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star wars au where instead of going into hiding obi-wan hides in plain sight and gets a job at space buzzfeed writing embarrassing clickbait articles about anakin like ‘top 10 embarrassing stories darth vader doesn’t want you to know!’

Being a weeaboo isn't always so bad

I was once a weeaboo, quite a while ago anyway- and I just wanted to say that, it’s not really so bad as some people make it out to be.

Now, I’m not trying to defend the weebs who are violent, racist, sexist, etc. I just think that, at some point in every bodies life, they’ve gotta go through a phase where they just do stupid sh*t. You know, the whole speaking broken Japanese, squealing, constant babbling about animes and Japan, cosplaying in random public places, etc. I did all of those things when I was a kid. And yes, I made a fool myself doing it. People stared, laughed at me, and thought I was weird. But at the same time I had fun doing it. I wasn’t hurting anything besides for maybe my own reputation, lol. And I grew out of it within a few years. Some of the best memories I have from the last couple years of my childhood, are just me and my friends running around badly cosplaying naruto characters and having a good time. Sure, we did really awfully stupid things we would never do now as 18-19 year olds, but in a way we had to have a chance to do them at least once before it was too late. I guess we had to embarrass ourselves a couple more times before we were expected to act like adults. And I’m glad that we did. We actually ended up learning from it.

My best friend used to constantly cosplay, to school, to the park, to grocery stores, etc… And they were HORRIBLE lol. But starting out like that, doing trial and error and trying again and again, taught her how to make really good cosplays. Now she only cosplays to events and conventions, and she’s really good at it. She’s even considering looking for a career in special effects, but right now that’s just an idea she has.

Another one of my friends used to always make really bad, cheesy fan art of her self insert OCs and naruto characters. Now she does commissions online and is really good at drawing all sorts of characters with different body types and features, and her art is just over all really impressive. And that’s because she started out not afraid to make not so good art, she kept drawing all the time and over the years all that practice has been paying off.

And as for me, I’m not sure how much I’ve improved on various things over the years but I do know that being a weeaboo, was sort of like my last chance to just be young and stupid and not care. I grew up with relatives and they were always really harsh on me, I had been afraid the majority of my life to express myself and have fun. As a small child, when everybody else was playing pretend and laughing and yelling and having a good time, I was standing out of sight too afraid to do anything. I missed out on a lot. But when I met my best friend right before I hit my teen years, and she introduced me to anime, somehow I was finally able to let go for a while and just do what made me happy. I laughed out loud in public without being afraid for the first time in so long, I got to run around with her for hours at the park all decked out in anime merchandise, pretending we were anime characters and trying to eat cup noodles with chopsticks, and I was just generally happy, up until that point I don’t think I had ever felt that happy and care free before. And I’m glad I had a chance to do that before I got too old, before I “grew up” I guess.

I don’t at all think that hurting people, harassing people, stealing things, or a lot of the other harmful things people have talked about on this blog are okay. But doing dumb things like what I talked about above, everybody needs to do things like that at some point before they get too old. It makes good memories, and in some cases it can even teach you things. And I don’t think we should judge the little kids out there who are doing things like that now, because most of us have done similar things at one point or another and had a lot of fun doing it even if it was embarrassing.

“Bella. It’s two in the morning, get off the computer and go to sleep.”

“Just one more reblog, Edward—”

“No. You’ve been online for five hours, you should rest.”

Slowly, she turns in her chair to look at him, a delirious smile on her lips as she says ominously, “Once you join Tumblr, there is no such thing as rest.”