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Dear Louis, my superman

Dear my life saver Louis, You may not know me, and you havent seen me before. Yes, you have went to Hong Kong before but I couldnt make it to the concert.

When i first have a liking on you, which is when i am eight years old, i like you not only because of your beauty, but also your voice, taste of wearing, like everything. You are always so cheerful, and i look up to you, which, you are one of my idols, and it is because you are positive, i used to have depression [i still have, but less serious, I used to self harm, not only cutting], and you light up my world in a different way than my family did.

Well, i am also proud to say that my little brother’s first word is Lou, and which is the only Lou, you. He thinks you are a superman, and your jokes always makes him laugh. His first song [not nursery rhymes] is your solo of One Thing, and being the proud sister, I forgot to record it but just cried.

That’s you, Lou. You are very special. Thanks for supporting me without you knowing.

Stop thinking you are the awkward one in the band, I think you are the most talented. I love you.

Beatrice [a slightly depressed 13 years old Hong Kong teenager] 26-06-2017


> Worldwide shoulderㅋㅋㅋ Jin hyung?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the third one from the left shoulderㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not Jin hyung, so you don’t have suddenly say handsomeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Just by reading you can tell it’s me hehe
> This is Jimin
> Why are you depressed
> I’m doing well. I haven’t spoken to you guys after coming back from Billboard
> You all probably heard it through the news
> Everyone, thank you. I shouldn’t be the one congratulated, you all need to be the ones congratulated
> Everyone, if you keep putting me up there and say that I’m getting further away, it makes me sad
> Yes, let’s not be far apart from each other and let’s stop saying that
> Don’t cry because I will cry
> Yes it’s good news, but let’s not cry and be happy instead
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not crying
> I went to the toilet again
> I was reading the comments
> Everytime I come here (chatroom), I have to go to the toiletㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> You guys have questions to ask us? A lot has happened
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t think we were going to win the award, so I wasn’t that nervous
> Also, there is a lot of talk about FESTA. Is everyone excited?
> I can’t tell you what we’re preparing ㅋㅋ
> I’m looking forward to everything ㅋㅋㅋ You all should look forward to it as well. It’s going to very fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋ Since I spoke to you guys for a while, I’m going to go rest
> Overseas fans, I’m sorry I can’t speak other languages sorry
> sorry*
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Okay ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll go. Goodnight everybody
> Goodnight** Good Night😁🌙* 
> Oh, and I love you

* = typed in english
** = typed in japanese

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

Fifteen and Thirteen - Columbine High School Massacre

I am making a post about this due to the conflicts happening on this post that I created a few months ago. Let me elaborate on one thing:

Stop calling Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold victims of the shooting.

Eric and Dylan were not victims of the shooting. They died because they chose to, they were not forced into such fate, they chose it. Yes, they could be victims of other things. Victims of Depression and other mental disorders, victims of bullying, neglect… There are so many categories. But they were certainly not victims of the shooting. The only person pointing a gun at them was themselves. I can’t even explain to you people how incredibly fucked up it is of you to put Eric and Dylan in the same category as the thirteen that died that day.

Call them victims, that they were. Fifteen died that day. Thirteen were victims of a bloody school massacre. Two were victims of other things. Do not put them in the same category.

Also, getting upset because the letter said “13 victims” instead of “15 victims” - Half of you would never have the guts to go up to any of those parents and say fifteen. Not even Sue Klebold calls them victims. 

Danny Fenton

Okay I know people Talk about Danny hanging out with the Avengers and stuff, don’t get me wrong that’s cool, but that about a Danny who hangs out with the X-Men.

The X-men knows whats it’s like to be a young teen/kid and gain unwanted complicated super human abilities that kinda make there life a living mess at times.

Yeah you have Spider man, But he wan’t sinking slowly into the ground, or having body parts turn intangible and invisible on him.

His powers where a shock yes, but I wouldn’t say that they gave him many problems.

They were actually a tool for a while to help out Parkers depression if I remember correctly.

Even If he did experience some  uneasy distraught, it wasn’t much.

Danny could not have one but a whole group, heck a whole school that he could relate to . After all Danny is a mutant. His DNA was technically Altered in the accident.

But just Imagine, a nervous Danny Fenton going to a mutant school for the first time. Making friends with other kids. Danny meeting that girl who walks through walls and them both talking about how weird and cool it felt to do it for the first time. Just being able to feel the particles move around you so you could get to the other side.

Guys, Danny getting his jump suit upgraded. Maybe he has a little X-men logo on his arm or back. His jumpsuit just gets a brand new look!!

Guys Danny in mutant school!!! Mutantschool AU!!!!

Touka, always left behind, longingly looks out the window waiting for those she loves to return… But she is bathed in a almost warm, calming colors. She has faced her past, learned from it, yes that pain still lingers, but she will always be there for those who need her. Giving people comforting warm when one is in need of it.

Kaneki, always hurt by those he loves, curls up in a ball to try to hold in all the pain he doesn’t want to world to see. Depressing, chaotic colors surround him. Unlike Touka, he doesn’t learn from his past, keeps making the same mistakes, lieing to himself, the pressure of the world on his shoulders. Fear and Anxiety.

