his favorite movie. For a gift, I got him a new hoodie, and the cake.”

“Aw, Evan, you are the sweetest boyfriend. Connor is going to love it.” Heidi gave Evan a small kiss on the cheek, one last arm squeeze, and walked out of the kitchen. Evan put the pan full of cake batter in the oven, and set the timer.

As he started to make the frosting, Evan let his thoughts travel. Connor and Evan had been dating for about five months now, every day better than the last, but this was the first birthday they had spent together. Evan wanted it to be perfect, and the one thing he knew for sure that he could make perfectly was cake. He hoped that Connor liked his new hoodie as well. Evan has been guilty of stealing a few (or more) of his boyfriend’s hoodies, but he couldn’t help it! All of his hoodies were constantly warm and smelled like Connor.

Evan finished the frosting (It was a regular green frosting with a hint of a mint taste) and set it to the side. The cake still have 10 minutes to bake, so texting Connor seemed like the most attractive idea right now.

Evan: hey connor!

Evan: how does it feel to be an old man now? youre officially 18!!

Connor: i kinda want to take a nap

Evan: con… its 5:30 in the evening, plus we have our special birthday date at 7… pls dont sleep

Connor: bah humbug

Evan: babe…. Thats christmas

Connor: what are you up to?

Evan: stuff hbu

Connor: very specific

Evan: shut up

Connor: im gonna take a shower i will text you when im on my way to your house

Evan: okie dokie!! See you soon!!

Evan put down his phone. There was a few more minutes on the cake, so Evan pulled out the rest of his supplies. He would need to wait for the cake to cool before frosting, but Evan was always impatient when it came to baking.

A mint bar, some sprinkles and more green food dye. Connor liked mint, so Evan couldn’t help but go all out for his boyfriend.

An hour later, everything was set up. The cake was frosted, and was sitting in the fridge (to hide from Connor). Evan had ordered the pizza, and it should arrive around the same time that Connor comes over. Evan’s phone buzzed.

Connor: i know im early but is it cool if i come over now

Evan: of course

Connor: see you in ten?

Evan: yes!

Almost exactly eight minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Evan said, shoving the cake haphazardly into the fridge. Heidi came downstairs as Evan reached the door. He opened the door with great flourish. “Happy birthday Connor!” He shouted as his boyfriend came into view.

Connor was wearing his standard black hoodie and jeans. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and he was smiling.

“Thank you! How are you doing, babe?” Connor stepped into the house, giving Evan a quick kiss on the lips. Heidi walked in, and hugged Connor.

“Happy birthday!” Heidi said. Connor smiled. “Now, I will get out of your hair. Have fun you two!” In a flash, Heidi was gone.

“Ready to watch the movie?” Evan asked, grabbing Connor’s hand. Connor beamed at him, and let his boyfriend lead the way.

A few hours and a pizza later, Evan had decided that it was time for gifts.

“Babe, you really didn’t need to get me anythi-” Connor tried to protest as Evan ran out of the room to get his gift.

“Shush!” Evan called back, grabbing the hoodie. He didn’t bother wrapping it. “Happy birthday, Connor!” Evan wasn’t going to lie, he almost felt jealous about the look of pure joy that Connor had on his face when he saw the jacket.

“Evan!” Connor had simply exclaimed before slipping the jacket on. It was a good fit, amid the sleeves that went a little past Connor’s hands. “Thank you so much!” Evan kissed Connor before standing up again.

“I got one more thing for you,” He said before going into the kitchen. This time, Connor didn’t protest, only watched him go with wide eyes.

Evan brought out the cake with obvious pride. Connor’s jaw dropped as Evan placed the cake on the table in front of him.

“Ev…” Connor said in a breathy voice. Evan lit one of the candles that was placed in the center and sat down next to Connor.

“Happy birthday to you,” He started to sing softly. Evan was by no means a talented singer, but this was a special occasion. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Connor, happy birthday to you!” Evan kissed Connor’s cheek and rested his chin on Connor’s shoulder. “Make a wish babe.”

Connor started to lean towards the cake but instead turned to Evan and kissed him deeply. It was only when Connor pulled away that Evan realized that Connor was crying. He quickly blew out the candle and hugged Evan tightly burying his face in Evan’s shirt.

“Hey. what is wrong?” Evan asked softly, feeling panicked. Did he not like the cake? Instead of responding, Connor just shook his head. After a few moments, Connor inhaled a shuddering breath and pulled out of the hug. Evan was quick to wipe away Connor’s tears. “Is it the cake? Is it too much?”

Connor laughed a watery laugh. “No, it’s not the cake. It is just, no one has ever done this much for my birthday, like ever. It means a lot to me.” Evan smiled, and moved close to his boyfriend.

“Alway, Connor. If I could, I would get the moon for you.” At Evan’s words, Connor smiled brightly, and kissed him. “Now, let’s get some cake, okay?”

Barista! Bae Jinyoung

Masterlist can be found (here)

Requested: I have at least 5 request for a college! baejin but I decided to mixed it up a bit! I will do the college! baejin once I’m done with my exams
Based off: this prompt! (@dailyau & @homohighness)
Genre: college! au + coffee shop! au + barista! au
A/N: Dedicating this to @onlyjihoons because baejin & good luck for Os bby <3 This is scheduled as my o-levels start today (i’m stressing out even while typing this T^T)! I won’t be online but all my fics have already been scheduled so see y’all soon :) 

“You are like a caramel macchiato, with your scent still sweet on my lips.”

  • Jinyoung is a barista at the coffee shop near his college
  • He is one of the hardest workers and has the longest shift which is usually right after his classes
  • A lot of people tend to request for him because he makes the best coffee
  • He is in charge of coming up with new concoctions with Seongwoo that will then be approved by Jisung
  • He has drinks like Spicy Mango Coffee that sounds weird but holy crAP IT TASTES SO GOOD
  • He is terrible at latte art though
  • His heart always comes off more like a circle and a leave looks more like a broomstick
  • But it doesn’t matter anyway as the customer’s annoyance just goes away when Jinyoung comes up to apologize as he hands the coffee
  • Cause like he looks so soft in that apron that you just can’t help be like ‘oh it’s okay’
  • His apron is also full of badges that he got from his last Disneyland Trip with fellow barista, Daehwi
  • While he does greet each customer if he works at the cashier
  • Many think he is really scary since he  is pretty much expressionless and his eyes bags are dropping his face
  • Which is a result of him staying up all night to complete his literature notes
  • But his face brights up whenever a child comes to the cafe with his parents
  • He will give free cookies to the kids or just anything in the cafe until Jisung threatens that he will deduct them from his salary
  • He tries to take the morning shift whenever he can cause that was usually the time you would arrive
  • Your books in one hand and dressed in cute yet comfortable clothing
  • You never fail to brighten his morning since you were a very memorable regular to him
  • He thought it was odd that a girl his age would enjoy hot black coffee but that was always what you ordered
  • “One black coffee, please.”
  • You cringed inwardly when those words left your mouth as you were not the biggest fan of the bitter taste of it
  • It all started when you moved in to live with your best friend
  • While college life was fun, you regret not living on campus
  • It was annoying when you had to get up for an 8am lecture and walked all the way to your college
  • While it wasn’t too far away, you were always tired from the lack of sleep and the need to walk a good 2 miles to reach to your lecture hall
  • But then again, the rent was a lot cheaper and it made you feel more independent as you will be living alone and could even affford to pay your own rent
  • It was a really good steal as it had hot water and the internet was way faster than your school’s library wifi
  • But here’s the thing
  • ….. You are terrible at anything related to cooking and making drinks
  • Your parents refused to let you in the kitchen in fear that you would actually burn the kitchen down,,,,
  • You always end up spending a lot of your money in ordering take out
  • But your morning classes at 8am desperately called for coffee or you will fall asleep since you had to stay up at night to finish your endless assignments
  • So every day you ended up drinking something that tasted like diluted paint that pretty much make you choke the mixture out 90% of the time
  • Since you constantly mess the ratio up by either pouring in too much water or having way too much milk
  • You soon decided that you did rather just pay a bit more money for decent coffee that tasted better and would actually keep you awake
  • That’s when you found the cute coffee shop near your college that one of your friends recommended you
  • It was really cosy with potted plants outside decorating the shop and a warm shade of beige clung onto the walls
  • You heard it was pretty well known but there weren’t a lot of customers when you stepped in
  • Then again, it was 8am like wtf was even awake at this ungodly hour
  • There were a lot of really pretty pictures of coffee decorating the place and a really calming song was playing
  • Marbles table filled the place and the smell of cinnamon and coffee ground instantly woke you up
  • You loved the aesthetic vibes of this place and the music soothe your worries away
  • You lined up as you checked the menu to get to the front of the queue
  • It did have a lot of options and there were a lot of cool beverages you have never heard before
  • Soon enough, you were at the front of the queue
  • “Good morning, may I know what can I get you?”
  • You looked up and oh my god
  • This barista that was serving you was extremely attractive
  • His voice resonated in your ear and wow it sounded just as nice as he looks
  • He had like chocolate brown with bangs which he somehow pulled it off and dAMN
  • That jawline, those lips and sparkling eyes you could probably stare into forever
  • Then you realized you probably spent the last 45 seconds just checking him out rather than answering him
  • Jinyoung just gave you a confused grin and chuckled
  • “Are you ready to order now?”
  • You pretty much wanted to die in embarrassment as your ears turned bright red and your eyes widen upon being caught
  • Jinyoung is also blushing at your cuteness but you didn’t notice since you were way too embarrassed to notice that you could barely look up to him
  • “J-just a … coffee. Black.”
  • You wanted to hide in a corner because you actually wanted to try the salted caramel latte
  • But you just blurted out the first thing you could think off
  • He continued having the small smile on his face cause he was usually the one stammering since he is never fully awake at this time and makes everyone repeats their orders
  • But this time he is doing fine but he isn’t too sure about you who looked like you wanted to run out of the coffee shop
  • “…. your name please?”
  • As you muttered your name while keeping your head low, Jinyoung smile grew wider
  • Your name definitely had a nice ring into it but all you wanted to do find was to dig a hole and groaned over your embarrassment
  • You grabbed your coffee and ran all the way to the college once he called your name
  • Just the sound of him saying out your name was enough to bring a blush to your er
  • You were tempted to never go back but the coffee surprisingly great
  • And they spelt your name right
  • It didn’t help that if you didn’t go this shop, no other cafes were open this early
  • Even if you weren’t a fan of black coffee
  • But it’s probably because this tasted 100 times better than your homemade diluted paint lol
  • That was how you became a regular at the shop as you went there every time you had morning classes
  • However ….. there was just one teeny tiny problem
  • Ever since that incident, it was as if you were tongue-tied around him
  • You could literally only order a black coffee if that made sense
  • I mean the black coffee wasn’t the worst but the cafe offered so many other drinks as well !!!!!!
  • You brought your best friend, Woojin over once and he couldn’t help but laughed when he saw your face green with envy as he sipped on his Chai Latte (it’s my favourite drink btw)
  • Because you only ordered black coffee since you can’t get any other words out around him?????
  • Like your mind instantly didn’t function when it came to him
  • It also didn’t help that Jinyoung was always the barista serving you whenever you came (well he purposely tried to get that shift to see you)
  • And yes Jinyoung was his name
  • You never dared to peek at his name tag but referred him as the ‘cute barista’
  • But Woojin has gotten his name immediately when he ordered his drink and told Jinyoung that the drink he had last time was really good
  • Woojin also liked to rub it in your face since he became close friends with Jihoon, who was one of the barista working the same shift with Jinyoung
  • Woojin had immediately become friends with Jihoon as they shared the same interest of dancing and playing video games
  • It didn’t even take a week for them to start meeting up for dance practice or lunch in the college
  • Coincidentally, you found out that Jinyoung was also in the same dance club as Woojin
  • While here you were still stuck with your black coffee and your mind being a mess
  • You pretty much sighed every time you threw away the coffee cup, knowing that nothing was working out
  • Jinyoung also does the same thing as he wished he could muster up the courage to talk to you
  • But everything changed when Woojin texted you that for some of his friends will joining you two for lunch at your place since their dance practice ended late
  • You were used to his friends coming to your apartment for lunch and it didn’t really matter anyways since Woojin would always order out and pay for the meal
  • But as you opened the door with your keys and your hand full of snacks you eyes widen at the sight
  • Jinyoung was not prepared when saw you as he sat on your couch while waiting for Woojin to leave his room
  • If Woojin didn’t tell you that Jinyoung was coming
  • He didn’t tell Jinyoung that the girl he had been repeatedly calling cute was also the owner of the apartment he was currently at
  • Like Woojin had actually tried to set you two up but Jinyoung kept denying, saying that he wanted to asked you out yourself
  • But a month went by and Woojin was pretty much done with you two constantly complaining about wanting to make a move to the other
  • So he came up with a plan to get you two together with the help of Jihoon
  • They were pretty much enjoying the show at the moment as Woojin introduced you with a big smirk on his face
  • Jinyoung seemed to be okay as he nodded
  • But in reality, his mind is literally going WTF THIS IS TOO SOON
  • That was when you started talking to Jinyoung as you Woojin and Jihoon left to get more snacks
  • It was pretty awkward at first but soon enough there was a conversation actually going on after you two started talking about the movie that was just released
  • Without either of you just blushing or being embarrassed
  • Your mind was going crazy when he laughed at your jokes cause WOW NOT ONLY IS HE GOOD LOOKING HE IS FUNNY & NICE AS WELL
  • You two finally got to speak to each other after months of you asking only for black coffee and him just giving you the usual greetings
  • When you go into the shop the next day, you can actually carry out a conversation with him
  • Thank the heavens that you could also stop drinking black coffee as you ordered a matcha latte
  • It felt so different when you spoke to him while ordering and both of you just smiling at each other
  • While you still visited the cafe every weekday morning
  • You were there even more frequently
  • Cause Jinyoung texted you that he was trying out a new drink and wanted you to be a taste tester
  • And like besides exchanging numbers, he will also walk you home or mostly to the coffee shop
  • While you study for your papers, he did make your drinks and gave you cookies
  • It was a lot of fun when you taste his drinks as you did make up quirky names and he did laugh at your silliness
  • But you two still don’t move past ‘being friends’ even if Woojin repeatedly pushes both of you to just confess since it was obvious that you two wanted each other
  • You didn’t dare approach the subject because what if Woojin was wrong and like Jinyoung only wanted to be friends?
  • It was the same for Jinyoung who just couldn’t trust his instincts
  • One day, there were loud knocks on your door and when you opened it
  • You were pretty much awestruck to see Jinyoung drenched in rain and …. was that a puppy???
  • He explained that he saw the puppy and was caught in the rain
  • You got him to change into Woojin’s clothes as you played with the puppy
  • But once he was done, you told him you wouldn’t mind keeping the puppy until he found the owner
  • That was when he ruffled your head at how kindhearted and thoughtful you were
  • “I really like you. Wait I mean like uhh for taking care of the puppy.”
  • When he saw your face fell from the last statement, he knew he messed up big time
  • Maybe Woojin was right and like coffee, it wasn’t wrong for him to give things a try rather than staying the same routine
  • He paused for a few minutes and took a deep breath as you seemed to want to leave
  • “Let me make it clear. I … really like you. Like you are the only reason I take the morning shift even I have to wake up at 7am and m-my earliest class is at 9am. I - I’m not allowed to get people to taste test drinks but I beg Jisung hyung to let you do it …. so i could spend more time with you.”
  • You both went completely silent for a moment
  • Jinyoung honestly thoughted you wouldn’t return his feelings and that he pretty much ruined a perfectly good friendship apart
  • until you lean it and gently press your lips on his
  • He freezes momentarily but returns back immediately as he relaxes to it
  • It was probably because you two drank a lot of coffee but it tasted like a warm cup of hot chocolate
  • But the puppy bark just broke you two apart as both you of you shared a shy smile
  • The kiss was short but it got the message through
  • Since then, you can see Jinyoung religiously practising his latte art so he can get a perfect heart for you
  • He is honestly really cheesy when he gives you your coffee cause there’s a bunch of cute nicknames on it
  • You two eventually keep the puppy and become both its owner and you two simultaneously gave it the same name
  • You guess it: Coffee
  • As the new semester starts, you two share some of the same class
  • Rather than you walking over to the cafe, he did just pass you in class
  • But it was still a routine of yours to drop by the coffee shop for the taste test
  • Does the whole milk foam kiss thing
  • The irony is that you two like to visit other cafes for dates
  • Also, low key tries to sneak you more coffee than usual and muffins whenever you come over
  • Barista! Jihoon has to stop him from looking at you every 5 seconds and start giggling and actually do his job lmao
  • He deadass gets so distracted when you are around but he always tries to deny it
  • Jinyoung: This time I really wasn’t distracted okay!!
  • Jihoon: Then how do you explain putting pumpkin spice extract in a matcha latte????
  • Jinyoung “ …. heRE”S THE THING -”
  • You wear his sweaters and hoodie in the cafes since he had to wear his uniform
  • He literally melts when he sees you with sweater paws
  • He loves cheek kisses tbh
  • He blushes such a deep shade of red when you do it
  • You are always super proud of him when his drinks get approved by Jisung and it gets to be on the menu
  • The two of you are regulars at calling takeout cause both of you can’t cook lmao
  • Cuddles with thick and warm blankets between you two
    Loves making you hot chocolate and then kisses you after that cause he thinks it makes the kiss that much sweeter
  • You love listening to him hummed in the kitchen in the mornings cause it’s so soothing and it sounds better than an ASMR video
  • “You are like …. my caffeine.”

Requests are always open & Feel free to inbox me anything at all  ♡

Flirting Takes You Somewhere


Prompt (Anon request): Can you do a Clint Barton x little sister one where Tony hires her to be the teams personal chef cause he loves her cooking? Clint gets overprotective cause the guys on the team are flirty and she’s just a kid in his eyes since she’s fresh out of college. She loves her big brother but she loves to torment him too so she flirts with Bucky and teases Clint. Bucky ends up asking her out.

Words: 2000.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took so long, but my life is hectic right now. Thank you so much for requesting, dear! Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it!


