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HS Quotidien Interview

Hi folks! Here is a transcript of Harry’s interview with Yann Barthès. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it, so I apologize if there are a few typos. However, I moonlight as a lyrics transcriber so it should be pretty accurate… This includes a bit that was cut in the replay version, so don’t be surprised. 

YB: Welcome to Paris.

HS: Thank you.

YB: How are you?

HS: Um, good. I’m good.

YB: Can you answer in French? Comment ça va? (= how are you?)

HS: Umm, I have… a little bit…a tiny bit… Très bien. Et toi? (= very well and you?)

 YB: Well, very well, thank you. Thank you very much for being here. We always start interviews with international stars with this question: can you give us your five favourite words in French? Or a sentence that you know in French? I was told you know some.

HS: “Comment vous-faîtes un café si délicieux?” (=how do you make such a good coffee?)

YB: Ah, ah, ok.

HS: (mumbles something I can’t understand) It’s all I have.

YB: Do you often use that sentence?

HS: … no. Yes! Yeah…

YB: Who or what comes to mind when you think of France?

HS: …. um… best people I’ve known… I think *her* (points to a fan). And then I guess…Fabien Barthez.

YB: (slightly surprised) Fabien Barthez, yes. (note: he is a French footballer who played in the 90s) So Harry, you are 23 and you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world. You know that everyone is watching you very carefully (note: the French expression YB uses, which is not mean, kind of implies: waiting for you to trip or fail) with your new album, Sign of the Times. Why did you choose this song? Why Sign of the Times? It’s very far from what we expected from you.

HS: Yeah, I think I, uh, I wanted to… I always liked music that makes me feel something and I, you know I think…writing it, I kind of felt something and wanted to put that out. I think it is a good indicator, um, for me of what the album means to me. So that’s why I wanted to go with that first. I think.

YB : Billboard Magazine wrote that this single is, I quote, “one of the most ambitious song in pop music of the past decade”. Not bad… do you have friends at Billboard?

HS: (cute little laugh) I don’t know anyone at the Billboard.

YB : Upon listening to it, we think of David Bowie, of Queens… Who else inspired you?

HS: Um, I mean…. I think, I think, everyone, anything, any song you’ve ever listened to growing up or throughout your life that you’ve enjoyed (…he then says something I can’t catch) so I think a lot of different things but I think, uh,  I wanted to… I wanted to just write, and see what came out …. and see, you know I didn’t know what I sounded like, to make an album, so the process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.

YB: Do you know any French singer?  This is a trick question… and don’t say Serge Gainsbourg!

HS: I know Woodkid.

YB: Woodkid?

HS: Woodkid, yeah. He directed my music video so, uh…

YB: Why did you choose him?

HS: Um, I just think, I think his videos are amazing. I think he is a really, really talented guy. And I love French people. So I wanted to work with ‘em.

YB : (makes faces at Harry) When you are in Spain, you say that you love Spanish people…

HS: No? Great tie, by the way. Good tie.

YB : Really? (looks for the label for half a second) Uh, it’s French.

HS: I’m sure. Wouldn’t be a Spanish tie, would it?

YB: Can I see your loafers? I was told you have great loafers. (zoom in on Harry’s Gucci rainbow shoes). Wow, yeah. What is it? It’s not French, it’s Italian. (a fan in the audience then says it is Gucci).

HS: It’s not, no.

YB: It’s from the European Union.

HS: (laughs) Probably, yeah.

YB: It seems like everything is very easy for you. Has everything really been easy for you?

HS: Um, was what simple?

YB: Well, your life. You have a dream life. With 1D.

HS: Oh, I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to be making music, I feel very lucky to able to make this (points to his album) and I feel very lucky today being in France (… says something I don’t understand…) singing this song. And uh, yeah, I can’t complain.

YB: And what was less pleasant?

HS: (pauses)Um… I don’t know.

YB: One thing…

HS: Um, I think, I think when you care so much about something it’s hard to get to a point where you feel like you’re finished. I think you always feel like your adding, like you wanna add something to make it better. So I think the hardest part was getting to that part and be like, ok, it’s finished. Um, yeah.

YB: You said in the May issue of Rolling Stones that a big part of your album was inspired by a women. (Leans forward and asks sarcastically) Really?

HS: No, I think, I think, honestly, I think the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman, it kind of feels like… and I…uh, I don’t know, I put a lot of work into it so I don’t feel, I don’t feel like it revolves around a woman. I feel like, it is a lot about me and things like (??) Yeah, I feel like it’s more about me than about anyone else. (makes a cute sassy little face)

YB: How do you navigate going from a group adventure, being in a boyband, to a solo career as an adult?

HS: Um, I mean, it’s been a lot of fun, I think. You know, we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things. And at the moment in our lives, we’re at a time when everyone is trying their own thing and having a good time. It’s been amazing to see everyone do so well. So if I can, kind of, do as well as the other boys, that would be amazing.

YB: Do you talk or text them everyday? Whatsapp?

HS: I don’t have that. But yeah, we talk, yeah. Yeah, absolutely, yeah. It’s uh, and everyone’s been bringing stuff out and it’s been, it’s been a lot going on, so it’s been… it’s been a good time.

YB: Here is the album cover. Can you describe it? Why this photo?