This is how I see these two new artworks done by Ishida. It still seem like the both of them still have a lot of room for growth. Here is to hoping that when the Touken talk FINALLY happens, it will most definitely be worth the wait.

Pick Me

Request: Can you do a Bucky x Reader X Steve fluff(maybe smut), where the reader needs help with a world history unit about World War Two and they go to them??? And they fight over who’s going to help the reader??

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Warnings: none rlly (I’m so fucking sorry, ik you probably wanted smut but the cold hard truth is I fucking suck ass at writing smut and I don’t want to make y’all cringe)

A/N: Hello my name is Victoria Martinez (just call me Tori), I was born on December 25th, 1999 (I’m 17), I love reading and writing, I have a fucked up sense of humor, I attend Primavera online high school bc public school gave me bad anxiety, panic attacks, made my depression worsen and much much more. I only have one friend (I’m a loser, I know), and ye homies. If ya have any questions for me/about me I’ll be happy to answer them. I just want you guys to get to know me better.

Putting down your pen, you release and frustrated sigh. You had to write a 5 paged essay about World War 2 for your World History class that was due at the end of the week (granted that your professor gave you nearly 3 weeks to work on it). You look down at your paper and read over what you had wrote down.


March 8th, 2017

World History

The Second World War

That was it. Your mind went completely blank after that. You looked over your notes once. Then twice. Now nearly six times and still nothing. You tried reading the articles your professor suggested but to no avail.

You pick up your pen again, tapping it on your desk before dropping it and throwing your head back, not forgetting to let out a loud groan. You couldn’t put this aside any longer - you’ve already done that for two weeks.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” you mutter into your hands. You didn’t want to look at that god awful paper again. Then, an idea hit you. “Friday, where’s Bucky - or Steve?”

“Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers are in the living room.”


You stand up, taking your pen and notebook with you as you rush down the hall. Nearly slipping twice, you make it to the living room and spot the two men sitting on the couch while watching some movie.

You tuck your hair behind your ear and walk around the couch, waving your hand to catch their attention. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky spoke first, throwing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

“We just started watching this.. Kids cartoon, I think. It’s called Sausage Party. You can join us if you want.” Steve added, glancing over at you.

You laugh. “You’re in for a rude awakening, my friend.” he looks at you with confusion written all over him but you decide to move on. “Um.. I actually came here to ask for your help - or Bucky’s.”

At the mention of his name, he looks over at you.

“What is it?” Steve asked, turning his body towards you as you took a seat on the far end of the couch.

“I have this five paged essay to turn in at the end of the week about World War Two but I dunno I’m just having a hard time doing it.” you sigh. “I mean, I’ve gone over my notes so many times and I’ve read the articles but-”

“The articles are bullshit.” Bucky says. “They always have the wrong information.”

“Which is why I came to you guys for help.” you gesture to them. “Maybe you can put it in a way that I’ll understand? Since, you know, you guys were there and all.”

Steve makes a face. “Sure, I can help you.”

“It’s cool, Steve. I can help her.” Bucky sits up, body now turned towards you.

Steve turns to his friend. “No, it’s fine Buck. I’ve got this.”

“Steve, I can do this. I was there.” he smiled and you knew they were about to start arguing.

“Well so was I.”

“Yeah but,” Bucky scoffs. “I was there.”

Steve frowns, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It mean that… Well..” Bucky pauses, trying to word it correctly but Steve interrupts.

“I was in that war, Bucky.” he spoke.

“Yeah but you weren’t there in the beginning, I was.”

Steve huffed. “It’s not my fault that I was a skinny man and no one..” his voice became background noise when Bucky sighed.

“Here we go again.” he rolled his eyes before preparing for the conversation. “No one said it was your fault, Steve.”

“Well obviously you are because-”

“Steve, don’t start.”

Steve pursed his lips like an immature child. “You don’t think I was a good enough soldier.”

“Oh god.” Bucky breathed, closing his eyes for a split second before looking at Steve. “I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to.” he huffed. “I only saved your life, nothing too major.” sarcasm laced his words and you had to slap a hand over your mouth to prevent you from laughing. You’ve never seen Steve get like this before and it was honestly hilarious.

“You wanna go there? Fine, let’s go there.” Bucky sat on the edge of his seat. “You let me fall of the damn train.”

Steve gasped. “I did not!”

“You did!”

“I tried to get you Bucky!”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough and because of that, I fell off the train, lost my arm and was captured by Hydra.” the soldier crossed his arms.

“Don’t blame this all on me!” Steve shouted.

Deciding that you should stop them from arguing, you interrupt.

“Hey uh, I really need help with that five paged essay. Really important.” you say, causing the two to become silent as they glare at one another.

“I’m helping Y/N.” Bucky spoke.

“No, I am.” Steve hissed.

“You weren’t even there for the first part of it, how could you-”

“Oh, I’m sorry that I was too damn skinny to be enlisted, Bucky!”

“Don’t go there!”

“You already did!”

“You think you’re Mr. Perfect? You didn’t even bother looking for me after I fell!” Bucky argued.

“I thought you were dead!”