“Cut those in small pieces,” you said as you placed a bowl of potatoes in front of your older brother, Clint. He looked at the bowl, then at you, then back at the bowl and finally back at you.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

You shot him a glare and he was smart enough to just grab the knife and start cutting.

While that was being solved, you focused on getting the rest of dinner ready.

You were a guest at the Avenger Compound. Being close to your brother meant a lot of hanging out with the Avengers, but you had never cooked for them.

You had no idea how you had gotten into the kitchen – with Clint­ of all people. Actually, you did. Sam Wilson and his need to bet on everything and, as a proud person, you couldn’t refuse. So you bet that you could make Natasha Romanoff moan while tasting your food.

Everything had to be perfect.


“Ready to lose?” Sam whispered in your ear, from behind you.

You smirked and glanced at him from over your shoulder. “Only in your dreams, birdy.”

The entire team sat around the gigantic table, everyone filling their plates with the plenty of food you made Clint place around.

The bet said you had to let Clint help and everyone knew how awful he was at the kitchen, so you made him do simple things: cut the potatoes and set the table. Knowing your plan, he took an extra-long time in cutting the potatoes.

You sat with Clint on your right and Bucky on your left, Steve by Bucky’s other side and Natasha right in front of you.

The team tried to conceal the glances they threw at Natasha as she prepared her first spoonful. Is a whimper a moan? She had to close her eyes? She had to whimper a word or just a wordless moan would suffice? You should have settles rules with Sam first.

Natasha rose the fork to her mouth and froze when the food touched her tongue.

Oh my. You had tasted it, it was delicious. How embarrassing would it be if Natasha hated it?

For three agonizing seconds, the room was dead silent, which was impressive on its own.

“I think my tongue just met with God.”

And then she began chewing and her eyes closed and she… moaned.

“YES!” Clint screamed beside you, standing up with his hands reaching for the ceiling.

“No way!” Sam shrieked before placing his fork in mouth. Sam whimpered.

Not a single word was said during dinner. Well at least not to each other. Some mumbling words escaped from here and there, but they were all quiet and, most importantly, all praises.

When everyone finished, Tony turned to face you.

“How on Earth do you do that?”

“Four years of cooking and experimenting new flavors in college does have its perks,” you explained and then smirked at Sam.

“So you just graduated?” Steve asked. Clint had told him that already, but he wanted to talk to you.

“Yep,” you confirmed, “I’m looking for a job now, but no one wants someone fresh out of college,” you sighed.

Few of them knew what the struggle was for those who had just finished college and were looking for a good job.

“What if you worked here?” Tony blurted out suddenly.


“I’d pay you, of course. I’d probably get fat too, because I wouldn’t stop eating, but you’d have a job and be near your brother,” Tony eyes light up as the idea formed in his mind.

“Plus a bunch of lunatics as friends,” Sam chimed in, grinning, “Or more,” he winked at you, making you chuckle.

“And no need to wash or clean anything,” Tony quipped his eyebrows, “I’m a genius so no one actually has to do it.”

“I’d cook for all of you?”


“I’ll gladly take it.”

“Yes!” Came the response from everyone surrounding you.

Everyone was beaming, but Bucky’s small smile was the most beautiful.


“Need any help?”

You turned to see Steve leaning against the doorway.

“If you’re not busy and trust me with a knife near you, sure,” you threw a smile over your shoulder.

“I’m sure I’ll survive.”

You asked him to mix the sauce while you cut the meat.

“You sure you don’t want me do that?” Steve asked. He flexed his arms to show off the bulging muscles from under the shirt he wore.

Poor seams.

Steve wanted to flirt? Two could play at this game.

“Believe it or not, Steve, I’m very talented with my hands,” you winked at him.

Red peppers should feel jealous of his blush.


You were walking around the Compound, a book and a snack in hands when he suddenly appeared next to you.

“Hello, Princeza,” Pietro fell into a walk beside you, a grin on his lips, his hair all tousled from the run.

“Hello, Pietro,” you smiled back.

He turned and started walking backwards, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Just wanted to say that you look lovely today.”

You chuckled and thanked him before he took off running.


“Hey, [Y/n],” Wanda called you happily, “Wanna watch a movie with me?”


You settle on the gigantic couch and picked a movie that pleased your tastes and hers.

Through the movie, Wanda laid her head on your shoulder, snuggling close. By the end of it, she was peacefully sleeping and you didn’t want to disturb her, so you simply got more comfortable on the couch and decided on a nap.


You slept on the afternoon, so at night, you couldn’t sleep. Maybe, a little walk around the Compound would be helpful.

As you went past the lab, you saw a light. Bright and, as you got closer, more than one.

“Bruce?” you called, softly.

He looked at you from his notepad, a bit frightened.

“Yes, [Y/n]?”

You smiled softly at him, “Can’t sleep?”

He chuckled. “Not tonight. I’m almost done with this and my mind won’t settle until I finish it.”

“Oh, I’ll leave you to it, then.”

“You can’t sleep either?” he called before you made it out the door, his voice a bit shaky.

You turned to him again. “Nope.”

He scratched the back of his neck, his eyes not meeting yours. “Maybe some snack would help you settle? I could accompany you?”


You had just served your newest chocolate cake recipe. The first cake was enough to serve a piece for each person in the room. Thank God – or Thor really, since he was the one that suggested you baked more, “with his help, of course,” since he loved cooking – that you baked four.

“Lady [Y/n], this is divine,” Thor gushed, his eyes closed in delight.

“Why, thank you, Thor,” you smiled at him.

Steve, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Wanda and Pietro all looked at you dreamily. Clint cleared his throat, annoyed that they wouldn’t stop flirting with you. They all recomposed themselves.

In Clint’s mind, you were only a child, a freshly-graduate woman. With a bunch of people he called family hoovering over you.

Bucky was the only one that escaped Clint’s radar, being subtle while looking at you.

“Maybe you should come to Asgard with me and become my Queen. We make a tremendous pair, don’t you think?” the God smiled brightly at you.

“I might agree with you, Thor.”

If there was one thing you loved, was teasing your older brother.


You turned your head to your right and then forward, trying to stretch it out. When you repeated the process to the other side, a cracking sound echoed throughout the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re tense,” Natasha exclaimed as she walked over you. You had a recipe book opened on the marble counter in the kitchen, your favorite place in the huge Compound. Nat served herself a glass with water and offered you one, which you refused.

“Am I?”

She looked at you. “Yes. Want me to help you with that?”

And that’s how you ended up in one of the stools, book forgotten as Natasha worked her gentile hands on your neck and shoulders, getting rid of all the knots.


Your crush on Bucky had developed to not being so small anymore, but how could you make him see? He was the only person that didn’t flirt you, the only one that you wanted to. Maybe you didn’t have to wait for him to do it.

And maybe you could be a perfect sibling and tease your older brother some more. You knew Clint didn’t like when the Team flirted with you, but would you truly pass out on a bunch of opportunities to annoy him? No way.

So, this happened:

Bucky had just came from the market with Steve and Sam, each of them with two bags in each hand full of food.

“Need any help?” you came to the kitchen, where the pair had just came in and where conveniently Clint was talking to Natasha.

“No, it’s okay, we got it,” Bucky responded, his features calm upon setting the groceries on the counter. Steve and Sam followed suit.

“Doesn’t surprise me, with all those muscles of yours,” you dismissively said.

Clint promptly sent you a side-glance, quirking his eyebrow, but didn’t say anything.

Steve, noticing the not-so-subtle actions, bumped his arm on Bucky and looks pointedly at [Y/n].

Natasha spoke, “Hey, I need someone to test the new Widow Bites.” No one answered, all looked at her in fear. “Sam’s wings and Steve’s shield. Now.” She left the room and the two quickly followed quickly.

In fact, they went to the Security Room and watched it all from the cameras.


You always cooked with music, no exceptions. What changed, if someone was observing, was if you’d dance or not.

No one was in the kitchen as you finished dinner, so what was the harm in swaying your hips and bumping your head to the rhythm? None, except-

“I can show you how to dance to this kind of songs, if you want.”

You quickly turned to see Bucky leaning against the counter.

“Would you, really?”

You were listening to some old 40s classics, obviously Bucky knew how to dance to them.

“Yeah. If you want, that is.”

“I’d love that,” you smiled at him. Before he realized, he was smiling back.



So you turned the oven off and stood in front of him.

“How do we do this, Sergeant?”

“Like this,” he guided one of your hands to his shoulder and the other to his own hand, while he placed his free hand on your waist. As he instructed you on your feet, two steps front, one step back. Only increasing in speed to actually match the song’s.

By the end of the lesson, you were both laughing and breathing heavily. As a final move, right when the song was about to end, Bucky dipped you while holding onto your lower back gently but firmly.

“Very good,” he praised, bringing you to an upright position again, his steel eyes focused on yours. You couldn’t help but return his gaze, your hands still on his shoulders and his resting lightly on your waist. “I’m impressed.”

“I had a great teacher.”

At that, he laughed.

“[Y/n],” he said, focusing entirely on you again, “Would you go on a date with me?”

Bucky thought your smile could light up the world.

“I’d love to.”

The other were all bundled up on the doorway of the kitchen, hiding their lower parts behind the wall but their upper bodies visible as they leaned to the side to watch you and Bucky, trying – as in, completely failing – in being subtle.

“Why do you get mad at us for flirting with her, but not with Bucky who has his hands all over her?” Tony whispered-yelled, grumpily crossing his arms over his chest. A typical two-year-old tantrum.

Clint grinned, “Because he truly knows her value.”


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back to each other

I finally finished this fic of Malec’s night together after leaving the party!! Hope you all enjoy :) it’s very domestic aka my weakness :-)

word count: 2000+

The newly reunited duo looked just like any other couple returning home from date night in NYC. However, Alec was sure that he was definitely the happiest boyfriend, or person, in New York for that matter. He relished in the feeling of Magnus’ hand in his again, the soft skin and the cold metal of his rings. Secretly glad that Magnus was too drained to conjure a portal, they made their way back to the apartment on foot.

“Are all the warlocks still here? I’d like to thank them for their help,” Alec said as they approached the door.

“No, they left once they heard about the victory. But I’ll be sure to pass on the message.” Magnus’ eyes were warm as he looked at Alec before shouldering open the door and pulling him inside.

Alec let out a sigh of relief at finally being home again. Sure, he had a room at the Institute, decorated with a few pictures and personal things. But Magnus’ had become his safe place, and the loss of it had been heavy over the past few days. The familiarity of the red and orange tones warmed Alec to the core, and he felt the tension of everything that had happened drain out of him. It made him smile to see some of his things still around, like his spare jacket on the coat rack, and his favorite blanket on the couch.

He wandered around a bit, Magnus following close behind, unwilling to let go of his hand. He thumbed over the photo booth pictures with a smile, remembering the matching ones he kept tucked into the pocket of wallet.

“I didn’t know you kept this,” Alec smiled as the memories of the night began to swirl through his mind. Flashes of the bright city lights, the warmth of Magnus’ lips replacing the chilly night air, the hotel at the end of the evening.

“Of course I did. That was one of the best nights of my life,” Magnus replied, letting go of Alec’s hand and instead wrapping an arm around his waist, pulling him closer to his side.

“Better than your night in the palace with Casanova?” Alec teased, turning on his heel so he was facing his boyfriend.

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When Woozi meets a girl who’s really similar to him

Thank you for requesting! I’d love to write more Seventeen scenarios, so to all the Carats reading this: please send me requests for Seventeen when I’m accepting requests again! ^^ I hope this is to your liking and as always, please tell me if it isn’t~

my personality is totally different from the personality of the girl in this scenario so idk how good this is but i had fun writing this! ^^


Drama with fluff at the end because i could not leave it out i’m sorry

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by mienghao

Jihoon groaned at the way his friends were admiring a girl. He tried his best to focus on his book but the continuous whispering and laughing his friends were doing was making him lose his focus.

They have such a weird taste in women, he thought, glancing at the girl they were so loud over.

Lee Jihoon, just another normal college student. Well, not exactly normal. He and his three friends were the most popular people at their college. Most of the girls had a crush on him or his friends. He had no interest in the girls who confessed to him so he always turned them down coldly. Even though he made it very clear that he didn’t want to date any of the girls who confessed to him, the confessions didn’t stop. Are we in high school or something? He asked himself every time a girl confessed to him in the most mainstream way ever: by asking him to come to a quiet place with him and confessing shyly.

And then you had appeared. Your behavior annoyed him more than anything. You walked around campus, looking cold. You had your friends but whenever he saw you, you were alone, studying or just looking around with an expressionless face. Most of the girls ignored you but a ton of guys drooled over you, not only because of your looks but also because of your personality that was very different from most of the girls there. You got confessed to every now and then. The guys used the cheesiest pick-up lines and lacked creativity. You were much like Jihoon when someone confessed to you: you coldly told them the truth about what you thought about them. You were actually even a little meaner than him.

Even though Jihoon found you extremely annoying, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat attracted to you. And that made him even more annoyed.

“I’d totally date her,” Soonyoung stated.

“Who wouldn’t?” Jun asked.

“Jihoon,” Wonwoo pointed at Jihoon.

Soonyoung and Jun turned to look at Jihoon. “Really?”

“Why would I date someone like her?” he asked, annoyed. “She’s annoying.”

“Have you talked to her?” Jun asked.

“No,” Jihoon calmly answered. “And wouldn’t even if I got the chance.”

“Well, that’s great. Less competition for me,” Jun grinned and got up from his chair before walking over to you. Jihoon and the other two watched as the situation went from Jun starting the conversation to you quickly shutting him down by saying something with an expressionless face. The situation was over in a matter of seconds and Jun returned to where the other three were sitting.

Jihoon opened his book and let out a sigh. A group of girls that was sitting behind him in the lecture hall was having a heated conversation about him. They thought he didn’t hear since he was wearing his earphones but they were so loud that he would have heard them even if the music was on full volume.

Someone sat down next to him and at first he didn’t pay attention on the person. He only turned around when he noticed who it was.

What the hell?

You sat there, flipping through the pages of your book. You had a bored expression on your face. After a bit you noticed him staring at you.

“What?” you asked. “Are you going to throw a cheesy, over-used pick-up line at me?”

“I wouldn’t do that even if you were the last person on earth,” he calmly answered.

You were a little surprised by his answer and it showed on your face, which he noticed.

“What?” Jihoon asked. “Were you hoping for me to say yes?”

“No,” you answered just as calmly as he had just now. “I was just surprised you didn’t.”

That was the end of your conversation. The lecture started and you two sat there, taking notes and listening to the teacher. You both thought the lecture was boring. Eventually you started to doodle in your notebook and he observed you from the corner of his eye without even noticing he was looking at you.

Weeks passed by and every time you were on the same lecture, you sat down beside him. He got used to it so he didn’t really mind you doing so after it had happened a few times. He actually found himself enjoying looking at you doodle in to your notebook. He didn’t admit it though, not even to himself.

One day you didn’t come to the lecture because you were sick. Jihoon wondered where you were and was unable to focus. He felt the need to know why you hadn’t showed up. The next day you did come to the lecture even though you weren’t feeling too good.

Jihoon kept taking glances at you during the lecture. “Why didn’t you come yesterday?” he asked in the end.

“I had a pretty bad fever,” you said and he could hear from your voice that you were still sick.

“And you’re all healed now?” he asked.

“No,” you stated. “But I still came.”

For the rest of the lecture you two were quiet and listened to the teacher. You weren’t exactly quiet though since you had a little bit of trouble breathing thanks to your clogged nose.

Jihoon put a few coins in to the vending machine and looked at the options. Before he could buy the drink he wanted to get, he noticed you sitting a little further away, holding a book. He tilted his head a little while looking at you.

She looks sick.

You sneezed.

Cute, he chuckled subconsciously and when he realized what he had just thought, he shook his head, trying to forget about it. He turned back to the machine in front of him and after a few seconds of hesitation, he bought a drink. Once he got it he walked over to you. You didn’t notice him until he handed the drink to you. You took the drink and looked at him, a little surprised.

“What is this?”

“Can’t you read?” he asked, pointing at the drink’s label.

“I can,” you calmly said. “I mean you giving this to me. Are you trying to seduce me or something?”

“Keep dreaming,” he gave a laugh.

“Uh huh,” you said and focused on your book again, expecting him to leave.

Jihoon looked at you for a bit. “Get better soon. I don’t want to sit next to someone who keeps sniffling the whole lecture,” he said, trying to make the statement sound as cold as possible.

“Tsundere,” you said with a smirk.

“Shut up,” he nudged you with his elbow before walking away.

“Thanks,” you said while he was walking away.

“You’re welcome.”

BTS - Reaction to You (A Foreigner) Pretending Not to Be A Fan

As requested. :)


As the handsome boy approached you, your heart rate increased rapidly. You tried to calm down but smiled at him a little too excitedly. He assumed you knew who he was but asked for help first. “Excuse me, could you help me find this place?” He described a sandwich shop which you were familiar with. You gave him directions and he thanked you, before he left he turned and asked “You are an ARMY?” You blushed but nodded, “I didn’t want to freak you out. I know how fans can be. You boys deserve privacy and respect.” He smiled, “Would you like a picture?”


You had somehow ended up sitting next to Yoongi on a plane. As a diehard ARMY you were internally screaming. Not wanting to freak him out though, you casually pretended that he was a stranger you had no clue about. He caught your blush and the sound of your music from your earbuds, BTS of course, during the flight. He smirked to himself as he thought of how great of an actress you were right now. “Good taste in music,” he said softly before turning to you. Your heart was beating out of your chest, “Listen you boys are totally amazing. But you should be treated with the same respect as every other person.” He gave a small chuckle, “Well thank you for that, but you can talk to me. I am just a guy after all.” With that you had some wonderful conversations fill the rest of the flight.