HS: Yeah… Um, so… (cute little sound) I worked with, um, I worked with a photographer, Harley Weir. I’m a massive, massive fan of her, of her work. And uh, it was an amazing opportunity to get to work with her and I think she’s incredible. And I felt like, this was what I wanted…

YB: Why is it pink? Why the water, why the back? Why…why?

HS: (shrugs)

YB : It’s beautiful! But why pink for example?

HS: I dunno man.

YB: (fakes surprise) Really? That, you don’t know?

HS: I don’t know. Um, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever want to…

YB: (interrupts Harry) Some say it is the colour of rock’n roll?

HS: (pauses). Apparently so. I dunno. I think, I think, it means something to me and I think if it means anything to anyone else. I wouldn’t want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it, you don’t have to explain it.

YB: So everyone can see whatever they want, is that it?

HS: Yes, exactly.

YB : Have you seen that? (shows a video of fans reacting to Sign of the Times). Your fans film themselves listening to your song for the first time… So there are some very relevant analysis… (the video continues to play out) Do you read what people say about you on social media, here on YouTube, or Twitter, or Instagram. You use Instagram, right?

HS: Yes, I use it a little bit. (To the crowd that sounds sceptical) Yeah, I use it a little bit! I mean I wish everyone was having as good a time as the girl that was (makes vague arm movements). That, that’s what I do when I listen to it. So…

YB: Do you do your own Insta posts, with your own fingers, or is it someone else?

HS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do mine.

YB: Do you still vote in Redditch?

HS: …in?

YB: Redditch.

HS: Where I was born? I don’t live in Redditch anymore.

YB: So you don’t vote there. When was the last time you voted?

HS: No, London, yeah.

YB: Do you have an opinion on Brexit?

HS: Um…

YB: Welcome to Europe by the way!

HS: Thank you very much, thanks for having me. Um, I mean I don’t… I don’t really comment on politics. Um, to me I think anything that brings people together is better than something that keeps people apart. Uh, that’s, yeah…

YB: And yet, you do support legal equality. Man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual. It is politics, isn’t it?

HS: Um, I don’t know, that doesn’t feel like politics to me, I think. Stuff like equality feels much more like fundamentals. I feel like everyone really is equal. That doesn’t feel like politics to me.

YB: Do you know that your fans are very fetishist. They know every tattoo, every piece of jewellery you have, they have a heart attack when you cut your hair. So clearly, here, you are playing on their nerves. Today, you are playing on their nerves.

HS: (a bit coy) Ok. Is it?

YB: Yes, of course. (shows pictures of Harry’s tattoos) Yes, clearly. What is your favourite tattoo?

HS: Um, I think uh… probably, I don’t know actually.

YB: What is the last one?

HS: The latest is this one, there (points to the Arlo tattoo). And this guy (point to Jackson). And this guy (points back to Arlo).

YB: Jackson?

HS: This guy (point to the bottom of the bee? I’m not sure). This guy (points to another tattoo on his right arm, off camera, and then to the rose).

YB: (laughs) All at the same time?

HS: Yes, it is close. (it is what I hear but the French interpreter translated it by “there is a lot”)

YB: And your hair? What’s the deal with your hair? How many tons of hair products have you used when you were in 1D (note: in French, there was no connotation of the 1D era being over or not)

HS: (sigh) Yeah, like a lot. I think a lot, yeah.

YB: You are in the next Christopher Nolan movie. It’s called Dunkirk.

HS: Yeah.

YB: How did you end up there?

HS: Um, I auditioned.

YB: There, there we see you (as images of Harry in Dunkirk are shown on screen)

HS: There I am. Yeah, it’s me. Um, yeah, I auditioned. Um, yeah, it was great, it was an amazing experience. It’s gonna be a really cool movie.


YB: Harry, it feels like we’ve known you since you were just a kid. The world discovered you in 2010 on the seventh season of X Factor. (shows a clip of Harry’s audition) So in this video you are alone but Simon Cowell, member of the jury, has an idea. He puts you together with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall and you become One Direction. You are the one who came up with the name One Direction and the five of you sell millions of albums. One Direction is quickly considered as the new Beatles, you fill the biggest avenues in the world, the whole planet talks about you. When you travel, we feel for your eardrums… you become the pride of the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron even makes a cameo in one of your videos… you sing in front of the Queen… but in 2015, bang!… Zane leaves the band. The fans can’t get over it… but they can rest easy now, one of their favourites is on the cover of Rolling Stones, he will be in the next Christopher Nolan movie, plays Mick Jagger on SNL… but what you don’t know is that we already met in 2012 (shows a clip of Harry talking in French)… you were doing promo in France… and now I have questions for you.

First, when you are in the car (Harry is shown on screen surrounded by a crowd of fans, trying to get to his car) and fans are coming at you from everywhere, do you see that? (shows a photo of faces squashed against a window).

HS: Uh, I think I actually lost my shoes that day. And then I got in the car… I got in the car and I was like, I don’t have any shoes (… note: I can’t make out what he says next.)

YB: I have a second question. Do you always do that before going on stage (shows a clip of Harry and Zayn having their teeth and nostrils checked out). Do you still do that? Shall we do it?

HS: No.

YB: Really? You won’t do it?

HS: (shields himself with his hand and shows YB his teeth and nostrils) Thank you. 

YB: What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked in an interview?

HS: Um… Mm… um, I think it actually was a French interview. I got asked if I would uh, if I would pee in a sink.