He scoffed. “Well clearly I’m not.” he gestures to himself.

“Bucky, I’ll help Y/N because unlike you, I was there till the end.” he smiled sweetly.

“You little shit-”

They start bickering back and forth and finally realizing that you would get help from neither of them, you up and leave the living room, bumping into Tony and Sam along the way.

“What are the old men arguing about?” Tony questioned.

You wave your hand. “Something about Steve leaving his condom wrappers out in the open.”

Tony looks at Sam. “I told you Rogers was getting laid!”

Sam rolls his eyes and they continue on their way towards the elevator. You make it to your room and you’re about to shut the door when you hear Bucky’s voice.

“Where’s Y/N?”

There was a pause.

“See, I told you, you were gonna scare her off!”

Me? More like you scared her off!”

“Don’t turn this on me, Bucky! If you-”

And you shut the door.

A/N: I didn’t know how to end this so ye. I hope ya guys like it, it was pretty fun to write. Tell me what at think :)


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sorry if you get asked this a lot but where do you get your stickers/buttons printed? I'm trying to find a good seller but I don't really know where to start looking

I make my own buttons with a button machine and print my stickers with Papilio Vinyl+ over laminate!

Dude, I just realized something interesting about the changes in Iris’ design and well, expressiveness. You could say that they’re just the result of your art improvement and changes in your style. You could also say it’s the fact that he’s outside the lab and finally somewhat in control of his life, for once. Not exactly cure for depression (and there isn’t one), but definitely something that might be good for his mental state.

Yes I def did intend to start giving him more color when he finally broke out of the restraints of his lab! Mostly my changes in art style and understanding of color though

Okay so I’ve been looking through your asks and about for like an hour and I can’t the answer I’m looking for. So I’m gonna ask bc I can’t find the ask that I think exists where you answered this question: what fonts do you use in CTC??

Courier for dialogue and Corbel for Iris’ options!

Father III

read the start here

read it on ao3 here

“This is getting out of hand.”

“What is getting out of hand?” Asked Pomona.

“Those two.” And Neville pointed at Harry and Malfoy, who were attending breakfast again after two days of absence.

“Last night, I actually dreamed of them. I was smashing their heads together while shouting ”and now kiss”.” He made some aggressive movements with his hands to underline his words.

“Who should kiss?” Asked Malfoy.

“Your mom.” Answered Neville.

Malfoy opened his mouth, offended. “My mother does not…”

“I was joking, I was joking. Djeezus Malfoy, loosen up a bit.” Neville was angry, and suddenly he sprang to his feet and stormed off.

“What was that all about?” Asked Harry looking confused. He hadn’t followed the conversation.

“Nothing you can help.” Said Poppy with a sad look on her face. “Pomona, could you save me some breakfast? It appears I’m needed for damage control.”

“Sure.” Pomona gave her wife a strange look. There was something off about how Poppy looked when she followed Neville.

Like she was on her way to a bad news conversation.

“Its not fair!” Neville kicked a metal trash can. The bang resonated loudly in the greenhouse.

“It’s. Not. Fucking. Fair.” He emphasised every word with another kick.

Poppy grabbed his hands and pulled him back before he broke one of his toes, something he’d done many times before.

“No it isn’t, life isn’t fair.” She sounded stern and calming, but didn’t say anything else to calm him down.

Life was almost never fair, and sometimes it was downright cruel. No nurse could offer words of comfort when it was. No one could.

After a while Neville started to calm down, and his bottom lip began to tremble. Silent tears ran down his face. His shoulders slumped in defeat.

“You really care for them don’t you?”

“Yes. Fucking yes.” Neville’s words were interrupted by sobs here and there. “Do you know how many nights I’ve spent guarding Malfoy’s room to make sure he wouldn’t fling himself of the astronomy tower while no one was looking? Do you know how often I had to make him dittany extract because he kept tearing up his mark? Do you know how hard it was to see Harry slip away into his depression? It’s infuriating that those two can make each other happy but don’t. I want to leave something good in this world before I die, is that too much to ask for?”

“No.” Said Poppy, even though she knew better. She had seen so many people die who left nothing but broken families. She feared Neville would be no different. “No of course that’s not too much to ask. But you know you’re not responsible for their happiness, right?”

“Yes of course I know that, but I need something else to focus on. Anything better than this.” He looked down at his trembling hands.

“It’s not certain it will kill you. Miracles haven’t left the world yet.” Poppy knew she shouldn’t try to give him hope, but she hadn’t fully accepted his fate yet herself. Couldn’t accept that Neville really was going to die at twenty eight, twenty nine if he was lucky.

“I wish the miracle that is keeping me alive right now would bring them together, instead of buying me more time.”

A year had passed since Neville had been diagnosed with a rare magical autoimmune disease. He should have been dead within weeks but more than a year later he was still alive.

The trembling in his hands told him that it wouldn’t be long anymore though.

“Poppy? Why is this happening to me?” Neville sat down on the floor and held his shaking hands in front of his face. 

Poppy kneeled down next to him and clasped her hands around his shaking fingers. The slight tremble in his voice caused by suppressed tears made Poppy do something she had sworn to never do in front of a patient.