While browsing through your favorite bookstore you noticed a familiar face. A very unexpected familiar face. Hoseok was there, in your country, walking around in the same store as you. You had known he was an avid reader, but seeing him here was unbelievable. You tried to calm yourself down as you walked past him to get to the thriller section. “Any… suggestions?” His words caught you off guard and you stopped dead in your tracks. His English was even more adorable than he was. With your palms sweating, you gave him a smile and pointed him to your latest read. A mystery thriller which ended up climbing the best sellers list. He noticed the nervousness in your voice and the way you were trying to avoid eye contact. “This is important business.” Your eyes grew as you noted the joke and he laughed. “You know how I always need to do it at least once, with a fan makes it more memorable.”


Since he was usually the one leading the boys through other countries with his English he was happy to slip away for a little bit. He just happened to be at the café you were eating at, in the line, right in front of you. You fiddled with your wallet in your hands as you examined how tall he actually was in person. Not to mention his fluent English as he ordered a sandwich and a smoothie that the place was well known for. You had almost gotten away with it before he turned and smiled at you with a “ Hello.” The red on your face probably gave it away, as well as the stare of awe you gave in return before registering that you should say hello back. You carried on with the conversation he began as you both waited for your orders. When they finally called his out, he picked it up and then stopped in front of you. “You know me, don’t you?” You nodded slowly and looked up at him. He grinned and gave a small wink before heading to sit down at a table. When you went up, the cashier informed you that your meal had been paid for. You turned to see him smirking at you.


Grocery shopping was never an eventful thing. At least until Jimin was in the isle you had just turned to. He and the boys must be staying somewhere, you thought. They were off tour right now so you had no idea they would be in your city. He was mumbling to himself, listing off things that each of the members would appreciate him buying. You had no idea what to do. There is no way you would whip out your phone and invade his privacy. He lifted his head, spinning around a bit in search of something. This was your opportunity. “Do you need help finding something?” He smiled at you, nodding while trying to give you the product names in English. You offered to show him around and he gratefully accepted. While helping him, you received a text, your phone visible in your hand. The wallpaper of Jimin and the boys. He definitely saw, the smirk that formed on his lips was huge. “Thank you for helping me, at least I can give you a photo in return.” You paused, “No need, really. You just looked confused and I wanted to help.” He giggled, “This is my thank you in return. You better make it your wallpaper, I’m obviously the best member.” You both laughed and you handed you phone over, his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you both smiled happily for the picture.


You had just gotten paid, and feeling like spoiling yourself, you went to the high end clothing store in town. There he was, Mr. Gucci himself. Looking for some clothing while in the area on vacation. You were admiring him from afar when he caught you looking. A grin forming over his lips as he walked over to you. You immediately started messing with the clothing around you like you had been browsing all along. He stopped across from you lifting two shirts, one in each hand. “Which one?” You looked up flustered. You didn’t respond so he laughed, “You can talk, really. Honestly though, which one should I get.” You pointed to his left hand. “That color looks best on you.” He smirked again getting closer, you had just realized what you said. “I meant…wait, what I mean is..” He stopped you mid sentence, “It is alright. Glad to see a fan overseas like this.”


You were walking along the beach when you heard someone call out, “Excuse me! Could you help me?” You turned to see the handsome golden maknae in swim shorts and a fitted t-shirt looking at you incredulously. You pointed at yourself “Me?” He nodded and walked towards you. Your heart was beating out of your chest as you prepared yourself for what could possibly happen. “Do you know where they serve some good seafood here?” You thought for a moment and answered telling him your favorite spot but accidently mentioned something about large tables for big parties. The side of his mouth curled up as he realized the meaning of your words. “You mean if the boys are joining me? Yes, well do they serve normal food, for Jimin?” You tried to hide your embarrassment. “Yes they do….” There was a moment of silence before you apologized. “Why are you apologizing?” He was confused but also amused at the same time. You explained that you didn’t want to be a creepy fan, you just really liked them.” He gave an appreciative smile and thanked you for your help. “Maybe we’ll see you there?”

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More Than That (Pt. 1)

[Summary]: Who knew your boyfriend knew Tony Stark in college. At a college alumni party, you meet the Avengers and they immediately take a liking to you, treating you like a “sister-like” figure. Except for one super soldier who likes you “more than that”. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you confide in Steve about it who’s willing to do anything to be more than friends with you.

[Pairing]: Steve x reader (mentions of the team)

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! More Backstreet Boys comin’ your way, peeps! [x] This one literally screamed Steve’s name when I was listening to it, so here’s the result… A short series!

Originally posted by marvelgifs

You will never forget the first time you met the Avengers. It was a pretty surreal moment for you. And all because your boyfriend had went to college with the most well known member of the team.

A party invitation had been sent to the apartment the one day and you almost had to do a double-take, noticing the address it said where the invite came from. For a second you almost thought that it was a practical joke from one of Greg’s buddies.

“Hey, hun,” you said to him as you walked into the kitchen. “This isn’t another joke from Billy, is it?” And you tossed the envelope into his lap.

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Into You (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I put 3 requests together in this one;

81. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

91. “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like..”

99. “Come sit on my lap.”

An imagine based on the song “Into You” by Ariana Grande

Warnings: SMUT (or worse my first smut!!)

Word Count:

A/N: Listen to “Into You” by Ariana Grande while reading. Oh God what is this!!!!! This was my first smut and honestly, I have never sinned like this before. The most awkward part was the last part…

Originally posted by loveviral

“I’m so into you, I can barely breathe. And all I wanna do is to fall in deep. But close ain’t close enough ‘til we cross the line, hey yeah. So name a game to play, and I’ll roll a dice, hey”

Music was blasting off, sending ecstatic feelings to the seniors who were happy to be graduating and finally leaving high school after four miserable years. The apartment was full of people dancing, making out, doing the stupidest things alcohol was causing but none of them was caring. It was the night when they were feeling finally free.

However, Peter Parker was not enjoying the party very much. He was dragged there by his friend Ned, who was surprisingly drunk off his ass by midnight and left Peter all alone. Peter didn’t know much people and he wasn’t much of a talker. Other than that, he was quiet disturbed by watching his crush of four years, sitting on a lap of some douchebag. Peter didn’t have any right to get mad at the scene as Y/N was just a friend for him. They talked when they saw each other at school but not more than that. Ned always kept pushing Peter to ask her out but for Peter, it was harder than getting into some fancy college. He kept glaring at the guy but his eyes were also on Y/N. He felt his pants tightening and he couldn’t catch his breath for a second as he watched her grinding on the guy, her hair all over her face, her mouth open… He sighed and started playing with his fingers. The boredom was killing him and the noisier the seniors got, the more irritated Peter got. He stood up and walked towards to the kitchen to get some drink. Peter didn’t drink much but he knew the night wasn’t going to pass without alcohol.

He harshly opened the fridge, still thinking how Y/N was grinding on that guy’s lap, he sighed and shook his head, she could do whatever the fuck she wanted. He pulled a beer can and opened it quickly. When he turned around he bumped into someone and beer was spilled all over to the floor.

“Shit…” They both mumbled. Peter tilted his head to see who he was talking to. “Sorry, wait, I’ll get you another one,” the girl mumbled and headed to the fridge. Peter’s mouth was open, seeing that it was Y/N. “Okay,” he talked to himself quietly while nervously waiting for her. He didn’t even know why he was nervous; they always talked to each other. But tonight, Peter felt like he wanted more.

He was woken up from his thoughts by the soft voice of Y/N: “Here, I’m sorry Peter, again,” she chuckled. Even though she had looked pretty energetic back when Peter was watching her, now she looked extremely calm. Peter was curious if she had taken any drugs or something.

Peter grinned: “No problem, thanks for the beer,” he lifted the beer up. They stared each other awkwardly, not talking for a while then Y/N asked: “Are you alone?”

Peter nodded while taking a sip from his beer. “Actually, Ned was with me like an hour ago, I don’t know where the hell he is right now,” they both laughed, knowing how Ned would be if he was drunk. “I was with my friends too but we made a stupid bet so I needed to give this stupid guy a lap dance. Ugh, it was gross. I’m glad that I could escape them. Shall we hang out together, you seem bored?”

Peter was shocked and also extremely pleased by her offer: “Sure!”

They both headed to the dancing crowd.

“Oh, baby, look what you started. The temperature’s rising in here. Is this gonna happen? Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move, before I make a move.”

“You are the worst dancer I have ever seen!” Y/N yelled at Peter who was truly failing dancing. “Hey! I didn’t know this was a dancing competition. I just came here to have a good time, I feel so attacked right now!” Peter yelled back.

They had been dancing for a while, neither of them feeling tired at all. They were probably the only ones who weren’t drunk; Peter wasn’t drunk since he needed to take his friend back home and Y/N just didn’t feel like drinking. Music was getting louder and louder as the hours passed, it was almost 2 a.m.

Peter was finally enjoying his freedom night. This was the first time he was hanging out with Y/N and it was probably the first time he was truly having fun. They didn’t talk much but it was okay. Just dancing was enough too. Well, not that enough maybe.

“Why are you dancing so far away from me Parker?” Y/N chuckled while getting closer to him slowly. Peter’s smile faded away, now what was he supposed to do? “I-I didn’t realize…”

“I’m joking,” she smirked and placed her hands on his shoulder, their chests nearly touching each other. After a while, Peter got used to the position so he gently placed his hands on her waist. His hands sent a warm feeling through Y/N’s body, causing her to bite her lower lip. Peter stared at the ceiling trying to hide his groan Y/N just caused.

“Peter…” Y/N whispered and Peter stared back at her dazzling eyes: “Yes?”

“When will we stop pretending and stop this pain for both of us?” Y/N gasped, still dancing against Peter’s body. Peter knew exactly what she was talking about but he couldn’t say anything. He felt his cheeks burning up and his hands were shaking. Of course he wanted to stop pretending, he just didn’t know how. “Let me make this easier for you.” She stood up a bit more to reach to Peter’s ear and slowly whispered: “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear,” sending shivers down Peter’s spine. Without hesitation, he pressed his lips onto hers. The harsh kiss caused her to moan, making Peter more flustered than ever. Y/N opened her mouth to let Peter’s tongue in. Peter’s hands were slowly roaming all over her body, painfully. “Peter…” Y/N moaned again. Peter smirked, not moving for a bit. “Stop teasing me,” Y/N whimpered, unbuttoning Peter’s flannel slowly. Peter groaned at the sudden action and mumbled: “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like…”

Y/N broke the kiss and slowly walked backwards, leaving Peter speechless. “Huh, I guess you will never find out if you keep standing there…”

“So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I’ll let you on it. A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it. A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body” 'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you.”

Peter followed Y/N through the long corridor, trying to walk quickly between the teenagers who were all over the place.

When Y/N finally got into one of the rooms a smirk was formed on Peter’s face. He slowly opened the door and saw Y/N leaning on a wall, her arms crossed, acting like she was disinterested in this whole situation. Peter quickly closed the door. The room was not very dark but it lacked light too. Before Peter could even move, Y/N attacked his lips. Peter’s face was red again. Even though he was getting used to this whole situation, it was still a shock for him. His hands slowly roamed her waist and a little bit down. As the kiss got rougher, Peter gained confidence. They slowly walked backwards to the bed and Peter sat down. They were both running out of breath. Peter slowly put his hands to Y/N’s sides who was standing in front of him. He slid his hands into her tight dress and stopped between her thighs, causing her to moan. “Come sit on my lap,” he demanded. Y/N sat on his lap and Peter kissed her jaw and shoulders softly. Y/N smirked and started grinding in a painfully slow pace. Peter’s hands were trembling again; he felt his pants tightening each second. He let out a quiet moan. “I-I adore you angel…” To tease him more, Y/N kept grinding while sucking on his lower lip. Peter couldn’t take it anymore so he pinned Y/N to the bed.

Y/N chuckled lightly at the sudden confidence Peter gained and Peter blushed:“If you don’t want me to-“

“Please, less conversation more touching,” Y/N whined and pulled him closer by grabbing his half unbuttoned flannel. Peter started sucking on Y/N’s collarbone, leaving marks. Then he slowed down a bit and kissed her breasts softly while Y/N’s hands were all over his soft hair. Peter unzipped her dress and she took it off immediately. “You are so beautiful,” he mumbled, while he kissed her stomach, cupping her breasts. Y/N kept whining, waiting for him to do something. Peter took off his pants and unbuttoned his flannel. He looked at Y/N, who was already a moaning mess, asking if these are all okay. Y/N simply nodded and Peter kept massaging her breasts. When finally he took off Y/N’s panties and his boxer, he slowly kissed her inner thighs. “P-peter… please…” Peter pressed his lips to hers, slowly getting inside of her, trying to make sure everything was okay. His hands still on her breasts and his lips on her jaw. Y/N kept moaning his name, causing Peter to go faster and faster each second. Peter kept whispering: “I love you”s into her ears.

Fanfiction - The Teacher II

I had no choice, really. If you missed it, here is part I.

The Teacher II

Claire hesitated in front of the door, the incrusted bronze plate shining with the letters “Professor Fraser”, beckoning her to dare and knock. She breathed deeply and raised her fist to announce her presence.

“Yes?” A voice answered inside, in a lilt that made her stomach explode in a frenzy of millions of bubbles. She half-opened the door in order to peek inside, realizing that he was accompanied by a student, sitting in front of him in what could only be called “the hot seat”. “Ah, it’s ye Miss Beauchamp.”

“Sorry to disturb you, Professor Fraser.” She said in a respectful tone, watching as her colleague – another Health Management student - looked at her with a cry for help in his brown eyes – slightly hazed from too much weed -, his shoulders slumped in mortal shame. “I have some questions about the essay I still have to write for your class. I was wondering if I could go over them with you, sir.”

James Fraser gave her an uninterested look – which could clearly be interpreted as annoyance with her presence – and finally nodded.

“I’ll be with you presently, Miss Beauchamp.” He said dryly. ”As soon as Mister King here understands that copying a page from Wikipedia is not acceptable as an essay. You do realize I have access to the Internet, Mister King?” His eyebrows were raised above the rim of his black eyeglasses, enhancing his disappointment at his student poorly conducted machinations.

“Yes, Professor Fraser.” The boy furiously nodded, a sinner in repentance, his neck slowly disappearing between his shoulders as he tried to bury himself away, escaping those piercing blue eyes. “I am very sorry, sir.”

“I’m sure ye are.” The teacher gave him a lopsided smile, neatly pilling the sheets of paper crossed out in red ink and pushing them in his direction. “You have until tomorrow to deliver a corrected version of this paper, Mister King. I’ll have to grade it for a maximum “B” after this mischief, but it’s certainly better than the current “D” – from disaster.”

He pursed his lips and waited patiently as the student collected his belongings and made the walk of shame towards the door of his office. Claire could barely contain a smile as her colleague grimaced to her, rolling his eyes in despair, his back turned to the punishing master.

“Come in, Miss Beauchamp.” Professor Fraser urged her and, quickly patting Arthur King’s back in comfort, Claire moved inside the office and closed the door behind her. “How can I help ye?” He asked in a dark tone.

He looked serious and poised, his forearms resting on the mahogany table in front of him. His office was clean and discrete, fairly organized with stacks of paper and folders thoroughly aligned and labelled. He had a shelf filled with books behind him, silently complaining with copious overweight – Claire recognized titles from classic economy books but also lots of poetry and historical tomes. Over the years – both in nursing school and now as medical student –, she had been inside many teacher’s offices. There was a tendency for hoarding and to accumulate trinkets and photographs, as they spent so much time working inside them. However, Jamie’s office spoke of order and contention, only a photograph of himself with a dark haired woman – the same blue slanted eyes smiling to the photographer, betraying their kinship – and a small statue of a leaping stag.

“I was wondering if you could explain me again some concepts.” Claire said in strong voice, locking the door from the inside and slowly moving towards his desk. “I’m not sure I’m truly enlighten about them – in spite of our class yesterday.”

“Do ye now?” Jamie quirked a brow, his voice low and dangerous. “I thought I was fairly clear.” He rose from his chair and came around the desk, nearing her like a graceful predator.

“Some things benefit from repetition.” She licked her lips and, smiling widely, sat on his desk – her floral dress hiking up as she went, exposing her fair legs to his eyes, soft and creamy.

“Christ, Sassenach.” His mask of tight control fell – exposing his raw edges underneath it. He moaned and strode towards her in a heartbeat, placing himself between her parted thighs, his mouth punishing hers for the teasing, his hands grasping her curly hair. “I just had ye yesterday, but I want ye so much it hurts already.”

“I want you too.” She panted, as he touched her breast with his strong palm, her nipple already painfully aware of his proximity. “I couldn’t help myself – I had to come. I had to see you, to feel you.”

“When I saw ye standing at my door, I almost lost it.” He groaned, his hands brushing the soft skin inside her thighs, as he kissed and suckled her neck. “And ye – wearing this dress, ye wicked little vixen. I thought I’d throw ye into my desk and take ye, there and then, right in front of Mister King.”

“You’re a very good actor.” She laughed, her hands fumbling with the zipper of his pants. “I could swear you didn’t even like me – least of all wanted to shag me in your office.” Claire yelped as he kneeled in front of her and bit the sensitive skin, moist and heated from his attentions.

“This is madness.” He nuzzled her, his hands gripping her arse to bring her closer to him. “If we behave like uncontrolled teenagers someone will find out. We need to stop seeing each other here.”

A month before they had started seeing each other – meeting for dinner away from campus and taking long walks on secluded parks and on the coastline, where they could hold hands and kiss, languid and carefree. The underlying attraction had been there from the start, they were forced to admit – and their mutual feelings had bloomed into full spring, nurtured by hours of solitude and touches. At first the idea of sneaking around was fun and certainly arousing – but soon enough the burden of pretending indifference had become a permanent struggle and a source of unhappiness.

“You can stop.” Claire suggested teasingly, her lips tasting the hollow of his throat – skilfully undoing the first buttons of his shirt – the pulse of desire emanating from his skin. “I won’t force you, I promise.”

“I canna refuse ye.” He said in a hoarse voice, his accent made more evident by lust and strong emotion, as she struggled to free him from the constraining underwear. “Not today – nor ever, mo ghraidh.”

