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Lets say Iwa-chan n Oikawa were to get into a polyam relationship w/ someone, what are your HCs of the whole situation; realizing they both loved the same person to the actual confession (like stages of love?), n HCs of the actual relationship?

i’m just doing headcanons if that’s okay since i don’t really know how to write the falling in love with the partner and stage of love thing. 

• Cuddle times are always a yes with their partner in between the both of them. Occasionally its one of the guys but they prefer their partner in the middle. Oikawa and Iwa are such cuddle bugs. Especially on lazy sundays 

• Date choices go in a full circle with each of them deciding on what they want to do when its their turn to choose where to go.

• The boys don’t have any problem being cuddly or the tiniest bit intimate with each other but they definitely give most of their affection to their partner. And their partner have no problem returning their affection as well. 

• When spending lazy time indoors all of them are in this one big pile with one a top of the other or leaning against as they do their own things like read, nap, or draw.

• Instead of the typical two way promise rings they each have a necklace with their own charms. alien, godzilla, whatever the partner prefer 

• They hold no shame in showing that they’re in a poly relationship in public and are seen all three holding hands together. Oikawa most proud and Iwa showing a bit blushy face. Mostly because he is just shy about PDA in general.

• If someone ever comes across to hit on their partner the boys will gladly go have a little chat to show that even if their partner is in a poly relationship they still belong to them and more is a crowd

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Hello! I know requests are closed at the moment, but will they ever open again someday? ;v;

Omg this stabbed me so much huhuhhhu (lol it’s not you its me) because I realized how horrible I am for delaying the requests too long huhuhu

Someday… could mean any day. Huhuhuhu so if you have patience with me and believe in a “someday”, then yes. It could open again… someday T.T

But thank you so much that you still try to support the seiyuu relationship posts (I’m assuming this was what you’re talking about). Even tho I’m so all the place and such a lazy-ass :’))))