She cried. 

“I don’t know Neville. I honestly don’t know.”

After some minutes peace had returned to the great hall again, but not for long.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Asked Harry sharply. Malfoy had gotten up as soon as he’d seen him eat the last bites of his full english breakfast.

“Class preparation. I’m days behind schedule now and…”

“And you are going to add some more days to that.” Harry got up and followed Malfoy. They had agreed he would stop teaching until he had a plan for handling the upcoming case.

“I am not. You wanted a plan, well I have one. It is not failing my students over small personal matters.”

“Small personal matters!” Harry called out loudly, and he made several students turn their head. Harry got an angry glare from Malfoy and continued in a whispered but still angry tone. “Small personal matters? Malfoy your father is suing you for all you’ve got for no reason other than being an utter arsehole! That is far from a small personal matter.

“Let me be the judge of that Potter. I have given it enough thought the last three days. I know what I have to do.”

“No you don’t. You promised me we’d talk about this! This is not talking, this is declaring and expecting me to go along with it. But I won’t accept it.”

“And I am not asking you to accept it nor am I declaring anything!” They had reached the dungeon stairs now and Malfoy swiftly turned around. His whispered angry voice was much more impressive than Harry’s.

“Have you ever stopped to think that he might have more reasons for doing this, other than “being an utter arsehole”? Because I did my fair share of awful things, I can promise you that. The entire reason my parents joined Him at all was to keep me safe, to keep me out of harm’s way. I never refused or protested or rebelled against anything they wanted me to do. I bloody well nearly murdered your best friend! Part of the blame falls on me and I walked free while my father got a life sentence. It’s only fair of him to ask me to take responsibility in his trial.” Malfoy turned around again and descended the stairs.

It took Harry several seconds to let his words sink in, but when they did…

“Malfoy!” Malfoy did not respond, just kept on walking. “Malfoy!”

“Draco!” Harry ran after him while Malfoy, no, Draco, froze on the spot.

“Don’t think a “you’ve redeemed yourself over the last years” speech is going to make me change my mind. Whatever is coming will come. I’ve waited long enough for the other shoe to drop.” Harry skidded to a halt just as Draco started walking again.

“Don’t do this.” Harry tried to stop him by putting a hand on his shoulder. Draco pushed him away.

“Don’t do that. This is my choice, my past, my mistakes, my father and my case. You have nothing to do with it.”

“Yes I do.” Said Harry defiantly.

“No you do not, Potter. You walked into your forest alone, now let me walk into mine.” Harry thought he heard a small crack in Draco’s voice, but he didn’t care.

“Don’t compare this to what I had to do, that was completely different.” He had a cold edge in his voice. No one should, no one would, ever understand what it was like to willingliy walk into your own death. To learn you’ve been raised for the slaughter… Draco might be facing prison time, he wasn’t facing death.

“That was a bad metaphor and I shouldn’t have used it.” Draco regretted his words but didn’t turn around to face Harry. “You need to know I was raised for him, for my family. And though the chances of me surviving Azkaban are very slim, if this is what he wants me to do in order to pay for what I did then I’ll do it. Because I know I deserve at least part of the blame.”

Draco started walking again.

It doomed on Harry that Draco really wouldn’t change his mind if he gave him a speech. He really did believe it was fair of his father to ask him to give up his life. Draco had resigned, given up, accepted that this case, this re-trial, reliving everything, really was the other, inevitable shoe dropping.

It was his time to pay.

Well screw that. Thought Harry as he closed the gap between him and Draco. As he shoved the other man against the wall despite being smaller than him. As he pulled Draco’s tie down, hard, to level their faces for something better than any speech could be. “You stay the hell out of that forest you hear me?”

“I can’t.” Draco quickly pulled his tie loose from Harry’s hands and stood upright again. Harry’s nose was pressed into Draco’s chest as the tall man wrapped his arms around him. “But it’s nice of you think that I can.“

“It’s stupid of you to think that you can’t.” Harry’s voice sounded muffled, and suddenly Draco laughed, despite everything. Because Harry bloody Potter was talking against his chest, sounding like he cared so much, so much, about what would happen to him.

“Are you laughing at me?” Harry looked up at Draco. The torches lighting the hallway danced in his emerald eyes.

“No, I am laughing at us.”

And he bridged the last inches that still separated their faces.

And he kissed Harry like he’d never been kissed before.

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Read part four here

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I’m seriously tired of people who claim themselves righteous and “supportive”

They say they know you yet they claim to make false claims. Btw I’m 20 years old and yes I study something in STEM and I’m not saying what it is. It could be anything along the lines of life science, computer science, technology or engineering. 

Yet I’m not telling you what because clearly you don’t deserve it. But you know who I detest most? Backstabbers

Yeah, you guys were so supportive of Leafy and drooled the fuck out of him but when he became irrelevant, you guys were like “fuck him”. I guess that’s the world these days. When someone goes down, very few people support them. and most people either make fun of them or ignore them. Although I don’t see much of Leafy’s vids these days, I would never make fun of someone who still sees his videos because I was once a fan for him, so why would I make fun of someone who is? And yes, at times I do support him as I was once his fan. But you guys clearly went on the “hate” bandwagon, it’s disgusting! This is why people get depressed, because toxic people like you make fun of others and state blatant lies and when someone is going downhill, simply neglect them and call people losers who support them. No, they’re not losers…. they’re called “humane people” because humans are supposed to support one another through good and bad times. 

