yes i need your number

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Protip yes I need your phone number and address for our records for a return. That doesn't mean you should get a snooty attitude when I state this. I swear to God, some people. ESPECIALLY since practically every store in town has a similar policy.

Attack on Titan AU (Eremin)

AU where Eren works at Target, and his job is to sign people up with their rewards program. Their slogan is “All we need is your name and your email!”

Armin sits down to sign up and gives Eren his name. Eren then asks for his email and he gives it. Finally, Eren asks for his phone number. Confused, Armin says “The sign only asks for his name and email”, to which Eren replies “Yes, but I need your number to let you know that I’m outside your house this Friday when I pick you up for dinner”