yes i realize my taste in music is very all over the place

All I do is party, ha, ha, ha, ha.

***Ignore all grammar issues in this post. I plan on rambling in dgaf mode.

Okay, so this weekend was really good. 

Kidnapped Joseph/Spektor for the weekend. Saw the new Harold and Kumar(funny stuff) and  then headed down to San Diego to finally see Rocky Horror Picture Show live/drank a little bit(amazing), did random shenanigans Saturday including hookah, lame house party, spectrum, and dennys. Today and yesterday spent a lot of time at the klatch and now he knows everybody. Random but fun weekend.

Now I’m just looking forward to hoping this week goes by fast so I can enjoy the epicness that is THIS WEEKEND:) What is this weekend you ask?

WELL. originalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy I was supposed to go VIP to Kandieland in Arizona this weekend. WAS STOKED ON LIFE when I figured out Darren Styles, Breeze, and Recon were gunna be there. Immediately bought 2 tickets before I even knew if I had anybody to go with. Nothing would stop me. 

Until Andrew Freaking Beautiful in every way Mcmahon decided to make the 2nd Annual Dear Jack Benefit concert on 11/11/11 AKA the same day as Kandieland. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU. >_< Obviously not missing that.

100% the ONLY thing that could keep me away from Darren Styles is Andrew Mcmahon. AND THAT WOULD HAPPEN. 

I’m still not over this. I wish I could clone myself and be in two places at once.. but alas, I cannot. So since I don’t really know anyone else around here thats willing to mob to AZ for Darren Styles I gave Joseph my tickets and he’s gunna go and enjoy him for me. for his 2nd time. (On my birthday 2 years ago Darren Styles was in AZ and he saw them without me cause I couldnt find a ride[Yes I’m convinced some stupid fucked up entity is determined to never let me see Darren]) I know he loves Darren Styles/ Happy hardcore just as much as me, so I’m glad I could help him out even though I’m gunna be SOO SOO jealous and at the same time ECSTATIC because Andrew will be in front of my face. AND Not only Friday, but also Saturday! :D It shall be an epic weekend. Gunna finally ask Andrew to write out my Tattoo ♥ andddddd ALSO I might go to Six Flags on Sunday!  Wooo. I’m ridiculous.


Friday should come now!