You know what’s more sickening? The fact that people who are supposed “to support you” take sides for the other people who doesn’t support the person they’re “supposed to support” aka @nicoletteesachef. She claims she’s supportive of Leafy, yet takes side of someone who calls Leafy supporters losers!  That’s rather sad honestly. Moreover, I am honestly disgusted by the people who support my haters yet act nice in front of me…. real 2 faced honestly.

Anyways I’m done. I’m going to be starting summer classes rather soon so I’ll be waaay busy doing school work than involve in your stupid drama games. I’m out! I don’t want to have to do anything with you toxic people aka backstabbers. Clearly, I’m writing this an hour before heading off to work so yea I’m a busy gal but tries to multitask, but I ain’t wasting time with you guys no more!  

Anyways, for the other blogs not involved with this drama, I guess you’re quite confused. But just keep in mind, there are actually good people who may not claim they are (believe me I have experienced this irl) and people who act all cuddly with you but break your heart immensely. All I can say is it takes experience to spot a backstabber/ snake. Calvin I hope one day you’ll see who are the type of people you’re involved with and hopefully stay away from them. That’s all I can say right now. This is your life, you make the call… 

P.S I’d like to thank some blogs for being supportive of me because they deserve the praise! @clajira @comedically-blunt @melmayworld @lizziebct @pyroisswag @thestarryknightsky @calvins-ass @leafy-is-a-penguin  @actuallyleafy and @shibainu-komugi for their cute shibes to make my day! Anyways, follow their blogs, they’re cool people! :) 

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IMAGINE : you are a rather curvy fangirl but tom can't help but fall for you ❌ REQUESTS OPEN ❌

As you looked at your best friends as you stood only three people away from tom Hiddleston , she smiled as leaned over and whispered “ he keeps looking this way ” you giggled as you leaned out the line to see his eyes looking directly at you . As you face quickly turned to red you turned back to your best friend “ he just looked at me ” you squealed as smiled ➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Finally you were at the front of the line “ hi girls ” tom said smiling as he waved the pen , you just smiled before whispering a ‘hello’ back “ so what are you names ” he asked your best friend looked at you as your scratched you arm that had a collection of brackets on “ I’m (y/n) and this is my best friend (b/f/n) ” tom flashed his famous smile again before saying a more informal hello . As you best friend trotted off with her signed book you stood there waiting , you anxiously scratched you wrist again and tom look at you ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “Are you okay ” he asked holding up the line but he ignored the controller in his ear , you politely smiled “ yes , yes - fine ” you said but he noticed the faded scar , he leaned a little over making you move a little further “ why have you hurt yourself ” he asked cautiously worried you may become upset . Instead you face become smiling and happy “ people called me fat and I become very depressed but I showed them ” you laughed . Tom smiled and quickly signed and wished you a good day . As you looked down to the post you noticed what he wrote ’ you one hell of girl (y/n) , and damn those who called you fat your perfect - give me ring some time 07346 79374 ’ and suddenly you felt the whole world stop.

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Hi Keaton! You're a phenomenal writer and one of my favorites so I thought you might be the person to ask. I love to write poetry and have finally found my style so I love to write as much as I can in this style as I just personally love how the words turn out (who knows if it's any good haha). My only worry is that some of my poems are now turning out to sound similar instead of each being its own different creation. Does this ever happen to you? If so how would you fix this? All my love xoxo.

i don’t worry about it. sometimes we need to reuse certain phrases or images until we can get them out of our systems. besides, we don’t hold traditional artists to these standards of making every piece distinctly unique, do we? if picasso can spend years painting in only shades of blue to work through his severe depression, i can work through mine by writing 107 poems about making out with our lord and savior jesus christ in the back of a gay bar, and no one has the power to stop me. yes, i knew what i was doing when i said that jesus was covered in pink glitter and we were both sweaty and hoarse from singing along to beyoncé. it’s called an artistic signature, helen, and

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imagine that somehow, and none of the batkids know how, bruce has baby pictures of all of them. Albums full. His wallet and desk are full of them, and some are even framed around the house. None of them remember giving any to him, they just sort of started appearing

i feel like bruce is one of those people that likes these physical objects to remind him of the people he loves, that he can stare at and think about them and smile - but, at the same time, batman can’t catch feels, man. he’s just not allowed. so i feel like he’s someone who jumps through a couple flaming hoops to get that one essay dick was so proud of, jason’s deformed art project, etc, and he squirrels them away for safe keeping. he has one everywhere, even a picture of jason in his utility belt, YES THAT’S FUCKING CANON, I’LL LET IT GO WHEN I’M DEAD,

this has less basis in canon, because as amazing as the Jason Angst Tunnel is, bruce usually uses it to be sad in, because bruce’s primary talent after dramatics and foolishness is making everything depressing - but i like to think he eventually uses his stack of report cards and pictures and detention notes for good. like, turning to them when he’s Not Dealin, in order to be able to Deal, you know? you figured it out a couple decades late but you finally did it, buddy, good on you

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Prompt: The Rutiles have a fight

They sat in the back of a hole meant created by another Gem, legs pressed against their chest, one arm wrapped around each.