He played her like a violin – robbing her lips of moans and sobs that echoed in his heart like notes of the purest music, his eyes fixed on the way her beautiful face almost shattered, so close to be undone. Jamie touched her until his own body hurt – a desire so powerful it bordered on excruciating pain -, finally ready to take her. As he adjusted his body to hers, her head lulled back as she surrendered to the eminent joining, a knock on the door sounded – menacing and real, like a sudden tear on active muscle.

Their eyes locked in terror for a moment, their bodies almost fused together, their breathing ragged and superficial.

“Who is it?” Jamie questioned, struggling to compose his voice. He kissed her swollen lips one final – desperate – time and pulled her out of the desk, quickly helping her to adjust her clothes.

“Fraser?” The voice of Professor Raymond came from outside. “I need to discuss with you the program for the summit. May I come in?”

Mallaichte bas!” Jamie cursed, gritting his teeth. “Just a second!” He shouted through the door, composing his own clothes and brushing his hair with trembling fingers. Like two actors in a comical play, Claire launched herself into the chair, searching for her best concentrated and slightly bored look, as Jamie hurried to adjust the crumpled papers on his desk. When everything seemed to be in natural order, they nodded to each other and Jamie opened the door with a pleasant smile plastered on his lips.

“Ah.” The little man, with silver hair and dark all-knowing eyes, noticed Claire sitting like a student in best possible behaviour. “I hadn’t realize you were busy, James.”

“Miss Beauchamp and I were merely discussing her last paper.” Jamie explained, adjusting his glasses. “She had already started it before she transferred to your class.”

“No doubt.” Professor Raymond smiled, clearly amused. His eyes drifted through the room – in spite of their best efforts, Claire’s lips were clearly swollen and her hair even more unruly than usual. Jamie, although composed, had the look of a man battling a cramp in the belly – his eyes wild and fiery, his smile a bit too tense. “I’m sorry if I interrupted your…work.”

“That’s alright, Professor.” Claire raised from her chair and headed to the door, her neck still flushed. “I think I have everything I need for now. Thank you, Professor Fraser. I’ll be sure to deliver my complete work later.”

Both men stared as she waved and disappeared, closing the door behind her.

“Your fly is open, James.” Raymond warned him in an amiable tone and laughed like a content toad, to Jamie’s utter dismay.


“Have you asked for me, Professor Mackenzie?” Jamie announced himself, standing on the threshold of Colum MacKenzie’s - the dean of faculty - office.

“Ah, James – yes.” Colum’s calculative gaze turned to Jamie, as he invited him to sit with a brief hand gesture. He was silent for a while, studying Jamie’s cordial face, his hands entwined in thoughtfulness. “I asked ye here because a pressing matter has been brought to my attention.” He finally said, leaning back against his leather covered office chair.

“How may I help?” Jamie furrowed his copper brows.

“Ye can stop seeing Claire Beauchamp.” Colum said in a cutting voice, which froze Jamie’s insides – was he fishing for the truth, expecting him to confirm his suspicions; or did someone actually see him with Claire? He was certain Raymond knew after their encounter in his office, but was confident the man wouldn’t tell a soul due to their friendship.

“That is hardly possible.” Jamie smiled, trying to look relaxed and uncompromised. “She attends this school and I am a teacher here.”

“I was wondering if I had to remind ye of that exact fact.” Colum admonished, harshly. “Someone informed me that you have been involved in some kind of affair with the lass. I couldna believe it. That a teacher – my nephew, no less – would be sae foolish and careless.”

“Who told ye that?” Jamie gripped his fist, hidden bellow the desk, barely containing the anger in his voice.

“It doesna matter.” Colum shook his head, his eyes demanding and judgemental. “Will you deny it, Jamie?”

Jamie endured the assault of his eyes, his own stormy and strong. Eventually, he sighed and shrugged.

“No, I won’t deny it. I’m in love with Claire and I’m dating her.” He confessed, tilting his chin in defiance. Colum hissed like a harassed animal and pursed his lips in discontent. “I’m a professor here but she isna my student – we only got involved when she quit my class. Nothing happened before!” Jamie guaranteed, tapping his fingers on his leg.

“I had hope the girl was lying.” Colum brushed his thinning hair. “How could ye be sae stupid? How could ye overlook what screwing the lass would mean to this school?”

“What we have,” Jamie hissed, adamant. “Is much more than screwing, uncle. Claire is the woman I waited for all my life. I won’t forsake her – not even for yer precious reputation.”

“I see.” Colum breathed through his nose, like a resentful cat. His eyes searched Jamie’s, as they battle their unwavering wills. “In that case ye have a decision to make – let go of the lass or yer days of teaching are numbered.” And with a magnanimous nod of the head, he dismissed him. “Professor Fraser.”

Playful Fate

Word count: 2.222

Requsted: Yes

Warnings: None

Five hours. You were waiting for five hours for your code to be delivered that you were growing desperate. Your best friend called you some time ago, notifying you that she had received her code for Harry’s tickets and you could hear her relief along with her overall excitement. She asked you if you had received yours yet but your negative answer had her knotting her eyebrows and telling you not to worry.

You weren’t worried. You were just disappointed. When Harry had announced his tour dates and countries you and your friend wanted nothing more than for him to come and perform in your country. And when you two saw that your country was included, you started jumping up and down playing his album. It was a dream coming true. So your friend suggested if you wanted to get tickets, you should be quick to apply for a code.

The thing was that your friend had already her code whereas you were still on edge. Suddenly, you started thinking that you hadn’t made it and that you wouldn’t be seeing Harry in front of you, singing your favourite songs. Or else, why would it take so long? Could the system be stuck? Was your application invalid? So many thoughts, but your inbox was still empty.

“Maybe it is not meant for me to experience this”, you said to yourself and started blinking away a few tears. It was a shame really because the tickets were affordable for once and the concert would take place in your own country. It was a bargain. Yet, you wouldn’t be any part of this from what it seemed.

And you were proven correct. One week had passed and your code was nowhere to be seen. You had cried, as silly as it may sound, but that was how you felt. Y/F/N was devastated herself when you told her that you still didn’t have the code and she too knew that all the encouraging words in the world wouldn’t change anything. You still wished for her to have an awesome time and she promised to be back with as many videos and photos as she could gather.

Days were the same for you after that incident. School, your part time job and visits to Y/F/N’s. When you were waiting for your tickets you had marked down the concert’s date but when you had realized you wouldn’t be participating, you had given your calendar to your friend. In conjunction with this, your busy schedule nowadays didn’t allow to you to think about anything else. So when you were passing outside the local stadium you were a bit taken aback seeing all those people cleaning the place and arranging the stage.

“What have I missed?”, you said to yourself and decided to call Y/F/N and ask her what on earth was going on.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you could forget. In two days….Harry will perform there”, she said pausing a bit and realization hit you. Right. The concert you wouldn’t be attending was in two days. You didn’t cry. But the taste your friends’ words left afterwards was…Bitter.

“Oh”, was all you could muster up but you gained your senses almost immediately. Your friend was going to be there and you didn’t want to make her feel sympathetic or sad just because you were feeling this way. This was what she was dreaming about too.

“Well, make sure you have the time of your life!”, you tried to sound enthusiastic but you were positive you sounded nothing like that.

“Y/N, I appreciate your trying but it is not necessary with me. I know you. And you knowing me, you should know that if I was in your shoes, I would be ten times worse”, even her statement couldn’t make you feel better.

“Still. Just because I am bitter about it, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your excitement. Even though it is impossible. Anyways. I am running late for work. Catch up later yeah?”, you said not intending to sound so harsh but failing miserably.

Putting your earphones on, you headed to the shop you were working to; a small patisserie shop which was well known for its profiteroles. Your small journey was accompanied by Harry’s melodic voice singing Sign of the Times. You were trying to hold back a few stray tears but the tune of the song did not help at all. You really tried to understand why life didn’t want you to meet your idol, but everything happens for a reason right? That’s what you told yourself anyway. Entering the shop, the smell of freshly baked cupcakes put your thoughts at bay and maybe, that was the first time you appreciated this shop.

“Always early darling”, Leslie, the owner of the shop, a sixty year old lady, greeted you.

“Well, you know me Leslie. I want to be punctual”, you said and half smiled. Leslie insisted on you calling her by her first name, because any other name made her feel way older. You didn’t have any problem with this, because when addressing her like this, you felt like she was a friend of yours. And in reality, she was. When your shift would be over, she would turn the sign that read “OPEN” around, and she would prepare a cup of hot tea and some cupcakes for you to chat upon. She made you feel better about anything. You had even told her how unlucky you were and you hadn’t gotten tickets for Harry. Surprisingly enough, she had experienced the exact same thing when she was a teenager. When you had found out, your eyes bulged out of their pockets. You could picture Leslie with youngster clothes, waiting to be in a stadium to sing at the top of her lungs and dance around to her idol’s music. But life always has other plans. She encouraged you that it is not the end of the world and that you would get the chance to see him in person one way or another. Your heart and mind seemed to understand her point, so when you entered the shop, her words would come in mind and you would be calmer.

But today, fate seemed like it enjoyed seeing you feeling blue. After some hours of serving customers and writing down orders, the local radio station decided to praise Harry by playing his two songs. The one after the other.

“Why me?”, you cried out and you gulped down a glass of water to calm your nerves.

“Are yeh closed?”, a male voice spoke behind you. Just on cue, Two Ghosts started blasting through the small speakers the shop owned and you tried your best not to lose it.

“No sir, we are open. Tell m-“, you stopped mid-sentence and blinked harshly.

“Seems like your station likes meh songs”, Harry smirked, standing in front of you in all his glory.

“Well-, yeah-, wow”, you said at last, looking between the speakers and Harry. It was a funny sight if you came to think about it. A few days earlier, you were crying your eyes out that you wouldn’t watch Harry enjoying himself onstage but now here he was ready to order. In your shop.

“Oh your order. Pardon me. You were saying?”, you returned to your professional self and waited for his order.

“Well, I would like two of your best cupcakes and a cup of tea”, he smiled and waited patiently.

“Okay. Take away or table?”, you answered and he looked up at you.

“Table please. Oh and one more thin’”, Harry paused and you waited for his next words.

“Yes?”, you said jotting down his order.

“I think your country is very beautiful. Glad it will host meh gig”, he said and smiled without comprehending what he had just said. When he saw your facial expression clouding, he felt confused.

“Did I say something I wasn’t supposed to?”, he asked all worried and it was your turn to explain.

“No, no. But something messed up and I am afraid I will miss your concert unfortunately”.

“Is that so?” he smirked and you nodded.

“Anyway, you are not here to hear about my personal misfortunes. Your order will be right up”, you said and proceeded to your work.

“I will be more than happy to help yeh actually. Could yeh come to meh table fo’ a minute?”, he suggested.

“I am afraid I will be unable to”, you said gesturing to your apron.

“I will be waitin’ then”, Harry said and walked to an empty table. Who would have told you that Harry Styles would come to the shop which helped you pay your rent and on top of that, wait for your shift to be over. You were fangirling like there was no tomorrow. And while you were heating up the kettle, you realized something; you weren’t so irritated that you wouldn’t be at the concert anymore. Yes, a small part of you still wanted to hear the duck noises in Woman live but as your eyes would dart to Harry, you came to the point that just talking with him was what you really desired. And maybe in some hours this would be real.

“That young man seems to be impatient.”, Leslies’s voice startled you.

“Well, he is waiting for me to be finished with work so we can chat most probably”, you said preparing the tray with his tea and cupcakes.

“But that won’t be for three more hours! Leave the tray and sit with him. I will tell Josh to take over love”, Leslie offered and you squeaked.

“But Leslie, you are paying me to serve people not chat with them”, you retorted.

“You deserve a break. Now go to him”, she said and you thanked her before going to Harry’s table.

“Here you go. Our finest cupcakes along with your tea”, you said leaving each item on the table.

“And the kindest waitress”, he continued making you smile.

“Why, thank you”, you said and he ushered you to sit with him.

“So… As fo’ meh concert yeh can’t come to… Yeh know, I might have a spare ticket that no one will use eventually”, he said while sipping his tea and you stared at him bewildered. Just with one word, your dream would come true and you would enjoy yourself with Y/F/N jamming along to his new album. But you couldn’t accept. Not only would it feel wrong, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his kindness and prosperity.

“You know, some days ago, me and my friend applied to your site in order to get a code for tickets. My friend was the lucky one and got hers whereas I didn’t. I was devastated. And now here comes your kind offer. But I am afraid I will say no”, you said and he almost choked on his cupcake.

“But yeh seem like yeh want to come. I don’t understand”, he truthfully said. He started to feel confused with you; any other fan seeing him and being offered tickets by him would scream in his face and even cry. But that is what he appreciated too; your calmness around him. Even though you were screaming internally.

“You see, it seems to me that these few minutes we are conversing together, are worthy much more than a concert. Not wanting to disrespect your talent, but I hope I got my message across the right way”, you said, hoping you didn’t make a wrong choice of words.

“Yeh are somethin’ else really. I appreciate your company and you make meh feel less anxious when around a fan. And I don’t even know your name”, he concluded chuckling.

“It’s Y/N and I am so glad I make you feel this way”, you said chuckling as well. You knew how disrespectful his fans could be sometimes and how hectic it may seem to him. So why go with the flow when someone can treat him with the kindness he deserved?

“Y/N, yeh have a special place in meh heart from now on.”, he said and you swelled at his words.

“But I am afraid I have to go now. Have to practice. See yeh later yeah?”, he said and you got up to hug him. You were a bit baffled because you would never see him again and you didn’t exactly know how you could see each other later but you decided to push those thoughts aside and cherish the fact that you were hugging your idol. Maybe when you returned home you would let all your excitement out.

But fate knew better. Since that day, and when Harry would still be in the town, he would pay a visit to the shop. Sometimes only to see you. You had exchanged numbers too, careful not to be exposed of course, and your friend was happy that things turned out even better for you. Every once in a while, your fangirl mode would be switched on and Harry would be all playful about it but you didn’t mind. You also didn’t mind that you didn’t go to that concert but who needed a concert when Harry Styles would turn up at their work almost on a daily basis or call them up to chat?

Thank you so much for this request girl! I truly hope you people enjoyed it and don’t hesitate requesting things! I am more than glad to answer to you lovelies! Happy reading!

Summary: After Betty confronts her dad about Polly’s and Jason’s engagement as well as learning about the Coopers - Blossoms feud, there’s only one person that can take her mind off things. (Takes place after Betty’s and Hal’s fight and before Bughead’s scene at the Blue & Gold.)

(Taking a small break from your prompt requests to write something that stuck in my head and I had to get it out lol. I was listening to Let It All Go by Birdy feat. Rhodes and I had way too many feels so yeah… Hope you like it guys!!)

The Hitchcock blonde was once again locked in her floral pastel room that nowadays didn’t seem to match the air of depression that spread around the whole town and, most specifically, this very house. Soft music was playing in the background, the girl wanting to silence down the million thoughts that were running inside her head and suppress her still boiling anger and deep disappointment at both her parents. Usually, her mother would always win first place in the list of people Betty felt smothered by but after that evening, her dad was ranking a close second. She was at least thankful that he had the good sense to let her be, keeping himself busy in the house office downstairs for hours.

Dear Diary,

I don’t even know who my parents are anymore. How can the two people that are supposed to be everyone’s most valuable confidants in life, hide behind so many lies and weave webs of conspiracy and mystery around innocent teenage kids? How can I not know what is going on in my own house, with my own sister? They keep pushing me to drop the subject, stop snooping around and bury it all under the carpet like they did and for what? An idiotic vendetta that probably costed the life of two kids that did nothing wrong but fell in love. Why do we have to break so hard? Why does my life get to be filled with such uncertainty and fear of what the future will reveal next? I dread even to think about the obvious, I try so hard to hold my mind back, for it to not go there but it is already there and I feel scared. Sometimes I wish I was just another person, the identity of Elizabeth Cooper to not weight so much on my shoulders…”

The characteristic sound of pen against paper stopped and the red ink covered peak hovered over the rest of the empty line, Betty taking a moment to breath and slow down the gradually quicker raise and fall of her chest. One of her usual panic attacks was the last thing she needed right now, she thought and closed her eyes, dropping her head back against the wall, clutching the teal cover of her diary inside her icy cold fingers. She didn’t know how many hours had spent there, sitting on the wooden bench of her window and pouring into paper the anger and extreme sense of unfairness she felt after the fight she had hours ago with her father. But the worst of all, she felt hopeless, too small in a secret too big for her to handle, something that made her eyes whale up with tears again. She brought a palm to softly swipe the corner of her right eye in hopes of stopping the waterfalls but she failed, letting them finally be and watching as they soaked the paper in small shy droplets.

The chime of her phone had her eyes lazily turning to the side to face the machine, not in the mood of interacting with people right now. The message that brightened the screen surprised her though.

Don’t cry. Please.

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Uhh... Jello.

Prompt: Gerard is a vampire casually living in New York, when he meets a cashier who works the graveyard shift at a small corner store.


This one is rlly fluffy but I’m gonna write a pretty hot and intense vamp!gee fic next so yay

She was just incredible. Her soft H/C hair that fell perfectly no matter if she styled it or not, those sparkling E/C eyes that lit up the room? She was ridiculously gorgeous. Plus one day Y/N hadn’t worn her uniform (her manager must’ve been lenient that day) and instead wore a Smashing Pumpkins tee. If I wasn’t head over heels before, I certainly was now.

But there was only one tiny problem with asking her out.

“…And that problem is?” Frank asked, and I

My eye twitched, “My problem is that you turned me into a goddamn vampire, you dickhead!”

Frank Iero was a nice guy. My best friend, in fact. He had a good taste in music, would help you if you were feeling down, and was generally fun to be around, despite the copious amounts of sex jokes he made. Frank was also a two hundred year old vampire who was turned in the Victorian times.

He sighed, “Are you still angry at me for that?”

The story goes a bit like this. Frank and I had gone out drinking a few months ago and got absolutely hammered. We stumble back to his apartment somehow, both of our senses of composure out the window. This is when drunk Frank decides that he’s hungry and that the tastiest lunchable was his vulnerable best friend next to him, proceeding to drink me dry. Now, even drunk Frank realized after a few pints that he had taken too much. I had already passed out and was totally screwed. The choice boiled down to letting me die and live with killing his best friend, or force-feeding me his own blood and turning me into a vampire.

