yes i realise it's a body part

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i feel that yes, sex =\= gender when its being discussed with cis ppl but tbh my dysphoria really eased when i realised that i don't have "female" parts, they're male, my entire body is a body of an nb man, no matter what it looks like and what parts i have. Idk just sharing my thoughts, not trying to start shit ✌

No and you’re absolutely valid in thinking this.

Kai says:

@agenderedryan wrote a really great response about going on HRT and feeling happier:

“This wouldn’t fit in an ask so…

On HRT: Many of my friends have noticed i am much happier in general now that I’m on hormones, and I am unstable and unsafe far less. I am significantly happier. That is not to say that hormones cause happiness. It is a new puberty filled with difficulties all its own. But my changing body makes me very happy. My hips are small enough I need a belt now. When I had to buy a belt, I was ecstatic. It depends on the person, but if you feel that your transition should include HRT, then it should. You are the only one who knows you well enough to make that decision. And if you aren’t sure, that is totally okay. You can just keep thinking on it until you are sure. I did. It took me 9 months of consideration to realise that yes, I did/do need HRT as part of my transition. But I am also glad I waited those 9 months, because I needed the time to work out my worries and make my decision. There are no hurries in these types of decisions. It can be helpful to talk it out, too. Don’t forget to take your physical health into consideration, too. And make sure any medications you take won’t screw with the hormones. I recommend discussing with a therapist and doctor before making your decision. Just remember this most important point: this is your transition. Every transition is different. These decisions are yours. Do not let anyone (transfolks included) tell you how your transition should look.

Ryan Michael”