They didn’t speak.

One kept her head down, eyes pressed tightly shut. They other stared forward. Out of the little cave, she could see the dim, grey expanse of the kindergarten stretching out before her.

That’s what she’d be looking at. For the rest of her life. That.

She wondered what the surface looked like. She wondered what color the planet’s sun was. How tall the buildings were. What it was like to walk among them. To have a job, and the chance to do it, to fulfil it. To have other Gems– other Rutiles– look at her, and wave her over, and smile.

She glanced over at the other Rutile, head still bowed.

This is your fault.

Maybe she accidentally said it aloud, or maybe the other Rutile felt it, the thoughts passing silently between them, because her head snapped up. “It is not!”

“Yeah it is!” Rutile said. “If you weren’t here– if you’d just come up properly– we wouldn’t be stuck down here!”

“Me! Maybe you’re the one who came out wrong!”

Rutile crossed her arms over her chest. Or, well, Rutile crossed one. The other Rutile crossed the other. They couldn’t even cross their arms properly.

Anger, resentment, frustration, despair– it all welled up in her. Or, no, in them, deep in their core, the bit of their gemstone that they shared, and that just made it even worse. 

She couldn’t even have her own feelings.

The other Rutile looked away. “I hate you.”

Rutile rocked back as if slapped. “Well, I hate y–”


The voice was soft, and quiet, and it made Rutile soft. 

It belonged to Padparadscha Sapphire, climbing up into the hole. She was frowning, and even though they hadn’t known her long, it had been long enough to tell that was unusual. “You’re going to insult one another,” she said. “You shouldn’t.”

She climbed in properly, and even though there the hole wasn’t very big, she could fit. 

“Well,” said Rutile.

“Why not?” finished the second. 

There was a long, drawn out pause, one which made Rutile’s fist clench and Rutile’s foot tap.

“Because you don’t hate each other,” Padparadscha said. “Or at least, you shouldn’t.”

The Rutiles mouths pressed into thin lines, and neither said anything.

“What happened to you is neither of your faults. It’s just a thing that happened.”

Maybe that was true. But that didn’t make them feel any better.

And what did Padparadscha know about this, anyway? Rutile wasn’t like her. She was completely whole, completely competent.  She didn’t spend her whole life living in the past, barely able to function–

That wasn’t very nice, Rutile thought, and the accompanying guilt belonged to both of them. 

Then came Amazonite’s voice, slow and steady. “Fighting will not help.”

Unlike Padparadscha, Amazonite most definitely could not fit inside the hole. She was huge. Something to do with being a ‘fusion’, which neither Rutile still really got. Instead, she remained outside, a single eye peering in, patient and sympathetic.

Rutile didn’t want sympathy. She huffed. “It sure makes me feel better.”

“For now,” Amazonite said.

“But if you just make yourself angry and depressed, that’s all you’ll ever be,” said Padparadscha, after another one of those delays. “The key to a happy life is a positive outlook.”

“Easier said than done,” quipped other Rutile, and Rutile couldn’t help but give a sardonic smile in response.

“You’re partners,” Amazonite said. “You share a body, and to a certain extent, a mind. To live happily, you will need to work together. Take it from me.”

“Is this…” Rutile began, and Rutile finished, “A fusion thing?”

“Yes. I am one person, made up of five others.” She stepped back, tapping each of her gemstones systematically. “Being like this isn’t always easy. We don’t always agree, and I have given up a lot to be who I am. But it’s worth it.”

Rutile leaned forward. “And you were made this way?”

Amazonite slowly shook her head. “No. And I am sorry that you do not have the same consent that I do. But you can still make the best of a bad situation.”

(”No, no, Amazonite chooses to be fused,” Padparadscha explained, belatedly.)

“But it’s worth it,” Amazonite repeated. “To have someone there who will always be there, who you know you can trust, completely and utterly.”

Rutile looked at Rutile, and Rutile looked back.

She could remember– they both could– those first moments of existence. That understanding of ‘I’m me; we’re us!’ Working together to push out of the Earth. That shared pain at the expressions on the others’ faces, their screams at they’d run away. And then the two of them, running in the other direction for their life (lives), moving in perfect harmony, legs pumping, arms reaching. How they’d ran and ran and ran, until they’d gotten lost in the old tunnels. How they’d worked together to make their gem light up and guide them. How they’d clutched at each other’s hand for comfort. Their shared joy when Amazonite and Padparadscha had found them and taken them in.

“Sorry,” Rutile said, wiping away a tear.

“I’m sorry too,” Rutile agreed, reaching her arm over to give Rutile a hug.

And the Rutiles smiled at each other. 