Guess which one he went with?

“Yes, Frank. I am still angry at you for making me and my brother immortal vampires.” I snapped, the sides of my phone dipping into my hand.

Oh yeah, when vampires are just born they are absolutely ravished. Frank was in the bathroom when I woke up, nursing a massive hangover, when Mikey walks in. I hadn’t returned his calls and he didn’t know If we had too much to drink. The moment he stepped through the door I had already begun drinking (If I remember right, he tasted horrible)

“Dude, there are worse things out there. I could’ve let you die, you know?” If I had a nickel every time he said that, I would be Oprah.

I collapsed my head into the couch and tried to relax. “Can we please just get back to the target conversation please?”

The guitarist hummed, “Right. So, why don’t you just ask out your little Bella Swan character then?”

I cringed, “God, please don’t, you know I hate that movie,” Frank just laughed like always. Asshole. “If I ask her out then I’m just going to end up biting her and that will ruin her life. That’s why I can’t, you idiot.”

“I don’t know, Gerard. I was around you three for what, a year? A year before turning one of you. And that stuff with Mikey? That’s on you, buddy.” He murmured smugly, and I heard a prominent slurping sound from the other line that made my chest pang. God, I was hungry. I hadn’t fed in a month, and I needed another bag from Frank, and soon.

I grabbed the bottle of pomegranate juice off the end table nearby, which did wonders for keeping the thirst at bay. “So I’ve gathered that you are completely useless, is that it?”

“Hey, buddy, the only advice that I can give you is to just go ask her out. What’s stopping you?”

I tapped my foot nervously, “Well… I mean, when I go near her I get all nervous. And there’s just butterflies in my stomach…”

“Digest them, goddamnit. You’re not getting any younger, just go ask her out. Do not call me again until you do.” And before I could even say anything, the line went dead.

Yep, Frank is completely useless.

I peaked around the corner, nervously biting at my bottom lip. It might’ve looked a bit creepy, now that I think about it. Y/N had her eyes closed, resting her head on her hand, meanwhile I was just watching her from the opposite end of the store, trying not to stare.

Her eyes opened suddenly, and I was caught off guard. I whirled away, pretending to busy myself with the granola bars on the shelf while she looked at me with an amused smile.

“You know you have to buy something, right? Not just stand there?” If the blood in my body hadn’t permanently gone cold I would’ve surely been blushing in that tiny corner store.

I scrambled for anything to buy that might distract me from the embarrassing situation. Wrapping my hands around the first thing I saw, I instantly marched up to the counter without actually looking down at what I was holding.

Y/N stifled a laugh as she looked down and I braced myself and slowly followed her eyesight.

It seemed that I was carrying a very large armful of individual Jello packets. And right there in that moment, I was silently wishing Frank had accidentally killed me instead of turning me. I would’ve been spared this fresh horror.

“Uuh…” I stuttered, my voice completely lost, “uhh… Jello.”

Why am I like this?

She chuckled, “Yeah, Jello. I can see that.”

Well at the very least it looked like I wouldn’t have to go through the extra embarrassment of asking her out, seeing as how I’ve practically exiled myself from every coming into this shitty corner store ever again. “I’ll just go…” As I turned to put the Jello back on their shelves, Y/N’s voice stopped me.

“Hey, It’s alright. You don’t have to be shy, It was just funny,” she said, and a brief glimpse of hope flittered through my head. Quickly, I placed the Jellos back onto the shelf and shuffled back over to the counter. “So I’ve seen you come by here a couple times now and I think that I should get to ask for your name.”

I smiled shyly, praying that she didn’t see anything too noticeable inside my mouth, “Ah.. I’m Gerard. Gerard Way. And I already know yours… From the nametag! Like, I’m not a stalker or anything.”

Fuck. My. Life.

Y/N just hummed, “That settles it then. You’re cute, awkward, and as you said, not a stalker. Gerard Way, would you care to go on a date?”

My eyes popped and my jaw loosened slightly. “Seriously?”

“Pretty sure. I mean, only if you want to.” She murmured.

Shaking my head, I quickly responded, “No no no, I would love to date you! I mean, go on a date with you! Holy shit, yes.”

The cashier giggled and a warm feeling twinged in my chest. “Well you’re enthusiastic, huh?” I nervously twiddled with the ends of my long hair, “Alright Gerard Way. Does tomorrow sound good? We can go get a coffee or something.”

“Coffee sounds really awesome,” Y/N pulled out a small slip of paper and a pen, preparing to write down her number. Just as she scribbled out the digits her finger accidentally slid against the edge of the parchment, and a sliver of red dotted her skin.

An intense pang shot through me, it felt like a heavy weight being thrown directly at my head. It wasn’t like it was the first time I’ve smelled blood since I turned, but I still haven’t got much better at controlling myself. She brushed it off like nothing happened, handing me the paper and smiling coyly.

“See you tomorrow, Gerard.” I forced out a smile, excitement completely forgotten and in it’s place was desperate, clawing thirst.

“Yeah, see you.” I rambled, rushing out of the doors while trying to act as inconspicuous as possible.

The biting air hit me full force when I stepped out the door but I could barely feel it over the painful burn that echoed through every bone in my body. Although my mouth was absolutely the worst off. It was as if my inner cheek was cracked and dry. My tongue felt like sandpaper and my throat? Imagine a metal rod glowing white with heat was being shoved down your throat, melting the skin and dissolving any moisture to be found. That was how bad my thirst had become.

Blood. I needed blood. I fucking needed it.

I ducked into a nearby alleyway, praying that nobody saw me. With shaking hands I took my phone from my pocket, shakily dialing Frank’s number and pressing it into my ear. “Come on… Frank, please pick up…”

“You’ve reached Frank Iero, if you want to get back to me-“

“Fuck you Frank, you choose now to not pick up? Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!” I shouted into the phone, anger swelling along with the burn in my throat.

“Hey, you okay, man?” A voice called from down the alley.

My head jerked to the noise, a deranged glint in my eyes. There was a man I didn’t recognize at the end of the alley and he just kept walking towards me. Everything was washing over me, the smell of iron in the air to the ear-splitting beat of his heart. It was painfully intense and it kept on getting worse because a random guy kept on walking towards me.

“Woah, are you alright? Should I call an ambulance?” The man was feet from me when I grabbed his throat, cutting off his windpipe. Before I knew what I was doing, he was already being held against the brick wall and my mouth was open wide.

Fangs slid out of my gums and I jerked the man’s head to the side, exposing his neck. The last thing I registered before blood hit my tongue was the terror flashing in the man’s eyes. His skin split under my sharp teeth and I began to suck, allowing the flow of his blood to pour into my mouth. It tasted beyond incredible. It felt as if I hadn’t had anything to drink in years when in reality it was only three or so weeks. A few pints later I began to hear desperate squeaks coming from my victim.

Victim. Victim? Why would I have a victim? A dull voice at the back of my mind was telling me that I had my fill and that I should let the guy go. I could kill him if I drink too much, after all. But then I focused on the thick taste of blood going down my throat and I was called back to the delicious blood.

A shrill gasp broke me from my thoughts, and I instantly tore from the man’s neck. The man fell to the ground, his face ashen and for a moment I thought he was dead until I saw the steady rise and fall of his chest.

But that wasn’t what shocked me. What shocked me was the figure standing in front of me.

It was Y/N, her lips parted and her eyes wide. I should’ve ran. I should’ve done something to stop her. Gag her, cover her mouth, something. Instead I just stood there with blood dripping down my chin.

“Gerard?” she whispered after what seemed like an eternity, “what… what did you…”

“Y/N please just let me explain,” I stepped towards her and she flinched, “okay, okay, see? I’m not going to hurt you.”

The cashier shook her head slowly, “you’re…”

I sighed, wiping the blood off my chin, “A vampire.”

“This… Isn’t possible,” I expected her to run away or grab a pitchfork. At the very least be scared. But instead she hesitantly stepped forward and slowly reached out a hand for my face. I caught on, completely relieved that she wasn’t freaked out.

“Vampires are real?” Y/N murmured breathlessly. I grinned, exposing the sharp fangs that poked out of my gums. She carefully touched the fangs, a gleam of awe in her gorgeous E/C eyes.

I nervously laughed, “You know, I imagined you reacting a bit differently if I ever told you.”

She smiled up at me, “Are you joking? Repressed goth motherfucker than I am, I think that this is totally cool.”

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klance with despacito????? like, bc lance would totally sing that to keith in an attempt to /woo/ the boy. pls, allyyyyy

This… This became a one shot instead of a drabble and I’m not even sorry. Click title for song link :D


Clubs were never high on the list of things to do in college. Yet here he was, with Hunk, Shiro, Allura, and the stubborn hardhead that brought them all here to begin with- Lance. Pidge was dog sitting, and Keith seriously wished he was there with her. Hanging out with Pidge was always a better alternative to these outings Lance sucked them into.

Music was pounding through the entire club, colorful lights flashed and glided over exposed bodies and sweaty faces, bodies pressed together, swaying sensually to the music. It was the same stupid beat remixed into each song, so Keith didn’t see what the big deal was.

Still, as he glanced around and realized that everyone seemed to have someone to dance against, someone to make out with, he figured it didn’t matter what they were dancing to. They were just dancing with someone. He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath, feeling exhausted even though he hadn’t even danced.

Hunk was busy tossing back beers which didn’t seem to faze him. His tattoos seemed to attract girls to him and he was kind enough to explain that they were all meaningful tattoos that were part of his culture. Again, Keith wondered how he could even hold a conversation over the beating bass.

Shiro and Allura were dancing. They weren’t pressed against each other like every other couple, but Allura still moved exotically, drawing other people’s eyes to her as Shiro did his best to keep wandering hands away from her.

Lance of course was in the center of a giant crowd of dancers. Everyone was grinding against each other, goading each other on, allowing ten seconds of solo dancing in the center of a circle they’d created. Lance had a girl in front of him and a guy behind him, but he didn’t seem to mind. He still smiled that goofy, cocky smile of his.

It was incredible how well his body could move. Keith never would’ve pegged Lance for a dancer. He imagined he would look awkward and clumsy. And yet there he was, maneuvering his way around girls and guys alike, swaying, laughing, singing, moving as sensually and welcoming as the girls with the dominance of the guys.

“You could just tell him,” Hunk said, suddenly beside him. Keith glanced at him and raised an eyebrow. “That you like him. Or that you want to dance with him.”

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t like anyone. I don’t have time for it. Lance gives me headaches, butterflies. And I don’t dance either.” His eyes flitted back to Lance where he had his hands on a girl’s hips and moved her side to side along with himself.

The funny thing was that although it was a very intimate, sensual move, Lance didn’t look like he was trying to grope her. His hands were firm, placed high enough, and his smile was friendly.

“Keep telling yourself that, buddy,” Hunk said with a sigh. “I’m just saying, it wouldn’t hurt to admit it. He’s my best friend, and I know he wouldn’t be upset with you if you told him.” Keith grimaced and looked at Hunk again. “Dude, we all see how you are with him. How you seem to sit up straighter when he comes in the room, how you keep your eyes on him when he talks, how you blush when you argue with him. He’s the only one who really riles you up. Even when you argue with Pidge or Shiro, you don’t get that way.”

“No, I don’t,” he muttered. “I don’t sit up or stutter or blush or stare, Hunk.” Suddenly, Lance was making his way over to them, laughing and smelling of sweat and perfume and cologne. Keith shifted in his seat and leaned forward. He heard Hunk snort and he glared at him. “Shut up.”

Lance slid into the booth beside Keith and took the cup of water he had in front of him, tossing it back. “Come on, Mullet have a little fun,” he said. “You’re not drinking, you’re not dancing, you’re not even trying to make friends.”

“In case you don’t remember, I didn’t want to come.” Lance rolled his eyes and nudged him.

“He says he can’t dance,” Hunk said.

“Lies!” Lance shouted over the base. Keith glanced at him. “You just need a good dance partner. Either they help you move, or they move so well, you don’t have to do much but sit there and look pretty.” He shrugged.

Suddenly the beat finally changed and the strum of a guitar filled the air. “Oh hell yes!” Lance shrieked. “Come on, Keith, you’re dancing with me.” Just like that, Keith’s legs turned to rubber and his stomach flipped as he pulled Keith out of his seat.

“What?” he yelped.

“Hurry! We can’t miss the good part!” he called back, his hand warm and tight around Keith’s. He pushed past people until he was in the center of the dance floor.

The song became a little more upbeat, with a catchy tune, and Lance’s hands gripped Keith’s hips. “Watch me,” he shouted.


Suddenly Lance was rolling his hips against Keith’s as he also rolled Keith’s for him. He couldn’t help but gasp, but before he could say anything, Lance had a hand at his side and the other intertwined with his, and he was moving in swaying steps to each side, tugging Keith with him.

Around him, he could see couples with their legs intertwined, girls swaying their hips like they were belly dancing, guys running their hands along their thighs or their sides. Even girl couples were pressed against each other, rolling their entire bodies.

Lance turned him, pulling him in so his back was pressed against Lance’s chest. And Keith realized he was singing along with the music. His voice was husky and sweet, melodic as he sang the lyrics, short of breath. His hands moved Keith this way and that, and suddenly they were facing each other again.

Lance was smiling, his blue eyes bright. Keith found that he didn’t have to be hyperaware of his movements; Lance was doing it for him. Suddenly, laughter bubbled up his throat and burst from him as he looked at the stupid, happy smile on Lance’s plump lips. Another body roll and Keith was suddenly pressed close to him, his face heating up as his arms wrapped around Lance’s neck to keep his balance.

He had no idea what the words were, but with Lance’s voice singing them sensually in his ear, he didn’t care. After a few seconds, Keith found he didn’t need Lance’s guidance as much. He was dancing just fine, moving his feet in time with Lance’s.

Without thinking, he pressed his forehead against Lance’s, causing Lance’s breath to hitch. Then suddenly, the look in his eyes was much cloudier and his singing stopped. His grip tightened and pulled Keith even closer, which Keith didn’t mind.

He moved his hands into his soft brown hair and smiled as the music continued. It was like there was no one else in the club. No one else mattered. He only cared for Lance’s hands on his body, his hair between his fingers, his eyes focused on him, and his lips, parted as he panted for breath.

Foreheads pressed together, hands at the nape of his neck, eyes locked together, Keith licked his lips. Even the music slowed for a moment. Their dance stopped and Lance’s expression was suddenly serious as his hands came up to Keith’s cheeks. Then, he leaned in slowly. Too slowly.

Keith closed the space and kissed him as the beat picked up again. He was vaguely aware of the song ending, but it didn’t matter.

His every sense was taken over by the Lance’s warmth, the sweet taste of his lips, the low grunt in the back of his throat. Kissing him was blissful. It was wonderful. His every nerve was alive, filling him with adrenaline as fire course through his veins. Lance bit his lip and Keith moaned, pressing closer, despite the fact that there was no space left.

Someone bumped into them and they pulled apart, breathing heavily, their eyes locked on the other. “Wow,” Lance breathed. “You wanna…?” He gestured toward the entrance and Keith nodded, unable to form words.

Their hands intertwined, they left the club and clambered into the back seat of his car. Immediately, Keith’s lips were on his again, pushing him down against the seat. His laugh filled the car and his hand came up to stroke Keith’s cheek. “I’ve been dying to do that for months,” he murmured.

“Took you long enough,” he answered, leaning down to kiss him again. Okay, so he liked Lance. Oh fucking well.

For The Love Of Harry, Chapter Three

The weather was finally beginning to become more bearable now that spring had arrived in London, or at least it wasn’t as nippily anymore most days. The lawns were speckled with browns and greens, but still crunched underneath your feet as the grass struggled to spring anew once again. Tulip leaves were prematurely attempting to poke their tips through soil, and the very teensiest bit of small green buds were appearing on trees. People were starting to do the domestic tasks of spring…opening windows while cleaning the must and dust of winter from the stagnant air of their homes, preparing the ground for gardening, and maintaining lawn care equipment so it was ready when needed.

You personally enjoyed that your walk between stations, work, home, and anywhere else you fancied on a pretty day, was a beautifully warm and lovely walk, rather than arctic chills reaching up your skirt. You also liked that you could once again be outside more, participating in activities you enjoyed, like going for runs, grilling food without snow flaking your hair, and playing a spot of tennis with a friend from work who also enjoyed the sport.

The past few weeks had been amazing! You and Harry were spending much more time together. You weren’t completely sure how to label what it was you had going with him, but you never were much for labels anyway. All you knew was that you were enjoying your time with him, and he was choosing to spend time with you. You. Not the millions of girls and women around the world that fell at his feet in worship. Not the models and actresses and other celebrities who were associated with him in one respect or another. You. He wanted to spend his free time with you, and that made you feel…special.

You heard the bell of your front door as you finished getting ready for his visit. You looked out the upstairs window and saw him standing at the door, always a picture of handsomeness.

“Hey!” you hollered down at him from the window with a smile.

“Hello, love!” he smiled up at you.

“It’s unlocked. Come on in!” you yelled as he winked at you and opened the door, you hearing him close the door behind him.

“Am I too early?” he hollered up the stairs to you.

“Not at all!” you replied back, as you walked out of your bedroom to the top of the stairs. You looked down the stairs at him, and it hit you suddenly that you were exploring…something…with Harry. You couldn’t help but smile when he looked at you. His whole face smiled when he was happy.

“I brought some drinks, and some music,” he said gleefully.

“And I have the food, and the grill is already hot,” you replied as you walked to where he was still standing. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Thank you for asking,” he smiled, his hand eagerly finding your waist and pulling you closely to him, lightly kissing your lips. “I’ve missed you.”

You giggled at how adorable he was. “You just saw me yesterday.”

“Always miss you when you aren’t around me,” he grinned shyly, kissing you lightly again, then another to your temple as he hugged you.

“I miss you, too,” you spoke against his cheek. “How about we get the food going then see what music you brought?”

“Sounds like a plan,” he smiled.

You grabbed everything needed and walked to the back patio. 