YB: Why, indeed, that is weird!

HS: It was the first question!

YB: Well, it sets the mood!

HS: Yeah

YB: And what question do you never want to hear again? Did I ask it?

HS: (turns to where the audience is giving suggestions) Which one? Oh, crush.

YB: What?

HS: Crush.

YB: Oh, that… (makes a heart of his hands) Ok, good. I haven’t asked that. Phew. Do you know that at a young French writer has just published a novel about you? It’s called « Styles », it’s published by Jean-Claude Lattès. It is a novel about the writer’s obsession with you. It’s in French so well…

HS: Aaah?

YB : You can translate it. I’m giving it to you

HS: Is this true?

YB: It is true. He dedicated it to you. Jean-Claude Lattès is a very serious publishing house. It is called “Styles”. So read it.

HS: Thank you

YB: Thank you very much Harry styles for coming on our show. His first self-titled album comes out on May 12th. Thank you very much, have a good trip back


I really loved that interview. I thought Harry was very relaxed and it was lovely to see him having a good time, laughing and interacting with the audience. I liked that YB addressed Harry as an equal, joked and was interested in what Harry thought as a musician and as a person. All in all, it was very respectful and set the record straight on many RS controversial points.

Also, there a was segment later in the show called #fakenews and one of the joke was someone saying “Harry Styles doesn’t make real music” and then getting slapped across the face and a big #FAKENEWS coming on screen! 

Defy [Kyungsoo x Reader] [pt.6]

theme: do kyungsoo x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
word count: 2.2k
a/n: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh and “my hand is so sorry” was a typo that i left in before it fit | also for those waiting for where flowers grow, I wrote this chapter of Defy 3 weeks ago, just forgot to updload it. I’m actually on chapter 7, if you check my AO3 (junixing, for those who want CH.7 rn, since I don’t want to spam you all with two chapters of defy at once.). I’m actually writing WFG right now! ~ Juni

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5]  [pt.6]

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IWantTheDean’s Summer Reading List

Hello Lovelies! As I’ve mentioned several (many?) times before, I’m way behind on my reading. The next few weeks as the semester comes to an end for my college classes (the ones I’m taking and the one I help teach) and for my elementary school students, it’s just going to be crazy, and I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t be catching up before then. 

Fear not; I have a plan! Once summer comes around and I’m not going 24/7, I’ll have much more time for both reading and writing. Below the cut are a list of writers whose masterlists I’m dying to catch up on; as I read through, I’ll make a post with all of my recs from what I’ve read. Yes, you guessed correctly, it will be titled IWantTheDean’s Summer Reading List. 

If you’re not on the list but you’ve tagged me in stuff and I haven’t responded (by like and/or reblog) feel free to ask to be added to the list. Keep in mind, though I will have more time, I’ll still have one job and possibly summer classes, but I’m going to get through as much as I can. Incidentally, if you’re on the list and you know I have a lot to catch up on, but specifically want to make sure I see certain fics, you’re more than welcome to let me know about that, too. Also, if you’re on this list but I’m either caught up with your masterlist, or I’m mistaken and you don’t have fic for me to read, please let me know before I go on a wild goose chase! 

Thanks for your patience everyone! Again, below the cut is the list of writers whose masterlists are on my reading radar for summer! 

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ID #27540

Name: Katrina
Age: 19
Country: Canada

I’m a Chinese Canadian studying Mechatronic Engineering at an Ontario university. I have a beautiful black cat, I love him very much. I like drawing but I’m not very good with habits so it’s hard to call it a hobby. I have a deep passion for maths, sciences, and humanities. I like to make weird hypotheses for random stuff. Most of them are actually just for sh*ts and giggles, but yes those are important subjects to me. I’m not a big fandom person anymore but I still read, watch, and play stuff in my spare time. I listen to all kinds of rock and metal music, but I also have playlists for electronic, rap, and classical music that I like to put on shuffle from time to time. My sexuality is very blurry but I mostly identify as asexual. Race, gender, and sexuality are topics close to my heart, and not limited to trending movements. I speak English and Mandarin (bare minimum French and would love to learn Russian). I’m here because I want to talk about my interests with like minded people and be introduced to new things I might like, but I also enjoy just connecting with another person’s life even if we have nothing in common. That’s it people, happy penpal-ing.

Preferences: Ages 14-25. I support the tax free transaction of life tips. Can give adolescencing advice and in need of adulting advice. Definitely appreciate someone in the same boat at life as me.

Different, yet so Beautiful

Summary: Boredom got the best of him, so he took one good glance around him and when he saw her, his whole look at the world changed.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Requested: Yes, twice.
Word Count: 699.
Warning(s): None.
Note: Something else. It’s like, more focused on Draco’s POV, but it’s not literally written from his POV. When you read the imagine, you’ll understand. :-) (I’m sorry if their are any mistakes. I had to write it twice, forgot to save it the first time *sobs violently*)

+     +     +     +     +     +

It was the boring voice of Snape which brought the boy to sleep. Stuff he already know, went into his right ear and left again from his other ear. The clock was ticking and time went by, slowly as Draco his head hit the book in front of him. With a shock he was woken up again and with sleepy eyes he looked around, checking if anyone noticed.

‘Please, students, turn to page… 138,’ Snape said, very slowly as the blonde locks of Draco’s hair fell in front of his eyes, closing his eyes again while trying to find the right page blindly. When he had a good guess feeling about the page, he stopped and started to snore softly.

