yes i now own this art in real life

This June, characters and concepts from my old webcomic Parallel Dementia will return in a new webcomic called The Sword Interval.


To address a few questions I am sure some folks have:

-Doing a second comic alongside Derelict is made possible because, and this is very exciting for me, I’ll be getting a paycheck to do it through an online publisher.

-While I need a couple weeks off of Derelict right now, mostly because of some real life stuff that cropped up, the plan is to continue updating it once a week while building a buffer for the bonus pages I owe. 

-The Sword Interval is not Parallel Dementia. It’s not continuing where it left off, nor is it a reboot of the same story. While many familiar characters and concepts will be used, the plot and the world are very different and this is its own story.

-Yes, Visage is going to be in it.