“Have you prepared it all already? The seasonings and such?” Harry asked you.

“Um, no actually, why? Are you allergic to something?” you asked curiously.

“Not at all,” he said. “I would…just, sort of, like to cook for you, is all. I rather enjoy cooking, and you’ve done it for me so many times now, it’s my turn.”

“I really don’t mind…” you started to say, but he interrupted.

“Sit!” he ordered, followed by a laugh and smile. “Not asking now. Want to cook for you. I’m a master griller,” he bragged about his cooking.

“Better than being a master-bater…” you quipped with raised brows as you finished the final drink of the water bottle you had been nursing throughout the morning and grinned mischievously. He shot you a look but smirked as he looked over the food you had for lunch. 

“Actually brought my favorite seasonings with me if…” he stopped at you giggling at him, “don’t laugh at me!” He chuckled at you giggling. “Just…I want to impress you with my cooking skills now, and I’m a bit particular sometimes.”

You smiled at him and walked to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and kissing his cheek. “I cannot wait to taste the food you make, handsome,” you said honestly, bringing a toothy smile to his face, bookended by dimples that made you weak in the knees.

“Good,” he finished, “Now, let me just get this going, then I would really like to smooch on you for a bit.”

You let him have his way with the food, not wanting to step on his creations or techniques, and happy to do so. It had been ages since you remembered someone cooking for you, besides a local restaurant, or Kari opening a tin of spaghetti hoops and warming them through. You watched as he meticulously seasoned each piece of meat, making sure every one was covered perfectly to his satisfaction, then placing each where he wanted them over the fire, so that they cooked evenly and wouldn’t set the grill ablaze should the juices drip on a particularly aggressive coal. As he lowered the lid of the grill, pleased with the progress, he turned to you, wiping his hand on the towel, flinging it over his shoulder, and smiling slightly.

“You know, Grill Master Harry is pretty damn sexy,” you flirted, taking a chug from the cold drink Harry had offered as his initial contribution to the meal.

He smirked and walked toward where you were sitting on the double lounger of the patio. “Is he now?”

“He is, yes,” you confirmed. “Could be the ‘Kiss the Cock’ apron he’s wearing”.

Harry laughed out loud. “It says ‘Kiss the Cook’!”

“You interpret it your way, I’ll interpret it mine,” you smooshed your lips in together then popped them out quickly into a bit of a pouty lip as your tongue remoisturized them lightly. Harry realized quickly your intentional ‘error’ and smirked again, sitting next to you on the lounger.

“And are you flirting with the cook to get him to act upon your obvious advances?” he leaned closely to you, looking at your lips then again at your eyes.

“Is it working?” you questioned, raising your brows with a smirk of your own.

He smiled then pressed his lips against yours, taking advantage of your lips parting to allow his tongue to taste you. He moaned lightly as he leaned more firmly against you and felt your breasts bearing against his chest. As he pulled away from your kiss reluctantly, he looked at your lips like they were one of the wonders of the world, then into your eyes once again.

“Does that answer your question?” he asked, allowing his lips to graze lightly over your chin.

He heard your voice catch slightly as you cleared your throat and squeaked a soft, “Fuck, yeah”.

The two of you continued flirting as Harry finished the food. You set the round glass patio table for the meal and nearly gasped at how wonderful the food he had prepared looked and smelled. As he sat the small platter in the center of the table, you placed a lovely bowl of an assorted greens salad you prepared ahead next to it, which is interlaced with almond slices, fresh berries, and a lovely poppy seed dressing you wanted to try out.

“Bon appétit, love,” Harry smiled as he raised his drink to you, clinking it gently to your own. You returned his smile as you both began enjoying the meal.

“Mmm, that’s delicious, Harry!” you raved. “So tender!”

Smiling proudly. “Thank you! Thank you very much! I do take great pride in my cooking abilities,” he beamed.

“As you should,” you nodded.

“So, while we partake of this mutually agreed upon amazing meal,” he giggled, “I would like to talk to you about something.”

“Oh, okay,” you said, wiping your mouth with your napkin and taking a drink. “What’s up?”

“I have had a change in my schedule,” he said, with a slight frown. “I have to leave tomorrow morning for some work in New York, and while I’m in America, I’ll be flying to LA for a bit of work, as well.”

“Oh,” you replied, your own mouth pouting. “Work calls, eh?”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“How long will you be gone?” you asked quietly.

“I’m not really sure,” he answered, placing his fork next to his plate. “Could be awhile.”

Not wanting him to feel bad that he must work, you grinned and nodded. “Well, I’ll make sure to have a home-cooked meal waiting for you when you get back eventually.”

“Actually,” he said, watching you, “I was wondering if you might be able to come join me at some point while I’m there. Visit me.”


You know there is a lot that goes along with being around Harry, and the two of you had still yet to define really what you were. A couple? Dating? Just two people enjoying time together? So far the two of you had kept your time together private, only in the security of your own property or his, and rarely drove anywhere together. To this point, you were pretty confident that you had not been discovered.

“I know we’ve discussed before, and agreed, to keep our relationship as private as possible for now,” he said, as if reading your thoughts. “I still think that’s for the best, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” you agreed. “I know how difficult it is for you, Harry, and I completely understand.”

“Thank you,” he said, squeezing your hand. “I just never want you to feel like I’m…not wanting to be seen in public with you, or that I’m ashamed of you or our relationship. That could never be further from the truth.”

“I know,” you assured him.

“But, all that being said,” he started again, “I don’t want to go weeks, possibly months, without seeing you beyond the screen of a video chat, either.”

“So, tell me the answer,” you grinned.

“If you can arrange it with your work,” he explained, “I would like to find a good time for you to travel there. I’ll take care of your arrangements. And I’ll set it all up so that hopefully nobody will find out…about it…that sounds bad, doesn’t it….”

“Don’t worry about it, Harry,” you answered. “I know what you mean. I’m not offended, I understand how it works.”

“So, do you think you could? With work? And…do you want to?” he asked, unsure how to read you at the moment.

“What? Yeah, of course I want to. I can talk to TJ and see how much time I can get away,” you smiled. “If he complains too hard, I’ll offer to work from there and submit things to his email or something. You’ll be pretty busy anyway, right?”

“Well, yeah,” he replied. “But I’m not inviting you there to sit in a corner and just watch me work all the time, or for you to stay busy working. I want you there because…” he grinned lovingly, squeezing your hand. “Because I hate being away from you.”

You smiled back at him and felt his other hand envelope yours inside of his.

“I want you where I am, for as much as I can have you there,” he told you.

“I’m sure I can get some time,” you answered, kissing him sweetly. “I’ll let you know how long after I talk to TJ tomorrow. I’ve never taken a day of vacation since starting this job, so I’m due, I think.”

“Makes me very happy,” he said, kissing you again. “I’ll set it all up as soon as you know. Thank you for wanting to come.”

“Are you kidding?” you asked. “Give up a chance to see you work?”

“I don’t know how much you will be able to be around me outside of the flat, love,” he said regrettably. “Everything will have to be done very secretively so that we aren’t exposed. Don’t want you to have to deal with that any sooner than it will undoubtedly happen. Can’t risk being papped together yet, or fans catching us out together.”

You sighed and nodded your head with a reassuring grin. “It’s okay. Just getting to see you, spend time with you, not wait possibly months to see you again, will all be worth it.”

He leaned to you and kissed you gently, then again more deeply, holding your face in his hands. Pulling back briefly, running his thumb over your lips, he kissed you tenderly once more. “Now, let’s finish this food so I can have my way with you before I have to leave,” he giggled, kissing your cheek.


Harry’s flight had been typical and he soon found himself in his flat in New York. It was new for him, recently purchased under another name to protect his privacy, but served its purpose while he worked off and on in the city. As soon as he landed, his first thought was to check and see what you had managed with your supervisor.

“So, did it work out?” Harry asked quickly before you could even say hello.

You giggled, “Yes.”

“Excellent!” he exclaimed. “How long?”

“He said I could have two weeks…or three with an exclusive from you for the magazine,” you said quickly, trying to get it all out in one breath as you squinted your eyes against the blow of Harry hearing the words. You heard him sigh loudly. “Harry, don’t feel pressured. Really, it’s okay. Two weeks is better than nothing at all.”

“No, love,” he responded quickly. “No, it’s fine. It’s you anyway, right? They’ll let you have the exclusive?”

“Yes, but don’t do it if you aren’t comfortable with it, it’s fine,” you tried to assure him. “I told him that wasn’t fair, but he said for an extra week, that’s what it would cost.”

“It’ll work, no worries. For an extra week with you here, we’ll make it work,” he grinned to himself.

They looked at his schedule and decided the best time for the three weeks was at the end of his time there. A brief few days at the end of his New York work, then another week and a half in LA, followed by some alone time for them somewhere before returning to London. They would have to be very careful to keep their secret, but they were both happy for the challenge.

After a few weeks passed, you bubbled with happiness as you sat on the plane, waiting impatiently for its landing in New York. You had never been to New York, so you were looking forward to enjoying it a bit while there. You knew you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the city with Harry, but it would help time pass during the hours he was working.

As you made your way through the airport with your bags, you spied a man near a line of cars with a sign that read your name. You walked to him with a smile, handing him your bags for the boot, and eagerly sat in the back seat of the private car. Your eyes were glued to everything passed, a new experience for you to see. As you gawked at the buildings that were too high to see comfortably from the car window, you felt the vibration of your phone and quickly looked to see Harry’s name and contact pic staring back at you.

“Hey!” you exclaimed excitedly.

“You’ve finally arrived?” he asked impatiently.

“I have!” you answered, your voice unsteady from the excitement you felt. “When will I get to see you?”

“Soon, babe,” he answered. “The driver will take you to the flat, and I have someone there to let you inside. Just wait there for me and I’ll be there as soon as possible, alright?”

“I can’t wait to see you,” you nearly gushed.

He chuckled, “I’m so ready to see you, too.”

The driver stopped outside the building which held Harry’s private flat. As you took your bags from the driver and walked through the front doors, a man walked up to you and smiled.

“Hello, miss,” the large, bumpy man greeted you. “I was shown your photo and know you are a private guest of one of our tenants. He asked me to escort you in. Let me carry your bags and I’ll take you there now.”

“Oh, thank you!” you said, surprised and unsure, but trusting anyway after reading his name badge. You followed the man, who you now believed to be with building security, into an elevator which took you to the floor of Harry’s flat. He walked you to the door and opened it for you with a key Harry had given to him prior. He sat your bags in the entry of the apartment, then handed you the door key. “Thank you!”

“You’re very welcome, miss,” he replied with a smile. “Enjoy your time in New York!”

“I will!” you smiled, closing the door as he left.

You weren’t sure how long you stood in that spot, feeling a bit out of place, but looking at every detail as it jumped out at you. Photos sitting atop a hallway table of Harry with his family and friends. Iron hooks next to the door for jackets and coats. A large potted plant in the corner that stood as tall as you. You slowly began to walk down the entry hall, peaking into the open doors of the rooms you passed, seeing what appeared to be a small ½ bath next to a guest bedroom. You passed a beautiful kitchen and dining area before coming to a halt in the living room. You looked to your right where bright light was filtering in through what had to be the largest apartment windows you had ever seen in your life. Your first thought as you looked out at the city below was that you were happy you weren’t the person responsible for cleaning those windows. They were huge, reaching to the high ceiling above, and looked out over many other buildings and busy roads. You sat the key on the table next to you and simply glanced around the room, taking in everything you saw one bit at a time. You had been to Harry’s home in London, so it wasn’t like you had never seen extravagance or wealth before, but it had been the first and only experience for you until this point, so it still stopped you in your tracks when you witnessed it. Your little house back in London didn’t compare to this.

The flat is completely quiet, except for the humming of an appliance and the sound of a ticking clock somewhere, yet to be found. It smelled fragrantly of some sort of fruit and vanilla, which you found to be a collection of candles Harry had apparently lit earlier and blown out before leaving. You walked through the apartment, hoping you weren’t overstepping by looking around, but you knew Harry wouldn’t mind. You walked down another hallway that lead to two more bedrooms. The one at the beginning of the hall was a 2nd guest bedroom, slightly larger than the first, again with its own small bath. You walked further down the hall to the end, where you were met with Harry’s master bedroom. It was as big, if not bigger, than the other two rooms put together. 

As you walked into the room, your eyes looked around in a strange bit of awe. It was all very Harry. Large works of art on two of the walls kept your stare steady for a long moment. In one corner was a guitar on a stand, with a keyboard and stool next to it. Next to that corner was the doorway to a large walk-in closet, that you knew probably harbored a nice amount of clothing and shoes…boots, no doubt…that Harry kept there for less to deal with while traveling. On the opposite side of the room there was one of the largest beds you had ever seen, but still a bit smaller than the one he had in his London home, you thought. You walked to it and lifted one of the pillows to your face, breathing in, and smiling as you smelled Harry on them. Not the smell of his hair products, or soap, or even his cologne. But the smell you had grown to love so much, that was simply the smell of Harry. You couldn’t describe it, nor did you need to. It was one of the most lovely, comfortable scents you had ever known.

Burying your face into the pillow and breathing in again, you heard the sound of keys in the front door, then heard it open and close. You smiled so big your cheeks instantly ached, as you ran out of the bedroom, down the hallway, and looked through the vast room toward the front entry, seeing a smiling Harry chuckle then quickly jog toward you. You approachd him, realizing you were still clutching the bed pillow in your arms, and tossed it at your feet as he wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“What are you doing, silly girl? Stealing m’ bed pillows, are you?” he teased, but he felt how strongly you were holding onto him and he knew exactly what you were doing. “God, feels so good to be holding you again.”

“I’ve missed you!” you finally said into his ear. You felt one of his hands move to the back of your head as he kissed into your hair, burying his face into you.

“I’ve missed you, too, babe,” he breathed. “So much.”

He held you for a long moment before pulling away, his hands on either side of your face. 

“So beautiful, you are,” he practically whispered. “Need a proper kiss now, please.”

Neither of you wasted any time diving into a very sensual kiss, almost dirty in its own right. You felt Harry’s hands move to your ass, pulling you against him forcefully and loving it. You were sure you could feel his dick jump slightly against your abdomen, even through both layers of yours and his clothing.

“I need you, babe,” he whispered, desperate for you, slowly backing you toward his bedroom, shutting the door behind him and leading you to the large bed. You felt him quickly slide your short dress up your body and over your head faster than you could have even requested him to. Unbuttoning the button or two that was actually fastened on his shirt, you slid it down his arms and let it drop behind him on the floor. After another deep, lust-filled kiss, he stepped back slightly to gaze at your body from head to toe and back again. You wore his favorite bra and panty set, one he had bought for you initially as a joke, that was stitched along the lacy edging with the words, “property of harry styles”, but had come to really turn him on when you wore them. Still in your high heels, you began to kick them off when he boldly said, “Leave them on.”

You gulped slightly as Harry pressed against you firmly again, holding your hips tightly against his so you could without doubt feel his hard dick growing between your bodies. 

“Do you feel what you do to me, baby?” 

He had a look in his eyes that you recognized as desire. Passion. Lust. His green eyes turned a more intense shade when he was like this.

One thing about Harry that you loved so much was his ability to always make you feel desired. It wasn’t a show. You knew he didn’t do it only to make you horny, or make you crazier during sex. He found pleasuring you to be intoxicating. He loved to watch your face as he manipulated your body or made you cum. He loved inspecting every inch of your body to see how touching you here, or tasting you there, would cause you to writhe beneath his strong body. He became infatuated with sending you into a tail-spin sexually, finding every way possible to arouse you, even teasing that one of these days he was afraid he would cause you to pass out simply from how far he could push you sexually. He loved that you both had a high sex drive and was always eager to try new things.

On the other hand, he also loved the way you kissed him gently…thoughtfully…softly. He was easily turned on by your body, but equally turned on by your personality, your wit, your kindness toward others, your intellect, the level of comfort he enjoyed with you. He could sit and look at you for hours on end, or sit up talking with you all night long about the most mundane subjects and not be bored. He loved feeling your fingers lightly caress his back when he held you for an extra long amount of time. He loved the warmth of your hugs and the scent of your skin. And he loved every thing about you. Although neither of you had said those three words to each other yet, the feelings were there, and you both knew that when it was right, it would happen.

You felt Harry dig his fingers into your sides, grasping you, pulling you into his body as his mouth locked onto your neck, sucking you between his lips, biting at your skin.

“I’ve missed you, Harry,” you whispered desperately in his ear. “Let me…”

He kissed your jaw while sliding his fingers under the band of your panties. “What love?” he asked nervously.

“Lay on the bed,” you told him. He drew back a bit and looked at you, seeing a look of determination in your eyes.

“Anything you say,” he smirked, turning you so that his back was toward the bed. You unfastened his skinny jeans and slid them down his long, lean body as he pushed his pants down with them, kicking them off at the ankles. You kissed him deliberately, then watched as he laid back on the bed, feet still on the floor, but stretched out, eyes wide, watching you. You looked at his eyes, then trailed them down his body and trained them on his fully erect cock, standing proudly, more than ready for what you had in mind. You weren’t sure how, after weeks of sex with Harry, you had not already managed to have his masterpiece in your mouth. Harry was usually the one who wanted to be in charge in the bedroom. He liked having the control, and got such great pleasure from seeing you receive, that he had never thought to ask you for it, and once he started touching you, it was all you could usually do to keep your mind focused. But for the past week or so, it was something you had thought about many times. And now, you were in charge.

You stood between his legs, watching him nervously twirl one of his rings as he watched you. You looked over his body, and licked your lips as you stared at his dick, causing a small groan to catch in his throat. 

“I want,” you started, then corrected yourself. “I need…your cock in my mouth.” You watched him swallow hard. “I want to feel it hit the back of my throat.” He nodded quickly at you then started to touch the head of his cock, but you pushed his hand away. “No,” you said as you shook your head slowly. “It’s mine.”

You dropped forward slowly, placing your arms on either side of his body, and slowly brought your face even with his stiff cock, until he felt your hot breath on it. You tilted your head just enough to lap a flat tongue across the slit of his head, wiping it clean of the salty pre-cum that was already beginning to seep. You heard him suck air in through his teeth.