A giggle could be heard and Draco immediately opened his eyes, looking up for the person who giggled. When he found her, he started to gape at her.

Her bright E/C eyes matched her H/C hair and her little smile which played upon her face, made Draco feel like he was in heaven.

But, how come he never saw this girl before? It may sound cliche, but he basically knew every single student in Hogwarts. Yes, every single one.

The bell rang, signaling the class was dismissed and they were free to go. It was already late in the afternoon and dinner started at 7. So, a couple of hours to go until then. And those couple of hours, Draco would use to get to know this girl a bit better.

The classroom became empty as the beautiful girl was still packing her bags. draco took this chance to approach her and put on his brightest, warmest smile. For as far as he could, because the tiredness may have got the best of him.

‘Hello, I think we have not met properly before. The name’s -’

‘Malfoy, Draco. Draco Malfoy, I mean. I know,’ the girl giggled because of her little mistake. It made him smile too, but not because she said it wrong. More because her sound, voice and giggle made him feel butterflies explode inside of his body. His heart skipped a beat and he whimpered softly, nervous as to what to say next.

He started out so smooth, but his confidence broke down the next minute she spoke a word.

‘Y/N Y/L/N,’ she introduced herself, her name immediately fitting her appearance. Some kind of satisfaction washed over Draco, feeling relaxed as he saw she also felt comfortable with him.

‘Beautiful name you got there,’ he complimented her, almost high-fiving himself at not messing up this line.

‘You think so? I think it’s weird, you don’t hear it very often,’ she said, a bit taken aback by the compliment. She blinked a few times and this time, Draco noticed that her eyes weren’t as bright as he thought before. They seemed tired and Y/N tried to hide it with make-up. But he knew how someone looked when they got a lack of sleep.

‘You also struggling with insomnia?’ Draco asked, daring to ask as she took a step back, bit surprised by his question.

Which was right actually.

‘H-How’d know?’ she stuttered, her knuckles slowly turning white as her hand was clutched around the strap of her backpack.

‘I’m struggling with it too,’ he softly admitted, looking down at his shoes as Y/N turned around, about to leave the room before she turned to the Slytherin boy again.

‘Follow me,’ she said and then she walked away, Draco following her as fast as he could.

They ended up in the courtyard of the school, Y/N stopping and grabbing her wand. She whispered a spell and made a very soft-looking blanket appear on the grass.

‘Care to share this long-deserved nap with me?’ she said, smiling softly as they both fell to their knees and then on their back or belly. It was weird, doing this while you’ve just known each other for like, ten to fifteen minutes.

But if felt alright. It felt okay.

And from that sleepy moment on, Draco and Y/N fought together against their sleeping disorder, winning the fight as their friendship developed in such a special way.

It was different, yet so beautiful.


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Manga Recommendation: Everything from ONE

Practically everyone’s heard about One Punch Man’s amazing animation courtesy of Madhouse. Many keep up with Yusuke Murata’s manga adaptation of the series as well, with it frequently appearing near the top of the list of best-selling manga volumes in America. Mob Psycho 100′s anime has been making waves with its unconventional art style and fantastic animation, albeit in a different way from One Punch Man’s. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the creations of manga artist ONE have been getting a reasonable amount of attention. 

With a sense of humor, a silly premise, and… less than adequate art, he was able to make a webcomic that went viral. Throughout his time as a manga artist, his growth in writing, character development, comedy, paneling, and, yes, even art can be seen. When I read ONE’s stuff, I see a love that inspires me. I want to have fun with my work like he does. Because of this, I just have to recommend them to others so they can enjoy them as well hopefully. From his early stuff to his collaborations with Yusuke Murata, everything ONE is worth your time. For this, however, I’m only going to focus on two of his lesser known works. 

Makai no Ossan is about an old man who lives in the underworld. One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 can be weird, sure, but they are not the surreal kind of comedy that this is. With this setting full of monsters and demons, there are pretty much no boundaries. It goes from the trope inversion ONE is known for to body horror to oddly endearing slice of life moments at quick pace. It’s all over the place and that’s okay. This allows ONE to use some forms of humor you don’t really see in his other works. Third wall-breaking in particular comes to mind. I love how this allows ONE to take a few jabs at himself. It’s not a long read since it lasted only a year, but it’s definitely a great one on a rainy evening with nothing to do. 

The picture on the bottom middle is from Gokiburi Buster, a Yusuke Murata/ONE collaborative one-shot. Believe it or not, it’s about a scar-covered hammer-wielder, a ninja, an armored guy with a bazooka, and an angry rookie seeking revenge for his parents’ deaths fighting against… cockroaches. Just to make things clear, yes. He does blame cockroaches for the deaths of his parents. The entire thing is a glorious mess. The brevity definitely works in this one’s favor because the novelty of the gimmick is sure to wear off quickly. It takes advantage of the time it lasts by being an absolute riot. 

Full of life, humor, and clever writing, ONE’s manga deserves the spotlight it has been given and I absolutely love it. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

anonymous asked:

I honestly love both your PJO AU and YouTube AU. Its what gets me through the week, tbh

This is so sweet to hear!!! I’m so happy you like them!!!

