yes i made gifs


The rating has dropped to the new low. Shonda needs to pull out the big guns, bringing back Callie and Cristina. And much better writers! 

    it’s… LONELY.  to be more powerful than any man you know, and have to live like a shadow.  to be SPECIAL, and have to pretend you’re a fool.  i know how it feels, i… understand.  ( where does it say my destiny involves murder? )   ⟶   WARLOCK.

I decided to do some tumblr awards to celebrate reaching 500 followers probably not enough to warrant doing this this but oh well and thought this would be better and considerably more fun than a follow forever


  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be appreciated
  • Reblog this post (likes will be considered bookmarks)
  • Include your creations or writing tag in the tags when you reblog

Entry closes 4th of June - there’s a possibility this may be extended but I will clear this up before the closing date

1 winner per category, and runners up will be dependant on amount of entries!

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