“Bloody hell,” he whispered as he closed his eyes briefly, then opened them quickly again, watching you, afraid of missing anything. You had already learned that one of Harry’s favorite things about sex is observing. He liked watching as his dick slowly moved in and out of you. He liked seeing your juices drain from your wet heat. He liked watching his cum leak out of your pussy onto the sheets under you. It was his kink, if you want to call it such. And it turned you on that it turned him on so much.

You stood again and raised one leg, setting the heel of your shoe on the mattress next to him, the same shoes Harry had only moments before told you to not remove. He watched you as you slowly moved your hand to your knee, then trailed it up to your panties, rubbing gentle circles over your fabric-covered clit. You felt Harry’s hand around your ankle, slowly moving up your leg, in search of a place more wet and warm. As he nearly reached the silky strip of fabric that barely covered your lips, you gently laid your hand on his and moved it away again.

“Fuck, love, you’re killing me,” he begged, a slight bead of perspiration forming on his forehead and upper lip. “Please.” 

You moved your hand slowly back to your panties and slid your middle finger slowly between your lips and inside, hearing Harry groan more loudly this time. You closed your eyes for a moment, then pulled it back out, placing your foot back on the floor, moving your hand to Harry’s mouth and allowing him to taste your wetness on your finger. He moaned from the taste then looked at you with pleading eyes. You leaned over him again, kissing his bare chest, darting your tongue against his warm skin, and slowly trailing it down his body as you felt him tense and squirm around under you. He tensed his jaw and breathed in through his nose deeply as he felt you getting closer to that part of him that he wanted you to take and destroy. 

Just as you sensed a slight whimper from his throat, close enough to his cock that he felt you even without touching, you looked up at him, your mouth looming closely to him, his head now propped by a bed pillow so he could see everything you did. He groaned again as he felt you drop to your knees between his legs, your lips kissing his swollen, red member, your eyes still focusing on his face. As he felt your mouth close in and down around him, he heard you moan lightly and couldn’t keep himself from twitching between your lips. He felt your hand grip the base of his cock and begin to move in opposing rhythm with your mouth, meeting in the middle, squeezing and sucking him with amazing pressure. You knew Harry was going to be an amazing mouthful, but you were determined to make it the most pleasurable blowjob he had ever experienced. You lifted your mouth off him enough to lick him up and down to coat him in your spit. As your hand continued pumping him, your mouth found his balls and sucked them, one at a time, into your mouth, tugging lightly. You could hear him trying to steady his breathing as his hand found your hair and caressed your head.

“Oh, baby,” he moaned. “Feels so good.”

His affirmations of pleasure made you drip into your panties a bit more. You loved that he was enjoying it as much as you. He tasted so good to you. Why the hell had you waited so long for this?! You moaned again as you lathered him well, loving the salty taste on your taste buds. You heard him breathe more deeply again then felt him jet his hips up into you a bit.

“Sorry, love,” he said, stroking the back of your head. “Sorry.”

“Do it again,” you said, only removing him from your mouth long enough to say it before pumping your hand and mouth on him again.

“Like me to fuck up into your mouth?” he asked, a line of sweat drooling from his forehead onto his chest now as you nodded, looking up at him again, his cock hitting the inside of your cheek. 

“Bloody…” he whimpered, panting, applying pressure to your head with his hand, grabbing your hair then as you apply a bit more pressure, his hips buck up into you again, causing a slight gagging sound as drool seeps out around your lips and hits his groin. He felt your other hand rest on his thigh with slight pressure as you became more aggressive and felt his muscles tense. He strained…“Baby…I’m gonna…fuck…” 

He tried tugging at your hair to get you to pull off him before he came but you refused to stop, moving your head back a bit and sucking the tip of him aggressively, your hand stroking his length, until you felt a sting at your scalp from his pulling, and Harry shooting deeply into your throat with a loud moan, his breathing so quick you were afraid he would hyperventilate. His cock pumped into your throat as you moaned lightly. You looked up at him, his cock still in your mouth but a bit softer now, and saw wild eyes looking back at you as his breathing began to slow. He watched intently as you pulled your head back, lips still tightly around him, allowing him to fall onto himself as you pulled away completely. He watched you in awe as you swallowed, licking your tongue around your swollen red lips, then licking the remnants of his seed off of your hand. Harry closed his eyes and let his head drop to the pillow behind him.

You smiled slightly, knowing he enjoyed it, but also knowing he was probably spent physically for awhile from it. Worth it, you supposed. You liked pleasing him, and you knew you did. You stood again, stretching your aching legs, still in your bra, panties, and high heels, and climbed over his body, looking down on him. He opened his eyes, looking up at you, lifting his arms to pull you down onto him, holding you tightly against him.

“That…was…fuckin’…amazing…” he said quietly into your ear. “Amazing, love. Never had it better, I fuckin’ swear. Thank you. Holy God, thank you.”

You lifted your head and smiled at him, kissing him sweetly, sensing his physical exhaustion.

“I swear, I’ll give it back…just…bloody hell, love…” he chuckled, still slightly breathless.

“It’s okay, babe,” you told him. “Rest up. I’m going to go shower.”

You kissed him quickly on the lips then stood, smiling at the non-moving body lying on the bed in front of you, eyes closed and damp of perspiration. You opened the bedroom door and walked to the entry where your bags still lay, grabbing them and walking back into the bedroom. As you sat your bags on the chair near the bathroom, you heard a light snore coming from the direction of the bed and saw Harry, in the same position, sleeping soundly.


You and Harry enjoyed your time together in America, albeit secret, traveling to LA for his work there and experiencing yet another of his properties. You were snuck onto his private flight, but were taken to his home via a separate car, and different route and entrance to the property. You would give him credit where it was due. He had thought it out well to keep your relationship a secret from the public. You knew he did it for your safety and privacy, even if it did bother you a bit that the only time you were with him most of the time, you were hidden away in his home. As much as you would love to be holding his hand as you went with him from interview to interview, you and he both knew it was too risky. That’s why you were so excited on your last night in LA, when he made an announcement to you.

“Love, how would you like to go somewhere tonight?” Harry asked with a smile.

“Really? I can go out?” you asked with glee.

Harry frowned slightly, hoping you hadn’t felt like a caged animal during your time with him.

“Where am I going?” you asked. “I thought you had a show tonight.”

“I do,” he beamed. “And I would like for you to be there. See me perform.”

Your excitement faded slightly from your face, not because you were unhappy, but because you were moved that you were going to finally see him perform. All this time you had known him, you had not once seen him perform solo. You had gone to one of the final One Direction concerts with Alex, but a solo concert had never happened…until now.

“Are you serious?” you asked with tears welling in your eyes.

“Oh, don’t cry, love!” Harry chuckled, pulling you into a gentle hug. “I know it’s not fun being alone while I’m working, and I know you’ve not seen one of my shows yet. And I really want you there.”

“I just can’t believe it,” you said, smiling while wiping away a happy tear. “I didn’t think I would get to see you perform for a long time, until the day came we were ready to be out in public together.”

“Yeah,” he said softly. “We still need to be careful, babe. Still have to do separate cars, separate entrances, tuck you away in the wings where you can’t be seen but you can still see me on stage. I’m sorry, I know it isn’t ideal.”

“No!” you bolted. “No, please! It’s fine! It’s better than not seeing you at all. Harry, I’m so proud of you and your career. Always have been. I’m just so happy to get to experience it with you now.”

He kissed you sweetly then left to allow you to get ready while he went to the next place he was needed. That evening, the car he had sent for you pulled up in front of the building and the driver grinned at you as he opened the door.

“Enjoy your evening, miss,” he cheered, smiling at how excited you appeared to be.

You watched happily out the car windows at the buildings you passed. The lights of the city were bright and abundant, and soon you found yourself being escorted through a back door of the venue, walking hallways until you were finally led to a small room near the backstage area. In a moments time, you saw the door open as Harry walked in. Seeing you and smiling, he closed the door behind him, looking at you as his eyes popped, his heart beating more quickly. He walked to you and wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly then kissing you firmly.

“You look beautiful, love,” he glowed with pride, excited not only as he gets before a performance, but that his girl was there to support him. “So beautiful.” 

He kissed you again, first on your soft lips, then your cheek, then near your ear as he held you again for another moment. In the hallway he heard one of his crew yelling for him.

“Harry! Ten minutes, man!”

He leaned away from you again and took your hand, walking to the door of the little room. He looked at you, then at your hands holding each other, losing a bit of his smile as he knew he couldn’t be seen with you in such a way, gently dropping your hand. He opened the door and showed you to the area where you could stand in the wings to watch the show. He looked at you, then at your lips, wanting badly to receive a kiss of good luck from you, but seeing all the people standing around backstage, some with their cameras trained on Harry, who took a deep breath.

“It’s okay,” you whispered. “Kill it, love. Going to be a great show!”

He smiled at you and nodded, saying he would see you back at the flat after, which would be very late due to after-show rituals and such, but to go ahead and sleep and he would try to not wake you.

You had hoped to get to spend a bit of time with Harry, even if only a moment, after the show, to congratulate him and tell him how wonderful he was. But you understood. The life of a celebrity was sometimes bittersweet, and if it was what you had to deal with to be in a relationship with him, you were okay with that. As the show ended, Harry was whisked off immediately to some sort of after party, it being the last appearance in America. You would have loved to have been able to attend it with him, being the hand he held as he walked around accepting the praises of those attending, but you were the person he was coming home to, and that seemed just as good if not better to you. Watching from a distance, you saw Harry, surrounded by people and camera flashes, smiling and waving to those around him, thanking them for coming and for having him there. You took a deep breath as he quickly became further away from you, before disappearing into the sea of lights and people.

“Miss?” you heard a voice from behind you say, recognizing it as the guard who had accompanied you into the building. You turned and smiled at him. “Your car is ready to take you back now.”

“Thank you,” you replied, following the man down the stretch of hallways and out into the night air once again. You looked at all of the city blocks, filled with people and buildings and nightlife, and thought a lot about what Harry’s life must be like, and what your life with him was bound to be like at some point. You quickly stepped out of the car as it pulled into the drive of Harry’s home, and walked into the large luxury home. Such a big house for one person, you thought, but definitely Harry. He very quickly and comfortably fell into the wealthy lifestyle his popularity and hard work brought, while still being that grounded, down-to-earth guy that you knew was his mother’s influence, even though you had yet to meet his family. You knew it wasn’t that Harry wanted to keep you from them, or anyone for that matter. He was just being careful to not tempt fate where you had, to this point, been lucky that people still had not discovered your relationship. Someday, maybe. Someday you hoped to be that person for him, but for now you would be happy just to spend time with him.

As you walked into the large, quiet home, you felt your phone vibrate and looked at the screen.

Thank you for being there for me tonight. It meant the world to me.~Harry xo

A simple text, during a time when you knew he was so busy he probably couldn’t think a clear thought, but he thought to text you and thank you. Yeah, you had fallen hard for him. And you were more happy than you could ever remember being before.


Harry was tired, physically and mentally. He was finally finished with his work in America, and was ready to take the next several days to spend with you and only you. He needed some time to relax and just enjoy doing nothing everyday, rather than running from interview to appearance to meeting. This stretch of work was not a tour or promo of any kind necessarily, merely a long string of obligations with a concert or two thrown into the mix. Harry was dedicated to his work, and had an amazing team he worked with that had a plan for his career and helped him achieve and accomplish it. But it was finished for a bit, and he looked forward to going back home and seeing his family and a few friends for awhile, enjoying a home-cooked meal or two, and spending time alone with you.

“So, H,” Jeffrey asked as they rode in the private car to drop Harry off at his flat. “What’s up with you and this girl? I’m glad to have finally gotten to put a face to the name and stories, but how’s it going with her?”

Harry smiled a huge smile while rubbing his fingers over a tired face. “It’s amazing, Jeffrey,” he said. “We get on great, and I’m really enjoying our time together.”

“What exactly is this that you have with her?” he asked pointedly.

Harry looked at him confused. “What do you mean, what do I have with her?” Harry asked, thinking he must be too tired to understand the question.

“I mean, is she your girlfriend? Are you two just dating? Friends with benefits? Just a good time? You’ve been fortunate so far that you’ve not been discovered. I had no idea until you told me,” Jeffrey admitted.

“You know how it is for me, mate,” Harry shrugged. “Just don’t want the press or fans getting wind of it and make it so crazy that it becomes unsafe or a nuisance for her. She’s really great and I don’t want that for her.”

“I understand that, Harry,” he interjected. “But what exactly is it you have with her?”

Harry started to answer then closed his mouth again, thinking. Neither of you had ever really defined your relationship. Were you his girlfriend? Were the two of you just having fun together, being close friends with a mix of intimacy thrown in here and there? Harry knew, at least for him, it was more than that, but what was it? He had never referred to you as his girlfriend. He had never asked you if you would see him exclusively, although he was sure you dated nobody else. For some reason, maybe due to lack of sleep and being too busy, Harry thought harder on this subject than he probably needed to.

Harry stepped from the car, telling Jeffrey he would talk to him soon, after a few days in a private, secluded holiday spot he had found for the two of you to get away together for awhile. Harry quickly made his way up to the flat and unlocked the door quietly. It was early morning hours and he knew you would be sleeping soundly. He removed his boots so he wouldn’t risk waking you, and walked softly to the master bedroom, opening the door just as softly. He looked toward the bed and grinned to himself, seeing the lump under the covers of his bed, curled up into a ball on his pillow. Not the pillow you had been using, but the one that he used. It was a comfort to you when he was away, being able to smell his scent on the pillow case. He walked to the bed and looked down at you, seeing you sleeping, your chest rising and falling slowly in rhythm, the covers pulled up to your neck because Harry kept the temperature much cooler than what you did in your home, and a hint of a smile on your plump lips, even in your slumber. Harry knelt beside the bed, gently placing his hand on your head and caressing your scalp lightly. 

Why was his conversation with Jeffrey weighing on him so much? He hoped you didn’t think of your relationship with him as just having a good time. It was more than that to him. But Jeffrey was right about something. The two of you hadn’t really defined what it was that you did have together. By this point you had been seeing each other for a few months and neither of you appeared to have any desire to date another. You had decided in the beginning to not label anything yet. To just enjoy spending time together and see what happens. But that was months ago, and Harry was quickly realizing that wasn’t what he wanted anymore. He didn’t want for your relationship to be undefined. Even if you couldn’t share it with the world, he wanted you to know how he felt about you.

Harry stood again after lightly kissing your head, then showered and easily slid into the bed next to you, being gentle so as not to wake you. He carefully moved up behind you, pulling your body gently against his own and holding you, kissing your shoulder lightly a few times, then quickly giving in to the sleep he desperately needed.


As your small private jet cut through the puffy white clouds, you were happy to be with him, traveling with him rather than in a separate mode of transportation. He seemed clingy since coming home after the concert and party the night before, but you loved it. If there was a better feeling in the world than Harry’s hand holding yours, his arm around you, or his lips kissing you, you had yet to find it.

You felt Harry squeeze your hand as you turned your head from the window to look at him. His smile met you, then a kiss to your lips, followed by his thumb tracing your bottom lip. You returned his smile and moved your other hand up his arm, gripping softly to him. You realized he was just staring at you, taking you in. He did that sometimes, like he was still memorizing every bit of you, but the look in his eyes this time was different.

“You alright?” you asked him with a grin.

“Never better, love,” he replied, as you nodded your head to him.

In time the small jet landed in the location he had chosen for your private getaway, and you were driven to a small, private beach home. Where, you had no idea, but you honestly didn’t care, either. You were there, with Harry, with nobody anywhere around, in a remote location, with your own private beach spot. Life could be worse.

Harry took your bags from the driver and walked into the beach home with you. It was small and quaint and much different from Harry’s own properties, and you loved the intimacy of it. Small kitchen, little sofa perfect for two to cuddle on, only 2 small bedrooms, and a patio that led out to a small, secluded beach front, that Harry was assured by the management company, was completely private and undetectable by the paparazzi. You looked out the sliding glass doors to the beach. It was beautiful. You couldn’t wait to feel the heat of the sun on your skin while looking out over that majestic view.

You felt Harry’s presence behind you as you looked at the view, feeling his arms wrap around you and his chin resting heavily on your shoulder. His lips kissed your neck, then took a small nibble as your hands moved up to grab his arms around your chest.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” you said sweetly. “It’s beautiful.”

“Only sight more beautiful, I have my arms around,” he flirted while still kissing your neck.

“I mean, thank you for wanting me here with you,” you say with intent. You knew Harry has feelings for you, even if neither of you have ever put a label to what you have together. Stupid labels. What were they anyway? And why was it bothering you so much that you’d yet to have one with Harry? Just be happy you’re with him, you dolt! you chastised yourself in your mind. Harry doesn’t owe you a label. It had only been a few months. A few months of flirting. A few months of spending countless hours together. A few months of texts and phone calls and video chats. A few months of intimacy, tasting each other, bringing each other to climax over and over again.

“Just wanted to spend a little holiday with you, before you have to go back to work and I go back into the studio in London for a spell,” he reminded you.

You appreciated it, but that still wasn’t your point of thanking him. You were thankful that he had chosen you to be the one that he wanted to spend his time with. He had women falling at his feet around the world, and you were the one he wanted to be around. You knew he wasn’t the playboy that the media always tried to make him out to be. You had known him long enough now to know better than that. You only hoped that Harry understood exactly how you felt about him. Neither of you had yet to say “the L word”. Not that either of you questioned that you had love for each other, but loving someone and being in love with someone were two different things. You both wanted it to happen naturally, yet both were afraid to say it and then not hear it from the other in return, so for the time, you both seemed to just keep it to yourselves.

The two of you enjoyed a few days cuddling on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and soaking in the rays of the sun. The night before you were to fly back to London, Harry was clingy once again. You loved that he always liked to be touching you somewhere…his hand on your leg as you had dinner, his arm around your shoulders as you watched a movie on the sofa, leaning his body back against you, squishing you between him and the kitchen counter as you cuddle into his back, pressing pert kisses to your mouth as you stood next to him watching him cook your breakfast. But Harry sensed you were becoming a bit tense, knowing your time together over the past 3 weeks was nearly over, and you would soon be returning to work to finish the exclusive you and Harry had been working on here and there, and making the arrangements for the small, intimate photo shoot to boost it.