Obviously they’re both pretty long, so there’s a lot of time and effort spent on them, and,,, it’s just? So great to hear that people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Also chapter four of the PJO AU should be up really soon so hey if you want something to look forward to,,, an update is on the way.

I present to you the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written, AKA..

The Eleventh Time It Happened! (Part ½)

Yes, you read that right, shipmates! This Time it Happened was just too fluffy and long for one post so it’s a 2 parter! First of all, I would like to formally apologize for the RIDICULOUSLY LONG TIME it took me to update this story. Aside from being busy with school, dealing with personal stuff, and having a bad case of writer’s block, this part of the story is so special to me that I refused to post it until I felt it was just right. It’s a big thing for me because this part basically opens the door to the 993923840234 fluffy fanfics I plan to write in conjunction to this story in 2017. (Trust me, you’ll understand why at the end of this half.) So before you read, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your patience and support. It means so much to me that so many of you enjoy this little fluff series. I am tagging as many of you as I can think of and if you aren’t tagged and want to be in the future, just send me an ask about it and I promise to always always tag you in the future. I love you all! Enjoy this heaping dose of daddy!Killian and Mommy!Emma fluff.

Also, if you are new to the Nth Time it Happened fluff series, here are links to EVERY single time It’s Happened so far. Daddy!Killian. That’s all you need to know.


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The eleventh time it happens, Killian is fuelled by a mixture of excitement, and well…fear. It’s harder than usual to extricate himself from he and Emma’s bed, because he’d opted to hold her extra close tonight. Slowly and gently he untangles their limbs, unable to ignore the nagging feeling in his belly that seems to do nothing but order him to creep down the hallway. When he opens Leia’s bedroom door, he can’t help but chuckle to himself. Leia is three years old, and she’d outgrown her crib some time ago. In its place is a gigantic Jolly Roger-shaped bed, complete with yellow and navy trim. Leia had begged for it, and although Emma usually doesn’t use her magic to conjure material things (she thinks it’s brutally unfair, and that one should have to earn things if they want them) she’d made an exception, just the one time. It’s colossally ginormous, resembles the real ship uncannily, and Leia looks tiny in it. (Just the way Killian likes her to look.)

He crosses the room to the side of the ship and climbs aboard, gently moving his daughter over to make enough room beside her. Leia wiggles as Killian pulls her against his side, and she surprises him by nuzzling into him, raising her little hand to tickle at his stubble. He hadn’t meant to rouse her from sleep.

“You okay, Daddy?” she squeaks quietly, nestling her head on his chest.

Killian feels his heart clench at his little love’s words. Even when she’s three quarters of the way asleep, she still finds it in her to be concerned for him.

“Aye, my darling,” he assures her, rubbing at her back with the blunted end of his left arm.

“Just miss Weia a bit?”

Killian chuckles, placing a soft kiss in her messy dark hair. “Something like that, sweetheart. Now, go on back to sleep, love. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Leia yawns, finishing up the patterns she was tracing on her father’s cheek before letting her hand go slack against his neck. “I w-ove you so much, Daddy.”

Killian tightens his hold on her instinctively. “And I you, my littlest love,” he whispers, resting his chin gently atop her head.

In less than a minute Leia’s asleep again, her little breaths deep and even against his chest. Killian tries to just focus on her breathing, but it doesn’t take long for his mind to start wandering, that mixture of excitement and fear bubbling back to the surface of his thoughts.


Emma had shown up at the docks that very morning, quite unexpectedly, just before he and Leia had set off for their morning sail. At first, upon seeing her, he was worried; she’d said this morning that she was leaving for work, and seeing her in the midst of a work day usually meant there was a crisis. But upon closer inspection he found that she was beaming, a smile so wide it threatened to fracture her cheekbones. They locked eyes and he felt his heart stutter, overcome by how much he utterly adored her.

“Mummy!” Leia squealed, darting across the deck of the ship toward Emma.

“Leia!” Emma echoed, still smiling, jumping from the dock to the deck just as Leia reached her. Killian watched reverently as Emma scooped Leia up into her arms, nibbling at her neck playfully. Leia laughed and wriggled, trying to bat Emma’s face away but failing miserably.

“What…are…you…doing…Mummy!” Leia panted between giggles. Killian stepped closer to his girls, eyes trained on Emma’s face, awaiting her answer.

Emma ceased her attack, pausing for a second to let Leia catch her breath before she said, quite seriously, “I needed to tell you and Daddy something. I thought I could wait until dinnertime, but I just...couldn’t.

Leia’s eyes widened in curiosity, and she placed her hands against Emma’s cheeks, hilariously staring her down. “What, Mummy?”

Killian watches as Emma takes a breath, and then she makes this face. Her nose gets all scrunched up and the lines beside her eyes crinkle but at the same time she’s smiling but her forehead has lines on it as though she’s nervous and suddenly, Killian feels like his heart is going to explode because he’s seen this face before.

Once before.

“I…” Emma starts, but before she can even say anything else Killian surges forward, almost involuntarily. He wraps his hooked arm around them both but using his good hand, he yanks Emma’s shirt up above her belly button, pressing his large hand against the creamy skin of her belly, against where he knows there is a life that they created.

“Emma,” he breathes, his eyes gone watery, his voice thick.

Emma’s jaw drops in shock, thrown off by the fact that he basically beat her to the punch. Her breath catches in her throat when she takes in her husband’s awed expression of wonder and everything she’d rehearsed in the car just flies out the window. She can do nothing but nod encouragingly at him, pressing her hand over where his lies against her skin.