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Headcanon: Charles's degenerative brain disease is not from natural causes (I refuse to believe that his biology dooms him to this end in every universe where he lives this long). He did not have it in either DoFP timeline, and that was supposed to be around 2023. It's probably caused by an adverse reaction to those drugs in all the food that is stopping new mutants from being born. Or maybe Apocalypse caused some permanent damage, it was just slow to manifest (if this is even that timeline.)

This makes a lot of sense to me actually; I mean, it’s not really explained (or if it was, I was too distracted to get the details) but the drugs probably did something to the mutant gene yes? And so it makes sense it would have an adverse affect on any/all mutants and not just in preventing conception? And yet it’s such a sad, sad headcanon, because that would mean that most/all of the adult mutants were also sick or getting sick, and possibly some of Charles’ loved ones had already died prior to the ‘Westchester Incident’.

Everything is just too sad, sad, sad…

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YES!!!!!!! Well, for friends I’d also say Nat’s a friend. And I think even in the movies she’s kind of shown she’s aware of Steve’s depression/ptsd/anxiety HOWEVER she’s no better either. 

I mean, we all makes jokes about Steve and the parachute thing and yeah he’s a superhero and he’s fine but like, there are signs when you’re suicidal. And a lot of that is recklessness. You just don’t care anymore and if something goes wrong you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only selfish thing Steve does is when he knows Bucky’s alive that he actively goes “you know what, no, I’m actually do something for once.” If AoU did anything right with Steve, it was showing his “I’ve given up  myself” side. “Guy who went into the ice…” He’d given up. Everything he wanted “died” with him when he crashed his plane. And Avengers? God, I wish they hadn’t cut his scenes about how “out of place” he felt. Those little snippets showed so much in such a small amount of time. Though, I think they did great with the punching bag scene. So there’s that. 

I don’t ask that fics have Steve be depressed and sad and it just focus on his recovery. I don’t say that people can’t just focus on other aspects. That’s totally fine! But it does kiiiind of rub me wrong when Steve is just fine and Bucky’s a mess. I think it’s great if they both help each other. Because as we’ve all kind of stated, there’s an almost unhealthy degree of co-dependency they have on each other. And I think having a duo recovery fic would be a really nice thing to read, if we’re going to play with the recovery aspects. Like, if you don’t want to touch the recovery at all? No worries :D that’s fine! Focus on something else. But when I’m having to sift through recovering!Bucky after recovering!Bucky and each and every fic has Steve this solid sturdy dude, I’m like 

You know, with all the rise in hostility between the Far Left and Far Right, it makes me wish I could draw so I could vent my frustrations with an old-fashioned styled political cartoon showing Uncle Sam kicking Hitler/a Neo-Nazi/a white supremacist, Stalin/Lenin/a Neo-Communist/a Black Bloc member, Mussolini, Castro, Guevera, Mao, Kim Il-Sung/Kim Jong-Il, Saddam, Bin Laden, and Pinochet out of a helicopter (and yes, the irony is not lost on me with Pinochet suffering the same fate as the people he killed), with the tagline “Make sure to be fair, and kick em’ all off!”

That’s an image I’d really like to see put to brought to life. I hope at least one of my followers would be willing to help, since that would be really cathartic for all the anger, confusion, and depression I’ve been feeling these past months. Any volunteers?

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Okay so I want a 2nd opinion. My friend and I talked about Ardyn and she thinks that Ardyn is basically "insane" but I don't think he was. Insanity would imply that he had no idea the ramifications of his actions, and I just don't think that's true.

Oh Anon, thank you for asking, this is one of my favourite topics to discuss… 

Originally posted by arrdyn

(SPOILERS ahead, obviously)

Given that he’s (at least) two millennia old, and quite possibly the only human to ever become immortal, I would be surprised if he had not, at some point, gone a little bit insane.

However, what is sane and insane, specifically? 

Here’s a brilliant quote from Michel Foucault:

“When man deploys the arbitrary nature of his madness, he confronts the dark necessity of the world; the animal that haunts his nightmares and his nights of privation is his own nature, which will lay bare hell’s pitiless truth.”

No, I don’t believe Ardyn is “insane” in the same way that say, Kefka in FFVI is. I believe he’s deeply traumatised, bitter, self-pitying, resentful, and has lost touch with a lot of what is human, yes, but I don’t think his actions can - or should - be explained by pure insanity.

The plot of FFXV is a mess, and requires a lot of work to understand. I don’t claim to have all of it mapped out, but based on a lot of lore and snippets that we can gather from the whole compilation of media that is XV, it appears that Ardyn’s fate, as well as Noctis’ sacrifice, has been set up by the Astrals in the beginning, back when the crystal was created.

Of course, it’s only a prophecy, and thus, a lot of lives are sacrificed in order to see that Noctis can fulfil his destiny. Now Ardyn knows Noctis is the chosen king, and you could argue that Ardyn directs all the events of the game, pretty much starting from before Kingsglaive, when the Magitek technology was being built by Niflheim, through the false peace treaty, to sending Luna to awaken the Astrals, to taking Noctis’ weapons in Gralea so that he’s forced to use the ring he’s been dreading… literally everything he does, is driving Noctis towards wanting to become the chosen King of light. Even at the end of the last battle, he throws any insult, any painful memory he can at Noctis, to make sure Noctis will hate him, and want to destroy him.