After you finished getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth, relieving your bladder, and raking your fingers through your hair, you sat on the side of the bed, plugging your phone into its charger and setting it on the side table. You felt Harry’s hand rubbing up and down your back and turned off the little lamp next to the bed and yawned.

“Come ‘ere, love,” Harry said as he pulled your arm his direction, coaxing you to lay down next to him. You did as he requested, not really sleepy, but knowing you had to be up early to be at the airport on time. You lay back against your pillow, but Harry pulled you closer to him, away from the edge of the bed, nearer to the center.

“What are you doing?” you giggled as he pushed the covers back down as you tried to raise them.

“Seem tense, babe,” Harry observed, kissing your neck and rubbing his hand lightly between your tummy and his t-shirt that you’re wearing. “Are you stressed about going back? Your article or something?”

You sigh softly. “I don’t know. Maybe a little. Been enjoying this, you know?” you smiled at him.

“Trust me, I know. I have, as well,” he smiled back, moving his kisses to your jaw. “Let me help you relax, love.” You felt his gentle kisses pepper your neck slowly, in no hurry, simply enjoying making contact with your skin. “Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Relax.”

You swooned inside as you closed your eyes, enjoying the soft way Harry was helping you release your stress. You felt his other hand gently caress your scalp, playing with your hair, while moving his kisses along your hairline. You felt him lightly kiss each of your eyelids, your brow, your nose, covering your face one gentle kiss at a time. His soft mouth nibbled at your jaw lightly, followed by a soothing kiss, as his other hand continued to rub lightly across your tummy. His finger traced a smooth line back and forth along the trim of your panties. You felt his hand move slowly and gently around your body, softly massaging your skin and muscles with his touch to your shoulder, your arms, your chest and stomach, and down your hip and thigh, kneading gently in his attempt to help you relax. You feel his mouth next to your ear.

“Feel good, baby?” he whispered.

“Mmm,” you groaned lightly and nodded your head slightly, turning your face to meet his lips against your temple.

“Wanna help you relax completely, babe,” he whispered. “Make you feel good.”

Harry ghosted his lips across your jaw before finding your lips, as you turned into his kiss. His lips were so soft against your own, a hint of the same minty toothpaste that you used only a few minutes before. You felt his lips lightly pass over yours again, but not kissing yours, just brushing past as he placed another soft kiss on your neck just below your ear. His hand crept up to your breast, cupping it gently, tugging your already perky nipple through his fingers. You felt his hot breath around you and felt the heat rising between your legs, relaxing your thighs as they naturally fell open a bit more. He took his time with you, touching your neck, kissing your shoulders, biting gently at your earlobe, sucking into his mouth and teasing it with the tip of his tongue. He teased his kisses around your lips, making you crave them to the point that you moaned slightly in protest when he didn’t leave one against yours. His tongue gently slid over your bottom lip, licking its fullness, and biting it playfully to plump it to the size and color he had learned to love during sex. You finally felt his tongue dip into your mouth again, softly, sweetly, all the while his hand touching you gently, in every place except where you would like for it to be.

“Let’s slide these off, love,” he tugged at your panties, sliding them down your hips as you gently lifted your ass from the mattress to allow him. You felt his hand move up your hip slowly, finding your waist and rubbing lightly across you tummy, as he again kissed around your face.

“Just let go, babe,” he whispered in your ear. “Eyes closed, no stress or worries. Just us.”

“Mmm,” you groaned, as he saw your eyes closed and felt the tension gone in your body. He saw your jaw relax as your mouth fell open slightly. “Feels good,” you whispered.

“Shhh,” he shushed lightly in your ear. “Shhh.” 

Harry moved even closer against your body so you could feel how hard he was against your hip. You knew that must be painful and you would love to help him with it, but at that moment, you were numb, prisoner to his touch. You felt his hand move upward again, finding your jaw, then your lips, then gently opening your mouth as he poked two of his fingers inside your mouth. 

“Make them good and wet for me, love,” he asked softly, as you felt his tongue pull your earlobe between his lips again. You heard him moan in his throat, his own breathing increasing a bit as his dick ached, filling with blood, wanting your mouth on it just as it was on his fingers. You felt his leg firmly pull your leg toward him, spreading your thighs further apart, as he pulled his fingers out and kissed you deeply, moving his saliva-soaked fingers eagerly to your clit. You breathed in deeply and moaned. “Shhh,” he reminded you, then whispered. “It’s okay, baby. Just relax. I’ve got you.”

You felt his wet fingers slowly rub your little button until it was jumpy and swollen, then slowly moved to your juicy lips between your legs. He kept his mouth next to your ear, only leaving your ear to kiss your jaw or your cheek. Harry pressed his forehead against the side of your head, concentrating on how his hand would help you find complete relaxation soon. You felt one of his fingers slide between your lips and into you a couple of inches. Besides both of you breathing more rapidly than normal, the finger he had inside of you, rubbing gently at your walls, was the only thing moving on that bed. You felt his finger rubbing slowly against you, then curling against the roof of your heated hole. He heard you exhale as you opened your mouth a bit more, as he kissed your jaw.

“So wet, baby,” he whispered in your ear. “So hot and wet, pullin’ my finger into you.” He slowly pulled his finger out, adding the other wet digit you had sucked for him, applying a bit more pressure as he rubbed you inside. A slight moan escaped your throat, as Harry intensified the pressure and motion of his stroking, your neck arching slightly into your pillow. “That’s it,” he whispered as he felt you swelling, ballooning against his fingers. “That’s it.”

“Harry,” you whispered.

“Shhh,” he prompted into your ear quietly.

“Harry…need…to pee…” you said breathlessly, but making no movement to act upon it.

“It’s okay, love,” he assured you quietly. “Relax.”

You felt him gently kiss and lick your jaw and cheek as he continued his relentless pursuit of stroking you perfectly against your spongey spot, until he heard your juices squishing around his fingers, your breath catching near his ear.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” he coaxed into your ear. “Cum all over my fingers, love.” 

Your hands moved to his wrist, as it began feeling almost too good, attempting to pull his hand out, but he refused and applied more pressure to your needy spot. He felt your body begin to tremble and quake and looked at your face, glancing back and forth between your expression, and where his hand was pleasuring you, until he heard you release a loud moan, your liquids exploding out of you, not only wetting his fingers but splashing its wetness nearly to the crook of his elbow.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell!” he finally breathed, not pulling his fingers from you, or relinquishing pressure from inside you, until he knew you had ridden out the orgasm to its fullest. He heard you begin to breath again, panting quickly, as your body continued to spasm in orgasmic bliss, choking his fingers inside of you. He felt you finally clamp your legs around his hand as you slowly regained a more normal breathing pattern, and the trembling of your thighs began to subside. He held you tightly, kissing you everywhere his lips would reach, not yet removing his fingers, until he felt you finally open your legs once again.

“Did so good for me, love,” he whispered into your ear, as his fingers slid out of you and he rubbed you softly between your legs, soothing you gently. “So good, baby.” 

He lifted his arm and showed you the juices still dripping from it, a couple of them dripping onto your chest and stomach. You lifted your arm, pulling his arm to your mouth, and sucked on one of his fingers, tasting your sweet juices on him. You saw the look on his face change once again, as an “Uungh” fell out of his throat, causing him to push his still throbbing dick against your hip without even realizing he was doing it. He brought his arm to his mouth and licked his tongue up toward his wrist, moaning slightly, loving your taste. He pulled you tightly against him and kissed you deeply, passionately, still tasting the slight sweetness attached to both of your tongues. He pulled away slightly and looked at you.

“May need just a moment, then I owe you,” you giggled. “Fuck, do I ever owe you.”

“No worries, love,” he looked down at his still prominent dick. “Don’t think that’s going anywhere until you’re ready for it.” He kissed you as you both giggled, then he pulled away again. “Love, do you think this coming weekend, we could take a short trip?”

Closing your eyes a second, still trying to think clearly through your bliss, you answered. “Well, yeah sure. Where are you wanting to go?”

“Back home,” he answered with a grin, kissing your lips softly.

“You…” you nearly choked out, “You want me to go back home with you?” He nodded and smiled. “Are you sure, Harry? I mean, yeah, but you’re sure?”

He smiled at you and squeezed your body into his. “Need m’ mum to meet the girl I’m in love with, don’t I?”


There you go! Chapter Three of For the Love of Harry, completed. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Honestly when I started this chapter, I was stumped, not sure where I wanted to go with it, and had initially decided it would be the final chapter so I could move on to my next story. But the ideas are already flowing for the continuation, so if you liked this one, please let me know and I will continue the story and post it soon. Apologies for any mistakes in this post. I wrote through a sleepless night, my nephew having gone in for brain surgery yesterday, so my thoughts are a bit weary and worn. Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Much love! xo

Contact: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer x Female Reader  

A/N: Smut below the cut!! This is for Mish’s 4k Smut Challenge.

I chose #20 Drunk CONSENSUAL rough sex.

This challenge is filled with panty drenching fics, I hope to do justice to the challenge. I am trying not to make this a crack fic, but I am drinking, so no promises. Special shout out to @imagicana and @gubl-oser who had to listen to the start of this scenario. I need a bath in holy water… xoxo Stu

Also the picture is from the /r GuysInGlasses

I do not own the images/ lyrics or characters.

Surviving a night out AFTER a Rossi dinner party was something you didn’t think you would complete within your first year as a member of the BAU. But tonight was special, you had closed your tenth case in a row AND it was Penelope’s birthday. After dinner festivities were not only expected; they were encouraged.

“Please be safe, guys. Remember Uber is always available.” Hotch explained.

“That’s right, kids, because Uncle Dave is not your designated driver. I fed you, now get out of my house.” Rossi slowly shuffled you all off of his patio and back through his lavish estate.

Derek and Spencer were cracking up over something. Penelope was leaning on you as you all piled into Derek’s truck.

“Savannah’s on call tonight, isn’t she? She would dance with us, wouldn’t she Y/N?” Penelope moaned.

“I am sure she would, IF I had met her yet, Morgan.” You teased, flicking the back of the sober driver’s head.

“Oh, she is the best. Like, she is model pretty and saves FREAKING lives, Y/N. You would love her.” Penelope gushed.

“Yeah, yeah, ladies. Cool your woman crushes on my girl.” Derek acknowledged, pulling out of the gated community Rossi lived in.

“Penny, where did you want to go? A regular club, something themed?” You asked lazily, trying to focus between your blonde friend and your phone screen.

“Anywhere with birthday specials, Mama will not be spending a lot guys.”

“I don’t think anyone would let you Garcia, besides Rossi has us covered.” Spencer finally piped up, flashing a stack of twenties from everyone’s favorite best selling author.

“Are we sure he isn’t looking for wife number 4, because I could use me a bank roll like that!” You teased. Everyone was quiet and the air in the vehicle got awkward. “I am kidding guys!! He is older than my actual father, not my thing.”

“What is your ‘thing’ if you don’t mind me asking? I haven’t seen you get worked up over anyone yet, Agent Y/L/N.” Derek teased.

You finished typing a text to your roommate before realizing everyone was waiting for you to answer. “Sorry, what?”

Derek and Penelope burst into explosive laughter, Spencer joined in gently. “No, I’m serious! What did you say?”

“Do you have a type?” Morgan enunciated each word as if you were a non-native English speaker.

“I am not going to tell you guys. You’re awful. I’ll never live it down.”

“I like muscular guys with…” Penelope started.

“We know.” You and Spencer cut her off in unison.

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Movie Night - Bughead College AU - Part 2

Hey Guys,

Sorry it has been so so long since I have posted anything but unfortunately adulting (and a super flu) got in the way and then there was a hit of writing self doubt and writing block. But here is the second and final part to Movie Night.

I also almost have the next chapter of What Fools We Mortals Be finished and am just working out some kinks and ideas with my Beta.

I always get so stressed with my fics that aren’t one shots as I get so worried that readers will be disappointed with the conclusion or next part which is the reason I sometimes get stuck on my WIPs.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy and always sorry to mobile users for the keep reading cut.


Betty is sick of the substandard movies that are chosen to play at the makeshift college ‘drive in’ she decides she has had enough and on her mission to correct this injustice bumps into a beanie wearing student who is just as outraged.

Based on the following prompt:

You’re the only other one who voted for my favorite movie on movie night so do you just want to watch it in my room au

Part One.

Nolan and Tarantino

Veronica was excited for her. As soon as she told her she would not be in their dorm room tonight because she was going to a boy’s room the squeal that Veronica had emitted had very near ruptured her eardrums.

“I knew you had it in you B.” Veronica wrapped her arm around her shoulder like a proud mamma bird finally seeing her baby bird spread her wings and embrace the full college experience. “Sooo what’s his name?”

“Jughead.” Veronica did a double take, her head cocked slightly to the side as if she may have misheard her.


“Yeah I think it might be a nickname.” Betty mused while Veronica’s eyes widened in realization.

“Wait a second Archie’s roommate has a weird name, I thought it was Juicebox, but maybe it was Jughead.” Veronica clapped her hands together in delight. “You are going out with Archie’s roommate.” Her voice had now taken on a sing song quality and Betty could see the cogs turning in her head processing all this information at once, probably forming plans for double dates and who knows what else.

“I’m just going over to watch a movie, it’s not a date.” Veronica sighed heavily, before taking Betty’s hand and leading her over to her bed encouraging her to sit beside her. “It’s not-” Veronica silenced Betty’s protests placing a finger up to her mouth.

“It’s a date Betty,” she stated simply, as Betty’s eyes widened. She knew it was a date, or was that just some wishful thinking on her part. He was interested in movies, she was interested in movies. People of the opposite gender can watch movies together alone in a college dorm room and not have any romantic feelings towards each other. Can’t they? “You are going to be alone in his dorm room, probably on his bed, his laptop between the two of you, an arm around your shoulder.” Betty imagined the scene in her head. She imagined them both reaching for the popcorn at the same time, their hands brushing accidently against each other, a shared laugh before their eyes would meet each other’s gaze. She shook her head trying to wipe the images from her mind. No it was just watching a movie.

“He chose The Lobster for drive in movie, he puts up a choice each month.”

“The unpopular choice.” Veronica reminded her.

“Maybe but it’s always the one I would choose.” Betty was happy to have someone who could appreciate good cinema as much as she loved Veronica her taste in movies sucked.

“Well B, what are you going to wear for your non-date date.” Betty pulled her bottom lip with her teeth. She hadn’t even thought about it yet. She wanted to look nice but not too nice, not like she had spent hours agonising over what she was going to wear for the night, even though she had a feeling that that was exactly what she was about to do at Veronica’s insistence.

Betty shifted nervously in front of his dorm room door, she could faintly hear music playing inside his room. It was something she didn’t recognise but it sounded pleasant to her ears. She shifted one of the two large shopping bags of snacks that she had brought for the evening into one hand while she raised the other to knock on his door.

The door opened almost immediately and she noted that he was still wearing the crown beanie that he had been earlier. Apparently that was part of his permanent wardrobe or so Veronica had informed her after sending several inquisitive texts to Archie. And yes, Jughead was in fact a nickname, but Archie wouldn’t tell her his real name through fear of Jughead’s retribution.

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Their Story


Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @hunters-from-stark-tower ‘s 3k Movie AU challenge. Follows Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge pretty closely, save some parts. (Note: there are quotes in this that do not belong to me)

Words: approx. 3.4k

Prompt: Moulin Rouge AU

Warnings: kissing, bad writing, death



The click click click of the man’s fingers upon the keys of the typewriter fill the air with a sense of melancholy.

This man, he does not remember happiness. Only emptiness.

His love’s lips had been cold when he’d last kissed her. Cold. So cold. The taste of blood filling his mouth with its iron tang. Her eyes had been so lifeless, staring into empty chaos.

He remembered pleading for her to come back to him. She hadn’t listened.

And now he sits, a lonely man in a lonely land, telling a story of a lost love and a lost hope that no one will hear.

This my friends is the story of James Buchanan Barnes. The man who’s one aspiration is to teach a lesson of love:

The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved.
…in return


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The Voicemail, Part 3

Title: The Voicemail, Part 3
Author:  @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Pre-Revival
A/N: This is an unbeta’d quickie continuation of a series written with @kateyes224 .  Please read parts 1 and 2 listed below, so that you have an idea of what the hell is going on. 

The Voicemail written by me

The Voicemail, Part 2 written by @kateyes224

With each step she takes, shooting pain jolts through the center of her heels as she finally enters her dark apartment.  There’s a staleness to the silence now, a product of entering single-living territory again, a lifestyle of chosen loneliness she hasn’t experienced for many years.  Each minute of her thirty-six hour shift sits heavily in her lumbar region, aching with ferocity as she shrugs off her coat and slings it over the back of a rarely used dining room chair.

Her phone pings loudly, its alert slicing through the quiet to announce a missed call and a voicemail.  She glances at the notification, fully expecting to see another summoning from the hospital, and she grips the chair as her knees buckle.  


Her cheeks flush pink with brewing embarrassment as she thinks back to a few weeks earlier, snippets of a drunkenly induced voicemail she had left him run muddily through her mind.  She had been drinking that night with the sole intention of getting drunk, an impulsion she hadn’t conceded to since her rebellious teenage years, and played his voicemail thirteen times, having memorized each line around the seventh or eighth. Each time she hit ‘replay’ she was another vodka and splash of cranberry juice deeper, soaking in every venomous word he spoke.

She has no memory of thumbing through her contacts and finding his number, or pressing the ‘call’ button.  She doesn’t remember hearing it ring or being directed to voicemail.  The words that had erroneously poured from her liquored mouth, however, come back in hazy fragments.

 “I wanted to abort my son.  You know why?  Because you were gone.”

 “How do you find a way to be everything and nothing to me at the same time?”

 “I hate that I love you.  I hate myself for loving you.  You’re like a disease.”

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