The smile on his face is one for the ages, and for once her pirate is simply speechless, tears hovering in his eyes. He surges forward to capture her lips with his own, his heart fuller than it’s ever been in all his many years.

“Mummy! Daddy!” Leia humphs in an exasperated tone, “What are you kissing about?”

Killian retracts his mouth from Emma’s immediately. He’d almost forgotten his little girl was even present. He looks to Emma again and she gives him silent permission to be the one to break the news. (She knows in these few seconds he’s planned it out better than she ever could).

“Come here my littlest love,” he beckons, taking his hand from Emma’s tummy to hold his arms out for her. Leia goes to him willingly, her little nose scrunched up in utter confusion.  He crouches down so they’re eye level with Emma’s belly button, and he puts his hand back where it had been. Leia copies him with her own little palm, her touch so soft and tickly that Emma almost involuntarily steps back.

“Mummy’s got a wee lad or lass in there, Leia,” Killian explains reverently, and Emma bites her lip to keep from laughing at the way Leia’s eyes widen to resemble tea saucers. “You’re going to be a big sister, my love.”

“Really? In your tummy, Mummy?!”

Emma laughs at Leia’s bewildered expression. “That’s right, kid. You used to be in there too.”

Leia is quiet for a minute, absorbing this intriguing information. After the beat of silence she lets out an amazed, “Wow.”

Killian chuckles. “Wow indeed, little love,” he agrees, placing a kiss on Emma’s belly button. Leia copies him dutifully, just like always.

“Can the baby feel our kisses?” she asks.

“Probably not. It’s too small right now,” he explains.

“Can the baby hear us?”

Killian’s eyebrows knit together, forgetting just when babies can start hearing in the womb.

“Not yet,” Emma fills in, “but soon. You used to get so excited in my tummy when Daddy would tell you stories.”

“Because Daddy’s stories are the best?”

Emma bites her lip to keep from laughing at her bluntness. “Yes, sweetheart.”

“Have you been to see the doctor, my love? Is everything alright?” Killian asks, a hint of concern laced in his tone. He’d been anxious through Emma’s entire pregnancy with Leia, terrified that something would go wrong.

Emma trips over her words a bit, but manages to answer his question. “I—yes,” she tells him, and his brows furrow at the way she stammers the words. “Everything’s perfectly fine.”

“Mommy?” Leia asks hesitantly, interrupting her parents’ exchange. “Do you think the baby would like to go sailing?”

Emma reaches to comb her fingers through her daughter’s soft hair, thinking about the colossal changes to come in their lives, and how she’s sure her little duckling will handle it with ease and maturity. “Why yes, Leia Swan-Jones,” Emma sing-songs. “I think the baby would love that.”


Now, as Killian lays with his tiny daughter in his arms, he can’t help but worry. It isn’t that he isn’t ready to become a father again — hell, he’d been bothering Emma since Leia was a month old —it’s just….Leia. Leia has been the keeper of his heart for the past 3 years. She’s his every thought, his every smile. She’s used to having him all to herself; whenever they’re together, she has his full and undivided attention. She’s his tried and true first mate, his little girl. How will she be affected by the fact that his heart now rests in two pieces instead of entirely with her? While on the one hand he’s bursting at the seams with joy that she’ll have a little brother or sister, he can’t help but wonder if it’ll prove to be a difficult adjustment for his Leia. Entranced by his thoughts, Killian fails to hear the patter of Emma’s feet coming down the hall or the sound of her breathing just outside Leia’s doorway.

When Emma had awoke alone in her bed, she wasn’t surprised in the slightest. She’d known Killian would get like this, would stew about what a new baby would do to his relationship with Leia. She hadn’t really expected it to be the night she told him of her new pregnancy, but in hindsight, she figures she should have expected it to be that way. Yes. She’d anticipated his fear, one that she’d have to smooth out with soft fingers and loving assurances that they could do this, that Leia would be fine, and that their growing family would be perfect in all imaginable ways.

What she had not anticipated however, was the way her heart was racing at a million miles an hour. She had not anticipated sitting on a life-altering secret all day long, but for some reason, she had. She’d rehearsed it all perfectly in the car —three times through, to be exact —but then she’d gotten to the docks, and the way Killian had just known, and yanked her shirt up, and lit up like a Christmas tree…he’d stolen her breath. And her very, very important words, too.

But she needs to say them now. He deserves to know the truth. Comfort him, then tell him, she mentally chants to herself. Comfort him, then tell him. With one last deep breath, she pushes Leia’s door open and tiptoes over to the side of the giant ship-bed.

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Exo fighting with their daughter

Anon asked: Exo’s reaction to fighting with their daughter after she did something wrong/bad.


I’m going to do some (or maybe even all of it) that will include their daughter arguing about the punishments that they get for what they did. (This might become more of punishment related reaction then actual fighting)


Xiumin: *contemplates whether he was a bit too harsh with his punishment to ground his daughter and take her electronics away for a week after the fight but then remembers what she got in trouble for* “a month with no electronics or hanging out with friends for shoplifting, seems like a fair enough punishment to me”


H/D/N: “I’m not the one who smashed the pictures in the hallways!” *she screams in his face for the seventeenth time during the fight*

Luhan: “BULL! You’re the only one who has been in this house within the last three hours and three hours ago those pictures were perfectly fine”

H/D/N: “how do you know I was the only one here huh!? Mom could’ve done this or a burglar! How dare you accuse me of doing this!”