Many people say that Ardyn must be insane because he wants to be king and plunge the world into darkness. I don’t think this is his agenda, at all. I believe that along his plan of revenge by ending the Lucis line with Noctis, he knows he will also be defeated by him. The man just fucking wants to die - this may be a bit headcanon-y, but it’s my strong headcanon, that Ardyn sees his only way out of his meaningless existence is to be killed by the chosen King of Light.

This gives him an enormous amount of humanity; someone here on Tumblr once said that the game is a metaphor for depression. Yes, depression may be a mental illness, but it doesn’t make one “insane”,  in the sense that I feel a lot of Ardyn’s darkness, his anger, his bitterness, comes from the very human fear of the void, the existential dread that anyone can feel, even within out limited lifespans. Darin De Paul said rightfully, many times, when asked about how he could identify with Ardyn, that playing the villain, you must understand they simply think they are the hero of their story. Ardyn thinks he deserves to have retribution, he feels he’s in the right, there is literally no other way for him.

TLDR; no, I don’t think Ardyn is insane. I love him to bits and approve of everything. I think he is a tragic villain, who definitely deserves more screen time, and a story that is better told, so that he doesn’t just appear like a nut-job who’s fucking things up just for the lols.

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Heya! I just wanted to let you know, that I absolutely adore your fics - the new update of Our Garden Home made me feel all squishy and happy inside! I love your portrayal of Cas and I was wondering if you maybe intentionally wrote him with a few autistic traits? I loved it so much! I was wondering if you considered writing some more stories with autistic characters, like the ones you already have because you just write them so perfectly (I'm autistic) I'm nervous sending this off-anon but hey!

thank you!! you brave off-anon nugget, you

regarding autistic!Cas?? yes!! Cas is a precious autistic bat sprite and goodness me I love him dearly

what’s so exciting to me is that people are relating to him and telling me about it in the comments and I’m like!!!! yes!!! you are all precious and important!!

of all my stories i think Our Garden Home is the one most relevant to me personally. especially because of Cas. the story just kind of details daily life, being knocked down and disabled, fighting depression, finding a place in society, and just doing small creative things that can hopefully make someone smile. except everyone is a tiny fairy and the world is a garden. ~

I will absolutely write more stories with autistic characters. I’d say it’s likely to just be Cas over and over again (he is my comfort therapy angel), but in the future I’ll branch out. make some original characters or somethin’. ♥

Destiel fics (by me) featuring autistic!Cas

(these are autism-related descriptions, not the actual summaries)

Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies (17k) - Dean and Cas are 20-something roommates, Cas is autistic and asexual. Dean’s secretly in love but thinks Cas won’t understand (spoilers: he’s wrong).

Take You To The Country (19k) - 1950s AU. Cas proposes elopement anonymously in the local newspaper, and Dean realises the segment is directed at him. (Cas is a clockmaker, and hasn’t got the hang of when to be subtle and when to be little less forthright. Dean’s into that.)

A Postcard for Castiel (4k) - Kidfic. Dean and Cas write each other postcards for school, giving each other a compliment. Dean helps Cas integrate better with the class.

Welcome All Winchesters (60k) - Christmas AU. Just-dumped Dean takes Cas to his mountain cabin, they fake an engagement when Mary and Sam arrive. Although it might not be obvious, I count this as autistic!Cas personally. He is agender, which might be the most distinctive autism-adjacent thing. Also sensory-seeking with scented candles.

The Moonlighter and the Magician (67k) - 1920s New York AU. Cas is a jewel thief trying to woo his neighbour, Dean. He’s cleverer than Dean thinks - or indeed, anyone thinks. (He’s also a demi-romantic and sex-repulsed asexual. Which is a significant theme in the story.)

The Joke Is on You (And So Is Castiel) (5k) - April Fool’s Day canon-verse fic. Cas themes his pranks around what he’s seen in cartoons.

Some People Would Call This Romantic (5k) - Dean and Cas take a walk on the beach. This is a sensory adventure for Cas.

Our Garden Home (WIP, 19k+, will be completed in April 2017) - Fairy garden AU. Bat sprite Cas loses a wing and takes shelter for the winter with flower fairy Dean. He battles depression, fantastic racism, food issues, social anxiety, general anxiety, sensory issues - and later on becomes a sensory-seeking cuddlemuffin.

Raising Hell in a Hotel (29k) - Kidfic AU. Dean and Cas live in a Women’s Refuge hotel. Cas is not having a good time until Dean and Mary help fulfil his unmet needs. (Cas experiences extreme sensory likes/dislikes, and suffers bullying at school, among other things)

Waiting For That Final Moment (9k) - Cas purposefully interrupts Dean’s wedding to Lisa at the last possible moment, because Cas is dramatic as heck. And that’s how it’s done in the movies.

Tickle Fight Wasteland (6k) - Post-apocalyptic fluff (yes, really). Dean and Cas have a mineral-mining thing going with a team of friends in the desert, but it’s big and overwhelming outside so Cas stays inside, does gardening, and meditates. Everyone’s cool with it. There’s a tickle fight.