Luhan: “BULL BULL and more BULL. Your mother loved those photos just as much as I did so she’d never smash them and tear them to pieces + she’s been at work since 6 a.m this morning so it wasn’t her & this house has some of the highest, best security in existence, if there had been a burglar I would’ve known immediately. It was you who broke all of our family photos and I know it so don’t try getting yourself out of trouble with your pathetic lies!”


H/D/N: “I’m not the only teenager in the world who has driven after having a little bit to drink! nothing happened anyway so I did nothing wrong! and you’re a bit of a hypocrite. I bet you’ve driven while under the influence before so don’t think that you can get away with trying to punish me for doing something that you’ve probably done in your past!”

Kris: “You really think you can argue with your own father about this? You think that just because nothing happened that means that what you did wasn’t bad? You really think your ‘argument’ will get you out of trouble? HAHAHA, how about no!”

Suho: *tries to have more of a professional “sit down and think about the situation” talk with his daughter but his daughter escalates the talk to a fight that he desperately tries to avoid joining*

Lay: “You beat up two, TWO, of your class mates just because they took the last  pieces of pizza in the lunch line. I though I raised you better than this!”

H/D/N: “I paid two dollars to the teacher to make sure that I got a piece of pizza for lunch and those idiots took what I paid for so they deserved it!”

Lay: “You say that they deserved to be beaten up, well I say that you deserve to be grounded for a week. Your mom can also come up with further punishment for you when she gets home”

H/D/N: “You say that I deserve to be punished, well I say that I deserve to have a different dad who’ll agree with me and support me for standing up for myself! I HATE YOU!” *his daughter screams as she runs to her room and slams the door* 

Lay:  *actually super hurt by what his daughter says, he looks up the stairs of the house where his daughter ran and mumbles to himself* “deserve a different dad who’ll support her?….Oh you know, like I do but only when she’s being good…. who does that girl think she is?”

Baekhyun: “Punching an old lady who was walking down the street just because she was quote on quote “too slow for your liking”…!” *Baekhyun reads from the police report that he received upon bailing his daughter from the police office*  “this is ridiculous h/d/n!! This is the third time this month that something like this has happened!”

H/D/N: “what’s ridiculous is that I keep on getting in trouble over stupid, unimportant stuff”

Baekhyun: “unimportant!? Stupid!? You think that an old lady being sent to the hospital with a broken nose because of you is stupid!?”

H/D/N: “yes stupid! StUPid, stupid, StUpId, STUPID, Everything I get in trouble for is stupid!!!!”

Baekhyun: “well the way you’ve been acting and what you’ve been doing is STUUUPIID. next time you get in trouble with the law neither I nor your mother will be bailing your STUPID butt from going to jail”

Chen: “don’t even think about trying to get out of your punishment. What you did was wrong and fighting with me about it was even worse so you’ll go through with the punishment whether you like it or not”

Chanyeol: *him and his daughter fight for hours until late in the night about how her going to a strip club underage, with fake id’s, with her friends was bad… against the law bad is she had gotten caught by anyone other than him. Finally the fight gets to the point where they’re both wondering around the house in utter frustration and anger towards each other, banging their heads and grumbling against random objects and looking at each other with anger. Chanyeol trying to figure out what he’s going to do to resolve this situation and how he’ll punish his daughter while his daughter thinks of how to get herself out from punishment that she knows is coming*

Kyungsoo: *Kyungsoo and his daughter fight and fight and fight forever without end until Kyungsoo reaches his final boiling point and explodes, unconsciously yelling at her to “SHUT UP!” his uncommon temper and highly raised voice frightening her into silence and obedience*

Tao: “you really think I can’t tell the difference between you hanging out with a group of friends and you hanging out with a group of gangsters who’ve been going around criminalizing the city?”

H/D/N: “painting graffiti on old buildings is not “criminalizing the city” dad! Graffiti is just art, it’s not like we’re going around selling illegal drugs and beating innocent bystanders up or anything! They’re not bad people! I can hang out with whoever I want!”

Tao: “clearly you need to be educated on how graffiti is a form of vandalism which makes not only those people you’ve been hanging around with but also yourself forms of criminals” 

Kai: *Kai would be upset about having fought with his daughter but when she had started screaming at him when he was lecturing her about what she’d done wrong he’d had no choice. He’d stand in the spot he’d been standing in while lecturing her, giving out angry and upset huffs of breath as he attempts to calm himself down after sending her to her room*

Sehun: “do you think that I yelled at her  too harshly?” * he’d ask his wife after the fight* 

H/W: “no, she had brought the fight upon herself by starting it so yelling at her for it as justifiable”

fanfic author faves post

 today is fanfiction author appreciation day~

I’ve tagged this in the Eruri tag, because that’s all I read these days. These are a few of my favourite, absolute favourite writers around Tumblr, and I need everyone to go read them. I always remember my favourite writers because of their writing style, not the plot: you could write me 500 words about Erwin sitting on a chair in slow motion, and I’d be admiring your style and technique (as a future Lit major, I hope that’s a good sign). So here they are:

misayawriting - do i even need to say anything!!!! they’re actually one of my favourite authors ever, and they make even the smallest thing, even the simplest AUs, like a college AU, sound beautiful and intoxicating, and their writing is both practical, beautiful and emotional at the same time. I’ve been so shy of them for so long because they are actual senpai level! pls continue writing forever!

twistedkit - another actual fave! their versatility is breathtaking, and they write absolutely anything from eyelash-pulling-level angst to fluff that makes me want to choke myself in joy!!! *coughs slightly* i really like their porn writing too… Also, they’re REALLY supportive of other writers!

haganenoheichou - It was after I read their work, Just Another Night, that I absolutely fell in love with their style. Their writing is both pragmatic but also evokes this pulling sort of emotion from the reader - there’s this one incredibly brilliant scene from JAN where Erwin sees Levi in the prison and it’s both a catharsis as well as somewhat of a climax, yes, please just read this person’s writing!

attacking-those-pesky-kyojins - absolutely fantastic writer, I started liking their stuff from the time I started reading their Eruri week submissions! The versatility is again, really notable, and you flit across AUs and genres so beautifully. Another wonderful thing about them is the fact that they are so supportive of other writers too!!!

ephieshine - ok they ship both eruri and kakasaku that’s practically a marriage proposal to me, okay. anyway, their stuff is beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! love all the kinks, love all the angst, every time they post a thing I’m just like !!! yes !!! yes!!!

birbwin - humble birb my ass, they are a majestic eagle soaring across the eruri skies. their prompts are fantastic, from crackiest of cracks to angst that makes me want to drown in hot chocolate. they’re one of the most popular writers here, and they deserve the spot because wow hot damn A+++ writer birb u made the birdcestors proud

kuni-masks - they…wrote….He Chose Titans…. is there…anything…more….to…say….

stillmadaboutpetra, and stereobone, and also fractalbright - even more of my writing senpais! The best thing about them is their memorable style, as well as the COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF ANGST.

rivai-lution - Have you all read Salt and Irascible? Because if i could print those two fics into a book, bind them, and keep them, I would definitely do that. Masterpieces of the Eruri fandom, truly.


AS promised- I did another “Avas Demon Theories” for the new update. This one is less pages considering i made them on a larger scale instead of last time with them being small. Also yes the last frame of the gif is supposed to last a long time. it says “It’s time for another god damn” if you missed it and cant read it. I will probably use that gif again every time from now on, just changing the pannels.

So i’m happy to see that people are foccusing on more stuff this update, and npt just on our QTpi Pedri. I’m also seeing stuff like “OMG he’s supposed to be the bad guy why do i like him??!!1111” and im like…

When did he become the bad guy? Isnt Titan the bad guy? Whut???

I did grab some pictures from old pannels for comparison and notes.

Please feel free to message me about any questions or comments, I’d love to hear your ideas, Thanks guys!

Do you ever read like Jily/Marauder stuff from like headcannons to multiple chapter stuff and you are like completely taken aback and furious when it ends in death? Like while you were reading it you actually forgot. In that moment they are alive and happy and then it ends and you’re in tears for the billionth time and your friends are all “seriously what were you expecting? that they wouldnt die this time?” YES. YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS EXPECTING DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME.

Okay, let me just apologize first for being late and not wishing you a happy new year on time. For some of you, it’s already January 2nd but let’s look past that.

Happy New Years my lovely followers!

And I’m also late to announce that before 2014 ended, I hit a new milestone on this blog. I reached 5,000 followers. This is not just a number. This means that 5000 people on the internet and possibly more decided I was good enough and this blog was good enough for them to follow. 

Most of these stories are written by me with the exception of a few fantastic submissions sent in by tumblr users. I love the fact that this blog has made me grow as a writer and also help me develop new logical sense through your feedback.  I would have never continued writing long multi-chapters such as TDH if it weren’t for your love, feedback and likes. It truly means a lot to me every time I receive a new message regarding my fics. And yes, I know I take an exorbitant amount of time to reply back to your messages but never think that I don’t want to hear from you…because i love you and of course I want to know your opinion on things.

Thank you to the people who constantly read my fics. I ALWAYS notice the people who binge read my stuff. Don’t be shy. Don’t be ashamed and think you are now some kind of creep. I’m a creep too and I love being passionate about things so if you like something be proud of it. Come say hi! I would love to chat. 

This blog is now officially two years old and I’m looking forward to the many years to come. Hopefully more grander adventures follow for me and my writing career and this blog. If you ever have any questions regarding myself, feel free to ask. :D I’m not some cyborg robot who is cold and heartless and only publishes stories as I go. I’m quite friendly…i hope. Ahaha. Anyways, my main blog is tomhazeldine so if you want to see more updates from me regarding gifs/ edits than head over there.

Thank you so much once again! Lots of love from me, 


Go Outside Radio ep 1 translation text version!

This is my translated text version of Soraru and Mafumafu’s “Hikikomoranai Radio” episode 1! Mi suggested I put it up as text in addition to the video with subtitles which you can find here, so that’s what I’m doing :) Might be good if you just want to skim it or read it quickly or something? Enjoy!

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Morning Somewhere In Hasetsu

He woke up to feeling of Yuuri coming closer to him. Wrapping his arms around me and hiding his face to my chest. Soft sunlight was coming to room behind the curtains, and he could see how dust danced in the air. He smiled little bit and pulled Yuuri closer, but hoping not wake him just yet. 

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